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Monday, December 31, 2012

Darn Satellite Dish

Ok I tried and I tried and I tried every which way from Sunday to get that damn cheap satellite dish to work.  I called a little satellite retailer locally and he spent 2 hrs yesterday trying to get it work and nothing.  He did determine that there was nothing wrong with the receiver so he suggested taking the dish back. I traipsed over to Camping World (and the traffice was horrendous) and returned the thing.  I had no packaging and I thought they would give me a hard time but no, not at all.  I tried to buy the next more expensive model but they said they were not carrying it anymore. Bummer, but I called my little retailer and he had one and would wait for me. 

I went from Camping World back to the retailer and he set the whole thing up in his shop and showed me how it worked and was generally very helpful.  It cost me a lot more but is going to be a whole lot easier.  Last night I watched HGTV (yay) and Storage WArs.

Nippy Bippy last night and this morning it's still pretty cool out there.  I am going to work the dogs today,because I have a trial this coming weekend and they need some work. I might try the puppy on scent work. It's something for me to play around with and he is very food motivated.

Cold darn day. cold and windy and just not very nice.   I didnt' leave the trailer until after lunch and then I put a load of laudry in and worked both Dare and Dually for a short while.  Dare was very subdued on the long line. Too bad so sad.

Back in the trailer and I had a margarita and some quacamole.  I broke the mixing glass in the sink which makes me pretty unhappy.  How am I going to make a good margarita without a mixing glass?  Guess I will have to go buy another one. "dollar store?"
I did do some scent work with the puppy and I could see very quickly that he would get it if I had some better equipment and good treats.  Might be fun.

Friday, December 28, 2012


   I worked with Clayton and Sherri today on teaching them how to get Ashley to hold the dumbell. Ashley is a lab and she will go and fetch it but then she mouths it and chews on it and drops it when she should be bringing it to hand.  She also fights you when you try to put something in her mouth.  Norma suggested using a finger so I did that until Ashley chomped down on my finger. Then I got behind her and held her between my legs and opened her mouth with my left hand and input a bar with my right and Sherri clicked and treated. It went very quickly and she seemed to get it pretty well. They worked her 2 more times today and Clayton said she was holding on her own by the end.   Good --

Then I went and got a haircut.Not a bad job.

On to Home Depot to exchange my little grille for one with all the parts and directions.  Came home and put that together and now i am cooking pork chops on it. It's disconcerting because you cannot see the flame, you have to feel it when you start the grille.

I also went to tractor supply today to buy a 50 ft line for Dare.  I worked him and he dove in and he got flipped.  He didn't do it again. yay

Tonight we are going to see "Parental Guidance" at the local theater. 
Movie was really funny--laugh out loud funny

Thursday, December 27, 2012

bad start

I decided that I had to empty the black water tank today. It was starting to look a bit high.  So in order to do that I had to pack  up the trailer , hook it up and drive 7 miles to the KOA. 

I closed the 2 slideouts and packed everything away fairly quickly.  Then I had to try to raise the tongue up so I could hook it up, but when I unhooked when I got here it was night and I didnt' realize that one of the safety chains was caught  under the jack and it wouldn't allow me to jack it up. Okay, so I tried to just lower it and see if the trailer could stand on it's own and could just pull the chain out.  I could not get the thing loose from the block of wood. The trailer just kept dropping and not realeasing.  Next step was to jack up the stabilizers so that when I then lowered the jack , the stabilizers would hold the trailer up.  The tool I used on the stabilizers worked fiine on one side but kept slip(ping on the other.  Lots of work for this little trip.  My back is killing me tonight.

Then when I finally got to the KOA, I hooked up the sewer hose and turned back to open the valve and the sewer hose fell apart(before I opened the valve ). I had to go inside so the could call a maintenance man to help me put it back together again.  He did  and I was able to open the valve but only opened it part way and it immediately started to leak__PANIC__.  I thought quick and just opened it all the way and that solved the problem , thank goodness.

