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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sometimes I think I'm losing it

I decided to be productive today.  Goals:  finish the portrait of Dually and get it framed.  I pulled the picture out of the porch and the new frame I bought for it months ago.  I attempted to put the glass in and it would not fit.  How could that be?  When I bought it , it fit fine as I remember.  So I am determined to get this picture framed and done today so I get a tool to scrape out the frame edge to allow the glass to go in.  I scrape and scrape and scrape.  I scraped out a layer of paint and some wood. Finally I get it to fit and then only then did I turn it over and look at the back and realize I had been trying to fit the glass in on the wrong side.  Geeezz  Okay plan B .  I pulled some paint out and painted the frame where I had chipped it out and then of course the whole frame had to be painted. Now I am waiting for the paint to dry.  But in the meantime I spayed a fixative on the drawing of Dually and  did some more coloring on his eyes and it's ready to be framed.

I was looking for some spinach in the freezer and I found a little chicken pot pie that I had made who knows when.  I popped it in the oven and it smelled great.  It was full of chicken and butter but it just doesn't  taste right. I remember it didn't when I made a few of them at a time.  I guess the dogs will get some good stuff tonight.

I am soon going to the grocery store to make a vegetable lasagne tonight.  Serves 12 so I guess I will be freezing a lot of it.

And I will stop at the paint store and get a tack cloth and a lint free cloth to give the counter another coat of tung oil and see if it darkens even more.  And maybe go talk to Kathy at the decorating store for more ideas of backsplashes.

Talked to Kathy and she gave me a tile sample to bring home and try in the kitchen. It looked really good in the store but in the night light in the kitchen it doesn't look the same.  Keep lookin

I made the lasagna and it is pretty good. I already portioned it out and froze most of it for later dinners.  I'm about to look up another recipe for tomorrow. It's supposed to be cold and what else is there to do?  Clean?  not happening

Dare pooped in the cellar tonight.  I asked him if he wanted to go out but he wouldn't go even though he was whining. Ok he burned me twice, next time I will force him outside. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

movie day

Hmmm, got to get organized so I can actually get something done during the day.   Today, I trimmed toenails (dogs).  big deal

I went to the movies and saw " the Wolf of Wall Street". Lots of nudity  and swearing, but the story was engaging and even after 3 hrs I wanted it to continue.  or ya, lots and lots and lots of drugs.  Completely out of my realm of living.

Came home from the movies and fed the dogs and let them out. I went in to take a shower and somebody pooped on the floor.  They hate to go out in the rain and it's kinds miserable out there tonight.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A little training

 I had a lesson to give today so I went out and had Edge sort the sheep and then take 3 sheep out to the big field. I can't remember if I have ever worked him on just sheep at least not these particular sheep which could have been lighter than normal. He was a good boy and onlyone sheep went head over teakettle on the ice.  She's a bit of a uncoordinated dummy anyway.  I chose 3 ewes that I am unsure are bred.  I wanted to work him on driving and getting away from me.  He was much better in the larger area. More willing to walk up on them away from me.  Flanks are fairly non existent especially inside flanks. Outside flanks were not too bad but he cut in at the top so  I do need to let him know I don't like that much. He is very sensitive to what I want.

I also worked Dually and his inside flanks were only good when I got the command out harshly.  I need to find another way to get thru to him.  He did them but he did them much better when I sounded like I really meant it.

Then he picked up a toy and went and laid down away from my lesson and stayed there no matter what was going on or what I was saying during the lesson. It was that darn toy in his mouth. 

Bill came over with a piece of the finished countertop and it is georgeous!!!!  I was hoping I would like it but I love it.  They are going to come back next Thurs to do the whole thing. Whoooowhooo a real countertop and now I can start thinking about the backsplash area. 

Friday, December 27, 2013


   I packed me and the dogs up and went to my sisters on Christmas Eve.  She is only an hr and half away but we decided to stay for a couple of days. Ed came up and fed the sheep and kept my pellet stove going. 

We had fresh shrimp and oysters for dinner followed by linguine with fresh clam sauce. Delicious stuff. They are so close to the ocean that the fish is fantastic. On Christmas day we had swordfish, mako shark and more clams and all of that was grilled. It was yummy. I wanted to  get some to bring home but  the fish market I wanted to go to was closed the day after Christmas. So I went to Market Basket on the way home and that is a trip in itself.

 My brother in law made me a decoupage light switch cover so I went to "Michaels" on the way home to get some mod podge to try my hand at it. I made one really good one and one bad one and one ok one.They are kinda fun to do. More time consuming than I would have thought. It takes a while for the background paint to dry and then the modpodge takes a while.  I did all but the bird. Mike did the bird.

Michael's bird

My first try and it needs to be redone

I really like this one

this is okay

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Home again

  The Christmas party at my sisters on Thurs night went well. I'm glad I was there to help her  because she had a LOT to do before the party. We worked non stop on Thurs and Wed afternoon.  I had a good time and the food came out very well.  Carol made a drink called a Peppermint Patty that I really liked.
1 oz peppermint schnapps
1 oz dark crème de cacao
1 oz half and half or  heavy cream

The dogs stayed in the car until the party was over and then they came inside. Last night I left all but Dare in the car so I could be ready to  roll first thing this am.  I set the alarm for 5:30 and was ready to go by 6am and the car battery was dead.  Oh geez .  The light shut off for when the doors are left open is apparently not working. Mike jumped me and off I went. I took the most direct route which was the NJ turnpike(I hate the NJ turnpike)the GW bridge and then I took some parkways and expressways to 91.  The NJ turnpike was stop and go for miles and then I ran into a slow up on the Merritt parkway but made it home in 11hrs.

The house looks good-Thanks Kim.  The bed looks great all painted and ready to be made up. I think the dogs are glad to be back and I will be glad to be able to put them outside tomorrow for some playtime.

At my sisters in VA

I stopped at the Va welcome center after we got on the road at 8am yesterday to find out the best route to get to my sisters.  I did not want to follow the GPS blindly because it would probably take me the long way. Anyway they gave me a possible 3 different routes. I chose the shortest one on paper and the most scenic.  It took me over the Jamestown ferry which was very cool.  I sat in line for approx 5 min and then they loaded us and off we went.  I did not get out of the car because it was cold on the water and then they let my line of cars unload first so it was a score all the way.

I got to my sisters and let the dogs run a bit.  The yard is large but unfenced and goes right to the canal and 3 of them went in and got all dirty feet and legs. I kept Peaches out because her hair is longer than theirs and harder to get clean.

They all came in the house and slept with me in the guest room and then went out again this morning.
Carol is having a Christmas party tonight to I will try and help her get ready. I polished all the silverware yesterday.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The road to VA

I left the motel early this morning.  I was going to tour Shorter Mansion in Eufaula but I woke up earlpy and wanted to get on the road so I missed the tour.  I did stop at the Waffle house for breakfast and then on we went.  I did 500 miles today.  12 hr day.

We are encamped in another Motel 6 in High Point NC.  Formerly a Days Inn, it is fairly nice. I do like that they replaced carpeting with laminate, but the dogs toenails are quite loud. I hope they settle.  There is also someone in the room right next door with an adjoining door and I don't think Dually likes that .   Grrrrrrwllll

I had leftover stew from the Olive Garden so I had that for supper even though I didnt' have a spoon to eat it with, I improvised and used the top to a coffee cup. It worked fine.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Final Trial Day

The stock was a lot tougher today. The cows didn't want to play and the ducks had gotten wise and didn't want to be pushed up the arena.  Scores were still high because for the most part we(collective we)got the job done.
Nice weather today. Actually took our coats off some of the time and put the earmuffs down.  The trial was done by 12;30 and then we did awards and said goodbyes.  Nice people at this trial. I had a good time and everybody was very supportive.

Then Kathy and Roger and Chris and Roy and I went to late lunch after I dropped my car at the tire dealers to get and alignment. They assured me the tires would be fine for the ride home. I feel better.  So here are today's results.
cattle 102,87
sheep 119,114
ducks 89,111

cattle 102,119
sheep 122,124
ducks 114,108

Now I am doing a load of laundry and packing to leave Dothan tomorrow. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday's trial

We finally have it down to a science and we were done with 2 trial cattle sheep and ducks by 1pm today.  Lunch was turkey and I have never had one so juicy and good.  Kathy has some kind of new age machine she cooked it in and it was great!!!!

