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Monday, March 28, 2016

The outside shower

 I love the idea of showering outside and it has been warm  enough lately to do that. Last week I bought a shower curtain and spring rod because the opening of the shower faces the road albeit farish away.  I either had to shower in the dark or buy a curtain.
Now the first time I used it I stepped onto something squishy which I thought was leaves. NOT.  It was a frog.  Better than a snake which would render the shower forever useless.
Tonight I had to beat the tree frogs in and out of the house door or I would be chasing tree frogs all over my bedroom.  Maybe this shower was not meant to be used regularly.  I think it was built for the hot tub that is no longer here.

Got the trailer ready for a guest this week today.  Took a trip to the dump, library, dollar store and grocery store.

I have my paperwork all done for the AHBA trial June 27 and just waiting for  someone to proofread it and then I can send it tomorrow I hope.  Check that off the list .

Dually is feeling very good today.  No growling, just whining like he wants to go out and do something.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Boring Defensive Driving class

 i had to leave at 6;30 this am to get to the class in Wesley Chapel.  It was supposed to be an 8 hr class but it only lasted 6 with an hr for lunch. Works for me.  I got home much earlier than anticipated.  I asked my neighbor to let the dogs out. I had left them inside because of thunderstorms today.  She let them out and I texted and asked did she put them back in . Yes Kip was in his crate ad Edge and Dually were loose in the house.  When I got home Dually was in the crate and Kip and Edge were loose. I guess I should have told her how to tell them apart.

I sent the completion cert in to the court and soon I will pay the fine and that will be over with until I get my increased insurance bill next year.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Productive Day

I had a lesson scheduled this am and she brought me a really nice desk to trade for lessons.  It works for me. 

Then after they left, I worked Edge and Kip quietly and only worked a couple of minutes each. They did good work and I quit. 

Then I vacuumed the house, went outside and read for a while on the deck.  I watered plants and planted 3 new plants  One is a hibiscus.  The other 2 are vines. 1 is a pretty flower and the other is going to be fragrant.  Can't remember their names.

Then Dually and I used the golf cart to go around the fields with the brush cutters and cut the stuff growing up threw the fence. There is a bad weed here that is all big thorns and grows really big.  I cut down a bunch of those but I need to round up the stumps.

I blew the leaves and sand off the desk and almost started on painting the dressers again but my thumb hurts after cutting the brush so I quit for the day.

Monday, March 21, 2016

good to be home --south

  The weekend trial was pretty much a flop. the cows won.  Edge was an ass.  Big training holes. He finished his ADVd title and I could see a huge flaw in that training too.  I handled around it to a 2nd place finish.   I left early yesterday and got on the road by 12:30 and home by 8:30. 
This morning was cold cold cold and windy too.  I unloaded the frig in the trailer and got the laundry ready to take to laudromat.  I went about noon and then to the library and grocery store.  I picked up some corned beef and cabbage and put it on the stove as soon as I got home. It was ready around 6 and I have been overeating since then.

I took Edge out to work the goats.  I used shake cans with him tonight to get my flanks.  It confused him a  bit but I think we worked it out.

I worked Kip too and I think I have to be quieter and calmer with him than I have been. He seems to flinch when I give him commands so that makes me believe I am sounding too harsh with him.

Dually played a lot of ready set go and he is overtired.  He has been growling at me a lot tonight.  Never sure if he is growling at me or the dogs outisde,but tonight he was inthe back bedroom no whre near the other dogs and I reached down to pet him and he growled.  No doubt it was at me then.  Poor guy just doesn't feel right.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I slept in this am and packed leisurely since I had a short trip to my next stop. I carefully checked stairs before I left.  Everything looked good.  I was on my way up an incline and I heard a loud clunk.  really loud. I stopped immediately and got out to look.  The trailer hitch pin was gone and the hitch was hanging by a thread and the trailer was being held to the car only by the chains.  Yikes.  I quickly put chocks under the trailer wheels and block of wood since I want' sure the chocks would hold and I didn't want to be running after my rolling trailer yelling STOP TRAILER i COMMAND YOU TO STOP!.   I managed to get the trailer jacked up and took of the stabilizers and then wiggled the hitch out completely so I could get at the chains which were taut.   I got everything unhitched and then had to hitch it all back again.  I did find another pin to hold it in there fairly quickly but now I need to get a back up one.  geez scary.  
Then I went up to dump my tanks and I realized my antenna was up and I could not wind it down.  Something inside had broken earlier and now I knew the result. The canp office sent someone up with a ladder and we were able to get it down with me inside and him up on top.  The rest of the drive was uneventful.  We went over to Cheryls to work ducks and cattle but all I really wanted to do was take a nap.  I'm very tired.  up early tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

cattle lessons

When the clinic commenced, Cindy and I decided to go take a few cattle lessons with Rick Hardin. We went yesterday and today.  Edge showed his stuff by biting the side of the neck and getting tossed and rolled. Rick was not impressed.LOL.   Kip got to work too and he did a pretty nice job .  I was happy with him. He still doesn't want to confront heads but he it is easier and easier to hold him in there and back him up.  He did some really nice quiet sneaking up behind them and squaring his corners without getting kicked. If he gets kicked it will be hard to get him back on cows I think.   Today we set Edge up on a line and allowed a cow to turn back on him and Rick held the line and all I did was tell him to stay and when that cow lowered her head he hit her in the head hard.  maybe that is why he would rather hit somewhere else, it probably hurts to try to bit a cow in the forehead. He needs to hit the nose. Rick suggested keep him from biting anything for 6 mos.  I think I can do that. Not totally sure though.

