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Monday, June 19, 2017

catch up

I almost panicked tonight b ecause I though Journey ate the cap off a Iced tea bottle, but I finally found it. That's all he needs is major sugery.  BTW his nose seems to be doing really well. I just gave him the last antibiotic for an infection that popped up 2 weeks ago. You could smell something vile in his nose.  No smell anymore, but who knows where that came from .  Might have been an abcess breaking open although there was no discharge.  Anyway nose looks good and for the most part he can keep it clean and open himself. And on a high note, he seem to be learning how to open the doggie door without my help although he still does not understand he can come and go when he wants. He waits for me to call him in and let him out.  BUT he is definitely house broken. He scratches at the nearest door when he wants to go out\. Not ideal but better than the alternative.

I had surgery on my tear ducts on Thurs. It went pretty easily. In at 6:15 and home by 10:30. NO pain to speak of, but the tubes they put in are a little uncomfortable and I want to rub my eyes and I can't.  Tubes will be in for a month if I don't pull it out (by accident of course).I  put this surgery  off 4x  and finally decided I had to go thru with it. I hope if fixes my eyes. I hate them being wet all the time and not being able to see clearly.

My cows are really working very nicely this year.  They are small and the dog got them in line pretty quickly.  They did challenge at first , but Kip bit and Edge bit and they decided turning away was a smarter option.
I spend a great deal of my outside time killing gypsy moth caterpillars. THey  are so disgusting and there are so many of them. Today I got a spray in the mail and I can spray the peach tree and the shade trees I planted and hopefully save them.

I am doing 2 clinics here in Aug.  My first time doing a clinic. It will be fun. One is going to  be all  beginner Shelties and the other will be dif breeds and dif levels. I might try and schedule a clinic with Jean Barrett too in Sept. I haven't talked to her about it yet.