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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Progress Today

I hired the guy down the street to put up the cattle panels and posts for the dog fence.  I sprained my thumb and I'm useless. He got most of it done today.  If it does not rain tomorrow he will finish it. 

I took Dually and Edge to barn hunt.  Dually was outstanding.  He was not afraid of the rat and he hunted and scented very well. He also was keen to bite and paw at the rat tube.  nice.  We worked on Edge and trying to see if I could call him off a rat tube.  He would call off but then go right back and not so with the litter tube so that should help me at the next trial. 

I got my "jugement" from my court case. Stupid judge.  Stupid state of Virginia. 

I have to go to an 8 hr driving course which of course is no where near here .  stupid judge

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 3

Edgie finished his RATN  title. today.  We moved up to open but I am still having trouble reading his soft indication on litter tubes.  My bad.  It was a fun day anyway.  I think I 'm hooked.

Gail borrowed a flat bed for me and we went to Tractor Supply and picked up 20 cattle panels to make my dog yard.  I hope it keeps Kip in . The holes are  a little big although he did not go thru my cattle panels at home in Sturbridge.

I contacted a couple of people about starting a barn hunt club.  Looks like good money in it.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 2

  I decided to go back to the trial today. It's kind of addictive.   Edge and I NQ'd again on the first trial. I called it too quick because again he kept going back to a litter tube and not the rat tube. We took our time trial 2 and q'd.  We need one more leg for our RATN title. LOL

I went into Ocala and picked up my new recliner  and they forgot to collect the balance from me. I'm sure they will catch up with me somewhere along the way. The couches that I want are now on sale . Yay

Looks like Leila now has kennel cough and the ONLY place she could have gotten it was at the vets. I'm not very happy about this fostering thing.  I'm not going back to that vet with my dogs either. There are other vets and I will hopefully find a good one. Maybe I will get lucky and not need one.  Best case scenario.

So now I have 2 chairs in my living room and a rug. Starting to look like a home.  Need some pictures though. I saw a huge one of a horse today but it was over $300.  Maybe someday.

Another trial tomorrow and it looks like there are a lot of them this winter locally. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Edgie gets his BHI

 That is his Barn Hunt Instinct Title.  It actually is an AKC title .  

I entered him in the instinct test because it was at a location other than where we have been training and I wasnt' sure he would know what to do.   He went right to the rat and indicated. He has the cutest little indication.  He cocks his head and looks at me and then looks back at the tube with the rat in it.  He's got an easy " tell". 
Then we moved on to the novice class.  The novice class was in another building and he was wired. He was running around like a lunatic (at least faster than normal)and not really concentratiting.  I called Rat once but the judge didn't hear me so didn't nq me.  It was not a rat but an empty tube. I ran out of time but he found the rat finally.  The 2nd run went much better.  He did his tunnel quickly and then his climb and then he found the rat.  We got 2nd place. The first place dog was really quick. 

I am not entered tomorrow but they take day of entries so if I can get some sleep tonight, i will probably go back and try to finish his Novice rat title(giggle). There are 2 trials a day and you need 3 legs to title so I could title tomorrow and move up to OPen on sunday. 

The leather recliner that I ordered is in and I either need to go pick it up or decide to have it delivered.  Trying to decide now.  Take a nap or go get chair.

Monday, January 18, 2016

lesson day

I gave my first lessons here in Fla and it felt really good to be teaching again.   an Aussie and a BC.  I have the lessons at Alan's farm instead of here.  I am not sure how good my goats would have behaved and his were very good.

Every night I work on the coffee table or the chair now. . painting painting painting just to get them covered and then I get to put a shiny coat and a glaze on and they will be done.  Can't wait to see the finished products.  Then will start another but will make my own chalk paint.  There are lots of recipes on line.

