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Saturday, June 29, 2013

BC trial

Ok I got my feet wet at the BC trial today . I had hoped to show the BC people that aussies were competitive.  We did not do well. 

There was a learning run in the am followed by a real trial in the afternoon.  I ran Dare first in the am and we actually got the sheep all the way around the field into the pen.  He had a tight outrun and crappy lift  and his fetch was all over the place, but he also ringed the sheep on the fetch because they started to speed up. He did the same thing in the afternoon which makes me think we have missed something in training.  I am going to take him out and work one sheep probably tomorrow as I am a bit tired tonight.

Dually was also a bit tight on his outrun and on is lift he came in fast and they booked and ran and he started to chase and I could not catch him. He chased one sheep off towards the woods and then he came around the hill by himself. Not sure where the sheep went.  He knew I was not a happy camper and his next run started out much better, but  when we got to the pen I asked for a down and the sheep were going to walk right in and he got up and then when I flanked him around, they blew up and he started to try and gather them but they were going in 3 dif directions so I  retired him.

Pretty disappointing.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aussie Finals in Colorado

Ok I just looked at the standings and Dare will be invited to Finals on Cows and and might make the alternate list on ducks and  sheep.  Dually probably won't make any cuts.  Remember he was hurt this year and I could not trial him for a while.  And I wasn't even trying very hard.

I am not planning on going to Finals -Too far too much money and only one dog to trial.  But it will be nice to be asked.  LOL

AHBA trial over and clinic too

I have had a busy week and a half.  Roger Stevens flew in on Fri from Alabama to judge our AHBA trial which was full(40 runs).  Mary worked with me all week to get ready for the trial and the clinic.There is a lot of clean up and set up to holding a trial and a clinic.  I could not do it myself anymore.

The trial started on time but there were a lot of questions about how to do certain obstacles and where you could stand etc etc.  That was fine, It didn't put us behind schedule.  The stock handlers were impeccable and I never even thought about the stock because I knew I had 2 people who could make decisions and take care of stuff.  Not everybody qualified which is as it should be in a trial but a lot of people did and some did much better than they ever dreamed.  Dare was the first run of the day and layed down a nearly flawless level 3 run.  He was listening and was a good dog .Dually was kind of an idiot all day.  He was not listening and was fast and pushy.  I was non-competitive but Dare got a CH point in sheep which he needs and Dually got a leg each in level 3 ducks and sheep. I don't think he has his titles yet so he is not working on his CH yet.

Barb and lizzie had a great run in level 2 sheep and won the class I think. They also got a Q in level 2 .ducks. Betty and Peak won level 2 ducks whick I'm sure made her tickled pink.  Zest got a Q in level 2 ducks too. Kathy B got thru her classes level 1 sheep and ducks but no Q's yet. 

We had a pot luck for lunch which was wonderful and then an ice cream sundae party in the afternoon right before the JHD runs. Edgie had a very nice JHD run. I was very happy with him.
 I made dog beds for the HIT prizes and gave out HIT BC,AUSSIE AND OTHER.   I think they were appreciated. First place ribbons also got a rope lead and all the JHD Q'S  did too. 
Okay now the clinic.  It was amazing!! Roger was great. And even though I have worked with him a number of times at his place in the past, he was much better in a removed clinic location.  I think I learned a lot more.  We worked on slowing Bob's BC down and making Betty's Bc think walk and push at the same time. We started Barbs wildass puppy.  We put a lot of pressure on Dually and he was  better. Edgie worked on cows a number of times and Roger showed me how to teach him where to bite and where to walk the dogs to keep the cows moving forward. How not to get in a fight with a goat. Kathy B got to work on cows and Wish did a nice job moving them and then they had a pretty decisive discussion on lying down. Wish has decided recently that she doesn't have to do what Kathy asks. Bob started his puppy and right away we put him in pressure.  Donna worked goats and cows and Gel loved the cows. Eunice worked Shooter and he really did nice work with pressure and I think Eunice was ecstatic.  Cindy's pup came around and stopped biting so much.  He's a bit of a handful too.  Laura worked Snitch and she looked good.  She got kicked and rolled by the cow and had to regain some of her courage but she came back.  Dually got stomped too but he didnt' seem to notice. Tough dogs.

We are already planning on having Roger back maybe this fall but it might be hard to co-ordinate this late in the year.  Laura and I are going share airfare and he will do 3 days here  and 3 days in Maine. 

