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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Edge goes to Obed class

I  dragged my ass out today and went to the Ocala club dropin class..  It turns out their regular students were at a  rally trial so I was the only one there.  That was good for Edge because he is pretty sensitive to things and dogs and people in his environment.  We worked on Novice stuff and Open stuff and Utility stuff.   The teacher was very encouraging but not very detailed.  She pushed us to do stuff that he has no clue about and I have not done any of the basic work on.  No harm done ,I kept it upbeat and positive.   I think he was tired so I brought Journey in and did some sits and downs and some recalls and he was good..  NO Kippy

When we got home I took Edge and Kip out to do some big outruns. It's so fun to have a field this big. They are definitely starting to understand about where to go to pick them up.  I am going half way up the field but I have already started to back out a little. Both dogs are about the same distance. They are 500 ft back and I am about 150 ft from the livestock.  Love the golf cart for this.

And then I had bonfire number 3 this week.  Lots of dead branches on the ground.  Picking them up with the golf cart but it's not ideal.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I got a few things done today. Some was just regular houskeeping stuff, but not all.  I hung the screen fabric door over the front door and I kinda like it.  I purposely did not show the dogs how to go in and out, but Journey figured it out immediately and then showed Kip, but how come Journey could never figure out how to use the doggie door in Mass? Anyway the door will be good for birds and flying bugs but not so sure about lizards.

I bought a small rubber stock tank yesterday so i set that up with an auto waterer connected.  Works good and the dogs liked it.  Then I worked all 3 dogs.  Edge was horrible.  Journey is learning what That will do come means and I am teaching him Stop at the same time since he is on a line.  Kip worked on getting out on his flanks.

I sprayed some of the windows with silicon spray in hopes that I would be more likely to open them if I had and easier time of it.  Jury is still out on that.

I installed my snapshot device on my car.  I lit the burn pile on fire. That was fun.  And then I made a pot of bean soup.

Oh ya and I scrubbed the soap scum off of my shower doors.  Not quite there yet and that was the 2nd scrubbing.  I need the sun to come in a certain way so I can really see better in there.

Monday, November 14, 2016

flea market

I took the dogs to the Marion flea market yesterday instead of the art museum.  I'll go to the museum later this week.  I got a haircut there and picked up 2 plants.  I got home and planted both of them.  And then I looked them up to find out that the Cassia plant is poisonous to animals.  As I was planting it , I had to  keep pushing Journey away from chewing on it.  Apparently he didnt' swallow any because he is alive today.

His nose is not very good this week. Seems like we are going backwards now which is possible if the infection is getting stronger.  Still in touch with my homeopathic Doc in Mass sooo.....

Today I have a woman coming with a cattle dog for a lesson.  We will see how cooperative the sheep and goats will be.

I think I have decided to get an OTCH on Edge.  He is not going to be my go to guy for stock so why not try something else. It gives me another goal and something to do with him that I think he will be really good at.

If you get a chance to watch movie called Mr Church, it's pretty good.

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's legal here

  Bet you are wondering what?   Well it's legal to sell used mattresses in Fla and I need one for the guest bedroom.  I found one on a facebook site and it was close to me.  I finally got a hold of the guy and went over there onTues night to look at it but could not see much so I asked him if could come back and he said yes. I did not feel well on Wed so I texted him and told him it would be Thurs.  He did  not respond to that text but I texted him anyway on Thurs am and asked what a good time to come over would be.  I had gone to the bank and gotten cash and cleaned the car out so I could get the mattress in and I was ready to go.  But I got no response from him all day so I went looking for a new mattress .  I stopped at  one store but the least expensive was $399 and I did not want to spend that much so I found another store with a more confortable mattress for less.  They loaded it up and I took it home. As I was unloading I started to pull out the box spring and all the stitching was wonky on it so I am taking it back to exchange it today. 