Then I drove back and started to set up the trailer again.  Dumb me, I opened up the front slideout without putting out the support rail.  It only weighs about 1000#s.  3 helpers later and a crowbar and we got it back up to where it was supposed to be on the support bar. 

Then tonight, I got Ritchie to help with the the Dish service. No dice, it's it not working at all now.  I will have to call a tech I guess.

Started watching a movie last night called KPAX.    I like it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It's dark and kinda cold out tonight and I am sitting at my table and I glanced at the door and there was a lizard crawling up the outside.  I know it's only a gecko but it was a little creepy for  second. I really don't want to share the trailer with them too.

Christmas was ok

We went out to one of Norma's friends for dinner in the afternoon and had lots of smoked meat. 

Ok so now for the day after Christmas.  I worked Dare in obed this morning and then I worked some of the assistance dogs. Blondie is getting better at trying to learn. I taught Lady how to jump up and turn the light switch off.  I worked on Joy but she just wasnt' getting the turn the light switch off thing.  She knows how to turn it on but not how to turn it off. I tried a number of things. I got her to bump my finger downwards with her chin  but she was unable to transfer it to the switch. So then I tried using a touch stick.  That only worked by accident. She wasn't working  the switch but working the touch stick and it was generally in the middle of the stick and not the end which was touching the switch. Will try again tomorrow.

I worked Dually on the sheep and he seems to be starting to understand the whistles.  I was very pleased with his work. 

Dare was an  idiot.  He would walk up and dive in, walk up and dive in.  I tried running him -flanking and flanking and flanking everytime he did it, but to no avail.  I really need to put a long line on him and let him know it's unacceptable. He didnt' care that I ran him down and thumped him. He kept doing it.

I worked Edgie last night and today on holding the dumbell. He doesn't like that. He will grab it and throw it down but not hold it. It's ok because that is what Dually did too and he didnt' like me teaching the hold so much that he would go and hide. At least Edgie is not hiding.

Monday, December 24, 2012


The tabletop grille I bought is missing pieces. cant win
I ran out of propane this morning so I took my 2 tanks to KOA for a fill but they wouldn't fill them because the tanks were both outdated which turned out to be a good thing because they sent mt to Publix .  I exhanged both tanks and it cost me about $10 less than KOA per tank.

The porta potti people were here emptying Norma's potti and they can do the trailer for me so I wont'  have to move it.  Yay It will cost me the What I just saved on propane tanks. 

I trained Lady to turn the light switch off today -they already know how to turn them on.  I tried Blondie but she is still a work in progress.  I worked on her holding a tug toy in her mouth so I can teach her to pull open a door with a piece of cloth.  She didnt' like it.  But she picked up the bumper and held it which she wouldn't do the other day.

I tried to get the satellite set up and I did get a signal and I signed up for service but I wasn't getting all the channels and they tried to help me on line but finally said I need to get a tech out here which makes no sense to me.  It's supposed to be a tailgaiter satellite which would indicate you can set it up anywhere. Well maybe I screwed something up but still they shoud be able to fix it on line.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tried to keep quiet

  I  have a voice problem and so I am trying to rest it, but it seems I can't keep my mouth shut.  Who'd thunk?

Today I tried in vain to get the satellite dish set up.  Must have read directions for an hour and got nowhere.  I did go out tonight and buy sand to anchor the dish and a longer coaxial so I can get the dish out of the dog yard.  I guess that is a start. I'm waiting for Richie to come and help me set it up.  Things move a little slow in Florida.

Today we took a ride to an animal shelter to look for  a dog suitable for scent detection and we found a nice little bitch of indeterminate breeding.  Seems to be nice and solid and also seemed non reactive around stuff in general. She will be spayed and then we will go back next week and pick her up and start her training.  There were many dogs at this place and most of them were pit bulls or pit bull crosses.  It's a darn shame.They won't make good service dogs partly because of reputation , but mostly because it takes a person with a clue to own one and there aren't many good owners out there.