I did not see any fleas on anybody this am  but I didn't look tonight.  can't' bear it.  Tomorrow Layla goes to get her growth removed and her teeth done.  I'm hoping they can' give me something else for fleas.  I will be changing all the dogs over to Comfortis soon. I found a place in the UK that will allow you to order without and rx and they are $20 cheaper than anywhere else I looked on line.

Tomorrow my golf cart gets delivered.   Whoo whooo

Friday, January 15, 2016

Strange Day

Dually woke me up early to go out.  Odd for him.  I let everybody out. It was just starting to rain. It rained all morning with quite a wind too.  I stayed up for about 1 hr and then I started to get a chill, It was not cold out.  I took a hot shower which will normally do the trick but it did not. I was still shivering when I got out and then  vomited too. So I crawled back in bed and doubled up on the covers. I fell asleep and go up about 1.  I felt a little better but no energy at all. 

However, I felt I had to wash dogs. So I washed 3 of them and then crawled back into bed for another 2 hrs. I'm not chilled anymore but I have no energy.  And the dogs I washed are still scratching. Not much but enough to set me on edge.

I spent yesterday calling around trying to find Capstar but no one had any.  I ordered some on line but not much. They were out of stock too.  So I will keep washing dogs.  hope this makes a difference.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


  Ok  I have a plan.  I need to go buy Capstar tomorrow and give them all capstar.  It goes ok with frontline.  Then the next day I bath eveybody and then the next day I capstar again and day 4 I bath again.  This goes on for 7-12 days.  I will conquer!!!!

I finally found a small brush to tackle the grout. You would not think that would be hard to find but I must have looked in 6 stores.

I started to paint my coffee table tonight because I bought some sandpaper today too.  I can't put pictures here until I figure out how to do it. So if you want to see it you will have to look on facebook.

The fencing guy called me with an estimate and it was way way way too high. Oh well.  Plan B

Monday, January 11, 2016

ole flea bite

I checked her this am and there was a flea on her. Probably more than that but it's so much less than it was.  So I put DE on all the dogs again and I sprayed the bedroom and master bath with ORTHO.    I will do the rest of the house but the dogs and i both  have to be out.  I need to spray the car too.

I had a guy come over to give me an estimate on fencing for the dog area. He will get back to me tomorrow and I called another guy who gave me a $2. foot for labor rate.  I would buy all the materials.  I liked the guy that came over a lot. 

Then I went shopping. I was just going to go to the grocery store but I ended up at a junk store where I got a nice used  skill saw for $15 and then I went to the Restore and bought a duck bowl,  piece of pvc for the goat, and a coffee table..  It's square and wood and had a glass top with 2 drawers. The top drawer also acts as a shadow box through the glass.  I think it will be a great place to put my big ribbons and some of my little prizes.   I have to decide how to refinish it.  I am leaning towards black but that my not be the best choice in this house.  There is a green felt in the drawer that shows thu the top and it will be fun to replace that will something funky.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Goat has been outsmarted

I woke up and she was stuck in the fence again , but at 2:30 last night I finally understood how you could put a bar across the horns and stop her from putting her head thru.  So today I cut a fresh stick off of one of my oaks and cut it to about 8inches. Dually gathered them up and put them in the stall and I lassoed her and tied her up so I could handle her.  I duct taped the stick to her horns and let her loose.  I decided after I did it that I should have taped the stick to the top of the horns rather than the bottom but hopefully it was going to work.  I then watched her try to put her head thru unsuccessfully so maybe it really did work.  I haven't checked her since about 3 this afternoon so I should go out and check before I go to bed. flashlight check

I took a long nap this afternoon because after waking at 2:30 I could not get back to sleep for a while.  I'm not sleeping very well down here. Not sure why.

So around 9:30 I decided to try to clean the grout and tile in the guest bathroom. I have been looking at it for weeks and it's getting more and more disgusting.  So I used salt, dawn,water and vinegar and it worked really well. What didn't work was the toothbrush . too soft so tomorrow I will pick up a nail brush which is much stiffer.  Dollar store down the street should be good for that.  I didn't get very far.

