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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Worked dogs today

I am still trying to catch up on sleep. I got up around 7:30 and walked over to Joe's for breakfast. they had cooked bacon and eggs for everybody. Apparently I was late because everybody else had eaten and were doing other things. I sorted sheep with Dually and worked in the arena with him. HIs out in the big arena was much better than his out in the duck arena. I worked him 3 times on ducks today and he was horrible the first 2 times. Better the 3rd time after I had taken a nap. I worked Edge from the open handlers line on the sheep. He did fairly well. The sheep were very cooperative. . Then we all sat down and had drinks and snacks till Joe finished cooking us all dinner on the grille around 8. Barbecued chicken and lots of boiled shrimp and salad and lovely desserts. They are going above and beyond. Jan and Carol and Jamie and Donna are all leaving here tomorrow I guess. Roger and Kathy got here around 2 and Chuck is only going to the fairgrounds because he has a sick friend he had to visit in the hospital. Hot water heater worked again tonight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 5 285 miles

Last nights campground was an absolute dump and if I could have gotten my money back I wouIld have asked for it. The bathroom was disgusting not just the shower and there was not a lick of tp. I decided to go to a truck stop instead this am. This campground was on a railway line and they kept coming all night and blowing their whistles because it was also an intersection. Not a lot of sleep. Can't wait to get into bed tonight. I made it to Flatonia Texas by about 1p and we just as I pulled into their road my check engine oil light came on. Pretty darn low. burning oil now? I see a new vehicle in my future. what fun. I am parked in Joe's pasture but I have elec and water and I can let the dogs out the door whenever I want to. heaven. I can't use the AC so hopefully I won't need it. The hot water heater worked tonight probably because I have and appt with Camping World on Fri. I was able to work Dually on the same ducks that they will have at the Nationals. We could not not not get them penned. I worked them twice today. I could have worked cattle and sheep but I am going to save them for tomorrow when I am more rested. Dinner tonight at a local restaurant and it was good. I had spare ribs and I have some leftover. Jan and Carol showed up with all their dogs and their friends Donna and Jamie. They talked about the damage to their trailer form avoiding the deer on the way here. It sounds scary. So glad it didn't happen to me because I am sure I would not have tried to swerve and would have just hit the thing.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 4 386 miles to Lousiana. I have no idea where I am

I am at a campground off of rt 10. Small campground, no frills really no frills. Barely anyplace to walk the dogs. I was too tired to go on. It was windy and hard to drive today. Lots of rt 10 is concrete and the bouncing is horrible. I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get the camper fixed. I did not stop at the Camping World I had intended because they told me they could not help me.. They could have but I didn't explain it right so now I am going to try a Camping World in Texas. Hopefully on the day I am going to the fairgrounds so I dont' have to make an extra trip. I unhooked the trailer tonight and went to dinner at a suggested seafood place. I had the suggested gumbo. I would probably not have it again. But I bought some ice cream on the way home and a pecan praline which was to die for good. Tomorrow I will make it to Joe's and the dogs will get to run and work hopefully.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 3 all the way to Meridian MS 487 miles

I got an early start this morning. I was on the road by 7:20 but that was not all that smart because it was still dark and I worried a lot about deer. I didn't see any and I didn't hit any, but.... I was not going to drive this far but getting an early start made it easy. My plan was to stop at the Camping World tomorrow that is 200 miles from here. I called them and they were less than helpful. I am at a small campground that is not that nice but the owner was just as nice as could be. When I got off the exit I turned right because you could not go left and then I pulled over because there were no signs. A cop pulled up next to me and I told him I was looking for a campground and he said follow me so we u-turned and he brought me right to the campground. What a nice guy!! There is a small pond here and she said I could swim the dogs so I did. Then I had to wash them off because the water was pretty muddy. It turns out that the hose on the outside shower is too damn short. It was 86 when I got here so I turned on the AC and yay it works, but for how long? Everything that is broken now worked for a while and then not.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 2

