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Friday, January 30, 2015

Day before the AKC trial

I had good intentions of going to the spin class at 11. I got up, I drove, I got there at 10:55 and they had already closed the doors, lowered the lights and started the class. So I left. I am self conscious enough and if was an almost full class and there are only a few bikes with padded seats and I am NOT sitting on a bike with a plastic seat. no way no how.

So I went to Home Depot to try and get some lattice and they would not cut if for me so I couldn't get that either. Back to the trailer and I laid around all day until Lee showed up to load up the momma and calf. Pretty sure he did that so I would feel more comfortable working the cows. ''maybe''.

When he left I went out and worked the ducks. Edgie has to take them out of the dog kennel by taking my flank. He's not good at it yet. I sorta have to lead him from the outside to get him started.Then I worked on flanks with him and penning at the end into the dog kennel.

Dually was being an ass so I got on him for not squaring his flanks and then he cornered the ducks and I asked for an away and he wouldn't give it to me so we fought about that for a while. Same old problem with him. One of these days maybe he will let them loose and take the flank.

It's a 45 min ride to the show site so I have to leave at 6 am tomorrow. lovely. still dark at that time.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Worked cows

When I woke up this morning I had a plan but then Lee called me and asked if I wanted to bring the dogs over and work his calves. yes please. He gave me directions. Why is it people in Fla have trouble with directions or maybe it was people in Texas too? Anyway I found the place where the cows were which was at his son in laws place. There are 5 bull calves about 450 lbs and they worked very nicely. They challenged both dogs and then both dogs bit them and that was the end of that. Edge bit under the belly which did not make me happy but he only bit once. Dually kept rushing them when I tried to keep him on the hip going around to the right. He kept going up to the heads and creating problems. That is his away side and it must be related. I worked both dogs in the small pen and I was happy with that.

Then I went to the Fresh Market and bought some groceries. Nice store but expensive.

Came home and thought the calf in the pasture was gone. He was there when I got home but the Mom was drifting quite far from her. It's a girl. THen I got distracted and when I looked back the calf was not lying down where it had been and the Mom was getting upset. I was worried too. I got in the car to drive around the pasture. It's not a good idea to walk between a MOm and a baby. I drove around and didnt' see it so I drove around again and looked under the huge tree and there it was. Mom still was calling for it and it was not calling back so I got out of the car to get it up and it spooked and ran through the barbed wire into the next half of the pasture. geez. It kept running though which was a little worrisome. It turned and started running down the fenceline. I headed it off in the car but it didnt stop until I beeped at it. Then I waited a minute and Mom got close enough to call her and then I left.

I was going to go to the spin class but my legs hurt too much from yesterdays "lifestyle" class. That as a crock, it's a friggin exercise class. Fool me once shame on me.

SO I worked Edge on the ducks instead. He has such nice pace and balance, but he does not know his flanks well enough yet. Tomorrow I am going to pick up some lattice to make some panels and stuff for the ducks.

I was sweeping out the trailer and the door popped open and scared Edge who was under the trailer and he got caught in the antenna wire and ripped it out at both ends. I had to go out and buy another coaxial cable tonight to watch tv.

Ready for bed now. Seems like I was busy busy all day. Oh ya stopped and got a haircut when I went out tonight for another coax.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lee came over this morning with a lawn mower and he mowed down the rest of the prickers in the duck pen. It would have taken me a couple more days and then we burned the little bastards. So now it's pretty free to work in there although I didn't today. AFter working I rested and had lunch and then went to the lifestyle workout at the gym. Way to much work for me. My back was already bothering me and we did a bunch of stuff that bothered me. It was way too much like an exercise class ie: not much fun. Lots of good work, but like I said not much fun.

Then I went grocery shopping and stopped to talk to a lady in a Rialta who said her boyfriend has just bought it and they were living in it and she hated it. It's way too small for two people to live in. IT looked a lot newer than Carol and Mikes but Igues he had to fix just about everything on it.

Then I went to Walmart and picked up another hose because the one I bought when I got here was leaking or something was. Might be I just needed a washer. Anyway will fix that tomorrow. There is also a farmers market tomorrow morning which I can hit before my yoga class. Unless I go to spinning instead at night, but must work the dogs tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2015

yoga day

When I woke up it was cold and windy outside. It stayed windy all day. The trailer was a-shakin and a-rockin. So I didn't do anything until yoga at noon. It was a more strenuous yoga than the first class I went to,but I did ok most of the time. My knee is already feeling better from the stretching.