Edge got to play with a 7mo cur pup today. They raced around for a couple of hours before Clayton took his puppy home.  I think he had a good time.

When I left the trailer tonight to go shopping, I put Edge in a crate and Dare too. I went to the house to pick up my laundry and when I came out I could here Edge barking inside the trailer from up at the house. So I snuck back and opened up the door and gave him a speakin to and when I walked back to the house , I waited to see if he was going to start carrying on again and he didn't.  silly pup

Friday, December 21, 2012

Busy Day

 I got up early and met Clayton at Tractor Supply and we bought 8 cattle panels for the new dog enclosure.  Clayton is a young kid that works for Norma training dogs and I have been helping him train, teaching him some of my tricks .  Nice kid.  He and his friend Nick put up a really nice enclosure for the dogs with 2 12 ft gatees at the front so I can theoretically back the trailer and truck thru when I need to come and go. Hope it works.  There is also a small gate at the back side for foot traffic. The pen is probably 50 by 60ft and I can open my trailer door and let the dogs out safely and they can't get to the pond unless I want them to.  The  ground is so good here that it takes very little to pound posts in or even to dig holes for wooden posts.  The whole thing went up in 5 hrs and I did very little.

To celebrate the pen, I trucked over to Camper World in Kissimmee and  bought a satellite dish and receiver.  Tomorrow I will try and figure out how to get it to work. No clue.  I do know that there is a special deal for rv'ers and I can get DISH for a month to month rate.  works for me.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lazy day

Well it really wasnt' that lazy. I cleaned and straightened the trailer for a couple of hours this am. Rearranged stuff and hung hooks and I hung a papertowel holder. I fixed the slideout electical outlet which was just hanging there and then I went outside and fixed the gate latch that the dogs go into the pond area. I was tired of lifting the gate to get it to latch so I lowered the latch about 3 inches.  I wish I had brought my cordless drill, but at least Norma had one.

I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to get satellite service here.  Still not sure how to do it.  I worked on the clinics info for next year a bit.  Because I am having Roger Stevens this year, I have to figure out what to charge the participants.  It wont' be a money maker that's for sure.  That's ok, it will be fun.

I am barbecuing chicken on the derelict  grille. Tomorrrow it should get thrown out.  It's in really bad shape.  Looks like tonight it's only burning in the middle.

I've the the LONE RANGER  on tv.  That's a throw back.

Last night I went to see the Rise of the Guardians. It was cute.  movie , popcorn and soda cost me 11.50.  Yikes what a deal. The Hobbit is playing  there too. 

Tomorrow , the boys are going to put up a fence around my trailer to protect us and everybody else. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The house on Edsel

  I went and looked  inside this house today.  It's not in too bad shape.  I would sell it and have it removed if I were to buy it.  The realtor said they dropped the price from $56,000 to 49,900 today.  The 4 stall barn is cute although rough. The barn roof is brand new.  The garage is  darn big but needs a new roof. There is a shed that houses the pump and a filtration system.  The house is actually big for me anyway 1400 sq ft. It looks like the carpeting is new. I really could not live in it but apparently there is a market for used mobile homes or I could rent it out till next year.
I walked the property(the whole time looking for snakes). The fencing is a mess and there is s damp spot in the back but I did not walk back there.  I need to check it on Zillow.

Just looked on Zillow and the property line backs up to a canal which traditionally are full of alligators and there is a big reedy pond on the property next door which would have the same issues.  Alligators can climb very large fences and small ones too.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

working dogs

I worked both dogs this am.  I am trying to sharpen up the inside flanks.  Dare can do them beautifully unless his eye gets hooked on the sheep and then instead of squaring off he walks in and floats left or right.  He only dove in on the sheep once.

Dually worked them for the first time today.  He walks up so nicely and he was trying to hold the line but gets into following . He gets caught on the eye too and so I worked his square inside flanks.  I also need to work on sending him from a distance and not letting him stop and walk in after a few steps.  He will go around but sometimes it takes some convincing but when he does, he is spot on.  nice lift and lovely fetch and a nice present to me.

