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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farm Trial

  The Farm Trial was last Sat and the sheep entries were full and the duck entries were not.  I was worried about the course I had set out , but almost everyone qualified and did very well with the sheep. There was only one running sheep incident and that was with crazy legs who has to be worked gently anyway.  No crashing sheep and the rule about knocking off pumpkins on the fenceposts made people more aware of going thru the gates thoughtfully.

The first run was a little hairy until the stock handlers figured out the best way to do it and kept the dogs back there to a minimum. They ended up doing a fantastic job. Laura,Nat and Kathy.

The duck trial was fun and funny.  We had to do a duck sort which was not as easy as I had anticipated.  And the ribbon pull on the ducks was downright hard. Especially since the ducks would not keep the ribbons on. By the time I got to the ribbon pull , I only had one duck with a ribbon so he was my choice. I nearly fell over the chute to get the ribbon off. Hopefully no pics were taken.

It went very well over all and I think eveybody enjoyed themselve. Dare finished his Open FTDs title and the boys both  got their first Open FDTd legs.

I think I would do it again. It was more fun than an arena trial.

Friday, October 14, 2011


 We needed a get your head out of your ass and get to work God today to help Dare on sheep. I don't know where his head was at,but it wasn't on working sheep.  The water in the arena was everywhere and the sheep were not cooperative, but we got them up to panel 1 and then Dare lost interest and started to wander around while the sheep did the cross drive themselves and then I got him back to me and sent him on a big gobye to bring the sheep thru panel2 .  He did  and he went into hyperdrive and turned them to me at the center pen  and then sorta got lost again.  I couldn't get the gate open fast enough so the sheep were sort of holding it half open . I had to walk around the pen and push the sheep myself so I could get the gate open.  He just stood there holding his side, but it honestly felt like he was not mentally in the game.  I felt I could have penned them without him and I'm sure the judge felt the same way.   I was embarassed by the run even though people outside thought it was great.  Hmmm not sure what they were watching.

But his first run of the day was on cattle and he really was turned on.  He was truly working cattle the way they needed to be worked and I was in awe. He was hitting heads on one and when he turned that one he started on the next one. The only problem was that he was really working for himself and not really for me. Still I was impressed.

Dare's duck run was ok, Not perfect and we had a bit of trouble at the center pen but we got them all in and repenned.  I didn't stay for awards.

Dually was horrible on cattle. Hitting the heads and turning them and not bringing them anywhere. I retired the run.  His Sheep run was impossible. The group of sheep we had got caught 3 times in the corner of panel 1 and wouldn't go thru the opening because of the water.  He held the pressure about 10 ft away but every time I asked him to walk up 1 step more , he blew.  Nonetheless, when I called That'll do he came and didnt' blow thru once.  So I retired him too.

His Duck run was pretty good. Cant' remember details. Got the center pen.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

new sorting gate

  I bought a 2 way sorting gate from Premier so I would have it for the farm trial in 2 weeks.  Well  I have been thinking about how to set it up for 2 weeks since I got it here. I finally decided to put it temporarily right where they are going to have to do a sort for the trial. I was unsure how it would work there because it is really designed to go on a fence line and not butt up to another gate.  Well a friend and I set it up and then added some  8ft panels to make a chute and it works beautifully.  I have been playing with it for 2 days.  It's amazing how quickly my  dogs learned to put the sheep in the chute without my saying anything.  Now if I can get Dare to stop  pushing them through it a full speed, I may have something. Dually did fine at it.

    I also went out to train a bit in the arena tonight.   I worked on some stops and outs with Dare and then tried to pen the "light" sheep in the free standing pen.  We got 3 in but it was tough going.

I worked with Dually too and worked the pen and after a rocky start , we got all 4 in and then we quit on a high note.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bees and one tough dude!

    It's no wonder I have such a hard time with Dare.  He is one tough cookie.  I was sorting some sheep today and he started to bite at himself. I brushed off a bee that was biting him and sent him back to hold the sheep. He went but while he was going he was biting at his front leg.  He never stopped though. I called him to me and brushed off 2 more that were stinging him and off he went to fetch the sheep.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

PWCC AKC trial yesterday

    It was a beautiful day,unlike today's rainy weather. I had only entered Dare in the trial. I guess I was trying to save money that week.I'm trying to finish Dare's ADV sheep title.  We had a really good run up till the cross drive and then we couldn't hold it together.  I tried to send him against the fence and he took it but wouldn't stop after he got them thru the cross drive panels so he turned them back to me and then I tried to get him to take a go bye and save it to 5 but he wouldn't and went away again. It was kind of a  mess. I asked if it was an attempt at 5 and the judge said yes so I took it and repenned them. We lost more than 1/2 the cross drive points so didn't Q.

The duck run on call ducks was better. He was doing everything I asked except really stopping. Going really really slow though.  step by step inch by inch slowly he turned and then he couldn't stand it anymore and pounced, but that was after the hold pen. We had some trouble again at the crossdrive and he dove in again but again we didn't get called on it. We repenned and won the class and High in Trial too. Go figure.  But it was a 3 pt major towards his Herding championship so I'll take it!!