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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 I got my lawn tractor back to day for a whopping $375.  It runs great  and it should for that price. they were supposed to call me before they did major work on it because I might have junked it. Too late now.  So I started to mow my chest high grass. I got the front yard done and the  back yard and I started to do the path back to the arena.  It was very thick and very high.  I almost got it done but as I was turning the tractor around on the narrow path, it fell off and rolled backwards into the dropoff. Of course I can't get it out without  a chain which I can't seem to locate.  The tractor started today and I can use it to pull out the lawn tractor if I can borrow a chain.

I took a nap this afternoon because I was up so much last night worrying about something dumb like the tractor.

Good news.. Que is pregnant with 3 puppies. I'll take a black one please LOL>

3:30 and wide awake Yay

Ok yes I do have something on my mind. It's my tractor which I could not get started today.  I NEED  my tractor to work. I have 4 yds of mulch to spread and I can't get  cows if I can't move the hay. Anyway Nat and Joe came running up for me and Joe got it started but he thinks it probably wont' start again today. He's going to research it but who knows how long that will take. He thinks it might be a glow plug problem and that makes sense to me because the glow plug light used to stay on for about 3 secs and now it's 1 sec..  So that concern transferred into a bad dream where I could not get my truck to start. Fortunately it's just a dream.

The past few days Dually has been eating really well. No begging on my part.  And he is feeling much better since he threw that toy? up.  Who knows how long that had been in his gut. He is eating total raw now and I hope I can transition the other 2 economically to the same food. They sure do like it. 

Also the past few days I have been battling with the carpenter bees that have been eating away at my house for a few yrs.  I had taken the head in the sand approach but I finally decided after they started a new set of holes over the bathroom window that enough was enough. I ordered some on line poison for them from a company called "DO IT YOURSELF PEST CONTROL".  It's very potent stuff. I sprayed it over the wood first and then they gave me a puffer to puff a poison powder in the holes. I hope it works.  The little buggers are really bold flying down to hover and stare at me when I am out looking at their handywork. die bee die. They are also eating my shed out back and when I sprayed out there I disturbed a bunch of bats and I'm sure the poison did not do them any good.

This is the first year I have more grass than my livestock can eat.  Of course this is the first year I have only had 11 head.  I leave them out on the arena all day and in by the barn at night. They have not been on any of the other little pastures and some of the grass is waist high as it it in my front yrd because my lawn tractor is NOT BACK YET.

Today I was going to have a student come and help me with stuff, but I think it's going to be too hot and I will postpone her till maybe Thurs. She can't some until the heat of the afternoon and I am not going to kill myself spreading and hoeing mulch.

Friday, May 27, 2016


I spoon fed him yesterday morning and he did swallow unlike the day before. He ate chicken necks by himself last night. We'll what happens this morning . He does not like to eat in the am much anyway.  But much and nothing are 2 different things.

I spent the morning yesterday out in the garden with Dually. I cleaned it up and planted all my tomatoes, peppers,beans  and zucchini.  Only a matter of time before the weeds take it over. Dually spent the morning watching the sheep.  When I took a break, I went out with him and sat in a chair and had him walk up on them and push  them away from the center pen. He was very keen to do that.. Because I have been keeping him so close to me and taking him everywhere, everytime I leave the house without him he screams and runs around like a madman.  I went in the bathroom yesterday and he thought he lost me.  back and forth from the front door to the back door at a full run until I could get his attention.

Today I may start on the 4 yrds of mulch I had delivered. The tractor will help.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Dually has been feeling pretty good and I thought I had his eating down to a science, but today he maybe overdid it  or something and he at a couple piece of  pork this am (not much for him) but tonight he would not eat anything.   I tried to hand feed him and he would not swallow it, but just kept spitting it out.  I' ve been taking him in the car with me to visit my sister and he gets out and goes in the house and plays with her dogs toys and then we come home.  Tonight he went out and did some running and that could have been what has set him off tonight.  He so wants to run. I have to manage that better.  I hope I get a second chance.

Monday, May 9, 2016

home again home again

I got home on Fri and the place was a mess   Just the way I left it and then some.  I apparently turned off the freezer in the cellar so I had a freezer full of rotten meat to deal with. I knocked off a reflector light on the trailer when I tried to back it in and then when I pulled it forward, I caught the trailer on the gate and dented the trailer. After that I just quit trying.  My BIL came and helped me on Sat.  The ground was too wet to put the trailer where I normally put it so it's in the middle of the driveway.  I also had to fill in some washed out holes before I back it into its resting place. 

Yesterday I finished cleaning out the smelly freezer (it still smells).  I worked on getting the tractor charged up and cleaning out the mouse nest from the lawn tractor. Today I tried to get the lawn tractor to work. Nope.  Crap I need a lawnmower.    I filled the farm tractor with diesel and found out the gas gauge is not working.   Always something.

There seems to be probably more skunks under the barn.  I moved some things around and set a trap and we shall see. There appears to be something under the shed out back too, but it might be rabbits. HOpe so.

I checked the electric fence and it looks all intact.  I have a strong elec fence controller on order and I hope I fry that damn bear.  If he touches it , he is not going to be happy!

Finally got the mattress I brought from Fla off the roof with Mikes help and it was only a little wet.  It's safe in the smaller trailer now

There is so much to do here, I am at a loss as to where to start.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I only drove about 320 miles today and stopped at a campground next to a river(small)and far enough from the highway that I can't really hear it.  Last night I was at a dumpy campground right next to rt 81.  It was noisy but I used my earplugs. There is a state park driveway right here and I took the dogs for a run.  Kip is so fit that he is downright annoying with no exercise. I worked on his fetching a ball for me.  We started yesterday and  he is already bringing it back to me. He needs more one on one time. He is very enthusiastic!

I got ready to leave Fla on Sunday and I was ready to hook the trailer up and I could not get the antenna to go down. I called my neighbor who came over and climbed on the trailer and re-aligned it and we got it down.  I know what is wrong but I don't know how to fix it.  Then I asked him what I thought of the job I did on tying the mattress(that I hate ) to the roof of the car.  He redid the ratchet straps and put another rope on and said I would be fine.   I drove off and 15 miles later the tarp was flapping away so I pulled over and tucked it under and drove off again. Another mile and I hear the tarp flapping again so I pulled over and tightened the ratchets and drove off again for 5 miles and it was flapping again so I pulled over and then spent 40 minutes going up and down on my stepstool in 90 deg heat and tying another rope crisscross back and forth.  Finally it took and off I went. First traffic jam was getting from rt 301 to rt 10. It was just an entrance ramp but it was really poorly designed and the back up to about 20 minutes. Traffic was heavy but at least it moves on rt 95. I did about 280 miles on Sunday and that took much longer than it should have.  Day 2 I did 380 miles and today I did about 310.  Not far to go tomorrow so I stopped earlier than I planned.

Then I spent 2 hrs trying to get my DISH  to work.  This campground does not  have cable everywhere and since I was going to be here for a while I thought I should have Tv. I have it but not all the channels because the satellite is so low here in Pa.