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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lilly and Pearl

Pearl is on the left and Lilly is on the right-Pearl is Katahdin and Lilly is KatahdinXFlorida Native
Dare worked them with the whole group first and they were fine so I put them in the small pen and worked on his pace . I put Dually in there and worked them with him too and then I brought Edge in  to see what would happen.  He flanked around fairly widely and changed directions nicely.  He stopped  himself when I backed into a corner and at the end I actually walked around a  bit with them. That was the best he has worked on sheep and I was very happy with the sheep. Edge did chase Pearl into a corner but he got a rake on his head and let the sheep go.  He is really pressure sensitive and dives in, but not like Dually did as a pup or even like Dare.  Seems like he will be much more sensible about  handling it. 

my ART

  This is not finished yet.  But this is Dually in process. I have about 6 hrs in this picture with another 3 to go  , I would guess.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

THe rest of Joan's visit

On MOnday, Joan and I looked at farms.  We drove around and checked out some farms that I hadn't seen before.  We ended up back at one I had looked at before on Henry J ave.  We found out that it had a new (not completely finished)one room apt. attached to it.   The house is still a mishmash, but I liked it better this time around.
Then we went to some pawn shops and out to lunch and that took all day.

Tues we went to Universal Islands of Adventure.  The 2nd ride we went on was the Harry Potter ride and it made Joan sick. I just closed my eyes and I was fine. It was an okay park.  We stayed until around 3 and then drove home to make steak fajitas, but the damn grille wouldn't stay lit because it was so windy out.  We ended up cooking them on the stove.Tasty

I dropped Joan at the airport this morning at 8am and then came back to get some big dog crates and drove up to Geneva to buy 2 sheep. They seem like nice sheep and they are in good shape  Then I took a long nap and got up and went to art class. Everybody is impressed with my Dually picture. It's not finished. I worked on his eyes and his other ear tonight. Takes a long time to do this stuff.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Visit to sister Judi

Joan and I left this morning around 8:30 and decided to take mostly backroads to Venice.  It took us a while but we saw some nice country. We  got to Judi's condo around noon .  She showed us around and they we drove around the complex to see the other units and then out to lunch. We went thru the small city of Old Venice (very nice little stores) and to the Intercoastal Waterway for a lunch on the canal.  It was a tasty lunch and we watched the boats go by and in some cases drive right up to the restaurant and tie up to come in and eat.   It was darn hot sitting there in the sun.

Back to the condo where Joan insisted on changing the layout of Judi's living room.  It involved unplugging and moving the TV and cable service  Unforutuately it lefft Judi without  tv for  a while.  We had to talk her thru hooking it back up while we were driving back home. It took about 5 calls.

Back to the trailer by 7: 30, leftovers for dinner and now we are watching Storage WArs and listening to it rain on the roof. (loud).

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sister arrives today!

Ok technically it's tonight 8pm.

I worked Dare and Dually and they were both good boys today.  Dare was very good about stopping when I asked most of the time.  And Dually I worked on pushing him out to the fence for his flanks.  He comes in on balance constantly and I do want him to continue the flank when I ask him to do it.

Then I went to Home Depot and picked up dog proof screening to repair the screen that Peaches went thru yesterday.  She can't control herself when someone shoots a gun and that happens daily here. Not for long, just a couple of shots, but that is all it takes.  You are supposed to remove the screen door and put it on a flat surface to insert the screen but I couldn't get the door off so I did it where it was.  It looks good and tight, but I am not going to be able to do the top of the door and that has holes too. It's sstill usable so maybe that will be a job for Ed when I get home.

We took 3 service dogs and Edge to Tractor Supply tonight to work them in the store. I put a head collar on Edge for the first time. He was not too bad.  I knew that would give him more to think about  and he would behave better and that is how it worked. Someone was selling GSD pups in the parking lot out of the back of their car.  Hmmm sure makes me want one. NOT.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ripley's Believe it or Not

Yesterday while Carol and Mike went back to Universal , went to Pilates and got my hair cut and  did laundry.  They were done around 3 so I met them at Ripley's and we went in.

The building supposedly fell into a sinkhole as they were finishing up construction, but not sure I believe that. Because if you pull Ripleys up on the internet, there are a few weird buildings.Anyway it was fun. I had a pretty server reaction to the " crooked room"  my brain did  not like that room at all. I didn't even have to go in it to get a reaction , I just had to look in it.  I was happy to get out of it.  We spent about and hour and a half maybe less and then went to dinner at Olive Garden.  Gotta love Olive Garden.  good salads!