Yesterday I also went to the local obedience club to see where it was and talk to someone there.  I found it and I talked to guy who could only  complain about the BOD'S  decisions regarding the facility the fans the AC etc etc.   Not convinced I want to do obedience anyway so not sure what to do. It didnt' really look like a fun place.

Kip has been working the new goats very well.  They are starting to get the idea of moving off the dog. They stink and I am already thinking about selling them and I have had them less than a week. Nat you will appreciate that.

I also found a place to get a case of chicken backs for the dogs yesterday.  good price too

Monday, November 7, 2016

An unexpected expensive day

The plumber came over today to fix the leak under the sink and replace the outside faucet so I can actually shut it off.  He was way too talkative and opinionated.   However he did tell me to call a well company because my well was not shutting off.  So the plumber leaves and a few hours later the well company shows up. Nice guy who determined that I need a new pump because mine was not shutting off (ever).  So $165 to plumber and $1100 to well company.  I have water but I am not hearing my frig making ice so what is wrong with that.  You really need ice in Fla.

I went ot Ocala to look at a stock trailer that was priced at $850 BO but it was in too bad a shape for even me.  

Friday, November 4, 2016


The mattress I brought down which was in the trailer that I sold is pretty good. Compared to the one I bought down here last year it is great.  I managed to pull it out of the trailer last night by myself and get it into the bedroom.  I was exhausted last night so we went to bed at 8:30 and did't the smoke alarm start beeping .  I located it in the hallway by the spare bedroom but it was too high for a stool so I went outside to the shed and pulled out the stepladder and got the battery out and went back to bed. Around 5 am there was another beeping.  I  went out into the great room and located the 2nd smoke alarm on the ceiling about 16 ft up.  I don't have a ladder here that will reach that far so it has been beeping for the last 5 hrs but it finally stopped.

Edge seems to be walking better on his toe. I got the tv hooked up and working.  I've stsrted to pull out the porch furniture and decorations.   Dogs are napping right now. quiet dogs are good dogs. 

The pasture needs to be bush hogged.  I need to buy a wildlife cam .  Need to research that.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

400 miles today

  I dont' like to do that many miles but it got me home.   The house looks good but I lost some of the plants that I put it.  Might have to put in some kind of a drip sysytem for next year.  I lost azaleas and  a bunch of elephant ears,but there are still a number of plants that I put in that made it. The lemon tree is still alive although it looks a little sick.  I will be watering a lot this fall.

Looks like a forgot to pack my remote for the DISH tv.  Might have to go buy a new one or look in the laundry basket first, It might be there.

Journey is a very active disobedient puppy.  He ignore me so well, I am wondering if he is deaf. He is constantly into something he should not be. His nose is still clogged up.  Hope this homepathic stuff starts working better soon,

I've decided to get a game cam . I need to know what is livng under my barn.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On the road again

I left on sunday for Fla.  I thought I had done pretty well remembering stuff, but as I drove I remembered stuff I forgot and meant to bring.  Like the big cow picture that I bought specifically for the Fla house.  Bummer.  I left my bathrobe that I really wanted. And I cannot find one of Journeys' meds. No idea what happened to it.  I supposed it's still at the house although I cleaned the kitchen island before I left and it was not there and that is where I keep it.  so I thought I packed it although I did not stop to really think about that. I can't find it anywhere and the other med that I can use got wet . Uh oh.

I went 300 miles on Sunday and stopped at a campground that I have been at before. It's very nice. And if you get off the right exit it's only 4.5miles in, but the stupid gps sent me in from an early exit and it was 20 miles thru Pa hills and it was scary.  I thought I had burnt out my brakes.  Still not sure if they are all there.  The trailer conrol is on the highest setting which should stop me dead and it's not.  It's working but not like I would like it to.

Yesterday after a late start 10ish.  we drove 400  miles to my sisters cottage in NC.  The dogs got to run a bit (not enough)and I will stay here for a couple of days.  I am on Lake Gaston and it's just beautiful here.