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Friday, December 16, 2016


Even though I got up late, slept in my nice warm bed I got stuff done. .  It's so easy to throw the dogs out in the dog yard and go back to bed.

I hung the head gate that Cindy and I made when she was here. It's hung and its in there pretty solid. I dug the holes for the 2 b y 4's down 3 feet. It's so easy to dig here.  I had to pour a little  water in the hole every time I pulled some out because the sand is hard to grab unless its damp.  Anyway, it's up on hinges so I can open it and leave it open if I dont want to use it.  I also made a little hanger on the front of it so I could hang a square feed bucket to teach the stock to put their heads thru the opening.  I can't try it until I get the chute fencing up which I also started to do.Thank goodness for the golf cart because I must have had to go back to the house 20 times for tools.  If I had to walk I would never have gotten done as much as I did. It wasn't just tools, I had to keep making cuts to get stuff to fit.

I sent to the lumber yard to pick up some 2 by 4's and they were having a party ,but very nicely loaded me up and told me to come pay them on Monday but I had cash  so I was happy to pay then.

I have been researching bathroom vanitys and sinks.  I have a plan.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Edge got 8 sheep pts out of 8
3 ducks pts(weakest on ducks)out of 8
7 cattle pts.

Kip got 8 sheep pts
7 cattle pts
9 duck pts.  with 1 HIT

and guess how much that COST ME?

Monday, December 12, 2016


 Thank goodness it's over.  It was getting real old.  at least the weather got warm today.  The dogs did really well, but I have to keep reminding myself that they are both really green and need seasoning and some more training.   Out of 6 runs, I probably got 50 scores over 100 and one HIT in ducks.  Came close a couple of times but it was not to be.  Today Kip got 3rd in a cattle class and Edge got 2nd with 119 and 118.  Roger  beat us.   I got a some more 2nd places but when push comes to shove all that counts is 1st place.

Anyway I will be glad to get home.  The pup needs the steamer because his nose is bad again.  He got to work some goats to day. He did ok.

I am gassed up but not hooked up.  Watching a movie tonight.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Journey updat

He's  better but  still not quite there yet.  He's still taking the meds the last dr gave him, but he still has a discharge from his nose.  IT's better don't get me wrong, but it's still there.

Today I am trialing Edge and Kip on ducks sheep and cattle.  Edge worked the cows a little yesterday and they were babys and olders cows.  He got in the slot much more easily on the away side and had a lot of trouble on the go bye side. I am going to go to the fence and see if he can keep them to me that way today.  He was also pretty wound up and zooming a lot.  Must calm him down.

Lots of Finals dogs here this weekend so should be great competition!

Have I ever said that Alabama has the entire market on flies?   I have been killing them in the trailer for the last 1/2 hr and everytime I think I am done, I see 3 more.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


We worked dogs this am. Edge on a line driving and Newt on a line learning to stay still when Cindy turns to send him. It was quite good for both of them.  

Then we hung around until we decided to go to the rodeo and hit some  thrift stores on the way. We stopped at a roadside trailer for barbeque. We almost had goat but we tasted it and it was a little strong so we had ribs . The lemonade was fab.  Not sure what they did to it, but it was great!

The rodeo was fun. mutton busting for the first time  and team roping and team sorting.  Also a team relay on dragged cow skins.   We stayed about 5 hrs and then my back could not stand the metal seats anymore.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Last Weekend Jan was here and we held a 2 day clinic and had 11 dogs.  I was unsure how many would show up but the price was really cheap and that drew some people in that may not have done it otherwise.  It was good people, very receptive and they made a lot of progress and listened well. Jan was very happy with the clinic too which is always a good thing. 

So Monday morning we started a 5 day cattle clinic and finished it today. It was not well attended so we go a lot of work, but not sure how much progress was made.  I was able to get Edge to bite heels low which is a major improvement.  He mostly did not do anything stupid and hit some heads correctly and I saw him hit a front leg when the head did not work. The cattle kept coming after him and this afternoon he got kicked into the fence and chased a lot so lost a lot of confidence. Because of the way the cows were acting I chose not to work Kip more than once today. He gained a little confidence, but not much on walking up to heads.  Needs more work.

I'm working on another clinic with Jan in Feb.  I need to figure out a way to reach the info to more people. Facebook is just not good enough.

Journey's nose although better is still not right.  I put in ear plugs last night so I did not have to listen to his heavy breathing.  Cindy is on her way back here tonight with some breathe easy tea that I have been told to add to a steamer.    He got to work ducks today in a stall and he is one tough cookie.  I had to keep saying to the girl who was watching that popping him that much is not for the normal dog. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking does not even describe it.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Edge goes to Obed class

I  dragged my ass out today and went to the Ocala club dropin class..  It turns out their regular students were at a  rally trial so I was the only one there.  That was good for Edge because he is pretty sensitive to things and dogs and people in his environment.  We worked on Novice stuff and Open stuff and Utility stuff.   The teacher was very encouraging but not very detailed.  She pushed us to do stuff that he has no clue about and I have not done any of the basic work on.  No harm done ,I kept it upbeat and positive.   I think he was tired so I brought Journey in and did some sits and downs and some recalls and he was good..  NO Kippy

When we got home I took Edge and Kip out to do some big outruns. It's so fun to have a field this big. They are definitely starting to understand about where to go to pick them up.  I am going half way up the field but I have already started to back out a little. Both dogs are about the same distance. They are 500 ft back and I am about 150 ft from the livestock.  Love the golf cart for this.

And then I had bonfire number 3 this week.  Lots of dead branches on the ground.  Picking them up with the golf cart but it's not ideal.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I got a few things done today. Some was just regular houskeeping stuff, but not all.  I hung the screen fabric door over the front door and I kinda like it.  I purposely did not show the dogs how to go in and out, but Journey figured it out immediately and then showed Kip, but how come Journey could never figure out how to use the doggie door in Mass? Anyway the door will be good for birds and flying bugs but not so sure about lizards.

I bought a small rubber stock tank yesterday so i set that up with an auto waterer connected.  Works good and the dogs liked it.  Then I worked all 3 dogs.  Edge was horrible.  Journey is learning what That will do come means and I am teaching him Stop at the same time since he is on a line.  Kip worked on getting out on his flanks.

I sprayed some of the windows with silicon spray in hopes that I would be more likely to open them if I had and easier time of it.  Jury is still out on that.

I installed my snapshot device on my car.  I lit the burn pile on fire. That was fun.  And then I made a pot of bean soup.

Oh ya and I scrubbed the soap scum off of my shower doors.  Not quite there yet and that was the 2nd scrubbing.  I need the sun to come in a certain way so I can really see better in there.

Monday, November 14, 2016

flea market

I took the dogs to the Marion flea market yesterday instead of the art museum.  I'll go to the museum later this week.  I got a haircut there and picked up 2 plants.  I got home and planted both of them.  And then I looked them up to find out that the Cassia plant is poisonous to animals.  As I was planting it , I had to  keep pushing Journey away from chewing on it.  Apparently he didnt' swallow any because he is alive today.

His nose is not very good this week. Seems like we are going backwards now which is possible if the infection is getting stronger.  Still in touch with my homeopathic Doc in Mass sooo.....

Today I have a woman coming with a cattle dog for a lesson.  We will see how cooperative the sheep and goats will be.

I think I have decided to get an OTCH on Edge.  He is not going to be my go to guy for stock so why not try something else. It gives me another goal and something to do with him that I think he will be really good at.

If you get a chance to watch movie called Mr Church, it's pretty good.

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's legal here

  Bet you are wondering what?   Well it's legal to sell used mattresses in Fla and I need one for the guest bedroom.  I found one on a facebook site and it was close to me.  I finally got a hold of the guy and went over there onTues night to look at it but could not see much so I asked him if could come back and he said yes. I did not feel well on Wed so I texted him and told him it would be Thurs.  He did  not respond to that text but I texted him anyway on Thurs am and asked what a good time to come over would be.  I had gone to the bank and gotten cash and cleaned the car out so I could get the mattress in and I was ready to go.  But I got no response from him all day so I went looking for a new mattress .  I stopped at  one store but the least expensive was $399 and I did not want to spend that much so I found another store with a more confortable mattress for less.  They loaded it up and I took it home. As I was unloading I started to pull out the box spring and all the stitching was wonky on it so I am taking it back to exchange it today. 

Yesterday I also went to the local obedience club to see where it was and talk to someone there.  I found it and I talked to guy who could only  complain about the BOD'S  decisions regarding the facility the fans the AC etc etc.   Not convinced I want to do obedience anyway so not sure what to do. It didnt' really look like a fun place.

Kip has been working the new goats very well.  They are starting to get the idea of moving off the dog. They stink and I am already thinking about selling them and I have had them less than a week. Nat you will appreciate that.

I also found a place to get a case of chicken backs for the dogs yesterday.  good price too

Monday, November 7, 2016

An unexpected expensive day

The plumber came over today to fix the leak under the sink and replace the outside faucet so I can actually shut it off.  He was way too talkative and opinionated.   However he did tell me to call a well company because my well was not shutting off.  So the plumber leaves and a few hours later the well company shows up. Nice guy who determined that I need a new pump because mine was not shutting off (ever).  So $165 to plumber and $1100 to well company.  I have water but I am not hearing my frig making ice so what is wrong with that.  You really need ice in Fla.

I went ot Ocala to look at a stock trailer that was priced at $850 BO but it was in too bad a shape for even me.  

