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Friday, December 16, 2016


Even though I got up late, slept in my nice warm bed I got stuff done. .  It's so easy to throw the dogs out in the dog yard and go back to bed.

I hung the head gate that Cindy and I made when she was here. It's hung and its in there pretty solid. I dug the holes for the 2 b y 4's down 3 feet. It's so easy to dig here.  I had to pour a little  water in the hole every time I pulled some out because the sand is hard to grab unless its damp.  Anyway, it's up on hinges so I can open it and leave it open if I dont want to use it.  I also made a little hanger on the front of it so I could hang a square feed bucket to teach the stock to put their heads thru the opening.  I can't try it until I get the chute fencing up which I also started to do.Thank goodness for the golf cart because I must have had to go back to the house 20 times for tools.  If I had to walk I would never have gotten done as much as I did. It wasn't just tools, I had to keep making cuts to get stuff to fit.

I sent to the lumber yard to pick up some 2 by 4's and they were having a party ,but very nicely loaded me up and told me to come pay them on Monday but I had cash  so I was happy to pay then.

I have been researching bathroom vanitys and sinks.  I have a plan.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Edge got 8 sheep pts out of 8
3 ducks pts(weakest on ducks)out of 8
7 cattle pts.

Kip got 8 sheep pts
7 cattle pts
9 duck pts.  with 1 HIT

and guess how much that COST ME?

Monday, December 12, 2016


 Thank goodness it's over.  It was getting real old.  at least the weather got warm today.  The dogs did really well, but I have to keep reminding myself that they are both really green and need seasoning and some more training.   Out of 6 runs, I probably got 50 scores over 100 and one HIT in ducks.  Came close a couple of times but it was not to be.  Today Kip got 3rd in a cattle class and Edge got 2nd with 119 and 118.  Roger  beat us.   I got a some more 2nd places but when push comes to shove all that counts is 1st place.

Anyway I will be glad to get home.  The pup needs the steamer because his nose is bad again.  He got to work some goats to day. He did ok.

I am gassed up but not hooked up.  Watching a movie tonight.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Journey updat

He's  better but  still not quite there yet.  He's still taking the meds the last dr gave him, but he still has a discharge from his nose.  IT's better don't get me wrong, but it's still there.

Today I am trialing Edge and Kip on ducks sheep and cattle.  Edge worked the cows a little yesterday and they were babys and olders cows.  He got in the slot much more easily on the away side and had a lot of trouble on the go bye side. I am going to go to the fence and see if he can keep them to me that way today.  He was also pretty wound up and zooming a lot.  Must calm him down.

Lots of Finals dogs here this weekend so should be great competition!

Have I ever said that Alabama has the entire market on flies?   I have been killing them in the trailer for the last 1/2 hr and everytime I think I am done, I see 3 more.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


We worked dogs this am. Edge on a line driving and Newt on a line learning to stay still when Cindy turns to send him. It was quite good for both of them.  

Then we hung around until we decided to go to the rodeo and hit some  thrift stores on the way. We stopped at a roadside trailer for barbeque. We almost had goat but we tasted it and it was a little strong so we had ribs . The lemonade was fab.  Not sure what they did to it, but it was great!

The rodeo was fun. mutton busting for the first time  and team roping and team sorting.  Also a team relay on dragged cow skins.   We stayed about 5 hrs and then my back could not stand the metal seats anymore.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Last Weekend Jan was here and we held a 2 day clinic and had 11 dogs.  I was unsure how many would show up but the price was really cheap and that drew some people in that may not have done it otherwise.  It was good people, very receptive and they made a lot of progress and listened well. Jan was very happy with the clinic too which is always a good thing. 

So Monday morning we started a 5 day cattle clinic and finished it today. It was not well attended so we go a lot of work, but not sure how much progress was made.  I was able to get Edge to bite heels low which is a major improvement.  He mostly did not do anything stupid and hit some heads correctly and I saw him hit a front leg when the head did not work. The cattle kept coming after him and this afternoon he got kicked into the fence and chased a lot so lost a lot of confidence. Because of the way the cows were acting I chose not to work Kip more than once today. He gained a little confidence, but not much on walking up to heads.  Needs more work.

I'm working on another clinic with Jan in Feb.  I need to figure out a way to reach the info to more people. Facebook is just not good enough.

Journey's nose although better is still not right.  I put in ear plugs last night so I did not have to listen to his heavy breathing.  Cindy is on her way back here tonight with some breathe easy tea that I have been told to add to a steamer.    He got to work ducks today in a stall and he is one tough cookie.  I had to keep saying to the girl who was watching that popping him that much is not for the normal dog. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking does not even describe it.