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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Road Trip

    Going to an AHBA trial in Pa tomorrow.  I am taking all of my dogs and Betty and 2 of  her dogs.  It will be  very cozy.  Betty is concerned all is not going to fit.  I think it will be ok.  I will double up Dare and Peaches but I have a crate divider.  They will not have a lot of room, but that's fine.

Dually is entered in level 2 HTD and HTAD  and Dare is Level 3 on ducks inHTAD and sheep in HTD I think.  We'll see when we get there what I actually entered. I'm sure it will be a laid back trial. We plan to drive back on SUnday night. That might be a mistake now that I think about it. Oh well. Sunday night traffic thru NY is not good. Oh WEll. We will be fine.

It's 20 deg here and got to almost 30 today, but I had lessons and they went really well. Nice work by BoKay and Kathy  and Spike too. Her friend Jane has 2 very nice aussies that are getting turned on too.

Ed is making some progress on cutting trees down on the hill . Should have taken some pics.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm home

It was a quick trip home, 2 days.  spent the night in a rest area in VA but when I woke up and tried to start the truck, the battery was dead.  The rest area attendant was nice enough to jump start me at 6am and off I went .  Day 2 was a 12 hr drive and I got home at 6pm.  I just pulled the truck and trailer into the driveway and unloaded a few things for the night. 
In the morning I backed the trailer into  it's spot near the pasture and unloaded the rest and winterized the trailer(again).  I  think it's there for the rest of the winter although I would love to go back to Fl and stay for a few months. Not this year I guess, but definitely next year. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 2 and 3 ASCA trial

No qualifying duck runs on Sat or Sun for us.  What the F'?

Dually fiished his OPen Cattle , open sheep, advanced sheep and open ducks this weekend with one advanced duck leg . 3 more legs and he WTCH's.  I should have bu;mped him up to ADV cattle but hindsight is 2020.

Dare was consistent  this weekend  and he hasn't been consistent before. He had some very nice runs and I am pretty happy with him.

The trial was done by 3 today and I am working on closing up and hooking up the trailer and I plan to get an early start.  I need to do a load of laundry first and go out to dinner and then I can hook it up. But it will be ready to go.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 2 trial in Al ASCA

It's hard to believe that I had the AC on when I got here on Wed because it has been damn cold since then. Today the wind was blowing all friggin day.  I had my  overhauls and my down coat and my earmuffs etc on all day.  
The ducks were unhappy with the weather and I either called my own runs or we got excused in 4 out of 4 runs. The goats went better, but it was so  many hours ago , I can't remember any of the runs. The cattle went the best I guess. Dare apparently(I can't remember it) had a first place run  with a 119.  Geez you would think I would remember that?  Dually's runs were getting increasingly out of control on cattle.  Not sure what to do about that tomorrow. Maybe just leash him up and put him in the dog  box.

Dinner was Mexican and it was very good.

I got the other propane tank to work so I should have heat and hot water tonight. Not sure why the fridge shut off on that tank on the way down, but it's working now.

One more day of trials and home or at least that direction on Monday.

Trial Day one--Dothan Al--ASCA

We started out early but didn't get started early.  Handlers mtg was supposed to be at  7:30 . It was probably closer to 8:30 and then we started with duck runs. The ducks were pretty good, but they didn't want to go past the midline. Once you got them past the midline you were all set and the penned eaaily.  It was not an easy run. Dually got excused for stepping on a duck which is an improvement I guess.  He qualified in his next run and so got his first ADVduck leg.  Dare Q'd in all of his runs yesterday which is a new record.  All duck sheep and cattle runs.  The cattle are phenomenal here. The  goats are fun to run on and less scary than sheep. They aren't going to kill themselves.
Then we moved onto the Post advanced runs which lasted until 3 and we couldn't start the rest of the arena trials utnil then.  The arena trials(2) lasted until 8 or 8:30. They have lights in the arena. Dually , had 2 good OPen cattle runs and I would have sworn he Q'd in both but was disappointed to learn that 1 judge did not Q us.  So we need one leg to finish  our OPen title. He q'd twice on Adv Goats.  Oh geez I guess I have my ADv sheep title and I could finish my WTCH here theoretically which I had not planned on.  Hmmmm He's not really trained, it's just that the stock is so good and I can handle him around the course.

I was very pleased with both dogs, but as usual not so pleased with scores.  My lines need to get straighter and the course needs to be done more cleanly.  When Dare started to get riled up , I got quieter and calmer and I could physically see him come down a bit.  It was neat.  I tried very hard to stay calm with him.