Friday, November 4, 2016


The mattress I brought down which was in the trailer that I sold is pretty good. Compared to the one I bought down here last year it is great.  I managed to pull it out of the trailer last night by myself and get it into the bedroom.  I was exhausted last night so we went to bed at 8:30 and did't the smoke alarm start beeping .  I located it in the hallway by the spare bedroom but it was too high for a stool so I went outside to the shed and pulled out the stepladder and got the battery out and went back to bed. Around 5 am there was another beeping.  I  went out into the great room and located the 2nd smoke alarm on the ceiling about 16 ft up.  I don't have a ladder here that will reach that far so it has been beeping for the last 5 hrs but it finally stopped.

Edge seems to be walking better on his toe. I got the tv hooked up and working.  I've stsrted to pull out the porch furniture and decorations.   Dogs are napping right now. quiet dogs are good dogs. 

The pasture needs to be bush hogged.  I need to buy a wildlife cam .  Need to research that.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

400 miles today

  I dont' like to do that many miles but it got me home.   The house looks good but I lost some of the plants that I put it.  Might have to put in some kind of a drip sysytem for next year.  I lost azaleas and  a bunch of elephant ears,but there are still a number of plants that I put in that made it. The lemon tree is still alive although it looks a little sick.  I will be watering a lot this fall.

Looks like a forgot to pack my remote for the DISH tv.  Might have to go buy a new one or look in the laundry basket first, It might be there.

Journey is a very active disobedient puppy.  He ignore me so well, I am wondering if he is deaf. He is constantly into something he should not be. His nose is still clogged up.  Hope this homepathic stuff starts working better soon,

I've decided to get a game cam . I need to know what is livng under my barn.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On the road again

I left on sunday for Fla.  I thought I had done pretty well remembering stuff, but as I drove I remembered stuff I forgot and meant to bring.  Like the big cow picture that I bought specifically for the Fla house.  Bummer.  I left my bathrobe that I really wanted. And I cannot find one of Journeys' meds. No idea what happened to it.  I supposed it's still at the house although I cleaned the kitchen island before I left and it was not there and that is where I keep it.  so I thought I packed it although I did not stop to really think about that. I can't find it anywhere and the other med that I can use got wet . Uh oh.

I went 300 miles on Sunday and stopped at a campground that I have been at before. It's very nice. And if you get off the right exit it's only 4.5miles in, but the stupid gps sent me in from an early exit and it was 20 miles thru Pa hills and it was scary.  I thought I had burnt out my brakes.  Still not sure if they are all there.  The trailer conrol is on the highest setting which should stop me dead and it's not.  It's working but not like I would like it to.

Yesterday after a late start 10ish.  we drove 400  miles to my sisters cottage in NC.  The dogs got to run a bit (not enough)and I will stay here for a couple of days.  I am on Lake Gaston and it's just beautiful here.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Trailer sold and gone

It was just the older one that I was using as a guest house.  Cindy helped me clean it up and I got it shown only twice. The first time the wind took the awning and pulled it off the bottom of the trailer. Not good.  People were not impressed. The 2nd time I told them about it but they barely looked at it and loved the trailer. I hope it works out ok for them. I delivered it because they did not have a vehicle to pull it with yet.   Not a good thing in my mind but I was not about to talk them out of it.  Stacey and I spent about 3 hrs on Sunday fixing the awning support and I think it is a good fix. Anyway I sold it as is and hopefully no one will be screaming at me  in a week or 2. 

Journey is doing better on the meds and his nose is no longer snotty. Annie called and said she worried about him all weekend.  She was relieved to hear he was doing better.

Just got out of the movies. I went to see Sully. Best movie all year!

Gearing up for a clinic this weekend.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bilbo Baggins

Today I offered to help a friend who had seen a loose and lost Goat in Millbury. She had done the research and knew how long it had been out and who it belonged to and got permission from the landowners to try and catch him. 

I hooked up the trailer and loaded my goats and some grain for  bait about 10:30 and on the road.  I  met Erin at a local feed store and she rode with me to the peoples house.   I backed the trailer into their  driveway and Erin got out and told me he was up on their back porch.  The porch had 2 entrances and he was skittish so just about as soon as I unloaded my goats who were quite content to just eat grass on the lawn, he bolted into the woods. I took Kip out and we too my goats down into the woods after him.  He was right on a rock on the edge of a swampy pond.  There was a lot of thick underbrush and I had never asked Kip to work in that stuff. We tried to surround him but he spooked and ran to the other side of the pond.  Erin went around to cut him off and Kip and I approached head on.  He was on a rock basically in the pond. Kip and I held him there while Erin got closer. She grabbed at him and got him but could not hold him. so he ran and I sent Kip for him.  The goat went around the pond again but Kip caught him and turned him back to us. He went back to the rock.

At this point we needed a new plan.  Neither one of us thought to bring rope or halters, but I had some dog leashes in the car and we went and got them all.   We surrounded him again and this time Erin got a leash around his neck and snubbed him to a tree.  Our plan then was to get another rope on him and tie him from tree to tree as we inched towards the yard which was uphill thru woods and across a deep rocky stream bed.

It's hot out and we are sweating our brains out and the buck keeps jumping and running and trying to kill himself.  He was not tame in the least.  2 hrs into this, Erin says how about if I call a vet friend and get them to come and tranquilize him.  I agree and I have the goat snubbed up against a tree very close to a rocky dropoff. If he keeps jumping then he is going to hang himself.  So she goes up to the house to try and get a phone connection.  20 min later the goat and I are getting tired and bored so I attempt to move him myself. He promptly panics and falls over the edge and is hanging himself.  I get him loose and he gets on his feet huffing and puffing.  I try pulling and he comes with me slowly.  Ok , I get it , he is so tired now that I can basically drag him across the stream bed and up the hill. I fall once and he freaks out but I have a hold of him and he WILL NOT GET AWAY.   I am calling for Erin but she is not coming so I keep dragging him.  I get him to the trailer and I sit down to rest. He is at the end of the leash and we are both panting.

Erin comes out of the house at that point and just steps behind him and I drag him into the trailer. SUCCESS!!  Erin was very concerned the homeowners would kick us out if we hurt him.  Well he was not hurt much but they would not have liked the way I had to handle him.

ok loaded and AC on and puppy walked and dogs watered and livestock all watered.  Done  and onto the next adventure. We took him 5miles away to his home.  They were very surprised we caught him. Frankly so am I . We were ready to give up believe me.  Not sure why we continued.  Anyway the farmer gave be a little black doe for picking up his buck.  She is out in the yard now.

BTW    I just took a shower and I can still smell smelly old buck on me.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Raising puppy Journey

  So since he has been home I have been fighting the fact that he was allowed to pee and poop anywhere he liked. (in the house).   House training is constant.  You can't leave him alone for  a second or he is either peeing or into something.  He is the most oral puppy I have ever had.
    He was never corrected for anything, so I have to be the bad guy. He wants to bite me and in another week or 2 that is going to hurt so I am nipping that in the bud.  He knows nothing and he is a bright little guy.  He is not crate trained, had never had a collar and leash on and I am having trouble with crate training.  Last night he screamed for 2 hrs so I kept trying to change locations of the crate. Nothing worked. Finally he got so tired he conked out when I moved the crate next to me at 1;30.  He is tired this am.  (so am I)

    I gave him a mouthful of raw beef and he immediately violently threw it up.  Ok back to kibble. Might try a chicken neck soon though.

   I have used the clicker on him and I am teaching him to sit(he seem to get that). Today we worked on down. I can't get him down with a cookie so I just stepped on the leash and waited. I feed him in the crate but now he is panicking when i put him in it and close the door. I tried to put him next to Kip but that didnt' make any difference.  Not sure how to handle this.

He is very lovable, but seems very needy. He does not want to be alone AT ALL.

Puppy 's trip home "Journey"

I flew out to Idaho to pick up my new puppy.  I left at 5am  last Tues to drive to Logan and I had reserved a spot in a offsite parking lot for my car.  I did not know how fast they would get me to the airport so I was a little earlier than I needed to be and everybody kept warning me about security.  Well I got to Boston about 6:15  and the whisked me over to the airport and I was thru security in approximately 1 minute(no lines whatsover).  So now I had to wait until the plane left at 9:20.  It flew to Chicago and I had a 1 hr layover and then we flew to Phoenix where we had to stay on the plane before we took off for Boise arriving there at 6pm
   Frances picked me up right away and we went to dinner.  And got reaquainted. She is Dare's breeder and I was there 10 yrs ago to pick up Dare.   When we got to the farm the puppies were outside in a small xpen and the other dogs were out loose.  The first thing I saw was "the ears"  He was really cute and the only one with prick ears.  He was tiny compared to the 2 girl pups. very active  and vocal.  Then I met Que(the mom and Dare;s sister)She is the spitting image of Dare.  Same eyes, same intensity, same type of coat and same graying pattern.  She was a love.  I would take her home in a minute.
    I found  my room and went to bed early. Slept pretty well too.  The next day I realized the stains on the floor were a lot of dog shit that hadnt' really gotten cleaned up well. Ok so I have to live in a dog kennel for a couple of day.  In Frances's defence, she is 73, alone, running a farm,and caring for her 50 yr old severely handicapped son.  You would think her family (of which there are many local)would come and help her out a bit more.
   We spent the next day talking to Stephanie who was taking a girl pup home to her husband Nate who was the guy Frances was allowing to trial Que.  The girl pups beat up on my pup because they had at least 1 lb on him and looked like more substantial bone too. Hopefully he will catch up to them. She was feeding him only 2x day and I think he was hungry. When he got here he would poop and whip around to eat it. He is doing better now.