 Not sure how I changed this to italics but don't know how to change it back.  I had to get on both dogs today because they were kinda being idiots but once I got mad at them, they got better. 

cattle 108,no 2nd cattle run because he was eating shit and not working (tired)
sheep 112,115
ducks 107,105

sheep 114,124 (HIT SHEEP)
ducks 108,109

We did a little practicing after the trial so I worked on a get out on Dually and Dare on taking his flanks when asked. Hopefully it will translate to tomorrow trial. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday's trial

 There was a front coming in all day so the stock and the dogs were a  bit wild today.  My scores reflected that.  I got 12 Q's and  11 of them were over 100.  Thank you judges.  Not a single placement though. Not even any lousy 4th places.  Lol

When I got up this morning it was not raining so I dressed and got in the car and went to McDonalds but the line was too long so I stopped at a gas station to get a danish or something but as I got out of the car, a worker pointed to the ground and said I dropped something.  I had dropped my ATM (my only source of money with )  It would have been very bad to have lost it. But I realized when I put my hand in my pocket that my cash was gone too.  Damn, I figured I had lost it at the motel so  I went back to look for it . In the meantime I called Jan and told her I was coming but would be late. 
I looked all over at the motel but figured somebody found it in the parking lot and pocketed it.  Back to the trial.  A while after I got there I went in to use the porta potti and lifted myshirt and the money fell out.  Yay for me.  No more money or anything in those pants pockets , they are just too shallow.

At first I though I would just trial Dare on ducks and give him a rest on the other stock but he was doing ok so I kept going. He was not stressing out and quitting on me and he did pretty good. Got to make him potty before we go in though, he keeps pooping on the crossdrive which is not helping our scores.

ducks 111,109
sheep 104,102
cattle 104 109

ducks 108,96
sheep 110,105
cattle 117,105

The repens were better but not anywhere near where I want them.  The dogs are circling and heading and not just walking the stock back .  control freaks

Friday, December 13, 2013

ASCA arena AM/PM trials cattle sheep ducks

The dogs did really well today.  I was happy with both of them most of the time.  Dare got
cattle 112,115
ducks 118,112

ducks 116.115

Judge said my handling had improved  alot since last years; trial there and so did one of the competitors who is beating my ass at every turn.

We are still losing too many points and it's being nickel  and dimed to death.  Not sure where or how to fix this stuff.  I am getting better on the center pen and I have some ideas for the repen.  We had some terrible repens today.  dumb ones where some of the stock got stuck behind the gate.  Need to think about that some more.

Tonight I bought a salad at the grocery store.(how can they screw up a salad) it was not good, but I bought veggies and dip and then some Ben and Jerrys Cherry garcia ice cream MMMMMmmmmm 

Fairly Successful Day

Yesterday was Post Advanced cattle and goats.  Dually got 2 qualifying runs on goats and none on cattle. But that gave him is PATDs title.  Dare got 1 qualifying run on goats and I ran up the field on him on the 2nd one.  The goats kept splitting and finally 2 took off toward the far gate.  I let him go get them because I know he can. Dually would not have been able to bring them back. But then Dare was on a mission to bring them to me and he would not drive them away.  Ah well. But because of that , I did not put him on the cows which turned out to be a good decision because mostly the cows won yesterday and not the dogs.   Dually's 1st cow run , we got them to skim the first panel and I should have taken  that but tried to get them to go back thru and then they ran down the bottom of the pasture and I should haved gone to get them but I didn't I just repenned. The 2nd cattle run, he had a hard time just getting them up to the Y chute and we could get them no furthur. They finally called 5 min so I just repenned  them.

I worked them both on ducks but just 1 trial.  By  the time the 2nd trial got under way, it was dark and I was tired and they were tired so I just kept my $70.

Today will be 2 arena trials and the competition is extremely tough.  I usually am defeated in my mind before I even get on the field.

And having a cold is not helping either.  I coughed all day yesterday and it seems like it might be a little better today. Might be Too early to tell.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Back to Dothan

  I left Cheryl at 9:30 this morning after the dogs had a good run and the traffic going into Atlanta  had subsided.  It wasn't bad , a little stop and go but not bad. It took me 4 1/2 hrs to get to Dothan.

I checked in at the MOtel 6 which is kind of a dump. My non smoking room is not non smoking but it's doable.  It's better if I stay in the room, I get used to the smell, but coming in from outside it's quite obvious.  Anyway there is plenty of room for 4 crates(they never asked me how many dogs and I am not going to tell them).  I have a fridge and micro and an actual stove top.  No plans on using it.

I texted Kathy and Roger but no answer from either of them so I guess I will stay here. I could  really use  a nap.

Why do I have a GPS?

If I am not going to plug in the correct address and follow it then I should not blame it when it takes me 100 miles out of my way.  I took the long way to Cheryl and Davids. Oh well , it's only money. 

Yesterday was a rainy trip for most of the day but when I got into S Carolina it started to clear up and it was sunny in Ga and warmish. 50's.  Glad to see it.

I had time to finally stop at a museum. It was the Booth Museum of Western Art.  They had some amazing bronzes and 2 old stagecoaches that were in fantastic shape, but I wanted to know where they came from and who owned them and where were they kept to preserve them so well and did the museum have to buy them and what did they cost and none of that info is given.  I guess I watch too much history channel " American PIckers".

I got to Cheryl and Davids just before Cheryl got home from work and let the dogs out to run in the field which they LOVED after being in crates for days..  We went in side and had a wonderful dinner of chicken and dumplings. It was so good after the crap I have been getting at restaurants. Then Cheryl made cupcakes for dessert with great icing.  Mmmm I'm happy.

I had a pretty good nights sleep, but I think I might be coming down with a cold.  NOt good.
The dogs slept in the car and it was cold last night. 

On to Dothan today about 5 more hours, but I have to wait until the traffic subsides in Atlanta before I leave here.

Monday, December 9, 2013

DAy 2

  I thought it was really early this morning when I decided to get up but it was 8am and the blackout curtains in the hotel work really well.  I don't think I slept all  that well, I am really tired tonight. 

The ice outside the motel door was very slick and I thought I was going to break my neck taking 2 dogs out the door but they had to go out.  I walked all of them and then went back into the room to pack.  I had brought a lot of stuff in because I was disorganized.  I am better tonight  but I can get even better I think. Finally somebody came and started to shovel off the walkway . 

They motel had a very nice breakfast which include hot waffles and french toast and hard boiled eggs.  It was good.  I packed up the doggies and went to the Chocolate factory tour.  Cute but the candy was a bit pricey.  I wait for sales and these were not sale prices.  I bought a 1 lb bar of chocolate for Cheryl and David.  Hope they like it.

The road was clear but you could see cars off the road everywhere from last nights storm. There was snow on the ground until almost out of VA.  More predicted tomorrow.  I only drove another 300 miles today and stopped at another LaQuinta and these people are just as nice as the first one.  The room is right near the back door so easy in and out for us. They have a bistro where I had a glass of wine and an appetizer. Gosh the food on this trip has been horrible. Hope it gets better soon.

I have about 400 miles to go tomorrow till my next stop. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

On the road at 9am

I had to go back after the first mile and get my debit card because without it I am dead in the water. Then I had to go to Tractor Supply to get some dog food to bring with us.

Driving went well for the first 3 hrs and then Dare started to really whine and carry on so I stopped and he had diarrhea like last night when he got me up a couple of times.  Not sure why he was sick but he did steal the rest of the banana bread off the counter.  No food for him tonight. He does seem to be a little better tonight.

About 2 it started to snow which was no big deal until it started to stick and then it was not good.  But I finally remembered I had 4 wheel drive.  Yikes what a difference.
 I used my brand new gps to find  a Motel 6 which was off the beaten path and the going was tough.  When I got there , the motel was not there.  So I found another Motel 6 about 6 miles away and pulled in and paid for a room.  Dog were welcome but only 2 dogs and we had to be on the 3 rd floor and the only door in was the front lobby door. I could see no way to sneak in 2 more dogs so I went across the street to the La Quinta and the rate was higher but no dog limit and first floor and also an outdoor access. SCORE!!  The motel is nice . very new and looks clean to me.

I went back to the Motel 6 and told them I was not staying there and they credited my account and back to the La Quinta.    I had a lot of stuff to unload.  I am going to have to pare this stuff down. The dogs are being nice and quiet considering they spent the whole day in crates in the car and are now in crate in the room.

I went to dinner at the restaurant next door because I could walk to it and the desk clerk said it was good.  It was not good. How do you make tapioca and forget the flavor?  The beef stroganoff was huge but I could not taste a hint of sour cream in it and the gravy was just plain not good.  Ah well it will make good dog food and Dually is probably hungry.

