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Monday, November 20, 2017

I"ve been remiss

    I finally have decent wifi here in Fla. so that will allow me to post more hopefully.

The dogs keep coming in smelling like shit.  I thought it was something dead, but now I think it is shit they are either rolling in or more likely falling in.  I guess  I need to go out and clean up their yard, but that does not explain Kip coming in smelling bad.  It's not nice.

Tomorrow is my 2nd meeting with the LOWES people re: my new kitchen.  I have decided on cabinets and backsplash, sink, lighting , and faucets. I'm still undecided on countertop and flooring and island. They are very eager to do a LOT of stuff which I am putting the brakes on.

My trailer stinks since Stacey left last week. She had a dog get sick in there and it is obviously not cleaned up adequately. Problem is I can't see anything but I sure can smell it. Apparently a dog ate a bunch of dog food and puked a lot.

I picked up a bookcase at Carriage Trade today and left them my 2 bathroom mirrors that were so disturbing to me. HUGE.  I also picked up a really nice outside lounge chair to lie in the sun. Can't wait to use it.

Dogs are bored with no livestock to work. I will start looking when I get back from Mass. I have to go back and pick more stuff up, make sure house is ready to close and come back. Long trip and the car feels like it is doing a lot of vibrating.