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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Banquet Slide show pic

This will be at the banquet slide show at Nationals.   Took me forever to figure out how to do it, but I am pretty pleased with this. I can do better next time. The red ribbon thing is not my first choice but I was under pressure to get it done.

Monday, September 28, 2015

4 day Jan Wesen Clinic

WOW  just WOW.

What a great clinic and so challenging.   So many advanced handlers and dogs really pushing the limits.   What a great way to get ready for Finals and Nationals which I leave for next week.

Edgie went flying again on a cow.  He has got to learn to bite and let go not hold on.  Cindy adjusted his neck, ribs,sternum, head etc.  He did some really nice work.  What a good boy. 

Dually had his own challenges.  We worked 4 days on trying to get him to take an away to me command when I said it.  He fought us tooth and nail. He was better this morning because we worked before I took Jan to the airport.  We also worked on him staying behind and holding the line.  Tough work.

I can't believe I leave for Finals next week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's 3 am

  Well this is getting old.  waking up all night and not being able to get back to sleep.  Not sure its' good to take benadryl  every night.

Cows have arrived for the upcoming clinic. I have not had time to work them.  5 little ones and one bigger one. Her name is Muffin and she has been here before.

I've been working on my front landscaping. Today after lessons, I went and bought some granite pavers to make a wall in the front with. I did the big wall section and tomorrow I will finish the side that is smaller.  Those suckers are heavy.  It looks ok. I maybe should have curved the wall. Not sure.

I'm getting puppy updates daily which is making me anxious to meet the new guy.  He has no name yet.  How does Ten sound?  He's my 10th dog.

Edge has been doing some nice work out back on the sheep.  He is not so sticky in getting them and his walk up has improved.  The shake can helped with that.   Kip is so nice and natural, I need to work him more to establish more of a relationship.  Maybe when I get to Florida this year.  I can't wait to go down there.  I want to see my house and see how it feels to live there.

Ok going to go turn on the tv and see if that puts me to sleep.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


  I have the best dentist.  He is great fun but he usually does cause me some pain. Ok Maybe he is not all that great, but he's very cute.  I had an appt last night for 6:45 and I got there late because of a huge backup on the Turnpike.   He still had me come in.   I had a cracked filling and it turns out an enormous cavity below.   He was concerned that I would not feel well this am.  But I am right as rain and oh so thankful, because the next thing was a root canal.  NOT

 Today Gail and I went to the Brimfield flea market. From 11-4.  We stopped for lunch at Francesco's and then continued shopping.  Prices were high on stuff.  I did manage to buy motorcycle boots , heavy leather for $20.   And I got 2 industrial styled stools for the kitchen.  I will have to do some work on them but they will be cool.  

The dogs missed me and were bored all day.   Right now it's raining out and we need it so badly.  Off to bed because I did not get much sleep last night.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Worked all 3

 I worked Kip first.  Yesterday I decided I would just bring him in and  see how bad a gate sort would be.  I did not even tell him to but he came up to the gate to hold the sheep off for me.  So I tried it again today. Same thing.  Nice job Kippy Kippy cow cow.

Then I worked Dually on the corner exercise.  He was not himself.  I think Kip has something to do with it.  I guess I need to lock Kip in the house whenever I work Dually. 

Edge worked the corner exercise very nicely. Then I did a couple of flanks and outs and quit.

Now I have to decide if I want to go to Ct and knock on some strangers door and see if they will let me cut some of their bamboo.

Friday, September 4, 2015


I finally decided to do something with them.  I made peach habanero jam tonight. Not sure if it set or if it's any good,but I made it.

I went to Ocean State today and picked up a hammock for the Fla house and some a bath mat and an outside mat and some shower squeegees. Will buy more as I think of stuff.  Might be a cheap place to buy down there but I dont' know where it is yet.,

I went to the eye surgeon this am and she confirmed I need surgery to open up my tear ducts.  I guess the drill a hole in the nose bone and put tubes in and made a new drainage pipe.  She said a week with no nose breathing. can't wait.  NOT.   I can't schedule this till after Nationals.  1 month recovery and then they take the tubes out. That can't be pleasant.  None of it will be pleasant, but maybe I will be able to see again afterwards and go outside in the cold and wind without tears running down my face.

The sheep escaped this afternoon when I was moving the tractore so I sent Edge for them. He pushed them back around the outside of the arena and then tried to figure out how to get them back. Dare would have brought them back and at a very brisk pace.  Edge is not Dare.  Dually would have brought them back too. And I think Kip would have.