It's 8 and it's still snowing out there.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Leaving again

I'm packed and the farm sitter has everything down pat. Ha ha.  HOpefully. What she will get done besides take care of the animals is finish my bed and paint it and so I will have a bed to sleep in when I get home.  She and Ed are going to get er done.

NIce little snowstorm last night but because they finally put a gutter on my back porch, my back door didn't freeze closed.  I was able to open it easily this morning.

Kim and I took a load of construction debris to the dump which was not an easy task and then to Tractor Supply for grain.  Home again and moved all the old cabinets off the porch and Ed installed them in the barn and re organized. It made him very happy and it looks really good too.

I made a reservation at a Motel 6 for a week in Dothan for only $200 which is a really good deal.They never asked me how many dogs I had and I never told them.  Seem like nice people though.

Packed the car I am ready to leave in the am and hopefully I have enough clothes.

My plan is to stop somewhere on the way and do some sightseeing stuff. I never seem to have time to do that and I think I am leaving early enough to do something. Will try to drive at least 8 yrs tomorrow. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ok I've decided and made a committment

I'm certifiably nuts and I'm going to Al for a dog trial. A 5 day dog trial.  Whoo whooo.  It's only money.  I  am not taking the trailer because I will only be gone for a little over a week.  I thought about leaving some dogs here but that is probably not going to work.  I may have a house sitter. Not sure yet.

So, I have worked the dogs today.  Dare was phenomenal.  geez why can't he do that stuff in a trial?  Dually was only so so today.  He should not be worked after Dare, I think it affects his mental stability.  Anyway, he was having trouble walking up and pushing the goats.  He was doing a lot of flanking instead of pushing whereas Dare walks up and they just freaking move.  "Powerful dog".

Edge got to work out in the field today and he was very good. He made the little suckers move too, but he did bite them.  I worked a little on driving in a circle around me  and he did better than he had been doing in the small pen. Then I worked on an outrun with Kathy's help and he did about 1/2 the field length.  Not bad for a baby.

Gotta think about packing the car.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lesson Day

Today I got up and called the garage and asked them if they could look at my car because it was making funny noises when I used the brakes.  They said bring it right now and I did and they put it on the lift and removed the tires and it was metal on metal but they had time to fix it right then and there. Problem was that I had to be back for lessons at 10 so I called Ed and asked him to pick me up. He as supposed to work on my bedroom today anyway. 

Back for my 10 am lesson with Kathy and Wish and Chi.  We all worked on ducks.  Chi was exposed for not his first time but is was all about getting him to work and  he did a really nice job at the end.  Wish was too pushy so Kathy has to get on her case about really walking and not trotting to do everything.

Then Barb and Bob came and Bob  worked Del on ducks and by the end he really got how to do it and how to keep Del and the ducks off the fence.  Keep the stick over the ducks and stay closer to the ducks Bob!  Twizzler was really working well and rating very nicely at the end.  Barb has to work really hard to keep him from diving in and doing something stupid. 

Then Bob took me down to get my car and $468 later I have new rear brakes.  Now I can seriously think about going to Alabama for a week which when you really think about it is pretty nuts.

But just in case, I dusted Dually off and took him out to see how much distance work I could get.  I was about 125 ft back and I had him do figure 8's thru the panels and take his downs and his stops . He did really really well. Of course he was carrying a toy in his mouth which always helps,but I will try it tomorrow sans toy.  I was very calm too and that is sooooooo helpful.

Kim is on her way back from Texas. She plans to drive all night so she might be here in the am.  Got to be tired.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Farm work and just plain work

Today, was exhausting.   I spent the morning sorting trash and moving bags outside so I could load the trailer and go to the dump. Forgot some stuff too.  I also loaded all the cardboard that was here from the delivery of the cabinets.  I still have a lot of demo stuff to go but I need help to get it there and then to get it in the dumpster at the dump.  I struggled with the adaptor to try and get the lights on the trailer to work and Icould not get it plugged in so I went with out lights.  ah well

Then while I had the trailer connected I called a local farm and went over and picked up 10 bales of 2nd cutting and 4 bales of straw. He loaded it for me but I had to unload it and I could not get the trailer close to where I wanted them to go so I had to use a wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow of course had a flat so I had to hook up the  air pump and pump it up before I could unload it and then I had to find some tarps to cover them with so they will last until I can use them in January. I bought them specifically for when  the ewes and goats lamb and kid.  Then I don't have to tear apart the round bales to feed the Moms in the barn. Thinking ahead this time.

My pellets got delivered finally so that meant I had to try to put the fence back up that I had to take down so they could drive the pellets around back.  That only involves 1  post but to get that stupid post back in I was on my hands and knees and digging out the dirt and the stones with my hands.  I finally got the post in and gave up. I will finish it tomorrow.
No dog work today, but I am considering going to Al for the trial next week.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday in the rain

  Woke up early and can't remember what I did for the first 3 hrs, but then I did more nothing and finally took a nap. I would be doing more if I was in Fla. 

I did make a nice dinner tonight.  chicken breast with lemon caper cream sauce. They were very good.

Tomorrow I might start working on the Farm trial set up. (on paper).

Kitchen pics

Area to the right of the kitchen sink(old counter reistalled till new counter is decided upon, but this was the day after the new stove and microwave was installed

This area is to the left of the kitchen sink

Edge enjoying the new kitchen floor

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kitchen Progress yes

So yesterday the kitchen started to look like a real kitchen.  Earlier this week they installed the floor which looks great and yesterday they wired the stove and microwave and put them in place and put a plug in for the fridge so it no longer is in the living room.  They plumbed the fridge for water so I have ice and water in my fridge now.. I am so excited about that.  They also wired and hung the under counter lights and moved the overhead light to the middle of the room so I actually can turn lights on when I come into the kitchen. 

Next thing to do is to put the knobs and pulls on but I am waiting for them to be delivered.  I am still vacillating on what countertop to put in. I sent away for a wood sample so I am waiting for that to be delivered too.  They can't put my sink (the piece de resistance)in until I have a countertop which will probably take a minimum of 6 more weeks and then I have to decide on a backsplash and a paint color. We are getting down to the nitty gritty now.

Of course there are still 3 built ins that they are going to make for me. One will be a broom closet next to the fridge where I have an empty space.  One will be a wonderful shallow pantry(yay) and the last one will be a window seat/dog crate area .  Can't wait for that one too. Hopefully it will allow me to remove my dog crates from my living room. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013


  I think I generally have a negative glass 1/2 full personality and trying to think of positive things to be thankful for is sometimes hard for me, but I am going to try.

I am thankful for my dogs who keep me sane.  I am thankful they like me.

I am thankful for my family who also likes me most of the time.  My sisters are the greatest and I can depend on them when I need them.  I have 2 brother in laws that are pretty damn good too. 

I am thankful for my students who give me a reason to get up in the morning.  You have no idea how important you are to me.

I am thankful I am cancer free right this moment. Tomorrow may be another story.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Kitchen progress

The boys came today and installed the floor.  It looks great.  One of the installers liked it so much he decided to put it in his house. It took them about 5.5 hrs.

I put Dare out in the locked dog area and put the cover on the doggie door so he could not get out. HA,  next time I looked he was outside lying on the ground. The door was closed so I guess he pushed it up and went thru  the flap and it slammed back down.  silly dog  I then put a coat on him and put him in a crate in the car.

Went out tonight and picked out some colors to match the cabinets.  Got some good colors but might need to decide on backsplash before I decide on color.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


 I had the thyroid exploratory surgery on Wed am. Joan came and stayed overnight so she could take care of the dogs for me and take me to the hospital.  (a huge relief).    We went in at 7:30 and I was scheduled for 8:30 and it happened pretty close to that time.  I was in recover at 2pm and they asked me if I wanted to go home or stay  and I said let me outta here.  Joan picked me up at 5 and I was able to go home and sleep in my own bed.  I felt pretty good too.  No pain killers , just 2 tylenols.  I felt really good when I got up too.  Thursday night was a little uncomfortable  but not much.  I hear thru the grapevine, that he took out a good sized tumor from the left side of my neck.Let's hope that is the last damn surgery. 

Now I am home and itchy to go south again.  I hate hate hate this cold.  It's 18 out there right now and that is too cold for this time of year even here.

Yesterday, I went in to Auburn to look at granite in case I decide on granite for my countertop. I'm still leaning towards a wood counter.  I think I might have found the backsplash though at the granite place.  sandstone.

