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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Puppy on ducks

Puppy was let loose on ducks yesterday.  Suffice to say, I was not impressed and I picked him up and took him off.  Running up the middle, splitting and chasing makes me crazy.
On the other hand, he scratched at the door to be let out tonight and that is a little more than just going to the door and looking out.  He is getting along better and better with Dually or maybe Dually is getting along better. Edge follows him around like he is a God.  Dually runs more than Dare and is therefore more fun to chase.

Bathroom is painted and boyo is is bright.  Not sure if it's the right color for this bathroom, but may have to live with it for a while. I though it would bring out the color in the granite but is seems to overpower it. Shower is still leaking , but he fixed the leak from the door. The corners are leaking though. They will be back tomorrow to put some trim boards on and rehang the door.

Jan comes in tomorrow at 5pm and I haven't yet got her room ready. The cellar is still a mess and I haven't started grocery shopping or cleaning the trailer.  The grass still needs some mowing and weed wacking and Ed is home sick.  Maybe he will feel better tomorrow.

I put all the sheep in the hold pens out back.  I was afraid 5 would not fit, but they were fine. easy in and easy out.  Dually got to help me do that.  Dare is with me all  day long now so he does not jump the fence and take off. I put a crate in the kitchen so that he will be less likely to hear my lessons or the clinic this week. I will put a radio on too to cut the sound.

Monday, September 24, 2012


What good is having a new toilet if it refuses to flush?  Love the almost finished new bathroom. gotta work the kinks out and hopefully it will be tomorrow. It's kind of important to have a door on your bathroom when you are having company. It's the little things that say love to have you.  lol

I had some help today in putting netting up in the trial fields so the ducks cannot escape although one did manage to get out.  He did not want to play with us today.  I worked BB and 3 lambs thru the course and had a bit of trouble penning them but got them in.  We put a weight tape on the cows this am and determined an approximate weight for them so I can hopefully sell them.  big difference between the littlest and the biggest, about 130 lbs and they are only 1mo apart in age.
Just sent out a note the exhibitors with approximate times etc of the trial and sent a note to some people that I hope will come and work at the trial.

I'm starting to think about clinic lunches and judges dinners etc,etc,etc. Gotta pick up one judge on wed and one on fri and OMG so much to do in between.  With the bathroom still being in pieces and the cellar a disaster from the installation of the new water heater.  There is a big mess here and it all has to be cleaned up by Wed.

Looking foward to all of it and then to all of it being over.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Indoor plumbing Finally

They grouted the tile floor yesterday and this am they installed the new toilet and vanity and connected the faucets.  Everything works although not perfectly yet.  I used the shower and it leaks in 2 spots and the sink is dripping . The toilet is fine but the handle is horrible and hard to press. BUT I have indoor plumbing again.

Speaking of  plumbing,Dare seems to be leaking urine.  Might have to get a sample and test for a UTI.  Not normal in male dogs but  possible.

While they were working on the bathroom this morning I went to KIems and bought some clothes for Fl that were half off of the sale prices. 2 prs shorts, a shirt and a lightweight jacket and a pr of shorty pjs with sheep on the shorts.  cute.

Ed has finished the take pens out back and they look like they will work well and then he finished the temp take pen by the barn.  He also put up the rest of the arena course so that is all set . We put up the JHD course yesterday  and still have the 2 ducks courses to measure and mark.  Mary is coming over to help me do that on Sunday.  I picked up some more stuff to put in the High in Trial prizes and need to get even more.

I have a sick lamb and of course it's the one that Laura wanted to take home to Maine.  Not sure if he will make it thru the night. He looks like he is in pain and some times they lose the will to live and just die.  Might have to dig another hole in the am.

Peaches and the pup are playing well together now and Dually is being way more tolerant ,but still not playing with him. I think he will at some point. Edge had a great time playing chase with Megs' corgi Cricket and the raced all over the yard.  He had a good time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

long day

How did only 4 lessons turn into an all day affair?

The tile in the bathroom is all down except for the closet, but lo an behold there will be enough tile. Contractor kept looking at the dwindling box and saying it was not going to make it. It made it with some to spare. Nothing else done today.  Looks like no toilet till Friday.