    The trip home was okay. Frances took me to the airport for 1 pm and we said good bye. . The flight did not leave until 3 and it was delayed till 3:30. More time for puppy to stay in the sherpa bag. We flew to Denver and the plane was packed.  Layover was over an hr and I took him out immediately in the airport and used a puppy pad and he very conveniently used it and actually hit it. YAY.  Back on the plane for a 4 + hr flight to Boston. We had storms that night so to avoid them the pilot took us to Canada and back down to Boston. I dont'think it took any longer. I think we landed around 12;30and I went out and tried to get him to pee and poop.  I got the pee and not the poo.  The shuttle picked us up and we got the car and I tried again to walk him but no go. Got in the car and the road was all detours so it was a little hard to get back onto the turnpike and of course about 5 min into the ride he pooped in the crate. I had to pullover and bag it and get back on the road.  I got home around 2:30 and in bed at 3. I took until 4 to fall asleep and he woke me up at 6:30.  So I was a zombie all day even though I tried to sleep off and on all day,

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A mite soppy

This post is for me. You can read it if you want but keep in mind it's primarily for my greieving process.

I wanted to write down all the things that my Dually said and did while he was alive so I won't forget.
I want to remember how he talked to everybody like they were his very best friends.  How he always talked to me and greeted me with so much love. That he gave butterfly kisses when he kissed me and that he liked to sniff and taste people and how he loved to lick toes.
He went nuts when I went to the front door because he knew that meant car  and when he was feeling well , he would race out the front door barking in sheer joy that we were going somewhere, anywhere.  He would jump up and race around the house when he heard me click my phone into my carrier or  run down the stairs in the morning when he heard me pull my pants on.

How he loved to play ready set go even when he could barely breathe.   That he would climb into my lap when we were alone and cuddle with me.  He followed me everywhere. He was my bathroom buddy  at shower time and he always stood on the top step of the cellar stairs when I would go down and on the way up I would always say hello handsome.

I told him I loved him a dozen times a day and he told me he loved me every minute of the day.
His place was behind the pellet stove when the other dogs were in the house and on the 5 th step when I was working upstairs on the computer. He slept by my bed every night for his 8.5 yrs.  He would come up to say good night and come up in the morning to kiss me hello.

He was always ready to work or play and hated to stay behind but allowed it..  If I was not taking him out he would grab a shoe or a toy and run out the doggie door and that shoe would end up under the porch.  The Porch still has a mess of toys and one of my shoes under there.  I couldn't bear to look at them this week.

In the travel trailer if I left him , he would have a screaming fit , grab a toy to pacify himself and jump on my bed. There was always something on my  bed that didnt' belong when I came home. Carrying something while he worked was soothing for him.  He won 5th place in Nationals ducks last year after he picked up a stick to work when the ducks were being a little frustrating to him.  He was such a good boy.   I am writing this but it's not helping.  I want to hear him and feel him and see him looking into my eyes or talking to me.  I want to see him running with the other dogs having fun.  This  does not feel good.   I may never read this post again.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Dually is gone

I can't tell you about it.  It's too painful. My Best Buddy and  constant shadow and companion.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


He's resting on the stairs now, his favorite place.  He knows I can't leave the upstairs without walking over him and if I am downstairs he can see me anywhere in the room. He probably didn't sleep last night. He is having a great deal of trouble lying down. He is not comfortable. His heart is probably so enlarged it is putting pressure on his lungs or his organs when is is lying down. 

I would like to talk to a vet but it's Sunday.   I fear it's his time.  I know it's his time. But I have not prepared well. I have no hole dug and again it's Sunday and I don't think Tim will come over with the back hoe.  I can try and dig one with the tractor. It wont' be deep and it wont' be quick.  I wanted my vet Annie to come over and put him to sleep at home but I know she does not have the solution at home.  I already asked her.

If I say let's go to him, he jumps up and runs to the door, but thats about as far as he runs. He just can't do much anymore.  Not much of a life left.  I can still see the spark in his eyes sometimes but its' not there all the time and it's fading.  And I am out of hope.

Friday, July 1, 2016


So  I texted Heidi to ask her if I could bring some cows back. She said sure anytime.  So I  hooked the trailer up and backed up to the area by the shed to contain the cows in case they were going to fight me about getting in the trailer.  I went out sans dog to try and cut out the 2 that I wanted. That wasn't working so I brought them all into the arena. The 2 that I wanted headed straight for the trailer so I followed them and pushed Kitty(cow) away and locked them into the small area and before I said Boo they loaded themselves.  Lucky me.   I closed up the trailer drove out to the street and texted Heidi and told her they were loaded and I was coming , at which point she tells me she won't be home for another 3 hrs.  Crap.  I drove out the driveway backed up and drove back up the driveway, turned the trailer around and unloaded them. There were tornado warnings for Ct so I decided I would wait until tomorrow because I need to get hay from them after I unload cows.

Then I started to clean out the tub/fountain.  What a lot of work that turned out to be, but it's done now and hopefully the gypsy moths are done crapping in it.

Dually is feeling so much better.  He is more alert and more active and his appetite is back.  Once they start going downhill slowly you dont' notice how dramatic the changes are.  If he gets that bad again I hope I recognize it.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dually Rallies!!

He was feeling poorly until this afternoon.  We went out to Tufts this am to pick up some heart pills because I was out  and now he will be on 3 a day instead of 2.  I'm hoping that picks him up a bit.  While at Tufts a guy came over to talk to us and he barely whined at him, but a few hrs later we were picking up a sheep and someone he knew was there and he was non stop talking to her.  We napped this afternoon and he just tried to beg my whole dinner and he is throwing toys at me again.  So I should be able to sleep tonight and not stay up and worry about him.

Going outside now to work cows.  The little cows are great to build my confidence and Kips.  The new pup will get to work these as soon as he gets here.  fun

Edge got stepped on and rolled and he ran a cow into a fence and it broke the fence post.  Geez he's a bulldozer.

Kip did well. But if a cow looks at him even 30 ft away he wants to turn tail and run.  Of course he does that for all stock except maybe ducks so I can't blame the cows.

The sheep and goats got into my garden and ate most of the weeds, the peppers, the beans but left the tomatoes and the zuke.


Dually is having a bad night.  So of course I am wondering if it's the last night. He has been having a great last couple of weeks. He was alert and active throughout the clinic and the trial and today my sister and her dog came to visit and he was happy to see them and followed Sadie around the yard.  We drove out to Tufts to pick up some meds but of course they put them up incorrectly so I am supposed to go back out first thing this am.  On the way home he did not want to lie down but he rested his head on the dash and stood up almost falling down several times.  When I got in bed he did not want to come upstairs. He finally came up after I insisted but he stood around and sorta looked at me out of the corner of his eye. He came on the bed when I asked but did not feel like giving kisses and soon jumped off.  He is awake this am but he has not gotten up yet. It's early for anybody I guess.
Is he going to rally?  I dont' know. But I don't have arrangements if he does not. Annie has changed practices and she is no longer close by. She will come and do it if  I can get in touch with her but I don't have her home number and she is not always on facebook to message. There is a mobile vet that I can call but I have never used her and there is my large animal vet who is close by and I think he would do it for me.  He's ok with large animals but not sure about dogs.

NO suffering allowed. He's been too good a friend and very very special to me. He has taken me to places I never imagined I would go and allowed me to make friends who are all very dear to me. Dually has opened doors that would forever have been closed. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Barn Hunt

I spent all day at a barnhunt yesterday.  Dually had 2 senior runs and Edge had 2 Master run.  In Dually's first run he found 2 rats and started to paw at a tube.  I was waiting to see more commitment and the judge told me I had to call it or call him off. I was thrown off guard and I called it and it was just a tube.   Ok Hmmm on to the next run.  4 rats and we are looking hard.  He finds the first 3 and we are searching for the last one and he finally finds it and I call it with 1/10 of a second to spare. 16 dogs in that class and only 3 q'd and none in the first class. I wonder if there was something wrong with the hay.
 Edge found 3 rats in his class and I kept looking and we timed out.  My Bad. The 2nd class he found 3 rats and I know he had covered the whole area so I said Clear and we were right!  Got a leg.  Edge is very accurate.  I found this weekend that I need to stay back and not point or ask anything. If I ask if it's a rat then they both assume I know what I am talking about and pounce out it. So I am leaving it totally  up to them and that worked a lot better.  I did not stay for awards and got home at 9 pm anyway. 

Not sure when the next trial will be

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 I got my lawn tractor back to day for a whopping $375.  It runs great  and it should for that price. they were supposed to call me before they did major work on it because I might have junked it. Too late now.  So I started to mow my chest high grass. I got the front yard done and the  back yard and I started to do the path back to the arena.  It was very thick and very high.  I almost got it done but as I was turning the tractor around on the narrow path, it fell off and rolled backwards into the dropoff. Of course I can't get it out without  a chain which I can't seem to locate.  The tractor started today and I can use it to pull out the lawn tractor if I can borrow a chain.

I took a nap this afternoon because I was up so much last night worrying about something dumb like the tractor.

Good news.. Que is pregnant with 3 puppies. I'll take a black one please LOL>

3:30 and wide awake Yay

Ok yes I do have something on my mind. It's my tractor which I could not get started today.  I NEED  my tractor to work. I have 4 yds of mulch to spread and I can't get  cows if I can't move the hay. Anyway Nat and Joe came running up for me and Joe got it started but he thinks it probably wont' start again today. He's going to research it but who knows how long that will take. He thinks it might be a glow plug problem and that makes sense to me because the glow plug light used to stay on for about 3 secs and now it's 1 sec..  So that concern transferred into a bad dream where I could not get my truck to start. Fortunately it's just a dream.

