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Monday, June 19, 2017

catch up

I almost panicked tonight b ecause I though Journey ate the cap off a Iced tea bottle, but I finally found it. That's all he needs is major sugery.  BTW his nose seems to be doing really well. I just gave him the last antibiotic for an infection that popped up 2 weeks ago. You could smell something vile in his nose.  No smell anymore, but who knows where that came from .  Might have been an abcess breaking open although there was no discharge.  Anyway nose looks good and for the most part he can keep it clean and open himself. And on a high note, he seem to be learning how to open the doggie door without my help although he still does not understand he can come and go when he wants. He waits for me to call him in and let him out.  BUT he is definitely house broken. He scratches at the nearest door when he wants to go out\. Not ideal but better than the alternative.

I had surgery on my tear ducts on Thurs. It went pretty easily. In at 6:15 and home by 10:30. NO pain to speak of, but the tubes they put in are a little uncomfortable and I want to rub my eyes and I can't.  Tubes will be in for a month if I don't pull it out (by accident of course).I  put this surgery  off 4x  and finally decided I had to go thru with it. I hope if fixes my eyes. I hate them being wet all the time and not being able to see clearly.

My cows are really working very nicely this year.  They are small and the dog got them in line pretty quickly.  They did challenge at first , but Kip bit and Edge bit and they decided turning away was a smarter option.
I spend a great deal of my outside time killing gypsy moth caterpillars. THey  are so disgusting and there are so many of them. Today I got a spray in the mail and I can spray the peach tree and the shade trees I planted and hopefully save them.

I am doing 2 clinics here in Aug.  My first time doing a clinic. It will be fun. One is going to  be all  beginner Shelties and the other will be dif breeds and dif levels. I might try and schedule a clinic with Jean Barrett too in Sept. I haven't talked to her about it yet.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trial and hOme

So on the way home from Fla I stopped at a friends house to work his stock and stayed there for 3 days on my way to the Berryville Fa ASCA trial. Great hospitality and lovely stock and property.  It was a beautiful area of VA although the hills are a bit much.  Part of the reason I live in FLA.   I hate hills.
 Working Aussies of Va. held the trial and the stock was all very fair and even.  I though I had my dog tuned up but I was so wrong.  Edge was completely out of control on must runs and so was Kip.  Although Kip could hold it together long enough to win a few  of his classes except not cows.  He did well on ducks and I think sheep although I really can't remember. He did get High Combined, He seemed pretty sound most of the weekend although I am still dealing with his lameness.

Home on Monday and it was so muddy in the driveway I could not get the trailer into pasture and turned around. I just dropped it in the middle of the driveway.
I have been working non stop since I got home, fixing gates,mulching,planting,mowing and spending lots of time getting tractor and lawn tractor to work.  All set now, mouse nests all cleaned out and motor cleaned out and all gassed up and got both started . Also had to charge batteries.

The freezer in the cellar got disconnected again this year, so I have to take more rotten meat to the  dump. I keep putting it off.  Cleaned the gutters, ripped out a board full of carpenter bee holes.  need to replace it with a painted board.  roof needs replacing, yay
All this in between a full schedule of lessons.  Today it was cold and rainy so I spent most of the day doing nothing but then I decided to call on some hay which of course means hooking up the trailer and going to get it. PiA.
And I am cleaning the house out ,,sorting something every day.  slow ly

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


It's hard to post while  I am in Fla because I usually have no data and so my hotspot wont' work.  It's the beginning of a billing cycle so I am flush with data right now and I will be home  to Mass in a week so I will have my wifi back again.
Kip is still lame and I have been taking him and Journey to a Chinese medicine/herbalist and accupuncture vet.  She is very nice but I am not seeing any results.  I am getting very frustrated with Kip being lame all the time.  I restrict his activity but he doesn't seem to get any better.  Maybe when I am home I can get Stacey to give him regular massages.  I think I feel heat in his right shoulder everytime I touch him so you would thing that would be treatable.  He is entered in a trial next weekend so I will be taking the rimadyl with me.
Journey was put on 3 different herbals and she was sure I was going to see a change. I see nothing different..  I am going for  a last appt tomorrow and then I am again running out of options.  Poor little guy.  Such a sweetie. 

It's very hot down here today. 90's so I have done nothing but watch tv all day.  I will go out later and work Edge and pick some more cactus.  I did spray the yard for dog fennel and some pricker bush that seems to be popping up. I have to go out and do the pasture before I leave.

I am gradually moving things into the trailer so I will be ready to leave on Sunday.  I am picking up stuff outside and putting it away little by little.  I could do more but then what would I do for the next 4 days.

I sold the sheep to a local dealer.  He is coming to get them on Sat.  He's getting s great deal and hopefully he will save me 3 dehorned goats for next Nov when I come back.

Today I dropped the remote for the overhead fans and it changed the settings on it and I can' get the fans to turn on anymore.  damn

New tires for the car before I drive home.  They just didn't look good enough to drive all that way on. I also ordered TPMS sensors so the alert on the car will shut off.

Just about done watching the 3rd seasonn for the Blacklist.  What a great show!

Monday, April 3, 2017

ewe lamb

Cute little ewe lamb was born last Tues.  She is doing very well.  Day before yesterday I was given a baby to try and keep alive.  He had not been fed for over 24 hrs and he didn't make it.  His mother was a bitch.  She had twins and wasn't feeding either of them but her little ewe lamb somehow was stronger and made it and is now doing ok.  The boy never got a good feeding and just couldnt recover. They were not my sheep or it would have lived probably because I would have tied the ewe up so he could feed. oh well I tried. 