So today, Carol and Mike came over to see where I was living before they returned home.  We went into St Cloud and I showed them one house I had looked at and then we went to lunch at Chimentos. Very good Italian place.  Carol and I walked around the center of town a bit.  Found an outstanding antique store.  Great quality stuff.  They left around 3 and here I am blogging.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

pilates and art class

 She tried to kill me today at Pilates.  It was another private lesson and because she had to explain lesss, I had to do more.  I feel fine right now, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.  But I can join a class now, tues and thurs morning.  I actually broke a sweat today.  It does hurt my butt though laying on the "reformer".  I need to find a piece of flat foam that will make me more comfortable.

Art class was fun.  I got my project started and I like the way it looks already. Everybody is very supportive and they actually talk to each other.  Nice.   All older women, my age or younger or older and one older man. George who draws bunnies.  ?????

Dinner out

I met Carol and Mike last night for dinner and we went to a Mexican restaurant on International Drive in Orlando. Don Pablos.  It was very good. 

Today will be Pilates and errands and then my drawing class tonight. I hope the heat is on in that building  because it's kinda cold here this week.  I got my drawing board yesterday but none of the pencils I ordered. Hopefully they will come in the mail today. I also got my new laptop so I spent some time playing with that.  The camera downloaded really quickly onto it so that makes me very happy. I need to buy a thumb drive so I can download the old computer to the new one.

Fence Fixing

Today, I worked on the electric fence that comes out on the sheep field but it's really only needed on the horse field.  So I reconnected some wires and restrung some and joined everything together and found the electric fence tester out and tried to figure that out. Only got zapped once.  Tested everything and now the pony should stop rubbing on  the fences.

Then we went to lunch. There is a nice Italian place in town.  They had very good Italian Wedding Soup.  Home again and I worked Dare and Dually. Dare was spot on today.  No hastles and no diving in and he took every command I gave him.   Dually didn't take his first down and I had to correct that and then I worked on a Stand, but my command is Stop and he keeps lying down when I say stop so I tried Stand and that seemed to work better. I  also worked on inside flanks  and That'll do.  When I say That will do to him , he usually ignores the first one and waits for the 2nd command so I popped him a couple of times.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The last 3 days

My sister Carol. and my brother in law Mike are staying in Orlando for a week, so I spent Fri night with them. We went to dinner.

Sat I got up at Odark thirty and went to Palm Bay for an AKC judging seminar.  Not sure why it was called a judging seminar. She spent an inordinate amount of time telling all of us how to train our students and also a lot of time "selling" the AKC program.  Also half the day was spent on HT PT. Very little time on advanced work.  Only 1 hr on C course.  She did show a video of a very nice run that we were allowed to pick apart. It was eye opening. Made me question how Dare has Q'd ever on any course.

Sunday I worked DAre and Dually in the am on the sheep here and then I met Carol and we went to Leu Gardens in Orlando.  It was a very pretty place but not really in  bloom. Then we got take out from the Smokhouse and watched a little bit of the football game. Mike explained some things to me and it's the first time I have ever understood some of a football game.

Today I am hoping we will go  buy some more sheep.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Sure I know you are freezing up north, but today it started out 80 and sunny and went to low 70's windy and  overcast.  The wind was blowing so hard, the trailer was rocking. I had to close the doors and windows and make a cuppa.

I went to a private Pilate class today on the "reformer".  I enjoyed it and I am feeling a little sore. I am going to attempt to go back 2 or 3x week.  Too novice to get in a class yet, but soon I hope  and I am going to drag Norma with me.

I did a drive by on a 5 A  single wide mobile home today.  Property was completely fenced and usable and it had a good sized pond also garage/barn.  Price was $150

Then I stopped and broke into another property that I have been eyeing for weeks.  It's a 3.12 Acres almost iin town with a nice sized barn and a screened in pool.  The house is a block home and it would be livable . The price is $169000 and it's bank owned.  I would really like this house.

I checked on my new computer because it had not arrived and it turns out because I had different address for billing and for delivery , they cancelled the order and could not get a hold of me so now I have to reorder the damn thing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

new class today

  I started an Art drawing class today.  It looks like it is going to be more like a coloriing and shading class, but what the heck it's something to do.  I decided instead of buying $130 worth of color  pencils I would stick with  $10 worth of just lead pencils. They shade well too and I have black and white dogs.