Now I have to think about the taxes again and I need to bring the trailer to get new tires and the leak in the roof fixed before I bring it to Maine in a  week.  No rest for the wicked or weary.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Poor Scared Dare

Here is a picture of what Dare did to the crate while I was out and the contractors came to work on the porch. Dare hates hammering and the sound of the skillsaw so he freaks. He did get out and Mary was in the house so she was able to keep him from getting out of the house and running away. 
Now I need 2 new crates. He wrecked another one earlier this year. I think I need some stronger crates to keep him safe.  I still have the kitchen to redo and that is going to be a lot more noise for a lot longer time.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More porch

 BAck wall on house side--replaced logs with rough pine boards that will be stained
 Tyvek being put up before the wall boards
 Front of porch --putting up siding which will be stained dark
 New siding
Front of porch with finished siding and fascia board installed and outside  outlet

Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Rainy couple of days . GEEZ

I was supposed to go to Greenfield today to take a lesson with the boys but It started to rain early afternoon and I am not going to train in the rain if I can help it so I canned the lesson.

So I put some more trim in the bedroom and moved some of the furniture around.  And then I put the towel bars up in the bathroom. I am toying with the idea of putting up the toilet paper holder but the old one appears to be a bitch to take out and the wood underneath is not going to match so maybe I wont' put it up at all.

The cows keep mooing like they are hungry. They have a bale of hay and I let them out in the arena to eat grass and I went out in the rain and gave them grain and they are still mooing.  Maybe they dont' like being left out in the rain . Too darn bad.

So tomorrow if I get help, I am going to finish the trim in the bedroom and start painting some of the bureaus.  Still too much wood up there. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Help

I had someone work for me to day who weed whacked and weeded and cleaned up the yard and I am totally happy with this, .She will be back and that makes me even happier.

Ed was not here today even though I expected him.  When I emailed him he said he told me he had to work at his real job today. I don't remember that conversation  so my bedroom trim is still not done. Maybe Tracy can finish it on Tues when she comes back.  Although I have another job in mind for her and that is to clean the trailer and get it ready for Roger. I don't want to do that job  I hate cleaning. Mind you , I would do it if I had to .  I would not let Roger stay  in a dirty place. It's not that bad , just a bit of dog hair and the bathroom needs cleaning. 

Dare and Dually worked cows today.  They work so differently. Dare is so concerned about keeping them together and Dually would be fine just working the 2 that stay together. Did I mention one cow could care less about the other 2? It certainly makes it a challenge to work them.  The little one gets to running too and that sure makes it hard to pen them.

Edge did not get to work.  sorry buddy.  He did get to go with me to my sisters for steamers and corn on the cob tonight and play a little with his cousin Magoo(a big golden).

AHBA trial is full !! Can stop stressing about that part.  Now I can stress about the actual trial.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bedroom update

 Crown moulding installed today and caulked!

bedroom floor finished --just needs stair bulnose put on

more porch work

 Beadboard ceiling and new fans and lights
Just a little more finishing
 front windows with splash board
 non rotting spashboard and new T111 siding
Beadboard wainscotting

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

cow work

I took Dually out to get the cows.  He's quieter and just different from Dare.  He took them thru the arena and the 100 by 100 to the duck arena and then into the control pen.  I worked them in there for a while. He likes cows!  He did very well and so did the cows. Dually will bite the heads, but not hold pressure. Dare will not hold pressure at all and will only bite on a run by.

And then I brought Dare out and he started out really well, but then started mixing it up and I had cows up in the air and hitting the fence and jumping over Dare.  I''m not sure how he does it, but he always ends up underneath them at some point.  When he walked behind the cows , one kept lifting her leg to kick him and she didn't do that to Dually so it must be his intent that she is reading. It's very interesting. I did not put Edge on them.  I decided I might need help keeping him where he needs to be to work them.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Edgie's attitude toward the cows

Edge thinks they are something special.. When I say cows he runs to the door.  Out in the arena he runs the fenceline when we are near the cows. He will come right off if I move away.  When I ask him to stand still and face the cows , he is not too happy.  Meanwhile Dare is hanging his head thru  the fence just standing there daring them to come and sniff him.  He would like that a lot.

I grabbed Edge by the collar and made him stand with me and told him he was a good boy and the cow came up and EDge was like a striking snake. He reached out so fast I was stunned. I don't think he reached the cow but... boy was there intent.  Then today I got him to stand there for a longer time and petted  him and told him  he was a good boy trying to get him to relax a little with the cow facing him.  He got better so I guess I will so that some more.  I dont' want him to get used to bouncing and running. 