Today I went to the Cluster in Springfield to visit with Greg and Laura.  Good visit and I shopped too. I bought myself a Christmas present. I nice pair of gold earrings shaped like a pawprint with a diamond in the middle.  Cute.

Tonight after a dinner of leftover fish stew and a salad for which I made croutons which again came out badly, I made 2 cupcakes for dessert.  I had one with some frozen razzberries and some razzberry jam and some cream.  It was pretty good.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trailer is back

All those electrical problems were a loose wire on the thingamajig. Anyway they fixed it and I spent  a  couple of hours looking at new trailers.  They are nice and with a good size bumpout they are quite roomy. 

I settled in on a 26 and a 29 footer.   The 29 footer had a rear lounge with 2 swivel chairs which I really like since there really is no place comfortable to sit in a trailer usually.   The other type of trailer that I liked had an island which Dually would love  because he could hide behind it..  I think that one was considerably more expensive.

I did nothing else today besides thaw out the hoses and water the livestock.  I fell asleep in front of the tv around dinner time so who knows how late I will be up tonight but frankly I would love to go right back to sleep now.  Finally got the house warm today and I am enjoying it. I am on my last bag of pellets so I have to buy some tomorrow. My pellet company called and they aren't going to deliver until Wed . Busy week next week.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Day Home

 Awake and up at 6am but still very tired.  Fought with the damn pellet stove all day.  The electric controller was acting up and I had to turn it off cool it down and start it up a number of times.  It's too darn cold out the be doing that.

Did I mention how huge the kitchen has become since they moved the counter and sink to where it's going to be?  It looks fabulous!!

The dogs are glad to be home. Dually and Edge ran and ran and ran out in the arena this am.  I like being able to put them outside in a fenced in area. 

I took the trailer to the RV place this am on gas fumes.  I coasted part of the way to the gas station just in case it decided to die.  It didn't and I made it to Rutland.  I had to winterize the trailer while I was there in case they had to leave it outside.  They were going to charge me $80 to do it so I bought to bottles of antifreeze and did it myself for $11.   They called a while ago to say it was ready but I didn't talk to them so I don't yet know what was wrong with it.  I am going to get it tomorrow and maybe look at some new trailers.  New is better right?

So from there I called the car repair place and made an appt for 1:30 to get the car inspection sticker which had expired and an oil change and a tail light fixed.  They were quick too and I was done in less than an hr. While I was there I asked them to look for a van for me because I think it might be better than the Suburban in terms of carrying dogs with me..

Now dinner at my sister and Bil's cottage and home to bed early.  I needed a nap this afternoon but didnt' get one.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Russian Roulette

I got on the road at 6 am because I wasn't sleeping so might as well be driving.  I left from Va and made it home by 4:30.  I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

So those of you that have traveled on rt 81 and rt 84 in Pa NY and Ct know what I am talking about. Every few miles you see I sign about Deer jumping across the road and it says they might jump anytime between now and 9 miles or now and 13 miles or now and 2 miles. You are constantly looking for deer to commit hari kari and it's a game of Russian Roulette because if they dont' run in front of your car they will run in front of somebody's.  I got lucky again and hit nothing.  I never even saw a deer which is also good because that would have freaked me out too.  I saw plenty of dead deer so somebody lost, but hopefully only the deer ended up all over the road.

I could not get the trailer all the way into it's parking spot because it got dark too quickly so it's at the bottom of the driveway and it's colder than hell out tonight so I had to pull the electric cord out and hook up the power so I could leave the heater on in there. Of course the new exterior outlet would not work so I had to go get another extension cord and plug it into the outlet off the porch.  I am so tired I can barely see and this stuff is not helping.

I see they did a lot of work in the kitchen and moved the sink temporarily so that I would have use of it until my new stuff came in. I promptly turned on the water and nothing. Now why would they do all that work and leave me unplumbed?  Turns out , they just didn't turn the water on under the sink.  I am too tired to have to think about these things. And then the pup came in and marked.  What's up with that. Everybody is trying to aggravate me.  And who the hell turned the heat on in my house and left it on?  I made sure everything was off when I left . Bed now, enough bitching.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Training Post

  After all those trials , I have a few things I will need to fix and a few things I need to train.  It's so important when you trial in ASCA to have a dog that will take a square flank and go to the fence .  I so needed it at the 2nd panel on course   A and B but not so much on F.  But it would have stood me well on F too now that I think about it.

The other thing that I need to work on desperately is the dog must learn to control the run away sheep from behind and not flank to the front to stop them and turn them.  This will take a lot of finesse and I'm  sure I will have to convince them that it will work if they do it right.

I wonder how I am going to work on this in the snow this winter?

I need a better GPS

I left the campground at 8am and made good time today. The  speed limit is 70 and there was no wind so it was easy with the camper.   I'm sorry to be leaving all my trialing friends, Chuck, Joe,Kim, Mary,Art and Carol and all my new friends too.  It was a good time and I am looking forward to the next time.  

 I am in Va and I drove 500 miles today.  It took about 40 min longer than it needed to because when I got off the exit for the KOA, the gps put me back on the highway and took me to another supposed KOA that was not open for the season.  So I drove back south which is against my nature when I am going north , but I had to have a campground for tonight.  No heat would mean no sleep which would not be good for all the other drivers on the road tomorrow. 

I finally got back to the KOA that I am staying at and it has a nice big fenced in dog park but It's dark and cold out there so they didn't get to use if very much.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Problem

The fridge appears to be working although it's freaking me out. The indicator light keeps going on and off and the heat isn't working and neither is the hot water. I had a portable heater I used last night so I am cozy for now.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Major Problem

Just got back from dinner out and my fridge isnt' working nor my heat nor some lights and the breaker is not tripped.  NOt good.  I have no idea what's wrong and it's late and I am tired and I have no hot water. Don't know if I want to run out and find a bath house or not.  Probably should.

Dually had a smokin day. He won the Farm trial cattle , Dare got 2nd .  He won HIT for the Farm trial on that run.   He won HIT cattle AM and PM and HIT sheep AM.  We got our first belt buckle for HIT Farm trial.   The dogs were doing stupid things this afternoon. I think everybody is exhausted and I am going to be happy to start home.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dare worked his little heart out today

OMG  You should have seen him work the cows on the farm trial.  He was a rock star.  They wanted to break back and he turned them and kept them moving forward. Not once did he go to the heads and turn them back (well maybe once).  The cows again did not want to go to the same pen at the ranch trial and we worked and worked and inched our way up the fenceline. He kept them moving forward and I tried to hold the side but he had to help me with that too.  He was phenomenal. He took every flank and I am so proud of him .  It was a 20 min course and the last exercise was to drive  a new set of cows back to the pasture through an alley.  I knew time was getting tight so in the alley I egged him on a bit and he blew by them and turned them back.   One started to run in the wrong direction and I sent him.  He bit and held and bit and held and then he yelped  but it was so dark I could barely see him and he went back in andbit and held but that cow was going back to the pens no matter what he did so I called him off.  The other 4 went where they were supposed to.  The judge said it was a good score. Awards in the am  after Dually gets to try it.  Only 4 dogs entered and Dare is the only one that made the course and the other 2 dogs didn't get to the pen.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ranch Trial

It's not a good thing when  only 1 dog and handler team complete the course. It was not me.  Dually lost the cattle into the woods but got them out beautifully and then we got them to the first pen and we  could not get them in the pen and we gave up .  Dare lost them behind the duck arena but that was better than the woods and we got them to the first pen and with a lot of manipulation we got them in.  We were the only other team today that got the cows in the pen. Then we had to sort them and I am not used to sorting cows in a small pen and we got 2 of them sorted and then decided to move on with only 5 min left. We got down to the last arena and they called time on us. Yesterday I was ready to give Dare away and today he redeemed himself.  He kept those cows together and he turned one that was running with a bite on the nose and then held ground. He also bit hocks to make them move in the pen and I was very proud of him.  He showed he can be a real cow dog. 

Dare made it all the way around the sheep course  but we didn't get a qualifying score.  I was not allowing him to work because they are sheep and I am always afraid of what he is going to do so we lost control points all over the place. Too bad because he was probably the best dog at the trial for controlling livestock. Sorry Dare.

Dually had a nice sheep run but we (as well as everybody else)had trouble with the sort and  we ran out of time . 