The past few days Dually has been eating really well. No begging on my part.  And he is feeling much better since he threw that toy? up.  Who knows how long that had been in his gut. He is eating total raw now and I hope I can transition the other 2 economically to the same food. They sure do like it. 

Also the past few days I have been battling with the carpenter bees that have been eating away at my house for a few yrs.  I had taken the head in the sand approach but I finally decided after they started a new set of holes over the bathroom window that enough was enough. I ordered some on line poison for them from a company called "DO IT YOURSELF PEST CONTROL".  It's very potent stuff. I sprayed it over the wood first and then they gave me a puffer to puff a poison powder in the holes. I hope it works.  The little buggers are really bold flying down to hover and stare at me when I am out looking at their handywork. die bee die. They are also eating my shed out back and when I sprayed out there I disturbed a bunch of bats and I'm sure the poison did not do them any good.

This is the first year I have more grass than my livestock can eat.  Of course this is the first year I have only had 11 head.  I leave them out on the arena all day and in by the barn at night. They have not been on any of the other little pastures and some of the grass is waist high as it it in my front yrd because my lawn tractor is NOT BACK YET.

Today I was going to have a student come and help me with stuff, but I think it's going to be too hot and I will postpone her till maybe Thurs. She can't some until the heat of the afternoon and I am not going to kill myself spreading and hoeing mulch.

Friday, May 27, 2016


I spoon fed him yesterday morning and he did swallow unlike the day before. He ate chicken necks by himself last night. We'll what happens this morning . He does not like to eat in the am much anyway.  But much and nothing are 2 different things.

I spent the morning yesterday out in the garden with Dually. I cleaned it up and planted all my tomatoes, peppers,beans  and zucchini.  Only a matter of time before the weeds take it over. Dually spent the morning watching the sheep.  When I took a break, I went out with him and sat in a chair and had him walk up on them and push  them away from the center pen. He was very keen to do that.. Because I have been keeping him so close to me and taking him everywhere, everytime I leave the house without him he screams and runs around like a madman.  I went in the bathroom yesterday and he thought he lost me.  back and forth from the front door to the back door at a full run until I could get his attention.

Today I may start on the 4 yrds of mulch I had delivered. The tractor will help.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Dually has been feeling pretty good and I thought I had his eating down to a science, but today he maybe overdid it  or something and he at a couple piece of  pork this am (not much for him) but tonight he would not eat anything.   I tried to hand feed him and he would not swallow it, but just kept spitting it out.  I' ve been taking him in the car with me to visit my sister and he gets out and goes in the house and plays with her dogs toys and then we come home.  Tonight he went out and did some running and that could have been what has set him off tonight.  He so wants to run. I have to manage that better.  I hope I get a second chance.

Monday, May 9, 2016

home again home again

I got home on Fri and the place was a mess   Just the way I left it and then some.  I apparently turned off the freezer in the cellar so I had a freezer full of rotten meat to deal with. I knocked off a reflector light on the trailer when I tried to back it in and then when I pulled it forward, I caught the trailer on the gate and dented the trailer. After that I just quit trying.  My BIL came and helped me on Sat.  The ground was too wet to put the trailer where I normally put it so it's in the middle of the driveway.  I also had to fill in some washed out holes before I back it into its resting place. 

Yesterday I finished cleaning out the smelly freezer (it still smells).  I worked on getting the tractor charged up and cleaning out the mouse nest from the lawn tractor. Today I tried to get the lawn tractor to work. Nope.  Crap I need a lawnmower.    I filled the farm tractor with diesel and found out the gas gauge is not working.   Always something.

There seems to be probably more skunks under the barn.  I moved some things around and set a trap and we shall see. There appears to be something under the shed out back too, but it might be rabbits. HOpe so.

I checked the electric fence and it looks all intact.  I have a strong elec fence controller on order and I hope I fry that damn bear.  If he touches it , he is not going to be happy!

Finally got the mattress I brought from Fla off the roof with Mikes help and it was only a little wet.  It's safe in the smaller trailer now

There is so much to do here, I am at a loss as to where to start.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I only drove about 320 miles today and stopped at a campground next to a river(small)and far enough from the highway that I can't really hear it.  Last night I was at a dumpy campground right next to rt 81.  It was noisy but I used my earplugs. There is a state park driveway right here and I took the dogs for a run.  Kip is so fit that he is downright annoying with no exercise. I worked on his fetching a ball for me.  We started yesterday and  he is already bringing it back to me. He needs more one on one time. He is very enthusiastic!

I got ready to leave Fla on Sunday and I was ready to hook the trailer up and I could not get the antenna to go down. I called my neighbor who came over and climbed on the trailer and re-aligned it and we got it down.  I know what is wrong but I don't know how to fix it.  Then I asked him what I thought of the job I did on tying the mattress(that I hate ) to the roof of the car.  He redid the ratchet straps and put another rope on and said I would be fine.   I drove off and 15 miles later the tarp was flapping away so I pulled over and tucked it under and drove off again. Another mile and I hear the tarp flapping again so I pulled over and tightened the ratchets and drove off again for 5 miles and it was flapping again so I pulled over and then spent 40 minutes going up and down on my stepstool in 90 deg heat and tying another rope crisscross back and forth.  Finally it took and off I went. First traffic jam was getting from rt 301 to rt 10. It was just an entrance ramp but it was really poorly designed and the back up to about 20 minutes. Traffic was heavy but at least it moves on rt 95. I did about 280 miles on Sunday and that took much longer than it should have.  Day 2 I did 380 miles and today I did about 310.  Not far to go tomorrow so I stopped earlier than I planned.

Then I spent 2 hrs trying to get my DISH  to work.  This campground does not  have cable everywhere and since I was going to be here for a while I thought I should have Tv. I have it but not all the channels because the satellite is so low here in Pa.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


I have been packing and sorting all day yesterday and today.  The frig is working in the trailer and I am starting to fill it with stuff from in the house.  I plan to turn off the fridge in the house.  More work needs to be done,but I need a rest.  I moved all the furniture off the deck . I've packed some of my clothes and I made the bed in the trailer.  The mattress is all wrapped and ready to tie on top of the car.  I'm debating on if I should leave the hoses outside or not.  Can't see a reason to pick them up really.

I hid the padlock key in case I lose mine. Now I need to search for keys to the shed and barn and figue out which is which. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Blueberry picking

 a  Group of us got together this morning to go blueberry picking. It was very close to Gail's house so we met there.They had these great harnesses that held a picking bucket so you had 2 hands free and it  was very comfortable. I picked 6.2 lbs in less than an hr. The berries are huge. There were 7 dif varieties. 4 were ripe so we picked from those 4. Most are already frozen to be taken home.

I have started to pack and put things in storage.  I went out to turn on the frig in the trailer and I'm not sure it's working.  Finally the freezer started to get cold but not sure about the main frig.  Scary driving home without a fridge, but doable.

We then went into Dunellon to Grumbles and shopped a little and ate lunch in their new cafe.  It was ok.  I stopped and got dog food and a garden trowell and a padlock.  The garden trowel is to take samples in the pasture and send them into Uof F for testing. Gotta get out there before the temp goes way up tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


  Dually finished his Open title and got his first Senior leg and Edge got a Masters leg.  We missed the 2nd leg ,but it was close.  He found 4 rats and did the tunnel but seemed to be indicating a tube .  He went over to it twice and pawed at it and bit at it, but not real hard.  I called it but I was wrong so no leg there.  It was a tough call.   sorry Edge.  Next time

Saturday, April 23, 2016


 Dually had a stellar Open run but I touched him and nq'd us.  The 2nd run he placed 2nd for his 2nd leg.  Edge won his Senior class with HIC and we moved up to Masters.  He hit the 1st 2 rats but I thought there might be more so I pushed him to look and he hit on a litter tube and I called it so that nq'd him.  Must trust my dog more.

I was afraid Dually would get overtired so I took him home after his classes then came back and ran Edge in 1 class. Then I left and went to a farm swap (nothign I wanted). Then went home for 3 hrs and  made 2 lemon creme pies.  I went back to the hunt and dropped 1 pie and went to Gails appetizers and then back to the barn for Edges's  Master run.  I finished that and went back to Gails for dinner and just got home at 10.  No wonder I'm tired. Fun night tonight. We are getting to know each other better and had more to talk about. She had 6 or so other women that I have been getting to know all winter.  It was a good time and I am looking forward to coming back.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Funny things happen to me

 I had a good day going.  It's still  a good day but now I hear a bird in my kitchen that I thought left hours ago. I guess not.  funny noises coming from that way anyway.  I will check soon.  So I was outside on my deck and I had the door open to let some fresh air in the house and out of the corner of my eye I see something fly in to the house. I walked in and it was a bird so I opened both doors and went to get something from the kitchen and when I came back I could not see the bird so I closed the doors.  Now that was hours ago. Maybe those odd noises in the kitchen are not a bird , I hope not.

I spent the afternoon working on my garden potting bench.  I used mostly lumber from the deck that they had left for me to build a stair for the dogs.  I didn't build the stairs but there is still some lumber left.  I also used some lumber that was in the burn pile and a 4 by 4 that I found by the barn.  It is coming out pretty good.  I work for a while then I rest and have some tea.  It's hard building stuff when you are working on the ground.  I dont' have a work table.  This thing will probably be partly a work table until I can get  a real one bought or built.   Anyway I am quite pleased with it so far.  I am trying to dress it up.  Still thinking of ideas.

