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Thursday, June 28, 2012

busy day

Up earlyish to make it into Worcester to pick up the Aerosmith tickets that I won on a local radio station.  Can't go because i will be at a clinic in Maine, but maybe my sister and brother in law will want  them. I'm still waiting to hear. And then to the hospital to get blood drawn again to find out if the first test was a mistake. Ha ha no suck luck i'm sure.  
And then to obedience class which was great since there were only 2 of us and Dare was not stressed by any other male dogs being there. Both dogs did really well and it was fun.  Dare seems to have the stand for exam down pat while Dually is still dancing around(goofball).

Home and a bunch of lessons and then dinner out with a student.  good food and conversation.  nice day all in all.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Awesome duck panels!


My next puppy was born yesterday.  He is black and his name is Edge of Darkness. He is one of 5 almost all black boys.  I dont' know which one he is yet.  He is another Mr Man puppy. I hope he has the same unbelievable talent that Dare has. Can't wait to meet him.

Cancer again --really

Geez What is with this stuff. You think it's gone and you forget about it and go on living and then bam it's back.  I'm not a happy camper.  No idea what this will mean for me. I'm repeating the blood test tomorrow and I am being scheduled for a whole body MRI to see if they can find where it metastasized to.

But on the living side, We finished the duck panels today and they are just lovely.
 I worked Dare early today and he did the same thing that he does on the cross drive in the ADV A akc course so I now have a way to work on it. I was working him about 75 ft away from behind the fence and I asked  for an away to me which he gave me and then I just wanted him to stop which he would not do before he turned the sheep to me.  Ok no problem I can work on that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Sorry I haven't been writing, but I lost my password and was too lazy to look it up and I figured nobody was reading anyway. But it turns out my sister reads to if nobody else does, then I will write for her.
 Why are there so many bugs out there tonight when it is so darn cool  out. I have a fleece on and it was not enough. I took the dogs out back for a final walk and checked on the cows(they are still there and that is a good thing) and the mosquitos were hot and heavy. I practically ran back to the house, but anybody who knows me knows I really didn't.  ;-).

Today we finished painting the duck panels lavender. They are BEEEYOOO tiful..  I am not finished putting them together yet. I need to cut some new plastic lattice and I need some eye hooks and then I will be done and I can put my duck arena back together and start using it again.

Betty came and worked Fios on the down for the 2nd time this week and he actually did 4 or 5 in a row. Sunday , he would not do that.  He is maybe starting to question her less, I hope. We will keep doing it until they get it.

Kathy came and worked Ben on the ASCA course, mostly on the crossdrive and a little  penning.   And then worked Tru on the sheep.  We had her put the sheep in the chute so I could doctor one of them and she really liked that. We let her bite and push.

Friday, June 1, 2012

LIttle lambie

   I have a little black lamb that appears to be dying. It's weak and skin and bones but it's eating and pooping , but it ignores me and the dogs and I have been keeping it in the yard away from the sheep. They bump it and it falls down or they head butt it and it can't get up quickly.  So  I gave it a shot of Penicillin tonight and we'll see if it makes any difference. If it does, I should have done it 2mos ago, but to be honest, I have thought there was something wrong with this lamb since it was born.

We worked the cows this am in the 10 0 by 100.  Dually fetched them and he drove them and he dove in a few times as per normal.  Jan says she has a way to fix that and I can't wait to try it. It involves a few people and a lot of pressure.  Sounds like fun.

The ASCNE stock trial opened today so I wonder if I will get some entries tomorrow.  I hope we fill it this year since we opted to get a 2nd judge.  Well it will be fun no matter what.

Ok good news.  Tempe is preggers with minimum 7 pups.  Hope there is one there for me.