THe course  was nice but the gates were horrible and the sort on those gates was virtually impossible to complete in time.  The first place dog didn't get the sort so no one got it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Train the stock day

  We went out to breakfast this am and then we went to Cheryls to work stock.  We started on the cows but it turns out there were 3 rank cows in there and they wanted them separated out before we touched them. Ok, Then on to the sheep.  We could get them up the arena ok but they did not want to go in the Ychute.  I stood out there on one side with a dog while somebody else worked their dog from the other side. It worked a little. We were able to pull some lambs out that were not going to hold up thru any runs. 

Then we went and worked the ducks .  We did it with people first.  They had not been in a chute in the middle and it was not easy getting them thru there in little groups. It was also not easy getting the ducks to work away from their buddies.  Hopefully there will be a tarp up to hide them on trial day.  I went back later and worked Dare on the whole group and then some smaller groups. Dare was being and ass today.  Gosh he can make me mad.

But he did some nice things on the cows .  They went up to sniff him and I asked him to bite and he did and he stood there. He did that a number of times but when I asked him to flank and help me in the arena he was useless.

Dually was a good boy on the cows and the sheep.  He did not stand up and bite them like Dare but he did do what I asked him to most of the time.

Tomorrow is the ranch trial on sheep and cows. Both dogs are entered.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On to the next KOA

We packed up this morning and emptied the grey and black water and moved south to another KOA only 26 miles or so.   There is not a  fenced in area for the dogs but there is a really big field.  Peaches got to play for a long time with her purple egg and then I took Dually and Edge out to play with a toy and I have to take DAre out soon. 

Kim and I are going to run over to a Western store and see what they have as well as driving to Cheryls house to see where it is .

I stopped at Cheryls and met David and he said come on over anytime and work anything.  I think we will wait and go tomorrow. Just feel like chilling right now.  I have not had time to just sit and watch tv or read at all.

I have found out that Edge is not leash broke and he is going to pull me down and drag me one of these days.  I am trying but he is not getting it. He is also a bit of a scaredy cat.  He seems to want to hide under things or go back to his crate or just be alone.   He loves people but he doesn't like just standing and talking or waiting.

I leveled my trailer for this KOA  stay . I will be here for 6 days so I think level is better.  I got the water hooked up and it's not leaking(yay). The cable is working perfectly, but I could not get on their wifi.  It's 55 and sunny and it feels pretty good.

Monday, November 4, 2013

HIT sheep on course F

Dually laid down a really nice run on F course today. I didn't enter Dare.  I was the last one in the class because I entered this morning.  I did have the benefit of watching everybody else and I had also talked to the judge about penning the sheep on Sat when I couldn't pen them. He said fetch them in so I laid Dually down way out and walked in with the sheep and he gave me full control points.  We had a beautiful 1st panel and bobbled a little on the 2nd and missed a sheep on the 3rd and stuck the 4th > It was a nice run and good enough for 117 and  HIT .  I won another wonderful collar and a metal sculpture aussie head.  really  nice.

I entered cows too and I got 3rd place with a 62.  I guess 1st  and 2nd  place Q'd, but we sure didn't.  But we weren't alone.  It took quite a while to get Dually to stop overflanking and turning the cows back and then when we did we got to the 2nd panel and they called the 3 min warning and we lost them again to the back fence so I just repenned them.

We went out to lunch as a group after awards and said good bye  to Tony and Donna and the rest of the club members.  Great club and lovely people!!

Then we came back to the KOA and dropped off dogs and Kim and I went to the near by antique store. I found a lovely quilt I liked . Big and perfect condition and it looks handsewn. No price on it but I asked anyway and they called the booth owner and she said $42 , so I said sold and now I have it here.  It really is nice.  Off to Walmart for some stuff and back home to watch tv  and get ready to move to another KOA tomorrow. Also the next trial host called me and asked me to come over on Wed and work the ducks and the cows for them.  Okey dokey. Trial is Thurs so it will be really good to be able to work there with the ability to do some corrections. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dually HIt ducks and HIGH COMBINED WTCH

 They both had good cattle runs this am and then ok sheep runs and then Dare got excused right away on his duck run but Dually had  a run good enough to beat Roger's run and gave him HIT ducks and HIGH COMBINED WTCH  for the weekend.  The prize is phenomenal. It is a hand made firepit with HIGH COMBINED WTCH  carved out of the metal and a cow,sheep and duck and and and aussie all carved out.  It's really nice and really big but it fits in the car between the 2 sets of crates just perfectly.

I passed on the jackpot trial they had this afternoon on F course because I am tired and the dogs are tired.  I fet them and they are all sound asleep and it's early for them.

Picking up poop today, i see that somebody has  tapeworm and I have no med with me. But at any rate it means somebody has fleas to I will have to treat for that first.

Steak dinner out tonight at 7 --Who needs money anyway?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dually HIT ducks again today but only in one trial

They were pathetic on the first trial cattle this am and then better on the 2nd trial, but I dropped the ball on the Y chute as usual. Sorry guys.  My competitive nature did not kick in.  I was in lala land.

Dare had a very hard set of ducks and could not get them up to the first panel. Dually had 2 good sets  and  2 scores over 100 ..  Sheep were as good as yesterday , but Dare could not listen to me the first go round and the 2nd go involved some sheep chasing .  Dually got some better scores.

Lunch was delicious , thanks to the club and after the trial, I chose to eat here and  do laundry and go to bed early-I"m still up though.

Steve  Shope and Jimmy Hartnagle were the judges and they were fair and dare I say it, Steve was sorta easy and Jimmy a little bit harder.  I never know what I am going to get for a score. Sometimes my runs seem all over the place and I get a high score and sometimes I have tiny bobbles and get low scores.  You'd think after all this time , I would have a clue.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1 Trial Calhoun GA

76deg today. It rained last night and I thought it was going to rain all day but it got sunny breezy and just perfect.  Very very nice trial site and the people are wonderfully welcoming.

Dare and Dually had really nice cattle runs in the am trial although we were unable to pen anything all day.  Apparently I am not as good at it as  I thought I was.  The Pm cattle runs never got off the back fence. Hmmm need some ranker cattle to work I think.

The am duck runs were pretty good and the PM runs were 1/2good . Dually had a good run and Dare could not get them off the back fence.

The sheep runs went waayyyyy better than I had anticipated. The dogs were both being very very obedient.  Dare tried everytime to go away when I sent him for the gather, so that  was 4 runs that way. Not sure why. Dually had not trouble doing a go bye.

A couple of times I had the sheep in the free standing pen (in it) and could not get the gate closed before either the dog blew them out or I guess there is no or.

The trial site is really close so I am writing this while they finish trial 2 and then I am going back for awards(of which I have my doubts) and dinner.

Dually got HIT ducks with 116  --Don't remember that run being that good but ok.   We won a really nice decorated collar for HIT and for being High in ducks another cute collar.

I was very  pleased that both dogs worked at this location as if they had been here before. There was no 1 day adjustment period.  Dare normally works tentatively at a new loc with sometimes a deer in the headlights look but he was good.

Dinner was hot dogs cole slaw and chips.  We were hungry and it tasted good.

Also  really good to reconnect with one of my Blog readers Donna. Good to see you again and great job on the trial!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Calhoun Ga

We packed up and left this am at 9 Al time and got to the airport at 3 Ga time and then to the KOA around 4:30. Seems like a nice campground.   They gave us a site that Kim was able to set up her tent at no extra cost to her. 

I did a load of laundry and ate too many leftovers and Kim went grocery shopping with Joe and Mary.  She brought back food to share.

We are right across from the dog park  and Joe and Mary are 4 sites up and Chuck is over a ways and Roger and Kathy are supposed to come tonight too.  Sorry you had to go home Jan.

I think I am going to be nervous as hell with Roger watching this weekend. Maybe somebody can distract him for me while I run.  I'll put Kim on that . 

Humble Pie day in Al

Today we are working light sheep, tough cows and who knows what the ducks will be like. My dogs are not rising to the occasion and neither am I.  Although I am getting thru to Dare that he must Stop when I tell him with the help of my friends in the arena most times..  We could not pen the sheep, either dog but I learned something about Penning.  Dually was the worst and his Stop is the worst. Who'd thunk?

It was so bad, that I contemplated for a second just going home and eating all the money I spent on the next few trials.   It only lasted a few seconds and now I am back to just eating humble pie for the next 2 trials.

Dually is eating shit like crazy and Dare is not.  What the heck?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Training Day 2 with Roger

Dually and I had a breakdown (not breakthru) today.  I was asking him to do an inside flank under a lot of pressure and he would not do it and he would not stop or lie down either so he was getting thumped on and then I gave up. He stopped listening and I was not in any control.  We were working on trying to get the dogs to keep a straight line to the first panel and to push then into the corner and then make the corner. The straight line was what was killing us.  And now we need to work on his stop and his down. toooo many steps or no stop at all.