Anyway I went to get some more boards in the golf cart.  They are in the front yard and I am building in the backyard. I picked them up and decided to go get the mail.  I get out of the golf cart and start to the mailbox and see a big turtle crossing the road towards my property.   I had my gloves already on so I picked him up and put him upside down on the golf cart and back to the house.  He went directly into the dog crate and we went for a ride.  I released him about 2 miles away and he left  me a present in the crate. Who'd thunk they could poop upside down? They did big holes in the pasture BTW.   good story?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Eastern Diamondback Rattler

Yes I had an encounter. I locked the dogs in the goat yard this morning because the plumber had to work on the outside shower in their yard. 
So they were in there for about 2 hrs.  I had to go out and measure the working pen for a student and while I was doing that I could see a snake looking out from under the barn.  I don't know snakes but it was not black ( a good snake ) and it did have a diamond back pattern. So it went back in and I went in the house to look up snakes of Fla.  Hmmm still not sure so I went back out to sit and wait for the snake to come back out.  I took a chair.  I did not have long to wait.  She came out slowly right towards me.  I took some pictures and then moved to the other sside of her and took some more.  Back inside and this is definitely a rattler. So I  took my pistol out since that is the only weapon I own.  I did not want to get  close enough to hit with a shovel. 
The pistol was a comedy of errors. I could not get the lock off and then I went out with bullets and no clip and had to figure out why it would not fire. Then I had to go back in and get the clip and try to remember how to load it.  I loaded it upside down at first and realized it was not going to work that way.  Mean while the snake is waiting  for me to get my act together. finally I get it loaded aim it and pull  the trigger but I can't  because I never chambered it. ok chamber it and bam . I think I closed my eyes. I know I missed it 3 times.  And she finally decided I was crazy and left.

Well at least no one died today.  After she left I went to the ammo shop and talked to a guy whou would  have come and caught her for her skin.  Next time.

I bought some moth balls and put them under the barn and the shed for good measure .  Then I shoveled dirt up against the barn so there was no way for a snake to get under there again. Might be babies under there but no way of knowing.

And that is how my day went .

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dually update again

He is back to doing well.  The heat and humidity was what affected him the last time so I will make sure he is in AC on hot humid days. dumb me.  


 I had a baby goat today.  I thought there was one coming but since I did not have the doe bred then I was not really sure. But you can sure tell who the Daddy was. He and unfortunately it's a he, is  a spitting image of a Boer.  Sorry Wendy I know you wanted one up north.  He seems to be fine but nobody over there is moving much, but if I remember correctly it takes a few days for then to get their sea legs as it where. She of course had it at the far end of the farthest pasture. But the good news is the golf cart is back and buzzing along faster than ever.

Tomorrow the outdoor shower gets a plumber.   And then I will have to go buy stucco and learn how to stucco the outside of a house.

I did Yoga this am for the first time in a very long time and I think I pulled a muscle in my side. minor minor

I drove to Ocala today to pick up some free pallets but of course they didn't have any.  But it was at a discount tile and flooring place.  fun looking around.  Got prices on installation.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


The Golf cart stopped working on Monday night after I gave Kathy and Roger Stevens a tour of the place. We drove through the gate and it just stopped.  I thought maybe it was out of charge so we pushed it back under the barn and plugged it in.  I tried it the next day and nope still not working. I called a golf cart repair guy yesterday and he showed up a few hours later with a trailer and took it away to hopefully be fixed. I have come to rely on it.

The outside shower has decided not to work also.  You turn it on and it dribbles out.  The faucet below works fine so not sure what is going on at all. I'm afraid they may have to go through the stucco to get at it.  But I have some to love my outside shower so I will probably get it fixed soon.  I'm looking for  a plumber now.

kayaking the Rainbow River

We went kayaking on the Rainbow river this week and it was lovely. I went tubing down it last year and I liked the kayak much more. I saw more of the river this time but the upper river where the springs start are much cleaner and clearer than farther along.  The sun was burning down so I stayed in the shade as much as possible.  It was about 86.  Lots of people on the river either tubing,kayaking or boating.  I would definitely do that again.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Dually update

He's not doing very well.   He has no  energy and he is coughing more and his respiration is too high.  He will still run outside until he gets there and then he lies down outside and watches everybody else. So I put him on the golf cart with me and we do handicapped herding.  I think he likes it.  I wish I knew what to do for him. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

The outside shower

 I love the idea of showering outside and it has been warm  enough lately to do that. Last week I bought a shower curtain and spring rod because the opening of the shower faces the road albeit farish away.  I either had to shower in the dark or buy a curtain.
Now the first time I used it I stepped onto something squishy which I thought was leaves. NOT.  It was a frog.  Better than a snake which would render the shower forever useless.
Tonight I had to beat the tree frogs in and out of the house door or I would be chasing tree frogs all over my bedroom.  Maybe this shower was not meant to be used regularly.  I think it was built for the hot tub that is no longer here.

Got the trailer ready for a guest this week today.  Took a trip to the dump, library, dollar store and grocery store.

I have my paperwork all done for the AHBA trial June 27 and just waiting for  someone to proofread it and then I can send it tomorrow I hope.  Check that off the list .

Dually is feeling very good today.  No growling, just whining like he wants to go out and do something.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Boring Defensive Driving class

 i had to leave at 6;30 this am to get to the class in Wesley Chapel.  It was supposed to be an 8 hr class but it only lasted 6 with an hr for lunch. Works for me.  I got home much earlier than anticipated.  I asked my neighbor to let the dogs out. I had left them inside because of thunderstorms today.  She let them out and I texted and asked did she put them back in . Yes Kip was in his crate ad Edge and Dually were loose in the house.  When I got home Dually was in the crate and Kip and Edge were loose. I guess I should have told her how to tell them apart.

I sent the completion cert in to the court and soon I will pay the fine and that will be over with until I get my increased insurance bill next year.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Productive Day

I had a lesson scheduled this am and she brought me a really nice desk to trade for lessons.  It works for me. 

Then after they left, I worked Edge and Kip quietly and only worked a couple of minutes each. They did good work and I quit. 

Then I vacuumed the house, went outside and read for a while on the deck.  I watered plants and planted 3 new plants  One is a hibiscus.  The other 2 are vines. 1 is a pretty flower and the other is going to be fragrant.  Can't remember their names.

Then Dually and I used the golf cart to go around the fields with the brush cutters and cut the stuff growing up threw the fence. There is a bad weed here that is all big thorns and grows really big.  I cut down a bunch of those but I need to round up the stumps.

I blew the leaves and sand off the desk and almost started on painting the dressers again but my thumb hurts after cutting the brush so I quit for the day.

Monday, March 21, 2016

good to be home --south

  The weekend trial was pretty much a flop. the cows won.  Edge was an ass.  Big training holes. He finished his ADVd title and I could see a huge flaw in that training too.  I handled around it to a 2nd place finish.   I left early yesterday and got on the road by 12:30 and home by 8:30. 
This morning was cold cold cold and windy too.  I unloaded the frig in the trailer and got the laundry ready to take to laudromat.  I went about noon and then to the library and grocery store.  I picked up some corned beef and cabbage and put it on the stove as soon as I got home. It was ready around 6 and I have been overeating since then.

I took Edge out to work the goats.  I used shake cans with him tonight to get my flanks.  It confused him a  bit but I think we worked it out.

I worked Kip too and I think I have to be quieter and calmer with him than I have been. He seems to flinch when I give him commands so that makes me believe I am sounding too harsh with him.

Dually played a lot of ready set go and he is overtired.  He has been growling at me a lot tonight.  Never sure if he is growling at me or the dogs outisde,but tonight he was inthe back bedroom no whre near the other dogs and I reached down to pet him and he growled.  No doubt it was at me then.  Poor guy just doesn't feel right.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I slept in this am and packed leisurely since I had a short trip to my next stop. I carefully checked stairs before I left.  Everything looked good.  I was on my way up an incline and I heard a loud clunk.  really loud. I stopped immediately and got out to look.  The trailer hitch pin was gone and the hitch was hanging by a thread and the trailer was being held to the car only by the chains.  Yikes.  I quickly put chocks under the trailer wheels and block of wood since I want' sure the chocks would hold and I didn't want to be running after my rolling trailer yelling STOP TRAILER i COMMAND YOU TO STOP!.   I managed to get the trailer jacked up and took of the stabilizers and then wiggled the hitch out completely so I could get at the chains which were taut.   I got everything unhitched and then had to hitch it all back again.  I did find another pin to hold it in there fairly quickly but now I need to get a back up one.  geez scary.  
Then I went up to dump my tanks and I realized my antenna was up and I could not wind it down.  Something inside had broken earlier and now I knew the result. The canp office sent someone up with a ladder and we were able to get it down with me inside and him up on top.  The rest of the drive was uneventful.  We went over to Cheryls to work ducks and cattle but all I really wanted to do was take a nap.  I'm very tired.  up early tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

cattle lessons

When the clinic commenced, Cindy and I decided to go take a few cattle lessons with Rick Hardin. We went yesterday and today.  Edge showed his stuff by biting the side of the neck and getting tossed and rolled. Rick was not impressed.LOL.   Kip got to work too and he did a pretty nice job .  I was happy with him. He still doesn't want to confront heads but he it is easier and easier to hold him in there and back him up.  He did some really nice quiet sneaking up behind them and squaring his corners without getting kicked. If he gets kicked it will be hard to get him back on cows I think.   Today we set Edge up on a line and allowed a cow to turn back on him and Rick held the line and all I did was tell him to stay and when that cow lowered her head he hit her in the head hard.  maybe that is why he would rather hit somewhere else, it probably hurts to try to bit a cow in the forehead. He needs to hit the nose. Rick suggested keep him from biting anything for 6 mos.  I think I can do that. Not totally sure though.