I also fixed another gate today so at least when I close it the dogs can't push it open and come right behind me.  Dually rolled in something disgusting and he has had 2 washings but still stinks.   I gave Layla her bath this morning .  I think it was today. Seems like a long time ago.  She is out cold on the floor. What a sweetie.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Stupid Goats

When I woke up this morning and sat down and had breakfast in my one chair, I looked outside and I could see the goats. One was up against the fence and 20min later she was still there. Not normal.  I deicded she was probably stuck and she was.  They have horns and I have some field fence and some no climb and she put her head thru the field fence and then she did it again later in the day only higher up.  By the time I got out there she was kinda hanging there. I hope she starts to "get"  it.  Although I think the next pasture over is all no climb.  I havent' really checked yet.

The foster dog Leila is full of fleas.  She had 1 capstar yesterday morning and then a few hours later I gave her frontline. She still has lots of fleas.  I got most of the mats cut off. She has a very downy coat and it's not an easy coat to care for. I took her to the vets for all her shots and to get the tumor under her front leg looked at. They did a needle biopsy to see if they could see anything. Results next week.  She is heartworm negative. I brought her home and dusted her and the boys with DE.  I am so afraid I am going to get an infestation.  Tomorrow they are all going to get baths with Dawn..  Lots of soap and suds.

Then I went out tonight and fixed the gate near the barn. It was high enough for Kip to get under it and into the livestock so there was a big post under to block it but then it was hard to move when I wanted to get in with the truck.  So I drilled new holes for the pins and rehung the gate. Sounds easy but you know it never is easy. But it's done.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Busy Day

  I got up this am and started to work on the pen and the gates.  I got one side of the pen done although later today, I put the goats in it and went to the grocery store and came back and the goats were no longer in the pen. Panic.  Ok they were still in the pasture.  They had pushed out a bottom corner that I had not fastened very well.  Geez where the hell do they think they can go.  Hopefully not far.  I guess they don't like it here yet. 

Anyway I hung 2 gates today and unrolled the 2nd roll of fencing and placed it against the fence. It's very hard to nail in the fencing staples. I guess I don't have much strength. Or these posts are really hard. 

The landscaper came back and finished the work he started yesterday and also fixed the sewer pipe he broke yesterday.  He bought 4 in pipe to fix and and guess what it was 3in pipe which is not code now, but hopefully it was when they built this place. Anyway it's fixed and I checked it.  So now I can start fencing in the dog area. I am toying with the idea of having it done by somebody.  It's a bitch of a job by myself and I hate not having the equipment to stretch it.

I worked the goats with Edgie in the pen and out of the pen although that was not my intent. The 3 older goats worked ok and the young one was in a complete panic  and ran off by itself a couple of times. NOt a good idea with Edge on the job . I finally talked to my neighbor who raises goats and asked him about predators and he said they weren't a problem. That's good but I will still have to worry about escaping goats.  He sells them too if I need more.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


The goats have been in the stall for 2 days now and I dont' think they are eating or drinking. How stupid could they be?  The little buck is the most laid back, the does are all freaked out.  And did I mention they all have horns and no how to use them?  When I was putting them in the crates to bring home, I had to recatch the kid whom I had put in with the mother.  We needed to put some worm meds down her throat. She was at the back of the crate and the mom was facing me.  I had to put my head in the crate to grab the baby and she promptly butted me in the head.  I have a bruise over my eye. It could have   been a lot worse.

So I woke up at 3:30 and it's 6 and I am still awake. Joy.   But I signed up for a Paleo diet restart and I am going to try and clean up my act again.  I am eating way too much crap and I feel like it too. No energy at all and weight gain.  Time to Restart. But it will be a little hard since My Stuff is at home. ie: blender,food processor, all my spices, pots pans etc.  Today if it's not too nasty out, I will go to the Marion County flea market 400 vendors.   They might have some stuff I need.

