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Thursday, December 31, 2015


  I called a  few people about sheep but I can't get anyone on the phone and no one is calling me back. There is a livestock swap and sale on Sat about 71 miles from here, but I might try it and see what they have.  You are supposed to be there at 7am.  It's not even light out at 7am!

Yesterday I rode down to Lady Lake and met a guy with a sofa table. It's very rustic and he though maybe Mexican homemade. I bought it. It's going to fit in well with my new furnishing scheme.  Sorta western/southwestern/shabby chic/anything goes.

The Koi pond got cleaned out this week and the dogs have been enjoying it.  Kip is in and out of it all the time, but he is the busiest of the 3.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

STill thinking about livestock

The people down the street have goats but I have not been able to meet them because everybody has a gate around their property and you don't go into gated property.  So I look every time I drive by to see if anyone is outside. Not yet.   But what I did see this week was that they have a guard dog so that must mean there are predators around here.  If that is the case then if I bought livestock Monday I could lose them all on Tues without any protection.  I can't get a guard dog until I am here full time and then that will be another roadblock to travel.  On the other hand I could get cattle and not worry about coyotes. 

I spent the day shopping again (my not favorite thing).  It's getting old.  I stopped at a pawn shop which had almost nothing but they did tell me I do not need a gun license to own a gun in Fla.  Can't carry concealed without some permit but that's ok because I dont' want to shoot myself anyway.

I spent hours at the used furniture store that I like but I bought nothing.  I then went to a new furniture store and found a recliner that I bought (leather) and a sofa and loveseat set that I am pretty sure I am going to get.  It's very comfortable and has a "performance" fiber  cover that sorta looks like leather but wears better. The saleswoman is also an interior designer so she is going to come over and help me with possible placement on Monday.   At least that will be a day I wont' go shopping. LOL

I dont' like Dually's respiration rate so I messaged Annie to see what to do. Awaiting an answer which will probably come late tonight.

My latest order from Chewy.com was supposed to be here today and the Fedex tracker says they delivered it to my door. NOT.  I had to call and reorder it.  I am running out of food for Dually.

Monday, December 21, 2015

need some sheep I'm getting bored

Today I got a haircut from a very talkative women who gave me all kinds of hints re: where to shop for stuff. She is going to call me when she has a name for a good handyman and an electrician. My back deck has no lights and I seem to use it a lot and would a lot more if it was lighted and screened in.

So from the haircut I went to Dunellon to hit all the thrift places that I had missed earlier this week.  They are not the kind of thrift stores that I want to buy furniture from but I got some kitchen stuff and I went into an antique store and got   a good rake and shovel for $7.

Last night I  bought a very large metal garden boot because it spoke to me.  I tried to get it up in the alcove in the great room but it's too dangerous for  me to do on my own so I will wait for Hadley to get here and help me. Hadley and Judi are coming for Christmas. I am going  to cook a ham somehow. We will have to eat outside since the only table I have is the new patio table. I sat out there all afternoon and fought off mosquitos all afternoon. Screening would be nice.

I found the Dunellon library which is a little closer than the one in Williston and it looks a lot bigger. I will go in tomorrow.Today I forgot my license so no point in going in. 

It's day 2 that     I have gone out without a list and not gotten what I need so I started another list today. 
Weather is getting warmer and warmer. 80's all week

I took my new rake and raked the lilly roots out of the koi pond in the front yard. It smells like cat pee and the dogs keep wanting to jump in it.  Not sure how I am going to get all the dirty water out and clean water in.  Still thinking about it.  I can't suction it out because there is no low ground to run it to and I dont' have any hoses anyway. Hoses are hard to buy this time of year down here because they have put all the summer stuff away for winter stuff. Seems like its pretty summery to me down here.  Of course it is  much warmer than normal.  Ok by me.  Need livestock though.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

HOuse progress

I didn't realize I hadn't posted since I got here.   I had an empty house when I got here and now it's only a little less empty. 

I had a bed and mattress delivered and set up on Thurs with  bedside table.  I also bought a stool painted like a zebra with 3 legs that have hooves on the bottom. It's cute.

I've been haunting the thrift stores in Ocala.  I found an aluminum step ladder, a microwave, a patio set, a small freezer for raw dog food .

I had the lawn mowed and the guy helped me reverse the refrigerator door so it opens normally now. Not sure how she lived with it like that but then again so did I with my first fridge.  It was not easy to reverse , but this one was really easy. 4

I just got home from Tractor Supply and I got some posts to start the dog pen.  I also picked up a post hole digger for $8.

