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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Dually was not taking his away to me flanks at all and I think it has to do with the work I did earlier this week in getting ducks out of the corner on the away to me flank. He's getting back at me. I will have to fix that and work on his pace because he is just too darn fast and pushy. He did get an 86 and 2nd place but not sure if that will include any CH pts until they run the ADV A sheep dogs. I came home early and left Betty to run Fios and Peak in INT sheep on her own. I did run Fios in STD ducks for his last leg and he won the class with an 86. It was not pretty. But Betty got all the way around the course with Peak and got her first qualifying score in ADV A DUCks. Whoooo whooooo!!!!! RESULTS: Dually 2nd place in ADV A ducks and 3 CH pts which brings him to 10 Peak and Betty 4 th place in INT sheep and Fios 5th place INT sheep for their first legs.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I ran Fios first today in INT sheep. He didn't to too badly although we did not Q. He was bit oblivous to my flanking commands when they were off balance. I can fix that. I also ran him in STD ducks and got his 2nd leg with 2nd place. I ran Dually in ADV A ducks and won the class with an 82 which was good enough for 4pts today. I was really not happy with his run. His outrun was close and narrow. He brought them up the line weaving like a drunken sailor. He turned them around at the Y and the Z was good but then he didn't cover on the corner and we almost lost them going to the hold pen. I tried a new method of getting them out of the pen. It needs perfecting. I sent him to the back and stood with him and when they came out a put him between me and the pen on an away to me and if he had covered it would have been great. He let them string out and we had to get them together to get to number 4. He missed the cross drive panels but i kept on going and she didn't like that we had a retreat at the hold. I guess he was not out and off in the perfect postion. All in all, I just felt that it was sloppy and we need to be better. Tomorrow is another day and I might just send him on a go bye and see if that helps.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I started with Edgie this morning because he is entered in everything in the farm trial and I realized I had never done any pens with cows with him. Geez he is easy easy easy. I just said get in and gave him a flank and he did it. He was a little reluctant to go in but geez I fight every day with Dare about going into a small pen and Edgie was nothing like that kind of fight. It was just, yes you will go in and he said oh ok. I also was unsure if he would gather a 5 cows since we had never done that either. At first I was worried because I sent him as soon as we walked into the arena and he just drove them away from us. So I stepped up and helped him around and after that he just did it. I sent him the full length of the arena but stepped half way to help him and he did just fine. He knows what get back means and he doesn't do stupid go to the head moves to turn them like Dare and Dually both do. He is still building confidence but once he does, he will be hard to beat. Then I worked Dually on ducks. I had to work the corner again. He did not want to turn away on his away to me flank and get in the corner and take them out yesterday. He kept coming in shallow and holding them. I worked it yesterday and actually today, he did not try to hold them but he wasn't going deep enough for me. I worked it for a while and then we worked on the AKC crossdrive because we have a trial this weekend. He is a great dog too. calm and deliberate and never looks at me but does listen. Dare worked too. At first he was very sloppy on his flanks, but we worked on it and he got better and we both left happy. I was pleased with all of them today and I can't always say that.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Busy weekend

Sat I had lessons all morning and then ERin came over to help with the electric fence. So I worked from 7am to 6pm. We got the fence already to go and connected it to the controller and then let the goats in to try to damage my tree and so we could be entertained when they got zapped for the first time but nothing happened. big disappointment. we tried to troubleshoot but I still don't now what is wrong with it. Sunday I had a clinic here with 7 new people. We had a catahoula and a toller , 3 BC's , one aussie and Bernese MOuntain dog. We saw talent in all of them . The aussie tried to eat a couple of ducks. She would not let go. Not much damage.. It was a fun group and I enjoyed doing it but today(monday)I couldnot get out of my own way I was so tired. It's 9pm and I had a nap and went out for ice cream and I am feeling more awake now. Yesterday after the clinic I worked Edge in the control pen on the cows. He is a cool little dog. You want me to bite heads MOm no problem, You want them to move faster MOm no problem, I will bite heels too. ON command sometimes not on command. He got kicked and stepped on a bunch of times, but it didn't turn him off. It did make him a tiny bit more cautious. I have and AKC trial this coming weekend and then I have my farm trial the weekend after. I have lots of stuff to get done between now and then. Gotta clean the house and the trailer so the judge has a place to stay. yardwork. course set up. I would like to set up the course now, but I still have some students that want to run the AKC course this week. I need to work the A course with Dually on ducks. There are 11 adv A dogs runnning. It would be nice to pick up some points.