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Sunday, February 12, 2017

excited too soon apparently

It looks like the ice maker in the frig worked for a couple of days and now it appears to not be working again. Yay

I found the exact Mexican sink at a yard sale yesterday that I was shopping for online. Online it was about $140 and I got it for $35  Whoo hooo SCORE!!!

I picked up a couple of other things too. I ceramic planter and a couple of cute kitchen towels and an oil painting. cute but not old.

Journeys nose is still plugged up every morning.  Not happy. me or him Tomorrow is our follow up visit for this little surgery.

Betty and Tom are on their way down and should be here this afternoon.  They are staying for a few days and then we are all going to Rogers for an ASCA trial.  I haven't worked my dogs for a while. Kip is lame in his right front but I dont' know why. I have a suspition (sp) but I hope I am wrong. 

Friday, February 10, 2017


This morning he pulled the coffee maker off of the counter and broke the top off. It will still work,but It' s not fixable.  I moved the sofa table away from the couch because he was walking all over it but now I have to keep him from jumping from the couch to the table.  He'll kill himself.

How dumb is he?  I moved the dog crate from it's normal position in the car so when I opened the door to let him out(it's a side door) and I did not stand directyl in front of the door but to the rear of the crate , he could not figure out how to get out.  Hmmmm

Nose looks really good at this minute of this day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I'm so excited

My ice maker is working again in my frig!!  In Oct when the pump went, I got a lot of sediment in the lines and it blocked a valve.  I replaced the valve 2 weeks ago but the ice maker would not turn on so I though maybe I needed to buy a new ice maker or " a new refrigerator" but I procrastinated and low and behold last night it decided to work and today I have a pan full of ice and I am a happy camper today,
Now if Journey will just get better.  His nose looks a little clearer today and probably no bleeding today.  He did pee in his crate this am because I did not get up when he whined a little this morning.  He was in there for a long time last night. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Jaby baby

  I have never ever ever had a puppy that got in so much trouble all the time.  I have to keep him inside and handwalk him for the next week to keep his nose out of the dirt so this morning I let him out of the crate and I watched him. First he goes and pulls stuff off the counter and I follow him around and pick it up and put it farther back.  He tried it again. He goes to the island and tries to grab a bag of peanuts so I move that back. He wanders around and takes the end of the string on the wooden blinds and bites the end off which is wood so it is not easily replaced. I pick that up and he picks up a toy for a while.  I sit down and he grabs  a sneaker to chew on. I get up take the sneaker and put it in the other room . He follows me , jumps on the bed and grabs a loose tissue and tears it apart. I take that away and go sit down and he walks by the coffee table and starts to chew on the corner.  I yell which causes no reaction and start to get up and he stops.  He jumps on the couch and then from there jumps on the coffee table , grabs my earmuffs and runs off. I finally get the earmuffs and put them in the other room and he comes back in and starts chewing on my muck boots. I stop that and he goes back to the kitchen and tries to get some meds off the counter to chew on. I push them back farther and there is nothing there now that he can reach. So he wanders into the living room and tries to pull the plug to the computer out of the wall. Then finds a cardboard box he wants to chew up but I dont' want him to.  FINALLY  he lays down and goes to sleep.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Jaby Baby 2

  I took him back to the vets today for his 10 day follow up. He has been on clavamox,steroid  noise spray,decongestant pills, and opthalmic drops in his nose.  His nose cleared up quite a bit but when you looked at the nostrils they were not as open as the other dogs. I made that comment and the vet looked at him and said it looked like he had extra skin or growths blocking  his nostrils.  So she put him out and cut out the extra tissue.  IF AND THAT IS A BIG IF , that was the problem then he could not clear his own nose out when he breathed so he kept getting infections. 

I have to keep him in a crate and hand walk him for a week so he stays out of the dirt and keeps the wounds clean and they heal right up.  So he is already driving me nuts.  He howled and cried while I was giving a lesson and then when I came  in  after I fed him, He cruised the counter and ate my leftover lunch which was my supper.  Now he is back in the crate because his nose was bleeding a little.

ON a more positive note, I worked him yesterday and I was actully quite pleased with his work.  Maybe that nose thing is the problem. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


 I may be wrong but I dont' think Journey is going to be a working dog.  I am not seeing anything that tells me he wants to work livestock. Today I let him wander out to the big field where the sheep were and he looked at them and ate sheep shit and they moved and he moved to eat some more but never once did he offer to control or gather them.  So I am no the hunt for  a new pup.  It may be because he has been sick since Aug or it may be his age , but I was not really impressed when I first got him home and put him on ducks and everybody kept saying "he' just a baby" And he still is a baby but I should be seeing something. If he wanted to chase the hell out of them I would be happy but he just doesn't seem to care much.  sheep or goats although he is more interested in flighty sheep.

And he is incorrigible.  He is into everything. I can't leave him alone for 1 sec or he is picking up somthing that he shouldn't or on top of somewhere that he should not be. Still trying to keep him off the counters. No is not in his vocabulary. I love the little bugger  but he is a lot of work.

This week he is on new nose meds and clavamox again.  His nose is clearing up again but he needs to sneeze out what is caught in there so the inflammation will go down and stay down.  But what the hell money is no object.  At least it wasn't when I thought I was treating a working dog, but now I am treating a pet.

I bought some no climb fencing tonight because I want to redo my working pen and also make a pen around the old stone grille parts that were dumped out back and then the goats and sheep can jump on it and hopefully wear their feet down.  I worked on a take pen today which is all done except for attaching the cattle panels to the posts.  I need some wire ties and need to hammer in some staples.

I gave the paperwork for homesteading this place into the appraisers office and got some more info on filing for and Ag exemption which is not has hard as I thought but they said the appraiser would be out to check out my property which means I need to have livestock on the property when he comes and I have no way of knowing when that would be so I may have to hold off on that until I sell up north.