Fence guy showed up today and started my holding pens out back.  Looking gooood

We also set up and marked the JHD field for the trial and tomorrow we will go in and mark the HTD for the duck trial.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bathroom progress

 The new shower , wall board is up and new plumbing is done.,
 The new tile floor has been started. LLLOOve love love it
                                                           toilet removed

 Most of the beadboard is up  and half of the tile is down.   THe shower walls were put up today and the balance of the shower wallboard was put up including the inset shelf and the corner trim.  The new toilet is on my front porch and the old toilet is in my hallway.  Those are the only 2 toilets I have and now neither are working.  I still have the trusty porta potti that is out in the yard and we are supposed to have torrential rain tonight.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

3 am and posting ??

  Truthfully I have been trying to post for days and it wouldn't let me, but it's 3 am and it's decided to let me in this morning.

Dually has seemingly finally accepted the fact that the puppy is not leaving.  He is growling muc, h less at him and will even come in the same room as the puppy when he is playing.   He will not yet play with him but small steps are fine.  The puppy thinks he is great of course and wants to follow him around and chase him.  AT first, that was scary, but it's much less so now that Dually is not stiffening up when he growls at him.
Dually is also feeling better. I think his tummy was upset for a while , maybe it was having the puppy here, and it was stressing him, but he's back to eating _Yay.

The contractor should be here in the morning to start the floor tiles. He was ill last week, so nothing got done. I checked on the granite vanity top and it's done , but they have to go pick it up for me. I still have not picked out new lighting or a wall color.  Hard decisions.

The AHBA trial  has enough entries so I will make expenses so I am happy about that.  I think I will even need to rent a few groups of sheep so I don't wear mine out completely. Plus some of mine are nuts and I dont' want beginners working them.  It could be ugly.

I set up F course for a student last week and I ran my dogs on it. It was a lot of fun.Timing for handling had to be very precise and the dogs had to do what I asked when I asked it.  Hard for Dare and impossible for Dually.   But they were happy to work because they haven't been asked to do much lately.  Lots of lessons and not much extra energy to work my own  dogs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Long Day Wish I had a real shower

   The contractor called at 8am to say he was ill and was not coming to work. Ok What's a few more days?  Agony that's what.  Just kidding I can deal , I always do.   I picked up the tile for the floor yesterday but  apparently forgot to order the grout and that was going to take 2 more days which would have been a problem if the contractor has been able to get here today, but he didn't so I am good. I like the tile although it is darker than I had anticipated or maybe remembered. It will look great when it's installed.

I am making progress I think on the flies. I dont' have to stand and kill them for hours only 10-20 in each room today. Still so disgusting.

I dropped the puppy off with my saintly brother in law this am to go to get a punch biopsy in Worc.  When I got there and they did another ultrasound the radiologist decided it was too risky to do that so they did another needle biopsy and had the pathologist in the room to make sure it was a good sample.  It was very cool watching the needle puncture the nodule on the ultrasound screen, but gosh I hope they can give me some info this time.

And then I had another appt with the other cancer Dr and he said I looked good and he wouldn't expect the cancer to come back at this point.  Good news.

When I picked up the puppy he was playing down by the water but not in the water and so I sat there and talked to Michael and gradually Edge stepped in the water to wade and once he actually swam.   cool pup

Saturday, September 8, 2012


 The bad part about having to go outside to take your shower, is that you cannot see very well. On my way back to the house, Dually and I spooked a frog who hopped in front of me into a pile of sticks and Dually went to see what it was and he spooked it back and it  ran right into my leg and slimed me.  Yech

Dually has not eaten for 2 days and I''m beginning to get concerned.  He's not a  good eater, but he would barely take a piece of cheese and would not lick a bowl.  His attitude seems ok but maybe he is a bit subdued, Hard to tell sometimes. Although, there were people here this afternoon, and he was not over the top greeting them so I guess he is sick.  Hopefully Eunice will come tomorrow for a lesson and take  a look at him for me.

