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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dually fells better?

I took Dually to a Massage therapist today and she worked on him for over an hr. She found that he was very tight and sore on the inside of his front left leg.  The muscles at the top like in his armpit.  She also found an old injury on a metatarsal that was swollen  and sore too.   I got him home and he immediately went in the trailer and just laid down. He didn't even come out when Edge and I went to put the sheep away and the door was open.  I also had a hard time getting him to eat dinner even though he didn't eat breakfast.

I woke up with a cold today. lucky me.

Lee showed up at 7 am and we  worked on the enclosure around the well so I dont' have to climb thru a bunch of barbed wire to turn it off and on.  We put up a wooden fence and a wooden gate.   very hapy with that. But it was so hot and it took us 2 hrs and I was wiped when we were done.  Course part of that is this cold.

good news today. Gail has decided to fly down and vist with me in a few weeks before I leave for home.  We are going to do some fun stuff.    can't wait.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Lee came over and he  held sheep for Dually to work outruns. His outrun was fine but his lift was very messy and although I stayed  very calm , I could not get him to stop at the top easily. His driving away from me was fine but the crossdrive was not easy because again he won't take the down so I can get him driving in the right direction,.  Ah well.  this weekends trial will be messy.   At least I know that ahead of time.  After all that work this am, Dually is lame again.  I emailed someone locally to see if she knows someplace I can take him to get him diagnosed.

Later on I went out and worked Edge and I started out with an outrun but decided I needed to work on walkabouts.  Sometimes the sheep just stopped and all 3 of them just turned around and stared at Edge.  I think he was using too much eye and turning them to him.  I tried to let him figure out how to get them moving and I thing he was getting it by  the end.

Went to the movies. I saw McFarland USA.  It was good.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

new sheep

I ran down to get a haircut before Lee got here today with the new sheep. He told me mid day but at 9 am he was calling to find out where I was.  I got the haircut but missed the farmers market. I will have to make it a point to go to the Thurs Farmers market.

So back  in time to see Lee putting the new sheep in the pen that I had built  and he did it very easily.  He worked his young dog Sissy for a little while. She is a strong header so he is having some trouble with driving. Not sure how much help he really wants from me. He's going to come over tomorrow so Dually can do a big outrun. 

After he left , I went back out and got some shelves at Lowes for the pantry in the trailer and to reorganize the shelves.   Also checked the post office for the DVD's on training that I am waiting for.  Still waiting...  Back to the trailer and worked the dogs.

I was very quiet and deliberate with them.  I worked Dually on whistles and worked his down on balance mainly.  Trying to get him to see there is a reason for a down.  His flanks on the drive are terrible.  He is not squaring them off at all and it's creating  a problem on the drive.  Not sure how to fix it.  My whistles are getting better.

Edge worked on outruns , balance and pace.  I tried to send him from my side but he kept cutting in so I walked towards the sheep which widened him out at the top.   He had some trouble with one of the ewe lambs.  I think this lamb has not been worked much at all.  It kept lying down and quitting.  So we quit and left it alone.  I just think it needs to be worked some more to get used to it.

I called Dish tonight and got them to program the local channels which I have been living without for months.  Just kept watching reruns of Chopped and  HGTV.  Watching " The Voice" tonight. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Duck work today

Dually was wild today but I kept calm and he calmed down.  However he just wasn't controlling the ducks very well.  Overflanking and stopping and frustrating the hell out of me.

Edge was not very good either. He kept separating one duck off and then only wanting to work the one duck.  The ducks were very stressed and huffing and puffing. I've never seen ducks make so much noise.  It was warm today but the sun was not out so I guess they need to be worked more.

The whole object of today's work was more for me than the dogs.  Keep quiet and let them work and KEEP CALM.    I did well even if they didn't .

Panicked tonight when I was putting stuff in the fridge, the light went out and the fridge basically shut off.  I went out and shoved the plug outside farther into the outlet and came back in and it was fine..  I made an appt to take the trailer back to Camping World on Monday to get the heat and the fridge looked at.  I  can't change the mode on the fridge to gas and I should be able to do that if I want to.  If it's on auto it will change to gas itself if the elec goes out  but I can't change it manually and there was a point that I wanted to do that and I could not.

Went and got some more groceries so I could make beef chili ala WW for dinner.  Not bad.  Also did a load of laundry because while I was at the trial this weekend I was timing for the judge and we had to walk thru the pasture and the string from the hay bales is everywhere. Anyway I got caught my a string and down a went into a cow pie.  Soooo I needed to get my jeans washed asap. Nobody saw me fall Yay.
Tomorrow the sheep come back. 

Day 2 ASCA trial

Yesterday, which was day 2 was horrible.  I  had a noodle on a string trying to control Dually. He was not taking any direction when I wanted him to take it which caused me to start yelling. Honestly I was yelling at him all weekend and it took it's toll in the last run where he basically twirled and quit on me on cattle.  We never got a placement higher than 3rd and Roger wasn't even trialing. Back to the drawing board.  I'm pretty upset about the weekend.  It was piss poor in my opinion.  Some of the runs looked good but he was doing what he wanted and not what I asked him to do. I got 11/12 scores over 100 so 11 Finals pts out of a possible 24 pts available this weekend.

I had checked out of the motel early yesterday morning so I drove home in the afternoon because the trial finished up early .  We were done by 1 and I was on the road by 2.  The sheep are not here and wont' be back until Tues midday.  So we will work some ducks today. I checked when I came in last night in the dark and they are still here.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


 Its a 2 day am/pm trial and the judges are Russ Ford and David Clayton.  Russ is a little bit of a harder scorer than David. 

Dually was sick last night numerous times because he ate so much sheep shit while I was working him at Rogers.  We worked the ducks to make sure they were ok and I got on his case pretty hard.  He got me back. I tied him to the table so he would vomit on the tile floor and not on the rug since I had NOTHING BUT TOILET PAPER  to clean it up,  He still did not feel well this am but he ate breakfast and kept it down.

His performance today on all stock was just mediocre.  He was not listening and we were not in snych at all.  We did qualify on all stock and got scores over 100 on all of them.That's nice but no HIT"s.   So we got 6 pts and we theoretically could have gotten 12 if he was on his game.  He was so stressed yesterday that I had to let him play a little today, but still I was not happy with our game.

Out to dinner at Outback and now I am going to bed.    tired from not sleeping much last night