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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reason strangely reasons

So yesterday , REason had no contact with the other dogs and I had him tied to me all day. He cried everytime the leash tightened up but he got with the program and today he was much better. I am also getting eye contact and he wants to be with me today.  He is coming when called when there are no distractions.  I worked on sit and down and stand.  I also worked on trading bones or whatever for food since he seems to be a little possessive.  I put rocks in his food bowl to slow him down from gulping his food and I put my hand in and gave his treats while he was eating.  All went well. The only time I had an issue was leaning over out of my chair and touching his front feet he growled at me so of course he got a lot more foot touching. And I looked at his teeth, no problem. 

I was making my dinner he he was freaking out like there was something biting him. crying and biting at his butt, but of course you can't see anything on him.  I think it was a fire ant, but it's interesting that none of the other dogs have ever reacted at least that I have seen. 

Posey and he got to play this am in the outdoor kennel and they were a muddy mess.  I think he needs both time with me and time with her. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018


I got the newest puppy on Fri am at the Orlando airport.  His name is REason and he paid no attention to me when he came out of the crate and was very standoffish. He was excited to see Edge in the car, but not excited about people.

So for 2 days I have allowed him to interact with all the dogs. Edge nailed him once. He is very persistent and annoying. He and Posey play pretty rough, but I don't really know if that is normal or not.  He has growled at me and he bit me in the face this afternoon.  No provocation and no warning. Kinda scary at his age.  So I have decided that he longer gets to roam freely and interact whenever he wants with the other dogs. I have put a collar on him and he will be attached to me for a while and go wherever and whenever I go.  So far he does not like that.  He is very vocal when things don't go his way. A little tug on the leash and he half cries like he is being hurt.

When he was running free, he would go to the sheep pen and sit and stare at them.  It didn't matter what the other dogs were doing , he was mesmerized.

He also did not seem to know his name, does not know sit or down or come or how to walk on a leash. He is smart though and hopefully will get with the program quickly.  My biggest concern is his disdain for me.  That will never work.  I don't have to kiss him but he has to want to be with me.

I wish it was warmer this week, because taking him outside first thing in the am on a leash is going to suck!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

busy day

Started out unloading the corral panels from the stock trailer. I was supposed to have help but she bagged me and never bothered to call me and tell me she wasn't coming. If you tell somebody you are going to do something then damn well do it.

Next job was to remove the faucet from the barn since it has been leaking for days.  I shut the water off last night so I could empty the tank before this am.  I pulled off the faucet which was easy as pie and put on another one which was also easy. Found the plumbers tape and a brand new faucet that I had bought last year and didn't really need so it now has a red handle but it's cold water.

Then moved on to transferring cows to another area which meant  transferring the feeder, the stock tank and worst of all the hoses. They were going 100 ft or so , so that means multiple hoses that preferably do not leak.  I had to change a few out and if I did not have the golf cart to ride back and forth to the barn in I would be cripple and in bed right now.  Finally got the auto waterer set up , but I have a feeling there are minor leaks in the hoses so I may not use the auto waterers. 

Then I hitched up the stock trailer and went to tractor supply to exchange the bolts that I got for the kennel fencing. Turns out they are wrong again.  I then went to pick up my new registered Barbadoes sheep. 2 ewes and a ram. The owner switched out the ram I bought with a much better one because she really did not want him butchered and that is where he was headed.  She said in about 1 yr he will go for $400.  NICE

Unloaded them and they settled right in.  And then started working on the chicken coop again. Lots of thought go into this. 1 board up and 1 hr of thinking. LOL.  While I was working on my 1 board , I saw Posey go thru the fence in with the cows.  good thing she is still coming when I call her.  YIKES

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

chicken coop and dog kenel

So Barb came over and helped me move all the dog kennel fencing to the back where we put up a couple of panels in the dog yard and we also put 3 panels around where we are going to house the ducks and chickens.  I am trying to figure out how to enclose them without locking them into a closed up box.  I think I am going to do 2 ft plywood on the bottom followed by 4 hardware cloth on the top.  Still don't want to do the floor at all. I like the sand floor but I guess as soon as something digs under to get the chickens I will be regretting it.  Maybe I could partially cover the edges. Sounds like a lot of work down on my knees.  Yech