First when it gets light out I will go outside and give the goats water in another bucket just in case they dont' like the black bucket.  I found the local feed and supply store yesterday and they have everything and their prices were better than TractorSupply.  I bought some welded wire fencing , 2 gates and a fence post to hand one on and some buckets, grain, and fencing staples.  I started putting up my working pen yesterday. It's fun because it's so easy to put posts in here.  But I'm having trouble getting the staples in.  I think I need a bigger hammer. Or more muscle. Both would help.  I left my little sledge at home. There is so much I wish I had brought .  Hoses here are not easy to find at this time of year.  So I have been using the hoses from the travel trailer.  2 of them  are the collapsible ones and the 3rd is only 25 ft.  Just not enough hose.

Dually has been feeling really well this week. He is playing Ready Set Go but he is limiting his own running so I don't have to.  His at rest respiration is good and sometimes he is eating on his own. Yesterday he ate 2 meals without me force feeding him.  He really seems to like variety because some days he likes the Honest Kitchen beef mix and some days he won't touch it. Some days he likes the premix and the hamburger and most days he won't touch it. I am out of hamburger   and the raw order is not due in for a couple of weeks which just leaves me with the beef mix. It will be a struggle. I bought ckicken thighs for him but he didn't want to eat those either. I had one and it was good. Don't know what his issue is.
   Kip is finally learning what OFF means.  Gosh I have been working on this since April.  He is not stupid but this is a tough one for him.  He needs to be worked, but I think the goats will be bouncing off the walls the first time I go to work them.   Kip is bite happy so he might not be the first dog to work them. I think it will be Edge because I don't want to take the chance of them butting Dually in the heart and killing him. That would be bad.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Goats yes

  I got invited out for New Years Eve and they said come early so I did.  While we were talking,I bemoaned the fact that I did not have any livestock yet. Gale said lets go see Bernie, who always has a bunch of sheep and goats. He did not have much left.  He did not have any sheep for sale but he sold me 1 adult doe and her kid, 1 doe less than a year and a pretty young buck probably less than a year too.

So this morning I loaded up a couple of crates and went to pick them up. The guy -Bernie the cuban cowboy  offered to let me use his trailer but that just would have been an extra trip for me so I decided to stuff them in crates. . When we got there, Bernie had not gathered them up or sorted them and he did not have a dog so it was an exercise in frustration.  good thing he does not have a dog probably because he used emus for protection and frankly I would not want my dog in with an emu. We start to load them and he decides he should worm them.  He works kinda slow so we waited again for him to get the worm meds and then he dropped the syringe and on and on.  FINALLY  we are loaded in on our way but in the meantime the nanny has pooped outside the crate and I had nothing under the crates to protect the car.  Well the other 2 peed in the airline crate so I guess I can't complain. Urine is harder to clean up.

  I drove right into the pasture and backed up to the barn but of course I have a lift back so one it lifts then there is not chute to get them in the stall. I had a borrowed gate on one side and the first goat came out "Oreo" and promptly pushed the gate over and started running.  I closed everybody else back in and fixed my system.  Oreo tried all the fences but did not succeed in escaping--YET.  I got everybody else in the stall and they are spooked by me boy.  I leave them alone for an hour and come back and Oreo is now in their vicinity.  I did not want everybody out tonight so I went in and tied the other ones in the barn and then opened the door and Oreo decided to go in.  Dually was there but didnt' have much to do.  So they are all in there tonight and have some hay and water and I think they are still trying to escape.  I heard climbing noises all afternoon.  They weren't cheap hopefully they will all be there in the morning.

I went out later and started to build my working pen.  I put in 6 posts lickety split. So easy down here.  The posts were on the fence edge supposedly keeping dogs from going under.  Not good posts but I think they will be ok for what I want.  Tomorrow I will get some wire and some gates.