I worked Dually and Edge today again. It was hard getting the sheep separated from the sick sheep. And then they broke threw the door once and tried to break thru the fence once too. Stupid sheep left a huge bend in the fence.  They didnt' get out though.  Edge  was much better today with the rake in my hand as opposed to the stock stick.  The sheep are not good for hiim though.  Gotta buy some better sheep.Would love to have some goats, but not sure I can find any without horns.

I used my new little vac today too. Worked pretty good and made me feel better about keeping the trailer clean.

Dare is not touching his incision and will be cleared soon to run free again. Today I took him for a walk down the street. I signed up for and exercise class which will start tomorrow providing I can find the place.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As I look around every day, I get annoyed that I can't get the trailer a little cleaner.  I can sweep but that still leaves a lot of dirt in other places that I cannot sweep.  Soo I went to Walmart and bougth a little handheld vacuum.  It's charging  right now. Can't wait to use it.  I know that is weird for me.  I'm sure it won't last.

Today, I walked around and chopped out vile weeds on the property.  I'm sure I didn't get them all but I'm also sure they will be obvious when I do it again.  My shoulder started to get sore. 

I went to the local bank to open and account so the checks I had sitting around could get deposited.. Never know when you will need a good banker.

I also signed up for a drawing class tomorrow night. I hope they have supplies because I don't have anything here.

Dare threw up on the bed last night, but he didn't touch his incision all night long.  Tonight, I think he will sleep in the crate just in case. He is a little depressed from staying inside and inactive so long.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Puppy day

We took a ride to Deland today to have the litter of Golden puppies that were whelped here evaluated and to pick up another pup being donated to Genesis assistance dogs.  That puppy cried all the way home and then she howled  for her littermates when she was out in the pen with the other pups. She appears to be quiet now at 10:30pm.  I can turn a fan on and drown out most noise anyway.

Went to see Lincoln tonight and thought it was great.  I was not bored at all. I had to pay close attention to the movie to keep up. It was really good as a matter of fact.

Dare seems to be feeling better tonight and would like to go out and play(not).  I am going to let him sleep without his e collar on tonight because the thing really freaks him out .  I think that is why is tummy has been upset.  STRESS.

Just got a flyer for another trial with 2 good judges in mid March.  Might have to stay a little longer.

BTW  there is something blooming around here and it smells heavenly!

wAHHH I'm hot

It's 81 inside and outside today. I could turn the AC on but I'm tired of sitting inside.  My new working pen is up and it's in the shade so I could go work a dog but I will wait until it cools off a bit.  2 in the aft is not a good time to do anything in Fla.

One of the houses I looked at when I first got here is back on the market. It's 5 good dry acres with a small pond , house  and barn.  The house was horrible. Bunch of rooms joined together in a bad way.  But ... it's nice land.  It is a real house, not a manutfactured home, but not sure if I could fix it.

I have been working on the sanctioning form for the AHBA trial in June.  It's going to be course 3 HTAD SHEEP DUCKS  and JHD sheep --40 runs available.

Dr Cindy called to tell me about the MDR1 gene that I should get everybody tested for.  It is prevalent in aussies and collies and one of the drugs they react to is ivermectin and another is the ACE promazine that he had the bad reaction to.  Dare doesn't  have any reaction to the heartworm meds with ivermectin. The test is a swab and the lab that does it is in Wa.  It costs about $70/dog. Definitely must do 3 dogs.

Ok I worked Dually in the little pen on 2 crazy light sheep. They tried to kill themselves before we even walked in.  They aren't used to being worked in small spaces. Better get used to it.  Noticed that Dually does a nice calm away and stays out on the fence and the go bye is tighter and more frantic.  note to self-must do more go byes.

Edge had trouble just walking out there. He is not very well leash broke and he is like walking a pig on a leash.  Lots of pulling and not much response.  Anyway I took him in the pen and walked him around and he was much better on the go bye side and terrible on the away.  Also worked downs which he does not want to do so I started walk ups and stops and outs and that'll do's.  He was better at the end and I only worked him 10 min or so .  I need a rake though.  I don't like the little stock stick with a baby.

I rented a movie tonight from REdbox.  It's about a 100 day wild horse training competition.  Should be good. 