I have a new piece of property to look at today.  It has a mobile home on it but more than 2 acres and it says it is fenced already.  It's 14 miles from here, but on good roads.

Just send an entry for an ASCA trial in Feb.  3 days of Farm trials and 2 Days of arena trials. I hoping to finish myOFTDds and maybe my AFTDds, I 'm not entering the cattle farm trial.

Peaches got to play on the agility field today. She barked and barked at me. I had the jumpts at 16 and tried to stop her from going on the dog walk. She pays little attention to how she gets on and wants to go full force but doesn't have the same control of her body as she used to .  She is a lot slower too.   I guess at 12 she should be slower. She could still beat many of them out there.

I went to look at another piece of property 2+  acres with a mobile home on it , small barn and nice sized garage.  The property is fenced and  I liked it. 

I  worked 5 assistance dogs tonight.

Blondie was actually reaching for the dumbell
Ashley was being made to lie down and stay there.
Bella is still working the retrieve
Joy worked on quick response to commands
and Lady worked on everything and she is darn quick(mixed breed)

Sorry about pictured but there is something wrong with the connection when I try to download and it's pointless. I need a new laptop.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

house on hunting lodge dr

  I had somebody look at it and we have deemed it wetlands and  useless to me.  Too bad, it's a nice house, but will keep looking. 

I finally bought the digital antenna and yes I have some channels. Watching  Survivors right now.

Cooked steak and mashed potatoes tonight on my little grille which is going in the trash tomorrow. It's all rusted out and the burner doesnt' work right.  Back to Walmart.

I worked Dare for a bit today on the sheep and he was a maniac. Kept diving in and biting sheep. What's with that? So I flanked him at full speed for a while and then let him go stand in the pond.  Then I put him in the house in the crate and went up to the house for a minute and when I came back I could hear a dog crying before I got to the door and when I got in,Dare had tried to bite the door open and gotten his jaw stuck open on the crate door. I opened one of the side doors and he popped himself loose. He's ok, but the kennel dogs must have been barking and it freaked him out.  Geezz

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The trailer set up and the dogs run area

 I have running water and electricity --no sewer but a dump within driving distancej.
The have about 1 acre fenced with a pond with no alligators. Dare wont' stay in there but the other 3 will all day long playing and swimming. 

Today's training

  I worked Blondie today and she was actually animated.  She did reach for the hose when held in a number of places and once or twiced she actally grabbed it.  Progress

Joy was worked on down, get in heel, side and Cover which mean go around from the left side to the right and stand facing the rear.  Not sure how or why this will become useful.  I also worked her Down again which was pretty darn good. I didn't mess around, I put the pinch collar right on her  and started from there. They are real dingbats, but they did learn something.

 The Training Barn
Yesterday, I worked with Norma's trainers and explained how to sharpen up some behaviours and to quit accepting crap.  They were very very receptive and fun to work with. Hopefully the dogs will start improving.

Relaxing in the trailer

FARm on HUnting lodge dr

I met the realtor and we checked out this place yesterday.   I liked the house a lot.  Bedroom and baths on both side of the house and it  seemed to be in good shape. It was also light and bright.  The property appears to be wet in the back (very wet) not sure if it's deemed wetlands.  Dont' want anythign to do with it if it is. But is has a small pond in the middle of the 5 acres and another very small  one way in the back of  the property that you can see on Zillow.

We are going back today with a friend of Norma's to ride his   wheel drive truck back further in the wet area and he will let us know if he thinks it's usable.

I got my new mattress yesterday and it is much  better. It is foam so I do sink in and I will  have to get used to that concept.

Rainy and Cool this am but better than snow.

