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Monday, September 19, 2016

Trailer sold and gone

It was just the older one that I was using as a guest house.  Cindy helped me clean it up and I got it shown only twice. The first time the wind took the awning and pulled it off the bottom of the trailer. Not good.  People were not impressed. The 2nd time I told them about it but they barely looked at it and loved the trailer. I hope it works out ok for them. I delivered it because they did not have a vehicle to pull it with yet.   Not a good thing in my mind but I was not about to talk them out of it.  Stacey and I spent about 3 hrs on Sunday fixing the awning support and I think it is a good fix. Anyway I sold it as is and hopefully no one will be screaming at me  in a week or 2. 

Journey is doing better on the meds and his nose is no longer snotty. Annie called and said she worried about him all weekend.  She was relieved to hear he was doing better.

Just got out of the movies. I went to see Sully. Best movie all year!

Gearing up for a clinic this weekend.