Tomorrow I pick up the cows but I have not put any water tanks out for them and I had to leave my feeder in Mass so I have no hay feeder or grain feeder for them.  I"ll think of something.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Journey to the vet(yet again)

Time to try and see what is wrong with him again.  She put him under to xray his nose, head, throat and heart. Everything was perfectly normal. She flushed his nose with saline and caught the flushing in the back of his throat on gauze and then took a sample to get it tested. Also did a complete blood panel (all normal).  IT took a lot of saline to get his nose cleaned out of thick heavy snot.  She thinks now he may not be making normal snot so I am supposed to thin his discharge with in influx of saline every morning. I don't think he is going to be cooperative.  Lots of treats in his future I think.

Also waiting for culture because she thinks maybe his cough is an infection . Not sure how that works , but I 'll give it a try.  If I know that is what he has to deal with for his life I can do it, but no one has convinced me of that yet. IF it's abnormal snot maybe chinese meds will help. 

Tried to move kennel panels by myself today and soon stopped. Too much work.

Looked at back of shed to figure out how I am going to make the chicken coop back there. AT first I was going to close it all in with plywood, but it looks like that would be  a mistake down here. Too hot so now I am going to go with primarily hardware cloth although I hate working with it.  Not sure if I am going to put any kind of a floor in. Really don't want to.

Made a tasty pork roast in the slow cooker today.  Most of the time I hate the way stuff tastes in it but this was good.  It's a keeper. I  over cooked it, but that was operator error.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

All Moved to Fla

The house is Mass closed yesterday. Buyer pissed me off so I dont' want to talk about it.  Asshole.

So I am gradually getting the stock trailer unloaded of dog kennel fencing and boxes etc.  Some furniture too. I called a guy who worked for me last year and he is going to come over tomorrow am and help me move the dog kennel fence that I cant budge and hopefully the tv cabinet that I also cannot budge.  Once I get it emptied , I can start picking up STUFF.

For instance: I bought 5 cows yesterday and I need to go get them and get hay for them since the fields are pretty sparse. Even when they are growing they aren't very good.  And today I bought 10 call babies although now that they are unloaded, at least 3 do not look like call ducks. Time will tell. I also bought 2 laying hens and one presented me with an egg in the dog crate and the owner said she wasnt laying yet.  I guess she is. I put them in the dog kennel by the barn, and Timer and Kip harrassed the hell out of them so I had to put up my goat panels too so they can't get close enough to them.

Also stopped at a craft fair on the way home and bought myself a Christmas present. A butter dish. It's really pretty.

Monday, November 20, 2017

I"ve been remiss

    I finally have decent wifi here in Fla. so that will allow me to post more hopefully.

The dogs keep coming in smelling like shit.  I thought it was something dead, but now I think it is shit they are either rolling in or more likely falling in.  I guess  I need to go out and clean up their yard, but that does not explain Kip coming in smelling bad.  It's not nice.

Tomorrow is my 2nd meeting with the LOWES people re: my new kitchen.  I have decided on cabinets and backsplash, sink, lighting , and faucets. I'm still undecided on countertop and flooring and island. They are very eager to do a LOT of stuff which I am putting the brakes on.

My trailer stinks since Stacey left last week. She had a dog get sick in there and it is obviously not cleaned up adequately. Problem is I can't see anything but I sure can smell it. Apparently a dog ate a bunch of dog food and puked a lot.

I picked up a bookcase at Carriage Trade today and left them my 2 bathroom mirrors that were so disturbing to me. HUGE.  I also picked up a really nice outside lounge chair to lie in the sun. Can't wait to use it.

Dogs are bored with no livestock to work. I will start looking when I get back from Mass. I have to go back and pick more stuff up, make sure house is ready to close and come back. Long trip and the car feels like it is doing a lot of vibrating.