I am going to try and go back for a couple of days on my way home from Fl. I tried to book a campground nearby and they appear to be full so I put my name on a waitlist. It's a state campground and sometimes it's impossible to get into those.

I stopped at Walmart and got my haircut and came back to campground and let the dogs run a little and then went inside and conked out on the recliner.  It's very windy out on the lake and I am really glad I put my awning in before I left this am.

Tomorrow I will move the trailer to Cartersville into a KOA and set up for the weekend trial.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Clinic is over

sorry I haven't been reporting but I have to drive 25 miles back to the campground after the clinic and to the clinic site and frankly I am just tired.
 so today , Kip was a star.  He did stuff I had no idea he could do.  He drove a group of sheep to a corner and then did an inside flank and took them out and also took an inside flank and just did a 360. Pretty advanced stuff.

Edgie  had a very hard time taking his away flank around some sheep that wanted to run.  If I remember to give him a get back before the away flank he is better. 

Dually worked ducks twice.  He is tired tonight.  He whined at me last night after we were in bed so I knew he was bored.

Tomorrow we are going someplace else to work cattle. Cindy is staying an extra day and going too.

Friday, March 11, 2016


I left after Barb and Cindy this am at 7:30.  It was relatively uneventful I did go back roads instead of going thru Atlanta . I think it would have been easier to go thru Atlanta. The back roads were long winding and not all that good. I got here at 4 and signed into the campground. They told me to go down and go left so I did and I ended up at a dead end and the playground. There was no one there but I did not have enough room to turn the trailer around so I had to back around a major corner and down a hill. Finally I got turned around and to my site only to realize there was not dump area so I drove out again and back to the check in and duumped there and then back down to set up the trailer.

It looked flat and I put the chocks going in the same direction so when I dropped it off the car it slid back a little and I almost panicked.  If it had rolled it would have gone down a steep slope into the river. Oh geez

Unpacked ate leftovers from yesterday and realized I forgot my pillow.  I took the dogs to a parking lot to run and found a dollar store and bought some pillow and some weird pillow cases. Who'd thunk they would make them from nylon material  Yuck

Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Dentist

  I had an appt today with a new dentist in Williston.  I liked her a lot.  What I did not like is they had no spit cup and used the suction the whole time.  I was not allowed any rest time to close my jaw.  I will change that the next time I go. I think she did a good job(what do I know).  She did adjust my partial so now I can chew on both sides again which I haven't done since November.

Then the boys and I did a barn hunt run thru . Edge did outstanding but Dually and I got hung up in one area. We finished but Lorri kinda had to tell me to move on. So Edge gets to run senior tomorrow for real and Dually does Open. 

I went to Walmart finally and got a new mailbox but no time to put it up today. Probably no time tomorrow am but pm for sure.

I also bought my first hibiscus which I plan to plant by the back porch someplace.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

love my golf cart

I took Edge out in the golf cart to the 5acre field to work the goats.  I wanted to work on making sure he got behind them when I sent them and not cut if front.  I succeeded in stopping him from cutting in. He did some beautiful big outruns and then I also worked on his stop when I tell you damnit.  Still needs work.

Gale called me and said they were cutting down trees did I want some firewood.  Thinking they were going to bring it over I said yes. so then she said come and get it.  Yikes.  Ok I hoofed it over there and they were ready to break for lunch so we went to lunch.  I got a free lunch. I was there at the right time.  Then they started to split the oak and I loaded up the back of the car, just one layer.  I took a little of the pine too.   I drove home and realized my mailbox was falling off. It had been but it as worse today.  I thought I would just take a few tools down there and reinforce it.  NO .  I had to pull it off and the way it is built I can't get it back on so I will have to buy a new one.  I was going to go to Walmart and do that after I unloaded the wood.  I started to unload the wood and one jumped out of the car and hit me HARD  in the ankle.  It was sore but I didn't stop to ice it until it swelled up so much I could barely walk.  It took 2 hrs to get the swelling down enough to walk again.  Sore oh boy. So it's dark now and not sure I want to go to Walmart.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

barn hunt today

   I started Kip tonight and he got it right away.  He lacks focus and he did try to pee on a hay bale but I caught him quick.  

Edge did a beautiful job on 4 tubes , no mistakes and fast finds.  I had Lorri hide them really well too because we had an issue at the last trial with tubes that were down in between bales.  hopefully he is over that now.  Dually found his 2 every time but is really tired tonight. We did a lot of ready set go today .  He almost could not jump up on a bale tonight but he rallied and did it but it was quite noticeable to me that he was having an issue. Maybe too much running today.

Called Frances Finley to see if there was any possibility of Que having another litter but she is 10 now and it does not look promising. Que is Dare's sister.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Adventure to Alabama

Not much sleep last night, but got up and on the road at 6:20 still dark  I pulled out of the driveway and heard some grinding noises but thought nothing of it. The trailer always makes noises.  After driving about 4 miles I remembered that Iforgot to close the door and put the steps up. Uh oh. So I pulled over and yes the step were all bent up --crap-- I managed to close the bottom step enough to keep going.  10 more miles and I thought I left the door open what if my stuff that I had just jammed thru the door had fallen out. I pulled over again to check. Phew it was all there.

Uneventful until a gas and empty black water stop. Actually that went very smoothy and back on the road for only another 100 miles.   I get to Rogers and pull in where I normally pull in and the trailer catches a wire that was loose from the storm and I pull the whole thing down which was of course a live electric wire. no shock. yuck yuck

Joe helps me back in the trailer and level it and I look for the keys for the storage areas on the trailer which I had just locked back at the FlyingJ when I emptied it,.  NO keys anywhere,so I cna't get at my "stuff".  water hose, blocks, etc.   Then while I am thinking about the keys and where the heck were they I realize I had probably pulled them out of my pocket when I pulled my car keys out andthey fell on the ground and I didn't notice. Great.   I called the Flying J and sent them out into the parking lot and they found them and will hold them until Monday. Still can't get in the storage bays.

Joe and Roger remove the bent stairs from my trailer and take hammers and a sledge to it for 2 hrs. They gave up and we had lunch.  2 more younger guys show up and pop it twice and its good to go and now its back on the trailer and usable and while they were at it they popped by storage units andthey are open now too.

hot shower and heat on and I'm going to bed.  night

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Herding Fun Day

It was a small turnout but the dogs were nice and the people were too. All seemed interested in continuing training. The lady I met when I went to the wrong place to pick up my raw food came back and she might be interested in keeping the goats thru the summer.  It would be better if they did not have horns. 

We reinforced the duct tape on the pvc pipes on the goats horns and we wormed all of them.  Worms are a huge issue down here although they looked pretty good to me. Better safe than sorry. They can just drop dead at a moments notice.

I have the trailer packed and ready to go to Al tomorrow but the weather report is not the best. Might have to hold off for a day. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sister and BIL visit

 Carol and Mike got here last Tues and Mike has been working his tail off on my house. Carol and I have been galivanting.  Mike and Carol bought me a TV mount and Mike put it up. It's perfect.  He fixed the rotted casement on the back door, went on the roof and put screening around the chimney so no more birds in the stove.  He hung the heavy grate over my bedroom door and hung a serape by the dining table and another serape over the guest suite(lol).  Carol and I found a crappy picture in a good frame with a double mat and glass to fit my art piece from Jean.  We painted the gold frame black and cleaned it and mounted it and it looks wonderful.  If I had ordered a frame and mat it would have been at least $200 but this cost $35 and $2 in paint. SCORE!!!

We went out to dinner once and lunch once but we ate in the rest of the time.  Today CArol and I went to the Cedar Lake Quarry garden.  We went to Rainbow River state park on Friday and we really liked it. Lovely gardens and waterfalls. 

I found an old log piece today with a bunch of air plants on it and I hung it on the back deck.  I also picked some grapevines and made a wreath covered with spanish moss. Not sure where that is going to go.  It's beginning to look like a home.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Barn Hunt Trial

  I entered Dually in his first trial. He got 2nd place in his first run.  His 2nd run he hit really hard on an empty litter tube and I called it so we nq'd.  I was afraid that might happen because yesterday we did  a senior practice run and he hit on 4 rats bing bang boom and then when I was trying to drag him away he hit on a litter tube hard.  So I guess he's a little confused on what he should be hitting on and that is to be expected since we have had very little training. But oh boy does he think it's fun.

Edge ran in Open and he hit on the first rat fairly quickly but the judge nq'd me because I had my cell phone on me. It was not on but apparently you cannot even carry it.  bummer. His 2nd run was beautiful and he won the class and High in Class too.

Finally I got a haircut today and a good one at believe it or not Walmarts.

I took pics of the goat I want to sell but I can't get them to upload to craigslist. damn phone

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The goats

Yesterday I was going to try and work Kip and have Dually back him up in  the big field.  Kip lost them to the barn so we went up there and he had them cornered in the stall so I took the opportunity to work them in the stall. Not one of my better ideas. They tboned Kip a couple of times but then I got him to heel them but he wont' face the head. So I brought Edge in and they tried it on him but he will truly bite. Problem is , he wont' bite heads either, but will bite any goat I point to. Ha

Today we did not work goats. Too cold. WE went to work rats.  Dually was very frantic at first but I left him alone and he settled and found the rats and pounced on them fun.  Edge did very well too and bit again at the tubes if he could see them. Problem is they are always covered with straw and he has to learn to remove the straw to bite them.  I think it's only a matter of time.