Dare  was actually pretty good on these exercises and took a lot of pressure well, but we had 3 people helping me to stop him.  Does not bode well for the next trials. 

Applebees for dinner tonight . I wish I had time to get my haircut, it's a mess. maybe tomorrow. I need to get propane filled too.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Training Day one with Roger

 I was the first one to work a dog and I chose Dually to work.  We did the goats in  the corner exercise and just tried to walk him up .  He kept blowing up.  It was not  a wise move on his part.  We had to get on him quite hard..  Jan had to get behind to hold him from flipping out of the pressure and Roger and I were up front creating the Y chute for him to walk up.  It seemed to go on forever.  Probably try it again tomorrow and see if he learned anything. Then we worked in the 50 by 50 and worked on keeping the goats on the fence. We had 4 people in there making lanes for him to walk in and trying to keep him from going to the fence. He really likes the fence.

Dare worked goats in the 50 by 50 and we worked on trying to get him to stay on the inside hip of the goats and keep them on the fence. He was much better than Dually at this. Then we worked on having him take them out of the corner but not by going into the corner but by hanging back a little and then turning parallel with the last goat which relieves pressure and allows the goats to walk away. Dare wanted to keep turning into them so it took a little bit to get him to turn parallel. Basically I had to hold him there. Also worked on a STEADY with him to teach hin to walk on command.  He was doing well so I have to keep that up..  He could do so much more if he would just slow down.

Later on we worked both dogs in the arena on some of the problem trial areas.  Going to the Y chute with Dually and Dare I could see where I had to slow them down more and stop them and let the stock  drift more. (yes I said drift). Also the corner panels have to be finessed more. 

Out  to dinner at the Mexican restaurant and now tv and a shower and bed.  
BTW it was 80 and beautiful today.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trial Day 3

  The cattle, goats and ducks were a little less cooperative today  and the dogs were tired and the handlers were tired too.

Dare took over on some courses without my permission of course.  If he would just do what I would say we would have had some almost perfect (if not perfect)runs.   He did win 1 1st on cattle and HIT cattle .  He was working pretty good with a smile on his face.  He had to push some very heavy ducks up to the panels and he kept at it although there were a few times that he just stood there and seemed to be questioning my judgement.

Dually was a little off his game too, but still did well. Many scores for both over 100 but not as many as yesterday.   Dually won High Combined for the weeekend and a nice little bag with some goodies in it.  Thank you SEASC.

We were done by 2 and then ate lunch and had awards and then we tried to get a sick cow up. It's not looking promising for the cow.

We fixed the running lights on the trailer(just a fuse) and the outside porch light and now I am waiting around for dinner and who knows what else. 

Tomorrow will be a training day and hopefully Edgie will get to work too. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trial Day 2

Dare was up first on goats and he had a helluva good time racing around and being an idiot, but at least he was working.

Dually had a nice run  I think, can't remember.

Ducks were winning . Dare got excused for lack of progress.Dually had to daylight them to get them around . 2nd run  Dare did well and Dually ate lots of duck shit.  role reversal

lunch was great and now we are going out to do 2 cattle trials.  very warm out today. t shirt weather.

Friday, October 25, 2013

todays trial

OMG the dogs were not good today.  Better than yesterday though.  Dually had a good goat run  but Dare had to be run off because he took hold of the goats ( I mean took control) and would not release to me.  He would not take any command whatsoever including That will do!    His cattle run didn't even get to the first panel.

Dually had a decent cattle run till the 2nd panel  and then started to overflank and we lost the stock back to the repen. These were the Post ADvanced runs.

Then we did 2 duck trials  and both dogs did very well I think (still waiting for awards).  Cattle arena trial was good  and the goat trial was not too bad either.  It's all  blur right now. Dare worked though so I am pleased about that. He did very little shit eating and Dually was very good.

Dually won Post Advanced sheep in that gave him HIT sheep. and then some other placements and lots of finals points.  Yay!!  Although I am quite sure I don't want to go to Finals and trial on sheep although Dually is doing great on all livestock. NO bites on ducks today but Dare took a good b ite but no call on him.  all Q's excdept for Dare's Post Advanced runs. 

Trip to Alabama

  Ok we are here and it was not too bad.  The first night we left Westfield and wanted  to get gas so I took a route I was unsure of and we ended up going a little bit west in the middle of nowwhere and had to turn the trailer around in a driveway and go back.   Kim is following me in her car with her dogs to Al. We drove only about 6 hrs and stopped in Pa at a campground that I stopped at last year and it has a nice dog yard so the dogs got to run a bit.  Kim stayed in the trailer with me but her dogs  stayed in the car and she said they barked  at people walking by  so she ddn't sleep really well, but I had earlplugs so I slept fine.

Then we drove to Va another 6 hrs after a late start.  About 4pm we decided to try to find a campground and we used Kim's gps because mine is out of date. I followed hers and it took be south to the next exit and turned us north which of course irritated me because if I am going south then I don't want to go north  for any reason. Soooooo, I turned around at the next exit and I lost Kim and had to wait at the entrance ramp for about 1/2 hr and then we went to the next rest stop because the running lights on the trailer were not working. I could not find a close campground so I stopped at the next ttruck stop where we spent the night.  We had spaghetti for supper and went to sleep early even though the trucks were coming in all night. The next morning  I pushed the bed in and pulled the support off and the bed fell down and I had to go find a crowbar to get it back up.  Yikes it was still dark out and there was one guy sitting in his truck so I asked him and had a crowbar which of course didn't work so I went back and asked him to help me and he did thank goodness.  On the road again to Atlanta which isn't fun driving thru with a trailer. We picked up Jan at the airport on time and continued on to Dothan (another 4 hrs).I thought we would stop at a campground but there were none so we kept going to  Dothan and met Kathy and Roger at  a Mexican restaurant.  I had just taking the dogs out to walk them and Jan asked me a question and Edge took off on the flexi and I could not catch  my balance and fell over Dare and on my knee face and arm on the pavement.   2 days later I am still hurting.

Yesterday we worked on the post advanced course and Dare and I chased goats from one end of the 10 acre field to the other. It was not pretty.   Dually and I worked the cows but we fetched the post advanced course and it went much prettier.. 

today the trial starts

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting sorta ready to leave

I had some lessons this am and Nat brought her husband Joe with her and he fixed my stupid tractor.  The 3pt hitch did not want to work , but now it works as smooth as silk!!! Thank you Joe.

Nibbler did some nice work and Nat is getting it.  Eunice was here with Rubin and Rooster and they both did some nice work. It was nice to see Rubin actually working. The last few times here he was pretty disinterested. We used some lighter sheep and just did some walkabouts and he really had to run to cover. 

Then I went to Auburn Petco to buy some id tags for the dogs.  I had them engraved with their names and tel number and they all say chipped on them too.  That was more expensive than I had anticipated but better safe than sorry especially for Dare the runaway. Now if he gets caught someone will have a clue where he belongs.

Also picked up propane for the trailer and bought some jeans at Walmart and I was going to go to Tractor supply and stock up on duck and sheep food but I ran out of energy.

Tomorrow is hay day.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bye bye sheepies

I had to take 5 sheep to a friends for a month this morning.  They were my lightest and craziest sheep. BB(BAD BARB) AND  Crazy legs and 3 undersized 2 yr olds that need to go to market when I get back. 

In order to use the trailer I had to locate  a plate which I did. It is not a registered plate so I put a fake yr sticker on it and smeared mud on it.  I drove the trailer into the field and told Dually to bring the sheep .  They didn't want to go right in the trailer so we waited patiently while they thought about it. Then one of the young ones stepped up along with the other 2 young ones. Crazy legs followed and BB said no way and tried to escape. Dually turned him back and he decided he should go in and we closed up the back and off we went.   I was daydreaming and went by the drive way I needed to go up so I had to back into somebody's yard and turn around but it all worked out fine. I drove up the driveway right into their new pasture and out they hopped.  Lots of grass for them to eat and hopefully they will do some weeding too. Bye bye sheepies.

Came home and fed chickens and ducks only to find that 2 of my silkies had gotten caught under one of the plastic houses and suffocated to death. Bummer, now I only have 2 chickens left.  Hopefully they are the layers.  I will get a couple more next year. 

I washed out the water tank and filled that and arranged for Mary to help me on Sunday with the incoming hay.   That's a relief, I hate to do that stuff alone.