I have a digital antenna thing that I am going to hook up today and get off the religious and Spanish channels. yay. No it's not a digital  antenna but a wifi streaming player.  Useful too but missing a cable of course.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I looked at one short sale today--it was nice property, but the house was a fixer upper but I didnt like the bones of the house.  It had a big barn but it was hard for me to tell  if it was in good or bad shape.  Not being a contractor I mean. LOL. I tried to find a 2nd house but when I started down a very narrow dirt road not knowing if it was road or a driveway I backed up and will have the real estate agent show me that one. It has 5 acres but isn't a short sale. Just on the market.

I am cooking roasted veggies in my little easy bake oven and then I will throw a piece of fresh salmon in there.

I have had a sweatshirt and jacket on all day and I think I may have to turn the heat on tonight. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come back. 

Dinner was really good.

Norma came over and I showed her the property on line. I got a better pic of one of them on Zillow and it looks like a possible. It's in a really nice location. 

Dog Training

This morning I walked over to the barn(all of 100ft) and worked with 2 golden retreivers.  They are both dumb as posts and they need to retrieve.  I used cut up chicken on one and she is only going to get fed when I work her and at no other time.  I got her to reach for the piece of hose.  A lot of work has already been done on these dogs but they need some tweaking.  The other dog,   I worked on down.  Some how they have been only lured to be in position so when I said down this dog just sat there, time after time after time.  I must  have stepped on the rope 50 times and she still didnt' do it.  I did it with the first dog who was getting it better than this one who is supposed to be smarter and more motivated. Hmmm

Going to get a hose adapter so I can have direct water into the camper.  I am also going to find a CVS and buy a sunpass for the turnpike. Maybe go find Costco to look at mattresses.
I got the hose adaptor and the sunpass and I found a cheap and comfortable mattress locally.  it was $289 and when I said I was going to look other places , he knocked it down to $219. It worked for me at $289 so I guess I will go b ack and buy it at $219.  Should have it tomorrow and then maybe my back will feel better.

I worked Blondie,Joy and Bella again.  Joy made progess on the down but I sure had to let her know there was no alternative.  Blondie reached and held the hose and Bella seemed to go backwards a bit although she was grabbing less on the end and reaching a little more for the middle of the hose.

And then I brought Dare out on Norma's sheep and there was a real strong draw at one end of the field(very small field)but the held the pressure and pused then up the other end. Several times he had to back up and cover to keep then moving towards that end. Nice work

Now I am going to go out and do a house drive by and see what it looks like close up.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


  I here it's not supposed to be like this in Fla.  It has been cloudy and rainy , but warm.  Can't win em all.  Today we called a real estate agent and looked at  a piece of property from the street.  Apparently there are lots of pieces of property for sale that will be very reasonable and we are going to look for a house on it.  We, being  my friend Norma and I .   If I can buy the property , then she will live on it and care for it and run her business out of it and I will have a place to come to in the Winter.where there will already be livestock waiting for me.

We went out to lunch and did some errands and then Norma introduced me to all the dogs here.  I will be helping to train some.  One iin particular is very unmotivated to work and she needs to retrieve so I am going to see what I can do to facilitate that.

My dogs have had not training and I need to do something with them. It's so easy to throw them out by the  pond and leave them. They are having a blast playing out there all day.  Dare wont' stay in the fence so he is either in the crate or with me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I left Rogers' at 8 yesterday to bring the trailer to Camping World for some repairs.  I dropped it off and went to Dunkins to use their wifi. And then I went to Jeffers but bought nothing and back to get the camper. I got on the road about 11 and took my sweet time.  It was a longer drive than I had remembered and I also ran into bad rain and tornado warnings.  It slowed me down a bit. I got to Norma's a little after 9pm and we set the trailer up and I went to bed around 11 with the AC on!

This morning the dogs have been playing in the yard and pond for hours. They are soaking wet and their tongues are hanging out. Dare was hanging with me in the trailer but I think he is under it now.

I went out and got some dog food and  groceries and I am ready for a nap.