Dare doesnt' feel good, He didnt 'eat all day and he threw up once today and tonght. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Why is  it that whenever I think something can't possibly go wrong it does?  I went to Tractor Supply with Clayton this morning. I actually met him there. I needed to buy some more cattle panels and some t posts  and Norma needed some horse panels and Clayton has the trailer that can haul the stuff. Anyway I went in and paid for everything and then I saw them loading the panels so I gave Clayton the receipt and I left. He came back with 30 wooden posts instead of t posts.  AGhhhh. 
So I called Tractor Supply and asked them what tposts were and she said they were wooden posts (that's what Clayton said too) I countered with up north t posts are metal so she put me on hold and when she came back she said  Sorry --Ya no kidding , now the poor kid had to go all the way back and exchange all the posts.   Moral of the story, I should have stayed until they loaded everything and not left it to a kid.  A good kid , but a kid.

So now I have enough posts and panels to put a working pen up and we plan to do that tomorrow morning. I started it tonight. I had to restring some electric fence, but didn't finish it.

Dare is doing very well today. His incision is closed up already and he is  much less uncomfortable.  Not trying to get at it all the time and not swelling.

I made a great Taco soup for dinner and we watched the move " Away to Me". They did a good job on it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dare's Home!!

Ok he got home last night after dark and he was not a happy camper.  He was scootin and twirling tyring to see what was biting at his rear end.  He slept with me but he tried to get really close which is totally unlike him.  He looked a little swollen so when I got up I iced him a bit and the swelling really either was not there or went down consderably.  I tried the bite not collar on him all night and thought it was working but when I went in the house to talk to Norma, he completely pulled out all of his stitches. So now he has a inch and half open draining wound.  Better to leave it open anyway. Then it will heal from the inside out.  We gave him a shot of Banamine and tonite I am filling him with Rescue Remedy.  He seems to either be exhausted or calmer.  He  is lying down under my feet and most of the day he spent standing up.  Clayton also fllushed the area for me and gave him a shot of Pen.

Talked to Dr Cindy tonight and she said she was working and training her puppy(the one that came in the plane with Edge).  She harassed me about getting a pen set up and to start working this pup.  I talked to Clayton and he is going to go to Tractor Supply either Sat or Sun and pick up some more panels.  Then I need some sheep.  Didn't get them this week, but Sherry Lee will be back from New Zealand on Sunday and then I can go talk to her about sheep.

Where's Dare?

   I let him go with Norma this morning to the clinic to be neutered at 7am  and it's 5:30 and they aren't back yet.  I know he is ok because she texted me at noon to say he was fine.  His tooth that he cracked trying to get out of a crate needs to be capped $$$$$. 

So while I have been waiting I have been emailing all my students and settting up Jan's clinic in April and
Rogers' clinic in June.  I guess I need to start working on the paperwork for the one day AHBA trial that I will offer while Roger is here. (or there). I also went out and went grocery shopping and I picked up some RV cleaner and I washed half of the trailer. The half that was in the shade.  It's all in the shade now so I could go finish it but I dont' want to overextend myself haha.

I also got shrimp for supper and wild rice.  It's a new recipe so we'll see if it's any good. And all the while I am watching world's worst tenants.  scary!!stuff!!

Also figured out today that Dually did finish his Int Cattle title last weekend.  Nice.

He's back and not very happy. Very thirsty. Keeps whining at me to go out so he can go to the pond.  He might as well be speaking English.  I gave him some water and spread it out over a few hrs. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trip to Ikea

We went out today to check out another 2 animal shelters but there were no suitable dogs. We are looking for labs or lab crosses and they have to be young but not puppies. We did see 2 purebred black shepherds, a purebred rottie, pure boxer and 1 cute little mixed breed pup that probably weighed 3 lbs (small breed)Boy was he a cutie.  I think I could like a little one like that. 

So we were in Orlando and had to wait to get into one of the animal shelters so we walked thru IKEA.  It was my first time in the store. I was more impressed with their stuff in person than I was when I looked on line at it.  I thought they might  have some cabinets that I could live with and I found a quartz countertop that I really liked. No kitchen sink though.

When I got home and turned on the tv , the dish wasn't working .  I checked all the connections and the one on the tv was bent down.  Loose dogs got on top; of the receiver and probably tangled in the wires.  Fortunately , I had another cable and threw out the bent one and added the new one.

Dare's bloodwork came back today and he is good to go tomorrow. He is getting neutered.  I hope this is the right thing for him and it doesn't take anything away from him.  The vet is also going to look at his tooth that he chipped and seems to be bothering him.

