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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trial and hOme

So on the way home from Fla I stopped at a friends house to work his stock and stayed there for 3 days on my way to the Berryville Fa ASCA trial. Great hospitality and lovely stock and property.  It was a beautiful area of VA although the hills are a bit much.  Part of the reason I live in FLA.   I hate hills.
 Working Aussies of Va. held the trial and the stock was all very fair and even.  I though I had my dog tuned up but I was so wrong.  Edge was completely out of control on must runs and so was Kip.  Although Kip could hold it together long enough to win a few  of his classes except not cows.  He did well on ducks and I think sheep although I really can't remember. He did get High Combined, He seemed pretty sound most of the weekend although I am still dealing with his lameness.

Home on Monday and it was so muddy in the driveway I could not get the trailer into pasture and turned around. I just dropped it in the middle of the driveway.
I have been working non stop since I got home, fixing gates,mulching,planting,mowing and spending lots of time getting tractor and lawn tractor to work.  All set now, mouse nests all cleaned out and motor cleaned out and all gassed up and got both started . Also had to charge batteries.

The freezer in the cellar got disconnected again this year, so I have to take more rotten meat to the  dump. I keep putting it off.  Cleaned the gutters, ripped out a board full of carpenter bee holes.  need to replace it with a painted board.  roof needs replacing, yay
All this in between a full schedule of lessons.  Today it was cold and rainy so I spent most of the day doing nothing but then I decided to call on some hay which of course means hooking up the trailer and going to get it. PiA.
And I am cleaning the house out ,,sorting something every day.  slow ly

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


It's hard to post while  I am in Fla because I usually have no data and so my hotspot wont' work.  It's the beginning of a billing cycle so I am flush with data right now and I will be home  to Mass in a week so I will have my wifi back again.
Kip is still lame and I have been taking him and Journey to a Chinese medicine/herbalist and accupuncture vet.  She is very nice but I am not seeing any results.  I am getting very frustrated with Kip being lame all the time.  I restrict his activity but he doesn't seem to get any better.  Maybe when I am home I can get Stacey to give him regular massages.  I think I feel heat in his right shoulder everytime I touch him so you would thing that would be treatable.  He is entered in a trial next weekend so I will be taking the rimadyl with me.
Journey was put on 3 different herbals and she was sure I was going to see a change. I see nothing different..  I am going for  a last appt tomorrow and then I am again running out of options.  Poor little guy.  Such a sweetie. 

It's very hot down here today. 90's so I have done nothing but watch tv all day.  I will go out later and work Edge and pick some more cactus.  I did spray the yard for dog fennel and some pricker bush that seems to be popping up. I have to go out and do the pasture before I leave.

I am gradually moving things into the trailer so I will be ready to leave on Sunday.  I am picking up stuff outside and putting it away little by little.  I could do more but then what would I do for the next 4 days.

I sold the sheep to a local dealer.  He is coming to get them on Sat.  He's getting s great deal and hopefully he will save me 3 dehorned goats for next Nov when I come back.

Today I dropped the remote for the overhead fans and it changed the settings on it and I can' get the fans to turn on anymore.  damn

New tires for the car before I drive home.  They just didn't look good enough to drive all that way on. I also ordered TPMS sensors so the alert on the car will shut off.

Just about done watching the 3rd seasonn for the Blacklist.  What a great show!