I met a couple at barn hunt originally from Maine and we know lots of the same people so that was cool.  they are now living in their 5th wheel and have no real house.  With 4 dogs.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Geezz it's cold tonight

I did nothing all day until it was time to go to the goat roast and of course it started to rain and the temp dropped.  I went anyway and I had a good time. there were quite a few people there and lots of food.  Goat prepared 3 ways, 1 was a curry , 1 a teryiaki and the other was a kabob.  the curry was the best and I usually don't like curry(indian curry).  no cinnamon or allspice or other funky stuff in this one.

Seating was at a minimum since they had to open the house to get everybody out of the rain.  So I stood and talked for 2.5 hrs.  I was very cold when I got home and I am just starting to warm up.  It's down to 43  and still lightly raining.

I'm going over to Alan's tomorrow and going to try the new sheep out.  Should be exciting.

Friday, February 5, 2016

dog training

I wasnt'going to do it, but I was there and the opportunity presented itself(I mean train the dogs). I've mostly lost my impetus and my interest and my mojo. 

I sent Dually about 250 yds to get the goats. He stopped on the way and crossed over a couple of times but they all came back to me.  He stopped on the way back too. He stops a lot now.  He got them all the way back to the barn and I took him out and put Kip in.  I worked them in the little pen and Kip did a nice job. I flanked him all the way around and he did not try to back away from them. I walked hiim up on them and he sorta tried to hesitate but he kept going.  I was very happy with what he did. He would not have been able to do what I asked a few weeks ago.   I need to keep building his courage. 

Then Edge who did some nice flanks and some nice walkups and we are working on the inside flanks with him farther  away from me.  I tried a back up before the flank word and it sorta worked but need to work on the back up a little more.

I also replaced 2 bulbs in my outside lights so both sides of the back deck will be lit now.  Whew easy fix.

It was a cool night and a cool morning and so I didn't do anything until afternoon.  I went and did a load of laundry and went to the cupcake store. It was just okay. The coffee was good though.  Then to the Thrift store and Walmarts.  I got some fabric glue to finish the lining of the drawer in my coffee table and then "fini". 

My new couch will be delivered next Tues and they will  exhange this reclinier for another one at the same time since this one is stuck /half way up .  At least I can use it this way but would like it to work correctly. 

Tomorrow is a goat roast and "party".  BYOB.  I think water will be fine..

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

stupid mistake

   I signed up to buy raw food from the fla raw food co-op.  They deliver to dif areas of Fla mostly central Fla.  I picked a town that I thought was 20 min away but it turns out I was really wrong. It was 70 miles away so last night i had to make a long trip in the dark down rt 75.  I did meet a nice lady who called me today about setting up an instinct test for her dogs and 2 of her friends.  Hopefully this weekend.

The repaiman  from Blockers came and played with my chair for a while this am. He gave me a new power box but was not convinced that was the problem.  It has worked since he left.   And then the delivery guys came with my new table and cabinet/hutch.  I love it and the table too. Starting to fill up the room .  I will have a couch in a week or so and then I am done buying this year.

One of my neighbors stopped by to give my a price on mowing the pasture. He also asked me if I wanted to go to church with hiim on Sunday. I told him I was not much of a church goer(to put it mildly).

I stared to work on putting wheels on my coffee table and my hand started to kill me again so I had to stop half way thru.  Ice and  ibuprofen. 

It was a lovely day and I spent most of it inside watching Game of Thrones.

Tomorrow I need to get some dog treats to go to handling class with Edge. I still need to find some cloth to line the coffee table and I could take a quick trip to the Habitat REstore or find the store taht advertises stuff to repurpose.  NOT that i am going to buy anything.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Progress Today

I hired the guy down the street to put up the cattle panels and posts for the dog fence.  I sprained my thumb and I'm useless. He got most of it done today.  If it does not rain tomorrow he will finish it. 

I took Dually and Edge to barn hunt.  Dually was outstanding.  He was not afraid of the rat and he hunted and scented very well. He also was keen to bite and paw at the rat tube.  nice.  We worked on Edge and trying to see if I could call him off a rat tube.  He would call off but then go right back and not so with the litter tube so that should help me at the next trial. 

I got my "jugement" from my court case. Stupid judge.  Stupid state of Virginia. 

I have to go to an 8 hr driving course which of course is no where near here .  stupid judge

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 3

Edgie finished his RATN  title. today.  We moved up to open but I am still having trouble reading his soft indication on litter tubes.  My bad.  It was a fun day anyway.  I think I 'm hooked.

Gail borrowed a flat bed for me and we went to Tractor Supply and picked up 20 cattle panels to make my dog yard.  I hope it keeps Kip in . The holes are  a little big although he did not go thru my cattle panels at home in Sturbridge.

I contacted a couple of people about starting a barn hunt club.  Looks like good money in it.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 2

  I decided to go back to the trial today. It's kind of addictive.   Edge and I NQ'd again on the first trial. I called it too quick because again he kept going back to a litter tube and not the rat tube. We took our time trial 2 and q'd.  We need one more leg for our RATN title. LOL

I went into Ocala and picked up my new recliner  and they forgot to collect the balance from me. I'm sure they will catch up with me somewhere along the way. The couches that I want are now on sale . Yay

Looks like Leila now has kennel cough and the ONLY place she could have gotten it was at the vets. I'm not very happy about this fostering thing.  I'm not going back to that vet with my dogs either. There are other vets and I will hopefully find a good one. Maybe I will get lucky and not need one.  Best case scenario.

So now I have 2 chairs in my living room and a rug. Starting to look like a home.  Need some pictures though. I saw a huge one of a horse today but it was over $300.  Maybe someday.

Another trial tomorrow and it looks like there are a lot of them this winter locally. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Edgie gets his BHI

 That is his Barn Hunt Instinct Title.  It actually is an AKC title .  

I entered him in the instinct test because it was at a location other than where we have been training and I wasnt' sure he would know what to do.   He went right to the rat and indicated. He has the cutest little indication.  He cocks his head and looks at me and then looks back at the tube with the rat in it.  He's got an easy " tell". 
Then we moved on to the novice class.  The novice class was in another building and he was wired. He was running around like a lunatic (at least faster than normal)and not really concentratiting.  I called Rat once but the judge didn't hear me so didn't nq me.  It was not a rat but an empty tube. I ran out of time but he found the rat finally.  The 2nd run went much better.  He did his tunnel quickly and then his climb and then he found the rat.  We got 2nd place. The first place dog was really quick. 

I am not entered tomorrow but they take day of entries so if I can get some sleep tonight, i will probably go back and try to finish his Novice rat title(giggle). There are 2 trials a day and you need 3 legs to title so I could title tomorrow and move up to OPen on sunday. 

The leather recliner that I ordered is in and I either need to go pick it up or decide to have it delivered.  Trying to decide now.  Take a nap or go get chair.

Monday, January 18, 2016

lesson day

I gave my first lessons here in Fla and it felt really good to be teaching again.   an Aussie and a BC.  I have the lessons at Alan's farm instead of here.  I am not sure how good my goats would have behaved and his were very good.

Every night I work on the coffee table or the chair now. . painting painting painting just to get them covered and then I get to put a shiny coat and a glaze on and they will be done.  Can't wait to see the finished products.  Then will start another but will make my own chalk paint.  There are lots of recipes on line.

I did not see any fleas on anybody this am  but I didn't look tonight.  can't' bear it.  Tomorrow Layla goes to get her growth removed and her teeth done.  I'm hoping they can' give me something else for fleas.  I will be changing all the dogs over to Comfortis soon. I found a place in the UK that will allow you to order without and rx and they are $20 cheaper than anywhere else I looked on line.

Tomorrow my golf cart gets delivered.   Whoo whooo

Friday, January 15, 2016

Strange Day

Dually woke me up early to go out.  Odd for him.  I let everybody out. It was just starting to rain. It rained all morning with quite a wind too.  I stayed up for about 1 hr and then I started to get a chill, It was not cold out.  I took a hot shower which will normally do the trick but it did not. I was still shivering when I got out and then  vomited too. So I crawled back in bed and doubled up on the covers. I fell asleep and go up about 1.  I felt a little better but no energy at all. 

However, I felt I had to wash dogs. So I washed 3 of them and then crawled back into bed for another 2 hrs. I'm not chilled anymore but I have no energy.  And the dogs I washed are still scratching. Not much but enough to set me on edge.

I spent yesterday calling around trying to find Capstar but no one had any.  I ordered some on line but not much. They were out of stock too.  So I will keep washing dogs.  hope this makes a difference.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


  Ok  I have a plan.  I need to go buy Capstar tomorrow and give them all capstar.  It goes ok with frontline.  Then the next day I bath eveybody and then the next day I capstar again and day 4 I bath again.  This goes on for 7-12 days.  I will conquer!!!!

I finally found a small brush to tackle the grout. You would not think that would be hard to find but I must have looked in 6 stores.

I started to paint my coffee table tonight because I bought some sandpaper today too.  I can't put pictures here until I figure out how to do it. So if you want to see it you will have to look on facebook.

The fencing guy called me with an estimate and it was way way way too high. Oh well.  Plan B

Monday, January 11, 2016

ole flea bite

I checked her this am and there was a flea on her. Probably more than that but it's so much less than it was.  So I put DE on all the dogs again and I sprayed the bedroom and master bath with ORTHO.    I will do the rest of the house but the dogs and i both  have to be out.  I need to spray the car too.