Final ASCA trial total

Dually gotQ 14 ot of 18 qualifying scores
He got 3 Finals pts in ducks, 6 in sheep and 2 in cattle
Scores in ducks were 118,100, 116,95
sheep/goats were 109,108,109,100,116,116
cattle 90,98,102,58,117,85

Dare qualified 16 out of 18 runs

He got 3 duck pts, 5 sheep pts and 5 cattle pts

His scores werer
ducks 107,89,47,117,90,116
sheep 109,109,88,115,118,109
cattle 108,98,116,121,112,120

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Dare and Dually both had nice goat runs with beatiful take pens.  Dare only had a bobble on the y chute and maybe on the way up to panel 1. It was very nice. Dually started to give my a hard time on taking the Away to me flank on panel 2 on the goats and it continued into the ducks badly.

Dare had a good first  and 2nd duck run. Dually's first duck run was a really nice take pen followed by a bite and a Thankyou. The ducks were really really hard to get off the back fence and one hen kept splitting off and that is the one he flew off and bit in front of the judge.
His 2nd run was much better (better ducks) and we made it to panel 2 without losing them but he would not take the away flank and kept going go by  which caused the ducks to get hung up in the corner and we finally just moved on and got them thru the chute pretty well. I bit of a bobble but ... and then he had to bite and split again at the repen. Surprised we didnt' get called again.

Geez we had some more good runs and we ended up with 2- 4th places out of 12 runs.

But we are done and I have a lot of finals points , but not sure that will really matter at all in the long run .

There were 10 WTCH's earned at this trial.  And many titles.  


  Dare had a decent run on goats.  We could not get the center pen and then one goat got caught behind the repen and he would not release it with his eye.  Roger was telling me what to do from the outside but I let Dare get too close and he still held it.  Finally he got pissed and went in and bit it and then we repenned them.
Dually started out a little hot ,b ut I got right on him and ran down the field. We got them thru 1 and 2 nicely but  on the center pen had trouble getting them in.  I walked out a number of times to out him and to make him take a square flank. Once I did that , he was much better about squaring off. Only got 1 goat in and then repenned them. 
I was working on calm quiet work with no yelling and I succeeded.
Dually had a decent duck run and got 3 in the center pen and no yelling or biting.
Dare had a bad duck set and we couldn’t get them anywhere and finally repenned the little B*tds. Poor Dare, I really thought he was going to have a good run.   Lunch now and then another duck trial and 2 cattle trials and this means we will be trialling in the dark again.
Dare’e 2nd duck run was really nice.  Bing bang boom,right around 1 and 2 and then I got them off the fence by using the away to me and HE put them in the center pen.  Good dog Dare.
Dually’s 2nd duck run –can’t remember
Dare ‘s 1st cattle run-They re both having trouble gathering the cattle. They both want to rush in and stir things up .  I am running in but I can’t stop them from doing it from the center pen. I can’ t get there in time.  He got them around 1 and 2 fine and then a perfect setup for  the center pen and he over flanked or something. We got them in the opening (all 3) and they just stopped there.  I switched sides with Dare and put him behind and he got them in.  Then at the repen, he was holding them but he was too close and it was an issue getting him to release and repen. Not too bad, but I had to get in his face with my stick and insist.
Dually’s  1st cattle run was almost like Dare’s at the start where he runs in to create havoc and then nicely puts then thru 1 and 2 and sets up for the center pen but kept overpushing which caused a little calf to be flighty. We never got them in and I repenned them.
Now it’s raining and it’s 4pm and we still have the 2nd cattle trial to go. Not just sprinking either, but pouring now.
Rain stopped and Dually’s 2nd cattle run. I sent him 15 ft and stopped him and sent him again and stopped him so he walked in quietly on them but they turned on him and were hard to get started without a bite.  He dove In on them of course and didn’t hold pressure but got them moving , We had to daylight 1 and then they came out on the cross drive and we had to daylight 2 also.  I got some in the center pen  and  the repen was okay I think.

