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Sunday, November 23, 2014


I got invited to a Birthday Party last night out in the " country". Holy cow, dirt roads and narrow bridges and a rainy night. I had a great time. Talked to a lot of people, ate fried catfish and hush puppies and apparently signed up some people for dog obedience lessons this week. I hope that goes ok. The home I was in looked like an old very old house that had been fantastically converted to a magical place.
I would have taken more pictures, but I just figured out how to download from my camera this morning.. thanks Hadley.

Friday, November 21, 2014


I went to see Hunger Games today. It was engrossing from beginning to the end. On the way home I went thru a major rainstorm. I pulled over till it passed alomg with a number of other cars. No dog work today. It was supposed to rain all day but of course it really did not. I think I will not pay anymore attention to the rain forcast down here. The temp is 73 today which is just perfect. Gas price is down to $2.59 which is good too although my check engine light is on again. It seems to go off and on and I am finding no rhyme or reason. I took the boys outside individually today and did a little toy throwing fetch game.Dually has that down of course, but Edge is so used to giving up the toy to anyone around that he tends to run out, pick it up and drop it and leave it. I think I fixed that, but will see tomorrow.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

400-500 ft

Just realized I have been sending Edgie back behind the barn to pick up the sheep and he has been reluctant to go but is getting better. It has to bee 4-500 ft. No wonder he has been reluctant. The farthest he has gone in the past is maybe 100 ft at home. Poor baby. Today I have to do laudry, library, haircut?, groceries and then go work the dogs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

220 yd outrun

Yesterday we set the sheep out pretty far. Joe said it was about 250 yds. Dually did pretty well. He certainly went that far but his lift needs work. the field was too narrow to be able to push him out very far. We also practiced riding on the golf cart. Fun to drop your dog and then be able to drive half way up the field and send him. Then we worked on penning again and "get out" and "stop"(on your feet). Edge was sent for sheep that were about 300 ft away. The first time he did pretty good. He kept turning back and askng "really this far?" but he went. The 2nd time he pushed them around the outside of the arena and I had to walk up and help him. Of course there were sheep inside the arena too and that confused him.. He's a good boy. Mary made a hot soup for dinner and a great salad and today I am going to bring some chicken breast and make a dijonnaise sauce. And I am going to buy some vegetable to make with it too. MMMmmm I made eggs and potatoes this morning and because the exhaust fan does not work, I set the smoke alarm off. Gotta laugh. The Camping World in NH is finally talking to me and it turns out they were wrong and will not send me the couch wherever I am so I have a broken couch until next July when I can go up and get it. Stupid people.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

More Pen work and Stand work

Dually has taken to lying down when I tell him to Stop, but that is not what I want him to do and I have really let it go. So I tied a rope around his middle and I picked him up when he laid down today. The other thing I did was when he was farther away, is to tell him to get up and then say stop again until he stood there. I just have to be very vigilant. We worked lighter sheep today -2 different groups-- They were a little harder than yesterday's sheep and he did better on them. He stopped way out and I held my side. I seem to do better holding the side opposite the gate. Not sure why that is. Worked Edgie on flanks inside a smaller pen and walk ups and inside flanks. His walk up is a little weak. But his looking back at me when he works is either less annoying or just plain less noticeable. It was cool and rainyish today. very heavy mist so we worked for 2 hrs and then I went "home" to find a restaurant that sold soup. I did and it was empty of customers but the soup was good. Filled up the gas tank for $2.64. And then took the dogs home and went to Brenham to see a movie. I saw St Vincent with Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray. It was a little shallow but very entertaining.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pen training

Even though, the weather was less than ideal, I had to go work the dogs or go crazy. So we sat around till noon hoping the sun would come out and then went to Joe's. He had left about 15 sheep out for me so I cut off 5 and started to work them. One of them was nutso and tried to break off from the group and then run into a fence. Joe thought maybe it was not his sheep and had come back from Nationals as a replacement for one that had died, but I think it might be one of his that he had not worked in small groups. After we finished working the sheep today, it was getting with the program. I sure didn't want to be the one that killed it so I let Joe work it mostly. I worked Edge first and we did some driving and some fetching and some flank work. All nice work. And then I worked him on the PEN. because I want him to understand that when I say PEN, he should put them in there. He actually got the idea and was helping me unlike Dually who hates the close pressure and busts in when I am trying to get them in there. I did a lot of pens with Dually but not a whole lot of progress. He sorta understands but cant' seem to do it on his own. Too pushy. Then Joe and I worked Dually and Woody on a figure 8 exercise and that was fun although not very challenging. Need to up the ante. I guess more distance would up it. It was hard enough to judge the distances close up. The dogs were fine, but our timing needed work. Then we had some beans and chili and homemade cornbread which I actually liked for dinner. Home to a nice cozy trailer, hot shower and a DVD.