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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


 I may be wrong but I dont' think Journey is going to be a working dog.  I am not seeing anything that tells me he wants to work livestock. Today I let him wander out to the big field where the sheep were and he looked at them and ate sheep shit and they moved and he moved to eat some more but never once did he offer to control or gather them.  So I am no the hunt for  a new pup.  It may be because he has been sick since Aug or it may be his age , but I was not really impressed when I first got him home and put him on ducks and everybody kept saying "he' just a baby" And he still is a baby but I should be seeing something. If he wanted to chase the hell out of them I would be happy but he just doesn't seem to care much.  sheep or goats although he is more interested in flighty sheep.

And he is incorrigible.  He is into everything. I can't leave him alone for 1 sec or he is picking up somthing that he shouldn't or on top of somewhere that he should not be. Still trying to keep him off the counters. No is not in his vocabulary. I love the little bugger  but he is a lot of work.

This week he is on new nose meds and clavamox again.  His nose is clearing up again but he needs to sneeze out what is caught in there so the inflammation will go down and stay down.  But what the hell money is no object.  At least it wasn't when I thought I was treating a working dog, but now I am treating a pet.

I bought some no climb fencing tonight because I want to redo my working pen and also make a pen around the old stone grille parts that were dumped out back and then the goats and sheep can jump on it and hopefully wear their feet down.  I worked on a take pen today which is all done except for attaching the cattle panels to the posts.  I need some wire ties and need to hammer in some staples.

I gave the paperwork for homesteading this place into the appraisers office and got some more info on filing for and Ag exemption which is not has hard as I thought but they said the appraiser would be out to check out my property which means I need to have livestock on the property when he comes and I have no way of knowing when that would be so I may have to hold off on that until I sell up north.

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