I am going to try and go back for a couple of days on my way home from Fl. I tried to book a campground nearby and they appear to be full so I put my name on a waitlist. It's a state campground and sometimes it's impossible to get into those.

I stopped at Walmart and got my haircut and came back to campground and let the dogs run a little and then went inside and conked out on the recliner.  It's very windy out on the lake and I am really glad I put my awning in before I left this am.

Tomorrow I will move the trailer to Cartersville into a KOA and set up for the weekend trial.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Clinic is over

sorry I haven't been reporting but I have to drive 25 miles back to the campground after the clinic and to the clinic site and frankly I am just tired.
 so today , Kip was a star.  He did stuff I had no idea he could do.  He drove a group of sheep to a corner and then did an inside flank and took them out and also took an inside flank and just did a 360. Pretty advanced stuff.

Edgie  had a very hard time taking his away flank around some sheep that wanted to run.  If I remember to give him a get back before the away flank he is better. 

Dually worked ducks twice.  He is tired tonight.  He whined at me last night after we were in bed so I knew he was bored.

Tomorrow we are going someplace else to work cattle. Cindy is staying an extra day and going too.

Friday, March 11, 2016


I left after Barb and Cindy this am at 7:30.  It was relatively uneventful I did go back roads instead of going thru Atlanta . I think it would have been easier to go thru Atlanta. The back roads were long winding and not all that good. I got here at 4 and signed into the campground. They told me to go down and go left so I did and I ended up at a dead end and the playground. There was no one there but I did not have enough room to turn the trailer around so I had to back around a major corner and down a hill. Finally I got turned around and to my site only to realize there was not dump area so I drove out again and back to the check in and duumped there and then back down to set up the trailer.

It looked flat and I put the chocks going in the same direction so when I dropped it off the car it slid back a little and I almost panicked.  If it had rolled it would have gone down a steep slope into the river. Oh geez

Unpacked ate leftovers from yesterday and realized I forgot my pillow.  I took the dogs to a parking lot to run and found a dollar store and bought some pillow and some weird pillow cases. Who'd thunk they would make them from nylon material  Yuck

Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Dentist

  I had an appt today with a new dentist in Williston.  I liked her a lot.  What I did not like is they had no spit cup and used the suction the whole time.  I was not allowed any rest time to close my jaw.  I will change that the next time I go. I think she did a good job(what do I know).  She did adjust my partial so now I can chew on both sides again which I haven't done since November.

Then the boys and I did a barn hunt run thru . Edge did outstanding but Dually and I got hung up in one area. We finished but Lorri kinda had to tell me to move on. So Edge gets to run senior tomorrow for real and Dually does Open. 

I went to Walmart finally and got a new mailbox but no time to put it up today. Probably no time tomorrow am but pm for sure.

I also bought my first hibiscus which I plan to plant by the back porch someplace.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

love my golf cart

I took Edge out in the golf cart to the 5acre field to work the goats.  I wanted to work on making sure he got behind them when I sent them and not cut if front.  I succeeded in stopping him from cutting in. He did some beautiful big outruns and then I also worked on his stop when I tell you damnit.  Still needs work.

Gale called me and said they were cutting down trees did I want some firewood.  Thinking they were going to bring it over I said yes. so then she said come and get it.  Yikes.  Ok I hoofed it over there and they were ready to break for lunch so we went to lunch.  I got a free lunch. I was there at the right time.  Then they started to split the oak and I loaded up the back of the car, just one layer.  I took a little of the pine too.   I drove home and realized my mailbox was falling off. It had been but it as worse today.  I thought I would just take a few tools down there and reinforce it.  NO .  I had to pull it off and the way it is built I can't get it back on so I will have to buy a new one.  I was going to go to Walmart and do that after I unloaded the wood.  I started to unload the wood and one jumped out of the car and hit me HARD  in the ankle.  It was sore but I didn't stop to ice it until it swelled up so much I could barely walk.  It took 2 hrs to get the swelling down enough to walk again.  Sore oh boy. So it's dark now and not sure I want to go to Walmart.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

barn hunt today

   I started Kip tonight and he got it right away.  He lacks focus and he did try to pee on a hay bale but I caught him quick.  

Edge did a beautiful job on 4 tubes , no mistakes and fast finds.  I had Lorri hide them really well too because we had an issue at the last trial with tubes that were down in between bales.  hopefully he is over that now.  Dually found his 2 every time but is really tired tonight. We did a lot of ready set go today .  He almost could not jump up on a bale tonight but he rallied and did it but it was quite noticeable to me that he was having an issue. Maybe too much running today.

Called Frances Finley to see if there was any possibility of Que having another litter but she is 10 now and it does not look promising. Que is Dare's sister.