One more entry for the AHBA trial, I am creeping up, but not even close to capacity.  I will not have to rent sheep from Colleen at this rate.  Still not breaking even yet.  Aghhh

Lots of rain, right now, big storm predicted.  Thunder, Peaches will have to be locked in a crate.

Speaking of crates, Dare took off again today during a lesson, but didn't go too far and I was able to call him back into the yard, but he would not come to me.  I have taken the heavy duty crate out of the car and put it in the house, because he has trashed the wire crate I had in there.  I have also ordered 2 more heavy duty crates.  Silly scared dog.

The tile for the bathroom is supposed to be here on Monday morning and the contractor said he would come back on Tues and finish my bathroom . Ah the joys of indoor showers.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


   Today I had an appt with a surgical oncologist at Mass General in Boston.  I can't say I hate Boston but it sure would help if I had a clue where I was going.  I don't mind traffic when I know what turns I have to make but when I dont' know it's very scary.

The directions are so stupid too. I should not have followed mapquest, but I don't trust my GPS.  The first turn off the turnpike said make a slight left and then turn right. That should have been a warning.  I didn't get in the left lane and I turned right on a street that should have been labeled , but was not. Yay I was right and was able to keep going onto Storrow Drive.  The next turn off of STorrow said go a short distance on Silver and then left onto Grove and it should have said take a left on Grove at the bottom of the ramp. I was in the wrong lane so I took a right.  Fortunately, a delivery truck pulled up next to me and I asked him where I should be going and he hooked me up and I went right around and back to the same intersection where again I didn't know to take the immediate left and went straight and then of course had to pull a u turn but it was legal. As I am sitting there in traffic , a bicyclist went between me and the parked cars and hit my mirror and turned it backwards. Grrrr. Got to Grove and turned in and then turned into the first parking garage I found.. At this point I am running a teensy bit (for me)late. Round and Round up and up and up to find a parking spot.  Finally on the way down I took the first one a found and it was number 551.  You would assume that was the 5th floor but apparently not since I could not find the car on the way out.

I asked the first person I saw how to get into the Yawkey bldg and she didnt know. It turns out she had walked right by it and was less than 50 ft from the entrance so not hard to find  ,but hmmm people are a little slow here in Boston. .

I went upstairs and Scarlet was sitting outside the waiting room waiting for me. A pleasant and welcome surprise.  She came in with me while we talked to the Dr.  I liked the Dr very much . Not sure if I will go to MGH for surgery but would feel comfortable if I did.

Scarlet and I went to lunch  at a Thai restaurant and then because I had another appt at 3 at UMass Memorial I had to leave.  Scarlet gave me directions and I got out to Storrow Dr ok but then it veered right and I veered left and off track again.  Apparently on my way to Fenway.  So I asked 4 dif people how to get back onto Storrow Dr which you could practically see from where I was. 2 didn't know and one said she didn't know where Storrow Dr was. The 4 th said take 2 lefts and go back but when I tried that , it was one way. Damn. so I took a right and then another u  turn.  and then I asked 2 more girls where to go and they poiinted me in the right direction and back onto Storrow Drive and then the ride to UMass was uneventful after I found the turnpike which I nearly missed too.

So the bottom line, is I am going for a punch biopsy and we will be scheduling surgery the first part of October. More confused than ever why I need the biopsy.  MGH dr said could be benign and that is why I need the biopsy, but the UmassDr said No, it can't be, but I still need the biopsy.  I was confused and still am .  Just going to do it and forget about it now.

Long day and I am not much furthur along in knowledge.

But my water heater is now working and I have hot water again , but still no shower and they won't be back until my floor tile comes in. I will call about that tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


   I have to go to MASS General Hosp tomorrow in Boston where I don't know anybody and I don't know my way around or even my way in there so I am stressed.  I have  a neck ache and a burgeoning headache and I am not allowed to take any aspirin and I can't get rid of it.  I will be fine after the appts tomorrow.  I have one at 11:30 in boston and then I have to go to Worcester for another with my regular endocrinologist where they are going to try and talk me into having a punch biopsy which I dont' want and I am not convinced I need.  I am going to ask the surgeon tomorrow what she thinks at MGH.   Hopefully she will think it's redundant.

