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Saturday, January 21, 2017


I went to an RV repair place yesterday to drop trailer off to have the damage underneath fixed , but they told me they could do it while I waited because it was so minor and how lucky I was that it did not destroy the side of the trailer.   Yay.  It only cost me $110  and another $100 for a new spare .  I had to drive to 3 different places to get the spare.  Of course it is a size that is odd and costs more.

Last night, I went to Gale and MIkes for dinner and talk around the fire.  It's always a good time and they make me feel very welcome.  good people.

Today , Shane is trying to fix my frig and touch up the ceiling in the bathroom.   I think the frig ice maker is not going to come back to life. Bummer.  I managed to buy a part at an appliance repair store in Ocala for $30 instead of online for $60 but if it's not going to fix the problem then Not sure where to go from here. May have to wait for kitchen reno and new appliances.

My Feb clinic is not filling. Great Another clinic that is going to cost me money.

Journey's nose is back to being stuffed up because the meds ran out.  I am waiting for an order of colloidal silver and I am going to use that in his nose and hopefully that will work.  Running out of hope here.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Leaving campground

Last night while I was trying to park the trailer, I had to drive it around the camp 3 times before I could find a spot that I could actually hook up sewer and water and it's because my water hooks up in the rear of the trailer and most campgrounds put the hook up closer to the middle when you park. My hose is just too short and I'm too cheap to buy another.

And then the hot water wasnt working very well so I unhooked the water and cleaned out the filter and then it was better. Always something.  I have a little quartz heater I have been using since I have been in Ga and I put it right in the bathroom (because there is no heat in there--WTH?) Makes a huge difference in comfort.  Loved it.

So big breakthru with the puppy.  He absolutely asked to go outside to pee last night. It was not a mistake  because I brought him in too early and he immediately scratched at the door to go back out and poop.  Don't like the scratching at the door, but just gotta be quick so he doesnt' wreck anything.

So this morning, there was no water because the hose was frozen and I had to bring the little quartz heater outside to thaw  both ends and the the end of the sewer pipe and in between  I used the air pump to add air to all the tires.  Probably got a flat because it was underinflated and there is damage underneath which will need to get fixed or there will be rot.

So everything is all set except I can't get the  antenna down all the way. Must be frozen  and I don't carry a ladder.  I drove it up front to pay and parked in the sun.  I asked the guy to help me with the antenna but he said ladders were in locked storage and I would have to wait for owner to get there.  50 min later, I tried again and it went down and I took off.  The rest of the trip was uneventful.

Sheep and goats were hungry and happy to see me.

Journey and Kip are outside playing and Edge is in with me sleeping.

The Georgia Chill trial was a lot of fun with great people and great dogs and in spite of the miserable cold , I really enjoyed myself and felt really welcome .

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 2,3

Yesterday was an Am/Pm trial.
Kip did not Q on cattle. He had a hard time so I crossed the line and helped him so he did Q today on CAttle and Placed 3rd
He got a 1st and a 2nd on sheep so HIT sheep yesterday and 2nd today to Edge

On ducks he won today and got HIT and yesterday HIT and  a 2nd place

Edge got 2 3rds on cattle but scores less than 100 and today  a 3rd but got a 102

sheep 2nd and 4th ysterday --today 1st HIT
ducks 2 scores over 100 yesterday  today a score over 100

so Kip cattle 1.5 pts this weekend
sheep 5.5 pts  pts
ducks 6 pts

Edge cattle 1.5
sheep 6.5 pts
duck s4

And then south of Atlanta on my way home , a trucker pulled  up next to me honking and pointing so I pulled over and I had bad flat on my trailer. The tire was shredded. I called Good Sam and they were there within an hr.  I think there is damage under the trailer but it was too dark to see.  I pulled over shortly after to a campground and went round and round trying to find a spot that I could hook up the black water as well as get water and elec because of the way it's set up on the trailer.
I am hoping the hot water will work perfectly tonight so I can take a long hot shower and go to bed.
I'm tired and it has been a long weekend.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 1 trial

It was cold today but bearable.  Small trial and we were done by 3 .

Edge started the day on cattle and he had a cow who chased him all over the arena and then when I told him to hit the cow was not impressed and tried to pound him  into the ground so I repenned them. Kip had a better run but not great.
Sheep were light .  Both had scores over 100
Kip was 2nd Edge was 4th
ducks Edge 1st , Kip 2nd

Thursday, January 5, 2017


  It was 450 miles but I stopped at a KOA last night.  They gave me choclate chip cookies after I checked in.  It was right off the highway and it was noisy but I still slept pretty good. I didn't start driving again until 11 because I only had 130 miles to go. 

We got to Padgetts after a slight wrong turn down a dead end street. Thank you Gps.  Some nice man let me turn the trailer around in his driveway and even helped me so I didn't put it in the ditch.

I have the trailer all filled with water and the heat is going and it's nice and cozy in here, but the water pump is no longer putting out  enough water pressure to the on demand water heater so that my hot shower is barely hot. Works fine when I have a direct connection to water but not when I am using the holding tank.  Too bad because this weekend I'm really going to need some hot showers since the temp will be below freezing and there is going to be a wind chill on Sat too.  And I left Fla for this.