Ant update

  I bought some ant spray yesterday and I sprayed under the trailer and inside the storage areas where most of the ants seemed to be congregating. After I sprayed the first time the propane alarm went off and it would not shut off. Peaches hates that loud piercing whistle .  I tried to shut it off by using the breakers , but that didnt' work. Iguess I would have to pull out the "correct" fuse.  Not happening. So I waited it out , but I had to try to shut it off by unscrewing from the wall. What I did find out was that it was a plastic box that was really not connected to the front plate so putting it back together so that the lights on it actually work may not be possible. I think I need some glue and it may not be worth my while.  Anyway no ants on the floor this morning.

Norma and I plan to go to the Orlando animal shelter to see if they have any suitable scent dogs for her to adopt today.

yesterday I spent the morning arranging or 4 round bales of hay to be delivered to my friend who is taking care of 4 sheep and 3 goats of mine.  She was way overpaying for the hay she was getting and hence I was overpaying. I got her enough to last beyond me getting back home.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Steve Waltenberg 1 day clinic

Steve was yesterday's judge and more than fair and took the workability of the stock into account. The one day was only $85 so I figured what the heck,another chance to work the cows.  I worked Dare first on 6 cows and he was My decorum. He worked those cows beautifully, back and forth along the fence and he took every flank and walk up I gave him. He truly looked trained.  LOL  He did dive in twice I think but he wasn't bad. Steve suggested working on his STops LOL. When I walked out , Steve looked at Dare and said That's a nice dog,  a   REallly nice dog.

Dually had all the rest of the turns.  Because  a number of people didnt show up , there were only 5 of us working dogs so we did get mulitple turns.  Dually dove in immediately and showed Steve the pressure issue we are working with.  We did put him in some pressure situations and asked him to deal with it. Once was the closed Y chute which we did with sheep first and then cattle. The sheep one we had done before and he was not half bad.  Cattle too.  Also worked a corner exercise with the sheep which I have certainly done but with a different thought in mind this time. It was just sending him around in the corner and ask while I am also in the corner with the sheep and then when he gets on balance asking (demanding)a stop.Dually dove thru behind us quite a few times before he got more comfortable and stopped doing it. 

The last run was just working the cattle again and we just allowed him to see what he was going to do with the cattle. Once he brought them to us and once he drove them in a straight line right by us.

Why did it take 1.5 hrs to get home and only 70 miles but it took 3 hrs and 90 miles to get there?

The trailer was full of dead ants when I woke up this am and Edge and I are chasing ants tonight and killing them. New game..
 Not sure where they are coming from but will spray tomorrow.  I am not fond of bugs.


Day 3 (another chance)  .. Dare ran first and he had trouble with the fetch.  They split back and he was busy sniffing so he let them and had to go to the corner and pick them up.   He brought  them up and around  the cone and we did a nice job on the y the z and the pen.  And then we had a mess taking them out of the pen.  They tried to bolt across the arena to the repen and Dare turned them back to me and back to 4 and they skimmed the cross drive and I had to bring them back to 5 and repen.  Even with that mess, he got an 84 and first place. 

Dually’s run in Intermediate  was not too bad until the pen and I had another mess taking them out of the pen and trying to get to 4.  They bolted  and didn’t want to come back. I had to sandwich them between us at 5 to pull  them off the fence and get themback  across to 4 which we did and still didn’t’ get them thru the cross drive panels but did get to 5 .  He Q’d and  got 3rd place.

Dually had a nice ADVsheep run and Q’d but no placement.
Dare had a beautiful run going on.  2pts on the outurn lift and fetch. 2 on the Y  1 on the z and 3 on the hold pen and then taking them out of the pen he lost his friggin  mind.  I had him between me and the hold pen and I asked him to walk and he looked at me out of the corner of his eye and then the little bastard blew thru and yahooed on the cows.  I said down and he didn’t so I ran him down again and took him out.  It was more than that little yahoo that was going on. I kept trying to gain control and he just kept getting higher and higher until I knew it was not going to get pretty.  I was so mad at him.  He will be in isolation tonight but it’s too late , the trial is over.  He only needs one lousy leg and Dually is going to get it before him.

Tomorrow I am going to take part in the  cattle clinic with Steve Waltenburg.  Not sure If I will work both dogs or just one. It will depend on what he does and I wont’ screw Dually up but I will work Dare because I can’t screw Dare up.