My contractors showed up around 2;30 and worked a couple of hrs caulking windows and finishing up some siding .

My copper sink from Mexico was delivered yesterday and it's perfect and I have decided on the kitchen floor.   Things are coming together.

I asked my contractor to replace my front door while I am gone to something less leaky!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bye Bye my little cows

The cows went home today to be raised for milk replacers so not for food.  I liked those cows. They were easy to handle and they were good with all dogs..  Only one turned out to be a bit of a kicker.  Dually knew which one it was.

So Nat brought her stock trailer up because they were not going to fit in my little  2 horse trailer. She backed it up to the   pasture and we went to get the cows without a dog. I thought it would be easier.  The cows followed me as I ran into the trailer.  They do like their grain. I got 4 in right away and I left thru the front door and slammed it which scared 2 of them back out and to the sheep hay.  We had 2 in and 4 out. Nat and I both had sticks but that wasnt' doing it for us so I went to get  a dog.  I went to get Dually but I could not keep Dare back. He ran out and ran down to the trailer as I was chasing him.  He went in the trailer and took one of the cows out before Nat could grab him and throw him out.  I finally got down there and sent him around to gather the other cows. I had to go with him to help him get 4 of  them out of a narrow area that they were eating hay in.  He brought them back and we got 2 of them in.   One went back to the hay while we were trying to get number 5 in who was giving us a hard time.  Nat and I are trying to get the little red cow in and Dare goes back to get the little Holstein.  He brings  the Holstein back and convinces her to jump in and then we work on the little red one. Nat and I are both holding a side and Dare is in the back turning her back everytime she thinks she can escape. Finally she gets close enough so that Nat pushes the door on her and she decides to jump in .  Yay   Thanks Dare and Nat.

I wish I had more opportunities like that for Dare. He loves that stuff and I think he would be really good at it. He thinks on his feet.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cattle dog exercise

small pen 40 by 60.  flank the dog on a go bye and follow him to make sure he goes all the way and then step back and to the other side and ask the dog to walk up and the cows change direction automatically.  Gosh this one is hard to explain.  It's kind of like a figure 8 for the stock but you have to get in the right place to push the dog around and then meet him on the other side to make sure he walks in and doesnt' keep flanking.  I will try it again and make sure I am doing it right.  We did it this am with the cows and I flubbed it a few times and then got it right.

forgot to explain why it's a cattle dog exercise----because you often have to push the cattle dogs around so they don't fall in and follow on the wrong cow.  Of course it works for all breeds but it's great for cattle dogs and straighter dogs. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jan Wesen Clinic Day 1

It's a little wet out there but hopefully it won't rain all weekend.  At least it's not bitterly cold.  Jan brought Jewel with her. What a cute little thing she is.  She made Edge pee himself. All he did was look at her and she took offense. 

Sorry it was all a blur.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Yesterday's Fundraiser

  It went beautifully, I had enough good help that I was not stressed or exhausted by the end.   Donna helped me with all the Try it dogs. She was exhausted, but it's stressful working new dogs when you aren't  used to it. She did an outstanding job!  We had a team effort on one Great Dane who had a little evil intent, but most of the dogs were very very good to handle.  We  had a really nice malinois and a Pyr shep who was the star of the day.  The owner of the Pyr shep wasn't even there and they the people who brought it thought it was some kind of terrier..  We worked a bunch of BC's and aussies but no poodles came yesterday. 

The food was totally handled by Ed and Kathy who also cooked for the event. Chili was great and the muffins were outstanding.  Ed kept everybody signed up and paid and waivers signed.  Great job! And then we cleaned up and everything was put away and again I had nothing but a few dishes to do last night.  Yay!!

Bob and Mary kept the arena in line and even set up the F course in the middle of the day for people to try .  I never worried about what was going on back there because they were so good at it.

Thank you all for helping and for donating your time and your money.  I sent Jean and Mumbles $1000 last night on the You Care site.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Today was tiring with no sleep

 I went shopping for groceries for the Fun Day and I did some set up stuff for the fun day. I have approximately 16 Try it dogs so far and 8 arena dogs that have told me they were coming.There are some other people that may come but have not committed yet.

I took a 4 hr nap at 3pm, because the contractors showed up unexpectedly this morning when I was trying to get back to sleep from being up most of the night. Can't turn contractors away when they want to work. They finished sheetrocking the window and the beam in the kitchen.  My cabinets are going to be very low on the counter because of the beam. I hope I dont' hate them. There will basically be at eye level  which actually will be a welcome change from what I have had so long. Cabinets so high I have to use a ladder to get into them.

I've been up since 2 and its 5 now lucky me

So I guess I will be taking a nap this afternoon or even later this morning. That's the beauty of retirement I guess.  And no contractors are scheduled to be here today so that's good too.  They put the window seat window in yesterday and it is breathtaking. love it love it love it.

Not sure why I am up all night but I have been working on the details for the Herding Fun Day this Sundays and maybe my brain is working overtime.

  I am doing a benefit for Mumble and Jean.  It's a huge vet bill and Mumble is related to Dare and Dually and I  just would like to do something for them.

Anyway, I have been working on the menu because we are going to be serving food and drinks. Not sure if anyone will be buying but I can always use the leftovers for the clinic next weekend. Kathy is going to bake some muffins and I have a couple of trays of peach cobbler.

I'm getting some good response on the Fun Day.  I can't wait to see if the Great Dane can herd!

Kitchen news:   Besides the new window, they put the ceiling in this week.  It's plain tongue and groove pine. Looks great.   I got my new faucet from ebay .  I got a good deal on it. Its a very nice Moen and I got it for about 1/2 price. It's missing a little plastic piece, but I am hoping I can get that somewhere.   My copper sink is on it's way from Mexico. LOL.  Had to have one.

I  have 3 cabinet designs and estimates and I am waiting for one more. So far Home Depot wins the war.  But I might go with the local lumber company . They are coming close 2nd.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bye bye Ram and working the dogs

   I thought this might be an issue today but Dare separated the ram into the 100 by 100 and I then put him up.  I hooked up the trailer and drove it into the pasture.   I figured the ram would not leave his ladies so I just left the gate open.  I dropped the ramp and he came over to investigate. He sniffed the ramp and walked right in so I just closed it.   NO grain no nothing. Bye bye ram ol boy.  Hopefully you did your job and I will have lambs in January. 

I worked Dually first on cows and we worked on the course(bad me).  He got them thru the panels and then we had a really tough time on the center pen. He kept overflanking.  Dare was better and got them much more easily in the center pen.

Dually did well on the sheep but Dare did better. That whistle really makes him stop if only it would hold up under trial conditions.  I need to work Dually a lot more. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And he knows his job

So yesterday, the damn goats and I do mean damn goats got into the hay where they are not supposed to be.  Actually, it was only one goat , the billy, that was in there and I was mad.  I sent Dare into the pasture and he saw right away that the Billy was not where he was supposed to be and he chased it out fast.  I was surprised because in the past, he often would go after the other sheep instead.  I guess he " gets" it.

Today, Edgie got to gather the sheep and gate sort them and then we took a group of 3 out to the arena to put in the take pen for a student.  The sheep started run away around the center pen and he calmly went out and put them back to me and didn't allow them to go to the draw.  He was very good and calm about it.  Good dog day.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dare is the best dog ever!

  I had some people over for training today  and then Nat brought some young ducks that hadn't really been worked. Dare worked them only a little but they weren't legged up so we could not work them much. He put them in the corner in the duck arena and one escaped thru the fence into the woods.  I thought if we made the other ducks quack he would come back but he appeared to be going the opposite way.  Now mind you there is no easy way to get into that woods from the duck arena so we didn't try(at first).  We crated the other 4 ducks and put them near the fence and that didn't work so  we let them out again to make noise and one more escaped into the woods.Great  just terrific.  I grabbed another escapee by the leg before he could hightail it into the woods with the other duck.

   We waited and they appeared to be going away from us and not toward us so I decided we had nothing to lose and I lifted the bottom of the fence and told Dare to get them.  He went out and started circling for scent and found them and the chase was on. It got so we could not hear him or them. I whistled but got no reponse and if he was able to come he would have.   I was hoping they were not in the road. Betty went down the fenceline toward the road and called out to me.  Dare had one duck and was holding him against the fenceline for us to come and get him.  I crawled down the fenceline on the opposite side of the pasture(not an easy feat)and grabbed the duck and handed it to Betty.  Next I tried to send Dare for the other duck.  He  was not going without me and I was not going into the wood. I jumped him up on a big rock and told him over and he jumped into the Pasture and I went around. 