I had a guy come over to give me an estimate on fencing for the dog area. He will get back to me tomorrow and I called another guy who gave me a $2. foot for labor rate.  I would buy all the materials.  I liked the guy that came over a lot. 

Then I went shopping. I was just going to go to the grocery store but I ended up at a junk store where I got a nice used  skill saw for $15 and then I went to the Restore and bought a duck bowl,  piece of pvc for the goat, and a coffee table..  It's square and wood and had a glass top with 2 drawers. The top drawer also acts as a shadow box through the glass.  I think it will be a great place to put my big ribbons and some of my little prizes.   I have to decide how to refinish it.  I am leaning towards black but that my not be the best choice in this house.  There is a green felt in the drawer that shows thu the top and it will be fun to replace that will something funky.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Goat has been outsmarted

I woke up and she was stuck in the fence again , but at 2:30 last night I finally understood how you could put a bar across the horns and stop her from putting her head thru.  So today I cut a fresh stick off of one of my oaks and cut it to about 8inches. Dually gathered them up and put them in the stall and I lassoed her and tied her up so I could handle her.  I duct taped the stick to her horns and let her loose.  I decided after I did it that I should have taped the stick to the top of the horns rather than the bottom but hopefully it was going to work.  I then watched her try to put her head thru unsuccessfully so maybe it really did work.  I haven't checked her since about 3 this afternoon so I should go out and check before I go to bed. flashlight check

I took a long nap this afternoon because after waking at 2:30 I could not get back to sleep for a while.  I'm not sleeping very well down here. Not sure why.

So around 9:30 I decided to try to clean the grout and tile in the guest bathroom. I have been looking at it for weeks and it's getting more and more disgusting.  So I used salt, dawn,water and vinegar and it worked really well. What didn't work was the toothbrush . too soft so tomorrow I will pick up a nail brush which is much stiffer.  Dollar store down the street should be good for that.  I didn't get very far.

I also fixed another gate today so at least when I close it the dogs can't push it open and come right behind me.  Dually rolled in something disgusting and he has had 2 washings but still stinks.   I gave Layla her bath this morning .  I think it was today. Seems like a long time ago.  She is out cold on the floor. What a sweetie.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Stupid Goats

When I woke up this morning and sat down and had breakfast in my one chair, I looked outside and I could see the goats. One was up against the fence and 20min later she was still there. Not normal.  I deicded she was probably stuck and she was.  They have horns and I have some field fence and some no climb and she put her head thru the field fence and then she did it again later in the day only higher up.  By the time I got out there she was kinda hanging there. I hope she starts to "get"  it.  Although I think the next pasture over is all no climb.  I havent' really checked yet.

The foster dog Leila is full of fleas.  She had 1 capstar yesterday morning and then a few hours later I gave her frontline. She still has lots of fleas.  I got most of the mats cut off. She has a very downy coat and it's not an easy coat to care for. I took her to the vets for all her shots and to get the tumor under her front leg looked at. They did a needle biopsy to see if they could see anything. Results next week.  She is heartworm negative. I brought her home and dusted her and the boys with DE.  I am so afraid I am going to get an infestation.  Tomorrow they are all going to get baths with Dawn..  Lots of soap and suds.

Then I went out tonight and fixed the gate near the barn. It was high enough for Kip to get under it and into the livestock so there was a big post under to block it but then it was hard to move when I wanted to get in with the truck.  So I drilled new holes for the pins and rehung the gate. Sounds easy but you know it never is easy. But it's done.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Busy Day

  I got up this am and started to work on the pen and the gates.  I got one side of the pen done although later today, I put the goats in it and went to the grocery store and came back and the goats were no longer in the pen. Panic.  Ok they were still in the pasture.  They had pushed out a bottom corner that I had not fastened very well.  Geez where the hell do they think they can go.  Hopefully not far.  I guess they don't like it here yet. 

Anyway I hung 2 gates today and unrolled the 2nd roll of fencing and placed it against the fence. It's very hard to nail in the fencing staples. I guess I don't have much strength. Or these posts are really hard. 

The landscaper came back and finished the work he started yesterday and also fixed the sewer pipe he broke yesterday.  He bought 4 in pipe to fix and and guess what it was 3in pipe which is not code now, but hopefully it was when they built this place. Anyway it's fixed and I checked it.  So now I can start fencing in the dog area. I am toying with the idea of having it done by somebody.  It's a bitch of a job by myself and I hate not having the equipment to stretch it.

I worked the goats with Edgie in the pen and out of the pen although that was not my intent. The 3 older goats worked ok and the young one was in a complete panic  and ran off by itself a couple of times. NOt a good idea with Edge on the job . I finally talked to my neighbor who raises goats and asked him about predators and he said they weren't a problem. That's good but I will still have to worry about escaping goats.  He sells them too if I need more.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


The goats have been in the stall for 2 days now and I dont' think they are eating or drinking. How stupid could they be?  The little buck is the most laid back, the does are all freaked out.  And did I mention they all have horns and no how to use them?  When I was putting them in the crates to bring home, I had to recatch the kid whom I had put in with the mother.  We needed to put some worm meds down her throat. She was at the back of the crate and the mom was facing me.  I had to put my head in the crate to grab the baby and she promptly butted me in the head.  I have a bruise over my eye. It could have   been a lot worse.

So I woke up at 3:30 and it's 6 and I am still awake. Joy.   But I signed up for a Paleo diet restart and I am going to try and clean up my act again.  I am eating way too much crap and I feel like it too. No energy at all and weight gain.  Time to Restart. But it will be a little hard since My Stuff is at home. ie: blender,food processor, all my spices, pots pans etc.  Today if it's not too nasty out, I will go to the Marion County flea market 400 vendors.   They might have some stuff I need.

First when it gets light out I will go outside and give the goats water in another bucket just in case they dont' like the black bucket.  I found the local feed and supply store yesterday and they have everything and their prices were better than TractorSupply.  I bought some welded wire fencing , 2 gates and a fence post to hand one on and some buckets, grain, and fencing staples.  I started putting up my working pen yesterday. It's fun because it's so easy to put posts in here.  But I'm having trouble getting the staples in.  I think I need a bigger hammer. Or more muscle. Both would help.  I left my little sledge at home. There is so much I wish I had brought .  Hoses here are not easy to find at this time of year.  So I have been using the hoses from the travel trailer.  2 of them  are the collapsible ones and the 3rd is only 25 ft.  Just not enough hose.

Dually has been feeling really well this week. He is playing Ready Set Go but he is limiting his own running so I don't have to.  His at rest respiration is good and sometimes he is eating on his own. Yesterday he ate 2 meals without me force feeding him.  He really seems to like variety because some days he likes the Honest Kitchen beef mix and some days he won't touch it. Some days he likes the premix and the hamburger and most days he won't touch it. I am out of hamburger   and the raw order is not due in for a couple of weeks which just leaves me with the beef mix. It will be a struggle. I bought ckicken thighs for him but he didn't want to eat those either. I had one and it was good. Don't know what his issue is.
   Kip is finally learning what OFF means.  Gosh I have been working on this since April.  He is not stupid but this is a tough one for him.  He needs to be worked, but I think the goats will be bouncing off the walls the first time I go to work them.   Kip is bite happy so he might not be the first dog to work them. I think it will be Edge because I don't want to take the chance of them butting Dually in the heart and killing him. That would be bad.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Goats yes

  I got invited out for New Years Eve and they said come early so I did.  While we were talking,I bemoaned the fact that I did not have any livestock yet. Gale said lets go see Bernie, who always has a bunch of sheep and goats. He did not have much left.  He did not have any sheep for sale but he sold me 1 adult doe and her kid, 1 doe less than a year and a pretty young buck probably less than a year too.

So this morning I loaded up a couple of crates and went to pick them up. The guy -Bernie the cuban cowboy  offered to let me use his trailer but that just would have been an extra trip for me so I decided to stuff them in crates. . When we got there, Bernie had not gathered them up or sorted them and he did not have a dog so it was an exercise in frustration.  good thing he does not have a dog probably because he used emus for protection and frankly I would not want my dog in with an emu. We start to load them and he decides he should worm them.  He works kinda slow so we waited again for him to get the worm meds and then he dropped the syringe and on and on.  FINALLY  we are loaded in on our way but in the meantime the nanny has pooped outside the crate and I had nothing under the crates to protect the car.  Well the other 2 peed in the airline crate so I guess I can't complain. Urine is harder to clean up.

  I drove right into the pasture and backed up to the barn but of course I have a lift back so one it lifts then there is not chute to get them in the stall. I had a borrowed gate on one side and the first goat came out "Oreo" and promptly pushed the gate over and started running.  I closed everybody else back in and fixed my system.  Oreo tried all the fences but did not succeed in escaping--YET.  I got everybody else in the stall and they are spooked by me boy.  I leave them alone for an hour and come back and Oreo is now in their vicinity.  I did not want everybody out tonight so I went in and tied the other ones in the barn and then opened the door and Oreo decided to go in.  Dually was there but didnt' have much to do.  So they are all in there tonight and have some hay and water and I think they are still trying to escape.  I heard climbing noises all afternoon.  They weren't cheap hopefully they will all be there in the morning.

I went out later and started to build my working pen.  I put in 6 posts lickety split. So easy down here.  The posts were on the fence edge supposedly keeping dogs from going under.  Not good posts but I think they will be ok for what I want.  Tomorrow I will get some wire and some gates.