It's very supportive atmosphere and I will definitely do this trial next year and I am going to do Post ADvanced next year.  Dare , maybe could have done it this year, but for sure next year. Goats don't rile him up like sheep. Sheep would have been impossible because they would have run to Canada.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Training in Al and other things

First  of all, if you are on the road, you NEED a tv or the country could be at war and I wouldn't know it.  I haven't seen a tv in 2 weeks.  On the face of it, you would think that was good thing, but it has forced me not to read, but to play stupid  computer games. They are mindless and I resent them.  So I have to get a tv for this trailer and now the question is how big and where do I put it.  There is no obvious place or I would have bought one at walmart  the are night.The other reason I didn't was that they were out of the 2 lowest price tvs and I dont'need a bigger or fancier tv.

Ok on to training--My God it was cold today.  It was supposed to be in the mid 50's but I dont' think it made it that high.  And the wind!!!!  It was not nice out there and this am it was overcast and sprinkling on and off. Lovely day.  We started out working the 8 or so Billy goats.  They moved nice but if the dog used eye on them, they would butt the dog.  We worked on taking them out of the corners and making the dog hug the fence and keep loose.   Both dogs did well on this and did'n't get butted.  The goats for the trial should be a bit lighter than these, but you still have to work them like little individuals.   I like working goats. They sure make a dog honest.

Later we worked cows in the arena.  The cows were a little light but if the dog eyed them they would go after them.  The key was to keep the dog working and moving and not stopping and eyeing the cattle. With Dare I worked on the 2nd panel and getting to  the middle. Dare had to do a lot (lot) of full speed flanking before we even attempted to stop the little bugger and with Roger and I both getting in front of him when we said STOP sometimes he actually did stop .

Dually did flanking and turning on the short side first .  He did some nice downs and walk ups  and then we took them out of the corner and up the long side. He had to stay on the eye and keep them on the fence. We worked  together and I walked up on the inside eye too. And then he took then around the panels himself and  I think he missed the 2nd panel a few times but we worked the center by reflanking him aournd me to catch the eye and stopping them and then the cattle turned off of me and right thru the y chute. Slick as snot.
He also had his share of stupid moments but fewer than normal. Maybe Roger yelling and me yelling helped. He did however, dive in once and the cow stopped dead and he ran is nose into a solid cow and came out shaking it and licking it.  I think it must have felt like running into a cement block. Too bad so sad, shouldn't do stupid things. Can't wait for tomorrow.   Really liked what they did today.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day of rest??

  I don't have anything I have to do today.  I woke up a little late but still before 8 and played on the computer all  morning after walking dogs.  The dog walk area is right outside the trailer but no  fences so it's really a dog "walk"

I went out around noon to try and find Roger's place. No luck. HOpefully someone will tell me how to get there tonight ..The gps said I was there but it sure didn't look like a house and a farm.  I was low on gas so instead of looking around I went back to town and got gas for  2.99 gal. What a deal.

Then we had lunch at Sonic.  chili dog and coke and on to Jeffers pet supply superstore.  It really wasnt' very big and not many good deals. I didnt' buy anything, but they had a nice secluded area to run the dogs off of the parking lot.  I took everybody out and started to walk into the field and Mikey took off for the parking lot. So I am chasing him and yelling at the other dogs to lie down which of course they did not .  I have no idea where Mikey thought he was going but he was moving at  fast little walk. By the time I caught him, and he ducked away from me once, Dare was all the way up to the warehouse building. Good thing they are dog friendly, but I called and he came tearing across the parking lot and we all went into the field for some running. I had to keep a line on Mikey because he wasn't going to stay with us at all.

Then back to the campground and I watched a Doc Martin show on netflix and played on the computer all afternoon.  I just turned the AC on because I couldnt' get it to cool down in here much.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and cool.  It will be good to work dogs , but cold for me.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday -travel day

  I left at 8:30 and I was going  to stop but it just wasnt' that far to Al and so I pushed thru. I got here about 4pm and set up , but had a little trouble with the sewer pipe. Suffice to say, You don't want to walk back there.

It's still nice and warm here , in the 70's.  Another gorgeous day .  And the ride was great.  Traffic was light and everything went nice and smooth. However that damn GPS .  I got off the exit to Dothan and it said keep right and when I did , it said make a U turn and when I did , it told me to do it again. it was confused and I felt like a dancer going around in circles.

Dare wouldn't get in the crate this morning so I offered the front seat and he got in there, but he was so nervous and fidgety and was drooling so much that he was distracting me so I stopped and carried him to the crate and put him in. He is exhausted right now while the other dogs are ready to go.

I am parked right next to the dog walk area, but unfortunately it is not fenced in. bummer. I have a trailer on each side, but they look empty so that's good.