Laura and Greg Hamer stopped by for a couple of days.  We sent ot Rainbow river state park and we went swimming in the headwaters.  It was lovely.  I will definitely go again. I bought a poo noodle for the next time which may very well be today. Hot today but cloudy.

Kip has been lame for 2 months and the vet seems to think it is related to a disc.  He is on homeopathic meds and I am confining his activity because when he runs , he gets worse..
Journey is the same.  He is also on a new homeopathic so I am hoping that will do something.He can breathe and the infection is gone, but he cannot clear his own nose out and does not have a normal wet nose. He did start to work a little better when he could breathe, but the jury is still out on how talented he may end up being.  But darn he is cute and entertaining.

My lessons here have dwindled to nothing. Some of my students were snowbirds and they have left.

I am starting to plan my trip home which won't be for another 6 weeks.  Need to get my ducks in a row. 
Speaking of ducks, i took the ducks out to work them and Edge stepped on one and broke a leg.  We splinted it but who knows if that will work. Ir was broken in more than one place.
These muscovys aren't very good to work.

Hopefully next year I can get something else. And some chickens too.

At the beginning of the month I was on a mission to rid myself of cactus from the fields. It took me 2 weeks of 1-3 hrs daily to get the majority dug up.  I still go out daily and find new ones, but at least I can take the dogs out and not really worry about their feet.  And it's kind of addictive to dig them up. I don't know why.

I had Greg cut a tree down next to the dog pen yesterday, It was on top of a bottle brush plant so I am pretty sure it was not supposed to be there. It does let a lot morelight into the deck and even into the house.  Still trying to get used to that.

I haven't updated this blog mainly because I ran out of data.   Still not finding a good internet service down here or a good way to do hotspot.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sheep dies

I went out to work the dogs this morning and all the sheep and the goats came down from the pasture to get fed.  I separated them and then realized I was short 1 sheep. It's not that hard when you only have 8 head of livestock to begin with. Anyway I went out to look for her with the golf cart and the tarp that I have been picking up cactus with dragging  behind. I found her dead up in the corner of the pasture.  She was stiff and cold and had foam coming out of her nose and mouth. reddish foam   I tipped her over onto the tarp and dragged her right out to my car.   I thought about calling my neighbor to help me get her in the back but ,  I didn't think he would like it too much.  So I dragged over a piece of plywood and tipped her onto that and lifted one end of the plywood onto the back of the car.  I the tied a rope to her feet and hopped (hahha) into the back and dragged her up the plywood into the car onto a piece of plastic.  And off we went for a joyride.

I don't know why she died.  No animal attack, possible snake bite.  possible weed poisoning  but there is not much coming up out there yet.  No clue but hopefully she is the only one.  On an up note, I think maybe one of my ewes is bred and bagging up. 

I have spent hrs daily in my golf cart digging up the 5 acre field of cactus.  Today, I feel I am close to finished. I am letting the dogs back out there and I am having a much harder time finding the little buggers.  I think I got most of the big ones and all that is left is the ones that are hard to see. BUT the freaking golf cart is stopping and not starting much more often and driving me nuts.  Tomorrow I will call and see if they will come and get it and repair the damn thing.

I have been looking at some upcoming trials, but Kip is dead lame still.  I may enter, but probably not him.  I will call the vet again tomorrow and get him in for an xray this time.. 

Journery's nose is pretty good, but he does not appear to have a normal discharge from it.  It's dry a lot of the time which causes it to get clogged up a lot. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

I have made a huge error by hiring someone to mow my fields 2 yrs in a row.  I have spread the cacti far and wide and so I am spending 2 hrs a day digging up cactus.  With Kim's help, the field next to the house is done, but compared to the big filed there was not much cactus in it.  The big field is just loaded .  So much so that I would hesitate to send a dog in there to gather the stock.  So I am going to dig the little bastards out by hand.  I could spray but then there would still be all those sharp needles out there for the dogs to step in so I am removing them.  I have probably gone over 1/3 of the field so far. It's kind of hard work, but makes me sleep at night.

Journey's nose.  Ahh what can I say, it's just not right.  I should not have to pick his nose every day  to keep it clear. There is still blood on the inside.  I wonder if that is from the surgery or from the rhinoscopy 4 mos ago. 

Kip has been lame for over 4 weeks now.  It might be from fence running so I am trying to keep him inside and not allowing him to run or work.  Not sure what else to do .  Why are there no clearcut answers to my problems?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

excited too soon apparently

It looks like the ice maker in the frig worked for a couple of days and now it appears to not be working again. Yay

I found the exact Mexican sink at a yard sale yesterday that I was shopping for online. Online it was about $140 and I got it for $35  Whoo hooo SCORE!!!

I picked up a couple of other things too. I ceramic planter and a couple of cute kitchen towels and an oil painting. cute but not old.

Journeys nose is still plugged up every morning.  Not happy. me or him Tomorrow is our follow up visit for this little surgery.

Betty and Tom are on their way down and should be here this afternoon.  They are staying for a few days and then we are all going to Rogers for an ASCA trial.  I haven't worked my dogs for a while. Kip is lame in his right front but I dont' know why. I have a suspition (sp) but I hope I am wrong.