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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reason strangely reasons

So yesterday , REason had no contact with the other dogs and I had him tied to me all day. He cried everytime the leash tightened up but he got with the program and today he was much better. I am also getting eye contact and he wants to be with me today.  He is coming when called when there are no distractions.  I worked on sit and down and stand.  I also worked on trading bones or whatever for food since he seems to be a little possessive.  I put rocks in his food bowl to slow him down from gulping his food and I put my hand in and gave his treats while he was eating.  All went well. The only time I had an issue was leaning over out of my chair and touching his front feet he growled at me so of course he got a lot more foot touching. And I looked at his teeth, no problem. 

I was making my dinner he he was freaking out like there was something biting him. crying and biting at his butt, but of course you can't see anything on him.  I think it was a fire ant, but it's interesting that none of the other dogs have ever reacted at least that I have seen. 

Posey and he got to play this am in the outdoor kennel and they were a muddy mess.  I think he needs both time with me and time with her. 

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