I went out to lunch to what I thought was a bistro type place. It turned out to be an all you can eat buffet, mostly salads. It was ok but of course I overate. Should have gone to Applebee's which was my first thought. I wont' go back though. Too much food.

Then I came back to the trailer and took a nap in my lovely recliner. I was tired. I woke up around 5 and went out to check on the ducks. I used the shovel to attack the pricker bushes in the working area. If it's not windy tomorrrow I will burn them. It isn't a big pile but boy are they annoying. Still have plenty more to chop down. It will be easier for the ducks as well as the dogs. I haven't worked the ducks much yet,just a little yesterday to get them in the dog kennel. They were safe last nnight so hopefully that will last.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Duck Day

I woke up early thinking about those damn sheep. I went to Target and got paper and marker and made 10 neon signs with a reward on them for info leading to their recovery and I posted all of them before 11 this morning. Then I came back and started to look for sheep and ducks on line. I had much better luck on ducks and I found someone about 50 miles from here with 5 Welsh Harlequin males. I texted, got their address and drove down there. The ducks were good looking and healthy so I bought them.

On the way home I stopped and got a "lot" of oranges for juicing and boy are they good. I juiced less than 1 bag and I have 2 more bags left. I got strawberries too..

I also stopped and got a bag of grain and shavings and unloaded the ducks into the dog kennel and made sure they were comfortable and dragged myself into the trailer for the night. I'm beat. Can't wait to work the ducks tomorrow. THey appear sensible.

bonus : more baby cow pics

Last evenings surprise!


boy or girl--I don't know yet

I went to Target this am and got some neon construction paper and made 10 good signs about lost sheep and reward offered and hung them all up. Now to wait but in the meantime perhaps I will look for some ducks to buy.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oh what a day!!

It started out with a trip over to look for the sheep. drive slow and look . no luck. Tomorrow I am going to put up reward posters and see if that makes any difference. In the meantime I contacted a couple of people about buying more sheep. Neither of them answered me. Hmmmmm

Then I went to the Grand Oaks carriage museum. Fabulous museum. Beautiful carriages. Lots of interesting stuff. I cant' remember how many carriages they have but it was 150+ Most of them were beautifully restored.

And then I had lunch at the cafe at the museum and it was vey good. I had homemade beef barley soup and an odd vegetarian panini. So I went to the grocery to get stuff to go home and make beef barley soup. It came out prety good.

Just as the soup was done , it was too early to eat supper, I decided to go work cows. AFter all with no sheep here, I need to work something so I was going to bite the bullet. I gathered them all up in the holding pen which is good sized and sorted off everybody but 3 of them. 2 young calves and an older cow. One calf immediately decided not to play and was not that nice to Dually so I got rid of her and was soing to work the 2. They kept running into the alleyway so I sent the dog in to get them out twice and the 3rd time they went in, I went in to get her out and she jumped the barbed wire and left and then the young calf came over and jumped out after her. damn damn and double damn. There are no gates in this fence and I was not going to lose the cows. I crawled thru the barb wire getting caught in numerous places of course. Then I called the dog thru, The cows took off up the dirt road away from the other cows. I was not happy. I sent Dually to bring them back knowing it was 5050. He ran and they all disappeared. He came back with no cows. shit shit shit. So I tracked them and then the track disappeared. Oh geez, well it turns out they turned back towards the others. We follwed and pushed them and I called Lee and he started over because there are no gates and I did not want to attempt to push them to jump back over. I thought that would be a very bad idea. So Dually and I held them near the fenceline until Lee got there to take the fence apart and let them back in. It all went very smoothly. Then Lee asked me to drive them up to the feed bin so I started to do that and there was one cow that was under the tree and would not come out. I sent Dually in a couple of times and he could not get her out so I went to help him only to realize she has just dropped her calf. Thank goodness she didn't kill Dually protecing the calf. Didn't have time to check to see if calf was dead or alive before it got too dark. will check tomorrow. Tired now.