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Saturday, October 20, 2012

duck work

 I worked the dogs today and they did ok on ducks.  I worked on Dare's trip from the hold pen to the crossdrive again.  He was a little off and not working as well as normal I thought.

Dually was going to do his own thing today but I decided he had to do what I said.That slowed him down and made him think a bit. We worked on short flanks and stopping on command.

Then I got to work Betty's puppy Ava.  What a nice puppy.  Very responsive and keen and quick but sensible and not too  sensitive.  I also worked Fios and helped Betty see where he was pushing on her and not giving at all. He can be hard to work because he doesn't take kindly to anyone telling him how to do it, if it doesn't match with what he wants to do.  He will kind of sulk, but I always say ,  Too bad buddy suck it up and keep working, it's your job not  mine.

Edge is in his crate chewing on a nice marrow bone with the marrow removed right now. Lots of marrow in those bones.  I took  it all out and froze it separately so they can all have bones next week when I am not feeling up to much.

Monday, October 15, 2012


    Now I don't  know if this is related or not, but I'm sitting at the computer and dually makes a loud noise and comes shooting out of the bedroom,over Dare at the top of the stairs and down he goes.  He is acting like he wants out so I ask him if he wants to go out and he runs around the living room  twice and I ask  him again and he comes up the stairs. In the meantime, I can smell a stinkbug release its odor.  Seems like I smelled it just after Dually ran down the stairs.  I can't believe the stinkbug disturbed him that much but who knows.

Just got back from  a lovely dinner at Kaizen with friends. The food was great.  Try the Red sox roll. It was to die for.

Got a surgery date of Nov9 and they have me on the cancellation list for a sooner one.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


  My cows are now somebod y's dinner. I was sorry to see them go , but they had to go before winter.  It was all rather traumatic, but I am already looking forward to next years crop . One of my new students might have access to bull calfs at an even cheaper cost than this years.  I could get heifer calfs too, but we will see what happens in the new year.

I got up early and on the road this am to go look at a house for sale.  My sister found out the house next to her which was foreclose upon was being put up for sale for $35,000.  She wants to make sure it doesn't get gobbled up by the wrong kind of neighbors(what kind is that you might ask). I'm thinking she means , not nice people , or partiers or just plain inconsiderate. At any rate, she put a bid on it and asked me if I wanted to invest.  What the hay. I said yes.   So I might be a multi house owner soon.  It needs cosmetic work and cleaning.  We had a contractor look at it with us and he thought it was stucturally sound.

Then home to pick up the utility trailer to run down to Tractor Supply to pick up  more posts for the new little pasture/parking lot next to the house. It will be the most expensive enclosure to date.  All wooden posts and no tposts and new no climb wire .  It will have a 14 ft gate for people to drive thru safely and an 8 ft gate to take livestock thru and people. The grass looks good on it. It's growing well now. Fall is a good time to plant I guess.

Then lessons this afternoon and now cozily tucked in front of the computer and about to get into bed and watch something on netflix.

The other thing I did was to call the vet's office to find out how much to neuter Dare or Dually and they quoted me $470-$570.  I can get them neutered when I go to Fla for $130 and probably take part in the operation too.  I have a friend with a vet clinic.  Sounds like a no brainer. That would be quite a savings. Could do 3 for the price of one.  Not doing 3--just saying.

Ed started to winterize today. Picked up and put away stuff. He still has plenty of work to do here. The list keeps growing even as he works.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

clinic and trial

Geez Joan, give me a break

I had a clinic here on Thurs and Fri and then the AHBA trial on Sat and Sun and then another day of clinic on Monday and then everybody left on tues and the washing machine broke.

I didn't work a dog in the clinic much.  I worked Dually once on cows and the pup  got turned loose on the cows. That was scary, but he was fine.  He was quiet and totally unconcerned with their size. He worked them better than the cute little duckies we had him on.  He went around and tried to fetch them and worked at keeping them together. Very cute.  He did much better on the ducks too. There were 4 but Turq was working them too to keep Edge interested and the ducks split and Edge took two and Turq took 2 and Edge   worked them all over the duck arena and kept them right to me.  And  he was thoughtful and quiet and no yahoo.  Nice.

The trial went very well . We had about 60 entries on Sat and a few less on Sunday.  The stock worked well and the judges were very nice and supportive. I think everybody had fun and I would like to do another one in the spring.  I also sent the paperwork to become a judge in to the AHBA.  I will be the only one in New England.  And that does not mean I will judge a lot because I dont' think I will.
So I went to do laundry after everybody left and the machine would not work. Repairman came and said it wasn't worth fixing and I bought a newer used one from him and will buy the matching dryer tomorrow. What the heck.

I started a noseworks class tonight with Peaches. She can find food anywhere.  I think it will be fun.