ASCA trial day one

First of all I have fresh water leaking out of the back of the trailer so I will have to drop it a Camping World  and get it fixed on Monday.   So I can’t leave the pump on—no big deal, but it is a big deal that it is leaking.   Rooster woke me up at 2am but I found my good earplugs so I could get back to sleep.

I have done 4 goat runs, 4 duck runs and 2 cattle runs so far.  None of them were very good.  My last cattle run with Dually , I gave up  and repenned them.  They kept turning back on him and he was going to dive in and fight and not hold pressure which is what he was doing and it was not getting any better even with me right there helping him.

2nd cattle run with Dare was much better.  Not sure how much better but we got them in the pen fairly easily and then we had a nice repen and we got all the panels.  Had a little trouble starting them and I did ask him to go in and bite but he jumped at them and that was good enough.
2nd cattle run with Dually was better but we still didn’t get the center pen because he gets wild on me and then his flanks are too wide and too fast or too close and too fast. 

Duck runs weren’t too bad. I made it thru all of them. 
Goat runs were this morning and I really don’t’ remember them.  Sorry  I should have blogged earlier.
Anyway –10/12 Q’s and one 2nd place and one 4th place.  Not very good

So tonight we went to Mexican and I took my car because I needed to make a stop at an RX to get a script which of course wasn’t there.  Then I  went to the restaurant which we had been to last year and it’s pretty good. I got the check and left a little early so I could stop at the grocery store which I did, but then on the way home, I was on the right road but missed a turn off and I was coming up on what I thought was an accident so  I made a uturn and the cops were on my like white on rice.  Apparently it was a roadblock check and they thought I was avoiding it.  Yikes and I had had a big margarita.  Anyway they checked me out and sent me on my way which was still down the wrong road. I had to fire up the GPS to get on the right road.  Slept well though

Moved to Rogers today

I woke up and  leisurely packed the trailer and got ready to move. Roger called me about 10 and said to come on over.  I was almost ready to go so I was there in no time.  Rachel Vest was here already working  a dog which I didn’t know until I parked and set up the trailer.  I took Dare down to the pens and she was there along with Chris Caldwell.  Chris is judging this weekend so he didn’t have any dogs with him.  We worked Dare on pressure on the nasty assed goats and then we worked one of  Rachel’s dogs.  Then I switched to Dually who is a piece of work. Chris, Roger and I were all in there trying to get him to go around the goats without picking a fight everytime. Dually was very bitey and divey.  But Chris worked him for a while and Roger worked him and I worked him and he eventually after a long time stopped  diving and and slowed down and worked nicely.
Another thing we did, that Roger is promoting , to get used to pressure is to use a big pole and get the dog to stay put while you bang the pole down on either side of him and the rear eventually being able to bang it pretty violently. You start it much less vehemently.  The dog should learn to lie there and just take the pressure. Dare was fine. Dually kept trying to bite the stick.  Apparently I was supposed to lay him out flat for that. Tomorrow is another day.  The pup was fine , but we didn’t get too violent with it.
We went out to dinner en masse tonight. JoeSheerhan and wife, Chris Caldwell and wife, Roy Sage,Rachel and STeve,Roger and Kathy and 2 other people I didn’t’ really get to meet. The food  was basically a Chinese buffet with some sushi and hibachi grille too.  It was ok.

I get an extra hour of sleep tonight because we are on  central standard time. Cool beans.  Hopefully the ducks will be cooperative tomorrow. The cows look good and the goats should be fine. Today’s goats were picked  because of their tendency towards arguments I believe and they  did try to beat Dare’s ass into the ground.  He was getting pissed at them.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

leaving Peacan Point RV park today

Yesterday , I did 3 oads o laudry and went to Camping World where I was going to spend some money but couldn't find the stuff I wanted. I came back to the trailer had lunch and went out agaiin to try to find a Radio Shack but couldn't find one and stopped at Walmart and bought the stuff I needed.

