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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Today ,   after a decent nights sleep yay for me I got up and worked Edge and Dually out back.  Both did another stellar job.  I locked Kip up in the house and so when he started barking because we were working, Dually could not hear him much so he worked much better.   Edge would not finish his flanks on the outrun so great another thing to work on. 

I weeded all 3 of the trees and then I put down landscape cloth and covered it with mulch. Now you can see the trees. 

Headed out around lunch to meet some family and sit around and talk for a while.  Back home and decided I should worm the goats. They  are kinda skinny so might as well. Seems like they are skinny no matter what you do but some of them are not mine so I wormed them to show I am taking care of them.

Kip jumped up and gave me a fat lip and a blood blister. Cash rolled in something disgusting and chewed up my gardening knee pad.  bad doggies.

My nephew might be living in my new Fla house while I am not there. Not sure how that will work out but it would be great to have someone in the house during the summer. Might be able to leave livestock with him too.  Hmmmm

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

  I had a weird day.  I had lessons scheduled from 9-2 I thought.  My 9 cancelled at 8:15 so I could  not fill it.  I took sheep out and sorted them out in the arena but Dually was acting weird.  I think it was because Kip was barking at first and then he stopped so not really sure why Dually was not on his game.

My 10 am  lesson showed up and thought they had scheduled 2 hrs and probably had but I only wrote down 1 hr so my 11 am lesson was on her ownwhile I stuck with the10-12 lesson .  That worked ok for her though I think.  My 12 was on time and then I realized my 2 should have been at 1 because I has not scheduled a 1 and thought I did.   Geez what a mess. 

Finally done and decided to take my new pistol for a test run.  I read the directions first.   The first shot was scary and  then I got used to it.  However out of 10 shots I only hit the target 5 times.  Not good.  Might have to practice some.

Skunks appear to be gone.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 I caught no 7 today.  He had gone in the trap to eat the bait but the trap didn't snap,so I put more bait in and made it harder to get so they would stay longer and readjusted the mechanism that snaps the trap and got him.   How many more are there?

Cash is back to stay for a few weeks.   He and Kip had a few words but nothing major. Dually growls at him and Edgie is staying out of conflicts way for now.

I went out back and  worked the A course with Dually who was a star .  I could not be happier with him tonight.  Edge worked the same sheep on the same course and did a passable job.  He did more away from me than he has ever done before do I was quite happy with him too. Then I worked Kip and he annoyed me a bit. He would not go around all the  goats and wanted to pick on the billy who is lighter than the other 2 and therefore more interesting. Too bad , work them all.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Skunk b gone

 I caught 2 babies yesterday and reset the trap last night and caught more tonight, but not sure how many till I empty the trap.   I kinda smelled yesterday after emptying the trap even though I touched nothing.  That smell just attaches itself to you.  I'm reluctant to go empty the trap because of that, but I covered up their holes and I will wait and see if something digs them out again. If so then I need to reset the trap.  It's scary picking up a trap of skunks and taking it some place. My heart is going a mile a minute until I throw it in the water(sorry Debby) but they carry rabies and they are too close for comfort and would never leave because of the food they can get here.  That's all I need to is to let the dogs out in my own yard and get them sprayed or worse.

3 more tonight so total of 6 and I think that was the whole family but I am still being very careful as I walk into the barn. I will continue to check their holes to make sure I got everybody and the good thing is I still smell like a rose!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


The skunk sprayed near the house again last night. This is getting tiring and smelly.   good idea bout using some cat fod for bait instead of the egg.  I only own dry so will pick up a can next time i'm out or see what's in the pantry. There might be something smelly in there.

I feel badly about a lady who showed up today for last weekends clinic. I gave her the wrong date. She wanted to show her dog to Roger and Kathy.  I gave her a lesson for free.  She came from northern VT so it was the least I could do.  damn I hate it when I make mistakes like that.  Happened one other time and that guy was pissed big time.  Anyway I videoed the dog and will try and figure out how to send it.. I have already spent a few hours on it and no success.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Skunk Skunk... Skunk?

  I was woken up last night by a strong skunk smell and it was coming in all the windows so I had to get up and close everything up.  It was not coming from the road but probably the back yard. 

I just went down to get the hav-a-hart out of the water and empty the skunk out of it. It was not as difficult or as smelly as I expected.  I used a rake to grab the towel on top of it and then the rake to grab the trap.  The trap opened easily and I dumped out the body and tossed it  across the street.  Out of smell range.

Then I went back to the barn to reset it and I walked in with the dogs and looked in at the small stall where I caught the first one  and there was another one there. I backed up quick and called the dogs out.  Ok no more dogs in the barn for a while.  So I waited for 30 minutes and went back out and it was gone back down the hole it apparently lives in.  I reset the trap and joy oh joy I can't wait to catch another one.  I'm playing with fire here, but  skunks cannot live under my barn.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The new Boer cross Buck

 He is about 4 mos old and will be breeding the does this year.  cute babies he will make