Dinner SAt night

Forgot to blog That we went to a seafood restaurant known for catfish and  I had a fried plate of catfish, scallops,clam strips,frogs legs, turtle and alligator.  Frankly it all tasted the same except the catfish .  It was all very good.

On the way to Alabama

  It sure is pretty here in the morning. sky is clear and the " sun " is out and it's semi warm or semi cool  whichever way you want to look at it. Strange birds are making strange noises and it's just darn nice.

The trailer is all closed up and ready to be hooked up and then we will get on the road.  It looks to be only a 7 hr drive.  So maybe I can do some touristy thing on the way?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trial Fla 2011 Asher Dell Farm

The trial is over and we did ok.  Not great , not even good, just ok.The sheep were dead dog broke and way too heavy  for B course dogs.  Dare won Std B yesterday and 2nd today.  Dually got excused yesterday and we got thru the class but no Q today.  He screwed up the outrun lift and fetch royally(no pun intended)
Dare Q'd both ADV A duck classes.We will have a Masters title in no time. LOL
Dually Q'd both days in STD A ducks.   But in Std B ducks we got excused both days. Well yesterday we got excused and he grabbed ducks today and I thought I heard a thank you but apparently really didn't but I leashed him up anyway and we woudn't have Q'd at any rate.

I don't know if I like AKC stuff. Seems like a lot of waiting around like agility. Probably should have entered Dare in ADV A sheep . should coulda woulda.

I am pulling out tomorrow sometime and going to a campground somewhere and finishing up on Tues. Norma   has to go someplace tomorrow so no point in hanging around.  We talked about bringing my sheep down here and using them here for 3 mos and then trucking them home.  I would have to buy or rent some sort of home while I was here.  Food for thought.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2 at Norma's in ST Cloud

  Slept well last night.  I think I like melatonin.  Puts me out pretty quickly with no aftereffects.  I think my cold is finally running it's course.  I feel better and I am not coughing as much.

So we went to Sherry Lee's to work the dogs today.  What a nice place. Big huge flat grassy fields.  So big that when I sent Dually for an outrun, I had to call him back in because I have no idea where he was going.  Dare on the other hand was up close and personal as usual. They both did poorly and Sherry smartly changed the light sheep for duds after the first outrun.  However , I am not sure if that was our problem or hers. I wasn't letting my dog control them yet, because the outrun was so bad and the sheep kept running back to the repen. But the heavier sheep helped a bit. The outruns were still lousy and Dare was sniffing and doing a lot of avoidance behavours.   Dually was actully pretty fine.  The outrun was too  big but I can deal with that. However he wouldn't finish the outrun. He kept stopping short.  Guess I need to find some bigger fields.  So today's practice only cost me $50 .Yesterday's was $90.  I would go broke down here.

Norma and I talked about the possibility of me staying down here for 3 or 4 months next year.  It's an intersting thought.  The weather is pretty darn nice here.  

The dogs are enjoying the pond out back .

Day at Norma's

We left Amy’s about 10am today and Dare didn’t want to leave.  I had to trick him into getting in the car. Well I had to trick him into coming out from underneath the trailer or wherever he was hiding. I went to the gate into the livestock pens, but to be nice. I let him gather up the goats and bring them and then drive them off and then I caught him and we had a fight about getting into the car.  He liked being at Amy’s house and so did I . Wonderful people and fun to play card games with. Next year will be my year for a possible win.  Right Amy?

It took me a little over an hr to find Norma’s house in ST Cloud and I pulled in and parked and unhooked and set up the trailer.  The dogs have a wonderful fenced in yard with a big pond in it to play in. I didn’t’ let Mikey in there because I thought he might drown.  They are all wet and smelly tonight.

So around noon , I loaded everybody up again and we went off to find Norma’s veterinary clinic.  I didn’t know it was hers but soon found out the whole sordid story.  She is a glutton for punishment.  We chatted for about an hr and then I took off the find Judith Kelly’s place in Malabar.  It was a good hr from the clinic.  Beautiful place though.  I needed to work the dogs  there a little before the trial there on Sat,Sun.  Good thing   I did because Dare was his usual “ Where am I and what am I doing here for his first fews runs. I worked ducks in the duck arena and then took them both onto B  course where we worked on outruns. They both cut in badly so we fixed that and then worked on Dare’s pace a little.   It was in the 70’s and the dogs were a little hot.

I finally got the water in the holding tank to work but , there is still some sort of short when I turn on a light, the heater fan goes on.  It did turn off this time, but weird. No it’s not off, I can hear it turning on and gearing up and gearing down.  Now it’s the 3 light switches as you walk in the door and then the bathroom light seemed to turn it on today too.

I’m waiting for Norma to come home so we can go out and get some food.