I almost got a haircut from a   barber but he had just fallen and come back from the Dr and wanted to take some pain pills. I went shopping and gave him some time to get them to work but when I came back he said he did not feel well enough to do me.  I was beginning to wonder about his expertise and cleanliness anyway so it all worked out. 

I checked out plants at Walmart but it was too complicated for me to figure out what I could or could not plant so I will wait for my expert sisters to tell me.

I went to the laundromat and met a fellow aussie person.  Mostly obedience but still a contact.

Monday, December 14, 2015


 Edgie did well considering he is still a baby dog.  We finished ourADV sheep title with a HIT!  We got 1 leg ADV cattle and ducks. Only 2 legs left for his WTCH.  Might finish that at Cheryls in March or might wait until July in Maine. Probably wait till Maine.  Cheryls' cows are not always the best to work.  Tony has a trial though.  We'll see

Cindy did well too.  Only a few mishaps on ducks and one on a goat.  The ducks wont' miss Newt. It's very hard getting relaxed in the trial arena and you have to do a lot of trialing to get that way. 

I"m on my way out of Dothan this morning to my new house!!  It's 270 miles from here so it will take a few hours.  Almost packed , but have to feed Dually which is always a chore.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


 Edge did an outstanding job today. He finished STDsc yesterday and Open sd and STD cattle today and got his first Open cattle leg.  He won both Open sheep classes, got a 2nd and a 3rd in Open ducks and won  STD cattle and 2nd in Open cattle.

He is an amazing Penning dog.  He knows what I want him to do and he just does it.  He did it today with the cows and it was a little fast and furious but lots of fun.

Dually is hanging around and visiting and eating pretty well. I do think his respiration is too high and I needed to give him an exra pill last night. I need to monitor that to see if he needs more meds regularly.

Friday, December 11, 2015


 Today was day 1 of a 3 day am/pm trial in Al.   I have Edge entered in everything and I had hoped to WTCH him this weekend, but we nq'd on cattle this morning.   He was a little wild on the cows and would not take a down or a stop where I needed him to.  We could not get the cows off the center pen to get them to the first panel and that pretty much put us out of qualifying.

We had some really nice goat runs and nice very nice duck runs.  I was worried about the ducks but he did great.  Only time will tell if he is ready to move up.  I"m guessing right now he is not ready, but oh well. 

I worked Kip yesterday on all the stock and he was better than Edge. He rates and corrects his overflanking on his own.   After paying for the brake job, I really dont' have enough money to enter him this weekend. He's young and he can wait.  He did work cows in the arena and was not stupid on them which I was worried about.  Actually I think his stupid phase is now over mostly.

It is so nice this week in Dothan.  The door is open and it is 6:30 and I am not cold. It was tshirt weather for the trial . People were looking for shade. I have been here when it was cold and windy and overalls were in vogue at this time of year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The year that will never end

The car started to make funny noises on the way down from Ga but I persevered.   I  babied the brakes all the way here.  I took the car to a mechanic this am and I need rear brake pads, rotors retooled, new calipers, and new pads for the emergency brakes.  $712  and I can pick it up tomorrow.  Yay for me.

On a good note, I worked Edge and Kip on the billy goats today and they did pretty good.

Out to Mexican dinner tonight and picked up some ear plugs and off to bed exhausted.


Sorry I have not  updated the blog, but the pc was packed away in the middle of the car and too much trouble to get out.  I just stopped for the night in Ga and after picking up my trailer in Tenn.  I love my trailer. It is so cozy and comfortable. I can't wait to get a good nights sleep tonight.

So I took off on Wed in the rain and fog.  I had to winterize the house so I could not leave until 10 and then I drove about 8 miles and realized I had not shut the overhead fan off or the fridge so I went back.  2 hrs later I remembered that I had not emptied the ice out of the fridge.  Too late to go back so  I'm sure there is water all over the floor. .  It was a rough drive because of the fog.  I  decided to go all the way through to my sisters in Va and got there at 10:45.  I stayed at their house for 2 days and left on Sat morning to go to an AHBA judging assignment in NC at Findlay View Farm. I spent Sat and Sun nights at the farm and left this morning to get to Tenn to get my trailer.

I have been driving since 7:30 this morning and finally decided I should stop and spend the night