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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dually Rallies!!

He was feeling poorly until this afternoon.  We went out to Tufts this am to pick up some heart pills because I was out  and now he will be on 3 a day instead of 2.  I'm hoping that picks him up a bit.  While at Tufts a guy came over to talk to us and he barely whined at him, but a few hrs later we were picking up a sheep and someone he knew was there and he was non stop talking to her.  We napped this afternoon and he just tried to beg my whole dinner and he is throwing toys at me again.  So I should be able to sleep tonight and not stay up and worry about him.

Going outside now to work cows.  The little cows are great to build my confidence and Kips.  The new pup will get to work these as soon as he gets here.  fun

Edge got stepped on and rolled and he ran a cow into a fence and it broke the fence post.  Geez he's a bulldozer.

Kip did well. But if a cow looks at him even 30 ft away he wants to turn tail and run.  Of course he does that for all stock except maybe ducks so I can't blame the cows.

The sheep and goats got into my garden and ate most of the weeds, the peppers, the beans but left the tomatoes and the zuke.


Dually is having a bad night.  So of course I am wondering if it's the last night. He has been having a great last couple of weeks. He was alert and active throughout the clinic and the trial and today my sister and her dog came to visit and he was happy to see them and followed Sadie around the yard.  We drove out to Tufts to pick up some meds but of course they put them up incorrectly so I am supposed to go back out first thing this am.  On the way home he did not want to lie down but he rested his head on the dash and stood up almost falling down several times.  When I got in bed he did not want to come upstairs. He finally came up after I insisted but he stood around and sorta looked at me out of the corner of his eye. He came on the bed when I asked but did not feel like giving kisses and soon jumped off.  He is awake this am but he has not gotten up yet. It's early for anybody I guess.
Is he going to rally?  I dont' know. But I don't have arrangements if he does not. Annie has changed practices and she is no longer close by. She will come and do it if  I can get in touch with her but I don't have her home number and she is not always on facebook to message. There is a mobile vet that I can call but I have never used her and there is my large animal vet who is close by and I think he would do it for me.  He's ok with large animals but not sure about dogs.

NO suffering allowed. He's been too good a friend and very very special to me. He has taken me to places I never imagined I would go and allowed me to make friends who are all very dear to me. Dually has opened doors that would forever have been closed. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Barn Hunt

I spent all day at a barnhunt yesterday.  Dually had 2 senior runs and Edge had 2 Master run.  In Dually's first run he found 2 rats and started to paw at a tube.  I was waiting to see more commitment and the judge told me I had to call it or call him off. I was thrown off guard and I called it and it was just a tube.   Ok Hmmm on to the next run.  4 rats and we are looking hard.  He finds the first 3 and we are searching for the last one and he finally finds it and I call it with 1/10 of a second to spare. 16 dogs in that class and only 3 q'd and none in the first class. I wonder if there was something wrong with the hay.
 Edge found 3 rats in his class and I kept looking and we timed out.  My Bad. The 2nd class he found 3 rats and I know he had covered the whole area so I said Clear and we were right!  Got a leg.  Edge is very accurate.  I found this weekend that I need to stay back and not point or ask anything. If I ask if it's a rat then they both assume I know what I am talking about and pounce out it. So I am leaving it totally  up to them and that worked a lot better.  I did not stay for awards and got home at 9 pm anyway. 

Not sure when the next trial will be