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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dare and Dually

  Only 1 lesson today so I worked my dogs.  I actually had enough energy to work them and now I have a goal for training and that is some upcoming trials.

I worked Dare on goats in the duck arena and just worked on his STOP and his flanks on the whistle . I am going to love using the whistle. It sure saves my voice.  I have to figure a whistle to mean GET BACK because I use that command a lot.  I am having enough trouble with the stop and away to me and go bye and walk up. It's not easy to get them consistent.  But I am getting better.

Dually also worked the goats and he is getting the whistles faster than Dare.  He seems to understand the walk up whistle and he blew off the stop whistle so I had to run him down a few times. He came up a number of times on the side of the goats and had to use the get back which is when I decided I needed a get back whistle.

I then took Dually out to get the cows up on the ledge again.  He was much better today. I only had to give him one flank and he went  behind them to get them out.  I was pleased with that. Of course he had to screw it up by not letting one drift while he lifted the rear cows.  Just let them drift and you can catch them later. It's not like they are running away ding dong.

no work for Edge today .  But he came for a ride in the car with me.

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