Today I went 430 miles or so. from Carlisle Pa to Baileyton, Tn. Driving was good on 81 but the hills thru the mountains are killers. I got 7.9 miles to the gal. Yikes. I stopped every 2 hrs to either stop at a rest stop or at a gas station. Gas stations were easier to get in and out of down here because the truck stops are bigger. I finished one book on tape and started another. I'm at a nice campground and as soon as I took the dogs out Edge rolled in something disgusting. I let them go for a run before I used my outdoor shower and washed him. Worked great. Edge is also lame on the right front. I think it's his toe. Thank goodness it's not Dually. We found a little pond and they immeditely went swimming. That would not have been my choice but oh well. I used the oven to cook some potatoes and put a piece of fish in the frying pan and without the exhaust fan working, the smoke alarm went off and I could not get it to shut off. I had to open all the windows and wait for the smoke to dissipate. The oven worked fine though. Not that hard to light the pilot either although you can't see what you are doing . I did try calling a Camping World on the way down but they didn't have a full crew and could not help me. I am hoping to make it to another on Monday. It means I will not make it to Texas on Tues as planned. 400 more miles tomorrow and then Monday am 200 to the Camping World but I should still get there early because there is the time difference.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Yesterday when I was supposed to leave it was a washout. Rain and wind and I just did not want to drive in it so I packed some more and cleaned some more and then Hadley picked me up and we went to the movies. We saw "The JUdge " AND IT was very good. Very Very good.. Go see it.. When I got up this morning, it was still raining and windy but by the time I left at 8:15, it just sprinkling and the wind had died down mostly. I found out right quick that my gas mileage was not even as good as with the other trialer. I am getting about 8.5 to the gal. which means I have to stop more often at gas stations which is what I was afraid of before I bought this monster trailer. The first station which was a Pilot,you would think would have enough room for a car and a trailer but it was tight. I had to back up part way in order to pull away from the pump and not take it out with me. The 2nd station was better but not in a good location to get on and off the highway. HOpefully things will get better from here. It was windy most of the day and I white knuckled a lot of the drive. There was a lot of construction and it's always hard getting out of New England because of the traffic. My first campground taught me something else. Make a reservation dummy because the snowbirds are flying down to Fla too. I had to drive another 50 miles so my total today was 384. And I got to the campground by 4:30 so I got set up in the daylight and I was able to walk the dogs in the light too. Funny thing, I met a couple with an aussie and it turns out they are from Lunenburg going to Texas although not to the Nationals. The dog came from Sandy Landry. Small world. I heated up some leftover soup for dinner and it turns out the fan over the stove doesn't work either. Add that to the list. And because the water inlet is in the rear of the trailer instead of the side I had to use my extension hose which is brand new and it had a hole in it. Thank you Ocean State job lot. I will have to buy another one soon. My little electric heater is on although, it seems a lot warmer down here and that is the idea. LOL Add this to the list. The On demand hot water heater stopped working in the middle of my shower . aghhhh

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dually training

I worked Dually on 2 sheep that didn't want to stay together. We worked on pushing them up to the far end of the arena and him taking my commands. He was good , he was really good . He had to push and hold and he did a good job. WE went in both directions and he had some trouble on the Away side but that is his bad side. The best thing he did which kind of amazed me, was when I was sorting, he did not come in and bust them up. Everytime I gave him a flank , I told him out too and he gave me beautiful sqare flanks. Who'd thunk that actually practicing something would actually be helpful? I am still coughing my brains out and my stomach is starting to hurt from coughing. Just the muscles. I had my lesson cancel today so I went to BJ's and got some matting to put in the trailer and cut it and put some in the bedroom. I have to wait to put it in the main part of the trailer when I can open it out, but it's not level so I can't open it. I also stopped in Home Depot and picked up a 3/4 inch socket that will allow me to do the scissor jacks on the trailer with my little drill. It will be quicker than doing it by hand. Also made a sign for the back of the trailer that says ASCA STOCDOG FINALS . Many people who pass me will be able to see it .