Great lessons today.  It was cool and windy and I had 7 dogs and everybody did well .  I started an aussie puppy on goats and he was a handful.  Good luck Barb.  We will do a lot more on line work with him before we let him go again I think..  We did some penning and small flank work with Betty and her dogs.  And Tracy and her Boxer worked well together and we got thru to him today. He likes to dive in when he gets in the pressure and by backing him into a corner and raising the riot act when  he does it seems to get thru to him.

 I think Dually could use more of this but I need about 5 people to catch him in the corner. He is so quick and gets by me and the tool in a heartbeat.  Looking forward to having Roger here in a few weeks and hopefully getting thru to Dually.  I couldn;t do much with him this winter because we broke him for a while and he was lame and so some training fell by the wayside.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The cows

My new swimming pool. Look at that nice clear lovely water.

Porch progress pictures

Inside right back corner(new extension)
Dog Door and entrance(they will have a real doggie door built into this too)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

GEEz what a day-new cows

I left this am at 8:30 to drive to CT to pick up cows.  I thought I would ask him for 6 but when I got there, they were too big to fit 6 in my trailer so I stuck to the original  3..  They are about 400 to 600 lbs.  I'm not a good guesser.  They had them really halter broke so right on the edge of the road they led them in  and the cows walked right in the trailer like little troupers.  They were all facing forward so I was trying to think how to get them out when I got home but it was not an issue. When I dropped the ramp, they were all facing me and just stepped right out just as nice as could be.  Then to unhook the trailer.  Not too big of an issue but nothing ever goes right the first time.

I filled up their water tank which meant I had to drag hoses around while Dare was trying to work the cows.  I was just a little afraid that Edge would go under the gate like both DAre and Dually do now. But he either knows it's wrong or just hasn't caught on yet.  Of course , getting anything to the back pasture means 5 gates and I have to get out and open and close every darn one of them.  It's really a lot of work and today I will have to do it 3 times.  It would be nice to have a gate person and then somebody to unload of the crap I bought too. Ah well, how many more years can I do this?

Forgot to mention that while I was getting the water tank ready, I picked up a framework that I thought I needed to hold the water tank and as I was moving it I dropped it on my foot.  Holy Cow. big bruise and not sure I will be able to put shoes on for a while.

I went to Tractor Supply and bought a 100 gal water tank and 2 125# protein tubs and 400 lbs feed and a 50lb salt block  I just unloaded all of that .  I hooked up the flatbed trailer so I could run over  and buy a 1200 lb round bale.  I told him I would be there at 5 or 6 but I am going to go sooner just in case we get a thunderstorm.  Then when I get back I have to go thru 5 gates and then come back to the house and get the tractor, because although I can roll it off of the trailer, I can't move it after that and I want to be able to put it in a certain spot.  By then I am going to be exhausted. Tomorrow I have a bunch of lessons in the am followed by a trip out to Greenfield for my own lesson hopefully not in the extreme heat of the afternoon like today. At least it's windy out there.

I drove out of the driveway to get the hay and 3 miles down the road , I realized I did not have a plate on the trailer so I turned around and went back and then I had to take it off the horse trailer.  Normally, a simple job but one of the wingnuts froze since Ed put it on this morning WTH.  I had to go in and find 2 pliers, one to hold and one to loosen it.  Finally, I got it off and there was no plate hanger on the trailer. The storm was coming in and I decided to throw it in the car and take my chances.  Roland was all ready for me and we loaded it chatted a bit and then I came home to unload it which took no time to get it off the trailer and  then I had to re park the trailer and unhook it and  then get the tractor to go and move the hay bale.  I think the whole hay thing took me start to finish 3 hrs.  No wonder I am tired. The poor dogs got a lot of crate and indoor time today.  Wish I had my porch finished and could just turn them out again. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Progress on the bedroom

  Today the floor was finished .  Yay.  And Ed installed the little AC unit for the window that I bought and he changed most of the electrical plugs to white and put white covers on them. They look nice and crisp!!

Eunice looked at Edge  and reset a trick toe and adjusted L3 and L5 on his back . He seems more comfortable, but she suggested a 2 week course of doxy just in case.  I'm not sure I have 2 weeks worth.  Might wait and see.

The porch windows are all installed and there is some beadboard out back waiting to be installed along with the 2 ceiling fans I bought last night.  Some progress. Not sure when they will be back but I asked him to finish under the porch so I can start letting the dogs out back again.