Back to the duck arena to see if we could hear the other duck in the woods.  I could not hear it , but I sent Dare under the fence again and told him to find it.  He did fairly quickly to my amazement and brought it to the stone wall quacking all the way,  but the stupid thing got caught in the stone wall. We could see it and practically touch it but it was still too far away. So Nat got on a chair and next to the big rock and crawled over and got the duck by the neck and handed it to me and so I got Dare to come under the fence again and he immediately tried to bite it as I as holding it in the air over his head. Well, frankly it deserved a good  bite for running away.

No harm to ducks , no ducks lost and amazing duck dog proved his worth again.  It was pretty amazing.  the woods is thick and he was not in earshot some of the time. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013


 I judged my very first trial today and it went very well . I learned a few things about my own trialing by watching other people and taking points off for stuff.  I got more comfortable as the day wore on and I know that I will do a few things just a little differently next time.   I had good dogs and mostly q's.  It was an all duck trial and we did HTAD HTD AND JHD.    It was fun.  Long day though.  I left at 6 and got home at 7:30. The dogs went with  me and they didnt' get to do anything so they are a bit wired tonight.  I also brought home a crate of ducks for a student.  Lucky for me, they did not smell at all!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kitchen Progress

New front of house and new window next to door but I had them move it. You will see in another pic

 Old Kitchen
 Old Kitchen
 Old KItchen getting ready for tear down of wall on left. so cabinets were emptied and  contents are behind green sheet.
 Wall Teardown complete and they are working on a a new support beam so the  house does not fall down.
ready for drywall.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Whistle Stop

Whistle Go, which one shall I take?  Dare is so tuned into the whistle meaning to lie down that to get him to take a go bye or away is tough.   I think he is getting better, but my mouth is killing me from holding the whistle between my teeth and also giving verbal commands. Because of the stupid gnats, I have a gnat hat on all  the time which makes it impossible to put the whistle in and out of my mouth so I tried to just keep it in my mouth.  Might have to revise that method.

Dually , was kind of a bad boy, so  I had  to get on him a little bit.  We worked on wider flanks and the out in the small pen. 

Edgie worked the goats again and we drove and we did flanks and we did little outruns.  I am still working on getting him to understand he needs to go out and around to bring the goats to me.  He is fine if I am close enough, but if I just tell him to go get them , then he tends to go straight up the middle.  Goats don't react much but sheep would be like popcorn.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Dare worked the cows and I separated them into 2 groups and then tried to pen each group.  No friggin way.  Dare worked really hard but he could not do it. We go 1 cow in each group in the pen but that is the best we could do .  I was sorta surprised because the other day they just went in.  I didn't lock them in or anything , but i did allow the dogs to go in and take them out, but they were good about it.  So tonight out of frustration , I finally got some grain and we got one whole group  to go in.  Mind you this is only an 8by 8 pen not a big one.  Dare was really out of breath.  I think my dogs need some conditioning.

Dually worked the goats in the small pen because I worked on the whistle  Once I actually though he got the Away to me  whistle but it must have been a fluke because he didn't do it again..

Edgie worked the goats in the duck arena and we worked on outruns .. His away said is his good side which surprised me because it's his bad side when he is in close and going around in a corner. On his go  bye, he consistently does not get around all of them, but he never leaves them behind.. He does go back and get them.  Then I would flank him around and drive them off of me.  Starting to work on his standing stop too.  His Down was good again today. WHew!

It rained hard for part of the day and that prompted cookie making.  Molasses cookies..  They came out a little flat but still plenty tasty .

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dare and Dually

  Only 1 lesson today so I worked my dogs.  I actually had enough energy to work them and now I have a goal for training and that is some upcoming trials.

I worked Dare on goats in the duck arena and just worked on his STOP and his flanks on the whistle . I am going to love using the whistle. It sure saves my voice.  I have to figure a whistle to mean GET BACK because I use that command a lot.  I am having enough trouble with the stop and away to me and go bye and walk up. It's not easy to get them consistent.  But I am getting better.

Dually also worked the goats and he is getting the whistles faster than Dare.  He seems to understand the walk up whistle and he blew off the stop whistle so I had to run him down a few times. He came up a number of times on the side of the goats and had to use the get back which is when I decided I needed a get back whistle.

I then took Dually out to get the cows up on the ledge again.  He was much better today. I only had to give him one flank and he went  behind them to get them out.  I was pleased with that. Of course he had to screw it up by not letting one drift while he lifted the rear cows.  Just let them drift and you can catch them later. It's not like they are running away ding dong.

no work for Edge today .  But he came for a ride in the car with me.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kitchen and Dog work

I have decided that since I cannot order my cabinets until they take the wall down and  we can take accurate measurements and the cabinets are going to take a minimum of 5 weeks, that I should have them finish the windows and outside siding and close it in and call it quits until the cabinets are closer or until I get back from Ga if I decide to go.  Mostly because I have a clinic the first weekend of Oct and a houseguest and I feel I should have a working kitchen during that time period.  However, I have not told the contractor yet.  He should be fine.


I  sent Dually out for the cows this am and they were up the hill on the little ledge with their back ends facing out.  Dually got one off and he thought that was enough.  I was using the whistle to re-direct him and it was working sorta.  I kept saying get around but that was not enough to get him to go in behind or as it were in front of them.  I had to give him a flank and he took it and went right in there.  He had no trouble bringing them down after he got them started.

Then I hooked up the horse trailer because I had to bring 3 sheep to Shelley in Ct. Dually had no trouble loading them and if put him and Edge in the truck.  When I got to Shelley's , I knew no one would be there to help and getting in and out of her driveway is tricky so I dropped the tailgate on the street and hoped they would just come out and follow me..  No way.  They were not coming out for nothing,.  I got Dually and sent him in but he went straight in and started to bite them instead of going around and just taking them out nicely . Then one bolted into the driveway and he went after it and got it back to the group(no cars coming). They all decided to follow me after that and it was a short fetch into the pasture.  Yay 3 less sheep to feed.

Edge worked the flock but he was having trouble getting around them and kept chasing so I separated the goats off and worked just them.  He did much better on just the goats and we were able to do some driving and outruns.  He is looking at me less,which is good but his down is going to pot.  I will try  to keep his down, it was cute and fast.

Dare got to work the flock tonight and we worked on driving them to a corner and then taking a good square flank around them to take them off.  He had some nice ones.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby day

   Mary was working on the farm today and the first thing she ran into was a some baby snakes in the barn . Yech , not my favorite thing.  And then while she was digging up the clematis she found a nest of baby bunnies.  sorry bunnies but you have to find a new place to live.  It was very dangerous living there anyway because there are dogs in there all the time. 

And then I took the tractor up to the top of the hill to get some fill for some holes in the pasture(sink holes) and I brought a load down the hill to Mary so she could spread it and a bunch of turtle eggs fell out of the bucket.  Apparently there was a turtle nest on the top of the pile of soil that I was using.  One had cracked open and she thought they were snappers so I guess I dont' really care if they don't make it but Mary reburied them anyway to give them a shot. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Edge gets to work sheep today

Why is it , I feel tired all day and then around 7 I get a small burst of energy and got out and fight the bugs and work a dog? 

I put on my new best friend(my whistle) and took Edge out to work the flock.  The last time I did this, he was not very impressive.  I had a very hard time getting him to go in either direction . This time it was not an issue. Well it started out to be an issue because I think I was rushing him.  So I just stood there quietly and said go bye and he laid there and thought about it and I said it again and he thought about it some more and I said it again and he got up and squared off (as if he was leaving) so I said good boy and he came back and did a nice go bye.  Then I tried the come bye side which was so hard for him last time and no big deal this time.  NICE.   We did a lot of flanks and downs and he has to learn the whistle much earlier than the other  boys. So I am teaching down with the voice and whistle and I will add the flank commands in very quickly too so he doesn't get stuck on any whistle means down like Dare is stuck.

We did a little bit of driving and he is fun because he is not always trying to bring them to me.  He is a little reluctant to walk ahead of me but it got better tonight.  Nice pup.  kinda like him

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Deck and New front steps today.

1/2  Finished Deck
Finished steps and rail--matches
Finished Step without railing

Finished Deck

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kitchen update and " While we're at it......

 THe front and new window opening
 Inside view from the other side of the porch
 Zip board up
 Zip board up on side
Add caption
 Log Siding going back up
 WTH--Might as well put a new deck on while we we're working here.

 Back Porch with newly painted table and fresh flowers -view from inside the hallway