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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reason strangely reasons

So yesterday , REason had no contact with the other dogs and I had him tied to me all day. He cried everytime the leash tightened up but he got with the program and today he was much better. I am also getting eye contact and he wants to be with me today.  He is coming when called when there are no distractions.  I worked on sit and down and stand.  I also worked on trading bones or whatever for food since he seems to be a little possessive.  I put rocks in his food bowl to slow him down from gulping his food and I put my hand in and gave his treats while he was eating.  All went well. The only time I had an issue was leaning over out of my chair and touching his front feet he growled at me so of course he got a lot more foot touching. And I looked at his teeth, no problem. 

I was making my dinner he he was freaking out like there was something biting him. crying and biting at his butt, but of course you can't see anything on him.  I think it was a fire ant, but it's interesting that none of the other dogs have ever reacted at least that I have seen. 

Posey and he got to play this am in the outdoor kennel and they were a muddy mess.  I think he needs both time with me and time with her. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018


I got the newest puppy on Fri am at the Orlando airport.  His name is REason and he paid no attention to me when he came out of the crate and was very standoffish. He was excited to see Edge in the car, but not excited about people.

So for 2 days I have allowed him to interact with all the dogs. Edge nailed him once. He is very persistent and annoying. He and Posey play pretty rough, but I don't really know if that is normal or not.  He has growled at me and he bit me in the face this afternoon.  No provocation and no warning. Kinda scary at his age.  So I have decided that he longer gets to roam freely and interact whenever he wants with the other dogs. I have put a collar on him and he will be attached to me for a while and go wherever and whenever I go.  So far he does not like that.  He is very vocal when things don't go his way. A little tug on the leash and he half cries like he is being hurt.

When he was running free, he would go to the sheep pen and sit and stare at them.  It didn't matter what the other dogs were doing , he was mesmerized.

He also did not seem to know his name, does not know sit or down or come or how to walk on a leash. He is smart though and hopefully will get with the program quickly.  My biggest concern is his disdain for me.  That will never work.  I don't have to kiss him but he has to want to be with me.

I wish it was warmer this week, because taking him outside first thing in the am on a leash is going to suck!