 It was not a good day for the boys.  The cows were difficult. The group I had did not want to stay together and one kept splitting off. In retrospect, I should have left it and gone on without it, but this judge would have crucified me anyway.   Dually had a better run than Dare but we bobbled quite a bit at the Y chute and lost more than ½ our points so that screwed us.  I don’t remember bobbling that much but…   I scribed for the same judge this aft and she was pretty tough on some stuff.  Maybe a little heavy handed, maybe a lot.  The High in Trial dog only got  a 91 and her run was almost flawless.   Anyway as was scribing I noticed the judge taking points off line for weaving even though the stock never left the 12 ft corridor.  And no half points and not one cattle run qualified today. That should tell you something about  the judging. 

Dually had a really nice sheep run but again lost a bunch of points on the Z cuz we happened to retreat and put them thru it after we had skimmed it. I didn’t mean to do  that but that is how it worked out. She would have Q’d us on our cross drive with 9 off (it was ugly) and we lost 0 on our hold and repen.   I was a bit disappointed we didn’t’ Q.

Dare’s sheep run started picture perfect, really nice outrun lift and then he  brought them to me a bit fast and things started to get out of control. Around the cone wide and I asked for a flank and a stop and got neither so I ran him down and left.  It was only going to get worse. 
Tomorrow is another judge so hopefully we can do something with him. 

Dinner out was good company at a less than stellar Mexican restaurant. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Working all dogs

 We went to Sherry Lee's today to work and it's a lot of fun there because there is so much area to work in. I started with Dare on her A course which is quite large. Even the outrun is a challenge for the dogs because I just dont' normally have that space to work in.  Dare did well on his outruns going towards the draw.  I later changed where the sheep were and he had to go in the other direction. He started out really strong, but when he didnt' see the sheep at the 200ft mark which is what he is used to he assumed they werent' there and curved in and came back. I had to  out him and resend him a couple of times until he saw the sheep and after that he was fine.

I worked Dually in the A course and he was ok.  Not as sharp as he needs to be.  I took him out in the 25 acre field to get a bigger outrun and those were nice.

Edge got to work on the PT course which was way to big for him . I worked some Downs on line and some Stops and then I let him go. He disappoints me everytime I do that.  He breaks them up and then picks one off to chase back to me.  Not a good sign.  I got them all back to the corner and waited  and he just laid down sometimes turning away from the stock.  Not sure this is the right puppy for me. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Woke up to Disappointment

Today  I had plans to go over to Sherry Lee's and work all the dogs, but Tracey just told me she can't do it today and then she told me what it was going to cost and I guess I am just as glad I can't go 2 days this week.Sherry has raised her rental prices to $35 per dog.  Yikes I could buy 2 sheep at the end of the week instead of working hers which I will plan to do when she gets back. I will probably buy them from her. She has katahdins and they look pretty healthy.
So what will we do today?  Norma wants to start going to Pilates so maybe we will look  into that option.

So I worked 5 dogs on scenting. I used salmon for the puppies and they did really well. I did both Edge and Seelah.  The last time thru, they both put their noses in all 5 buckets to check for scent.  I am going out to work Edge again in a little while.  The  older dogs were not as impressive. I am going to restart them with the scent samples and more food.  I think they were moved forward too fast.

Then we went out to St Cloud for lunch and errands.   I was shown a low cost food store , the price of stuff here is outrageous.   2 cukes for $1.49, they were .50 ea at this place. 

Back to Publix to try and get my meds again. Don't ever come down with out a 6 mo supply of meds.  Gosh what a fiasco trying to get refills.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


In many ways, being a successful retiree is as challenging as being a successful doctor, engineer or business owner. You have to establish your priorities, set goals that make sense for you, and work at them.

It's sometimes hard to decide what your passion is too.  You have to have a passion to keep you interested,alert and active.  Dogs and dog training are my passions but sometimes that ebbs and flows too. It does help when your passion allows you to be social and sometimes I am in a social position and sometimes not so much.  Now here in Fla, it's a little less social because my circle of friends/acquaintences is so  incredibly small. If I had my own property then I could teach again but .. teaching here may be harder.  The sheep here are not useful, but I could definitely go buy some other ones.  I have been holding back on doing that because of the way the property is set up.  But I can change it if I want to spend some money here. When I get back from the trial this coming weekend, I think I will work on setting up some lessons on either sheep or goats.