This morning the rain was coming down in buckets and I put all the dogs on the back porch in hopes they would go out. Dually started to growl at the close proximity of Edge and so of course Dare jumped him. It happened fast and it sounded bad so I went into the pouring rain where they were at this time and I picked up a piece of gutter and beat Dare off with it and they stopped fighting.  I'm much fiercer than either of those idiots. No apparent damage to either of them. Just not sure why it happened .

Monday, September 3, 2012

Edge has a friend

  Poor puppy Edge has been dodging growling and snarling adult dogs for the last 2 weeks, but yesterday Peaches decided he might be ok.  She is licking him and a little play with him.  He is jumping on her now without fearing for his life. She will still correct him but he feels a little safer.   He is jumping on Dare too, but Dare is still mostly ignoring him or a little growl and Edge leaves quickly.  Dually's growling has calmed down a bit but not all that much and I don't ever expect them to be friends. Dually doesn' t want any friends.

 I ran out of duck food so I had Dually put all the ducks in the duck arena to fend for themselves for a while. He is much better at that stuff than Dare because Dare gets too wound up.  He did however, decide he didn't want to take some flanks or some downs so I had to get after him for that.

I took a quick trip to Sears this am to buy a new hybrid water heater.  It was $1000 and there is  a $1000 rebate so it seems like a good idea. I have an 80 gal electric water heater that costs me about $40 month to run and this one should be a lot less. It is 50 gal and supposedly will cost less to run. The plumber will be here tomorrow to install that and work on the bathroom some more. It will be nice when I have an in house shower again. I have to go outside to the travel trailer everynight for a shower which is not bad but it's so nice and quiet out there and no puppy and the bed looks so inviting and it's so hard to come back in the house and I am so tired lately.  I don't think it's all the puppys fault.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Dare had the hard to move group of cows and he could not get them off the back fence so I was allowed to go help him today and the 2 of us had a hard time moving the SOB's,, but I took them around the course and then repenned them.  I thought Dually was going to get the same group and that is why I took them around the course, but the other INT dog moved up and she got that group and did very well on them.

Dually got the other group and on his outrun he took a good luck  at the heads that were very nicely facing me and went in on them like a kamikaze.  Then they went to the back fence and he had to get them out so he dove in and bit and ducked and somebody told me he barked and finally I was able to down him behind them and they moved out nicely.  We did the whole course and even  did the crossdrive.  We got a very very generous score and a Q for his 2nd leg.

Dually's duck run was not too bad. I had the group of ducks that had not been trained to go in panels and would NOT go in the panels. I had them lined up perfectly a number of times but they weren't going so I kept skimming.  It was good other than that until we got to the damn crossdrive where he refused to listen to my flanks so I jumped out there and MADE him take them and then we repenned them.

Dare had a pretty good run but only 2ndplace with  89.5.  --Gotta work that crossdrive so I can up my scores.

Puppy had a good day and a lot of socializing.  He is very tired.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


  Dare won the ADV A ducks today with a 90.5  and 4 HC pts and HIT to boot.  I didn't realize I was that close to finishing his championship but I guess we were.  He got 2 pts yesterday and 3 today so that gives us 3 majors and 16 pts.  

Good thing he pulled that out, because he got excused on the cows for lack of progress(lack of interest too).  He was obviously stressed and wanted my help and I couldn't give it to him but when I decided to go and help him she, called my run.  Bummer. I made him go chase and whoop it up on my cows when I got home and now he is in his crate for some enforced rest.

 Dually had a decent INT cattle run but he didn't finish his outrun without 3 o4 extra commands from me and that was too  many and that's where we lost the run.  He did well on his duck run until the cross drive and then bit one and then dove thru them so I pulled him.

The puppy got out a lot more today and no messes in the crate. Peaches stayed home and minded the house.

Just found pieces of a dead duck in the Indian runner pen. They are now in the covered pen. Not sure what got in or how but the easiest place is from the top. Now I only have 10 IR and one of them is not so good to work.  I bought a bag of duck food on Tues and it's gone today.  $15.49 a bag.  Ducks are very expensive this year. Next year, maybe only keep call ducks, they eat less.