I got the metal part for the ends of the tv cable that had broken as soon as I  used the brand new ones that I bought at a campground in SC.  Must have been old.  Easy to replace but I still could not get the cable to work on the TV.  Not sure if the problem is in the camper on in the camps wiring.  Oh well , no cable at the next stop anyway.

I picked up some drinking water and a dustpan and brush because the broom just doesn't get everywhere in here. Some candy(of course)and some more stuff that I can't think of right now.

I have to pack up the camper today and move to Rogers which isn't very far away, probably less than 15 miles. Hopefully, I will be able to let the dogs out to run there.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I forgot to mention how much North Carolina smells like onions.  They must have wild onions growing in their lawns. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Arrival Day in Dothan Al.

   I tried again this am to get the internet to work at the State Park campground but no deal.  So I left around 10 and I found my way out of Greenville SC fairly easily.  Only a couple of wrong turns and on the road. I have apparently fixed the problem of the puppy barking when the care starts. I used a bottle of water and kinda sprayed him with it.  He is still twirling in his crate but at least he  is not yelping. 

I really hate driving without a really good GPS especially with the trailer. I am going to see if Verizon can fix  me up with a new phone with internet and GPS for RV'rs .  If not, they do make a gps for rvr's and I will buy one for the trip back.  It's impossible to read a trip tik and drive at the same time.  I need a copilot.

I got to Dothan around 5:30 and found the campground that I stayed at last year fairly easily and they gave me the good rate again . $25 nite.  I have internet and cable although I can't get the cable to work yet.  I think my cables aren't hooked up tight. 

I had trouble with the electric cord.  It fell inside and I had the guy from the park help me get it out.  It wasnt' pretty and I do need to replace the plastic cord holder now , but I had already bought a new one because I the cover fell off of this one.  Anyway I am up and running and so happy to be back on line.  

I called Kathy Stevens and told her I was here and she is going to have Roger give me a call. Hopefully he will have some time to work with me this week.  If not... I will find something else to do.  laundry for one and Camping World for another.


Kelly treated a bunch of us to dinner last night.  We went to a steakhouse and I had a crab and lobster chowder and a margarita.  Both were good.   Great warm bread too.  Good conversation and fun.  I enjoyed myself.  That was Kelly Martin from Finley Vue farm.  Very nice trial location and other breed friendly.
This morning I was up at 5:30. I think the puppy peed in his crate because I was ignoring him.  Note to self: Pay attention when the pup is crying.   I was not really up at that time just awake.  We went out around 8 I would guess and I worked Dually and Dare on the whole flock on driving and they both did awesome work.  I got good distance on both of them and nice control on their parts.  They Kelly came out and worked a nice collie of his. She had a lot of interest and drive.   We sorted out some call ducks to work the pup on too.  But first we took all of my dogs and some of his out to run around the ½ acre pond. They ran around and around and went in the pond when they got hot or tired. The pup ran around once but when he couldn’t catch the big dogs he stayed by us and tried to catch them as they ran by us.  Dare and Dually and Kelly’s 2 BC’s swam out and tried to catch the lone call duck that had escaped from the duck arena and flown over the fence(just like at the trial).  They got really close but the duck was just teasiong them.  I think  they had a great time.
I got on the road around noon and went to the nearest truck stop and was able to dump my tanks for only $5 because I am some sort of Pilot member. I can’t remember what I signed up for but it gives me discounts at Pilot stations.  I left the water tank full because I wanted to see how it pulled with a full tank and if the gas mileage was different . It seemed the same .
I found a state park to stay at tonight. It’s going to be very quiet. Not trucks or cars going by.  No tv service and I couldn’t get the wifi at the park office to work for me. So I unhooked the truck and we went out to Starbucks so I could get caught up on email. Not much email to catch up on.

I think I may have figured out how to cure Edge’s barking and crying when I first start the car. I used my water bottle on him and that seemed to get his attention.  It wouldn’t bother me but I know it’s scaring Dare to death. He hated noise when he knows I don’t like it.
I don’t think I am very far away from my next stop which will be Dothan Al. Probably no internet there either.