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Monday, December 11, 2017

Journey to the vet(yet again)

Time to try and see what is wrong with him again.  She put him under to xray his nose, head, throat and heart. Everything was perfectly normal. She flushed his nose with saline and caught the flushing in the back of his throat on gauze and then took a sample to get it tested. Also did a complete blood panel (all normal).  IT took a lot of saline to get his nose cleaned out of thick heavy snot.  She thinks now he may not be making normal snot so I am supposed to thin his discharge with in influx of saline every morning. I don't think he is going to be cooperative.  Lots of treats in his future I think.

Also waiting for culture because she thinks maybe his cough is an infection . Not sure how that works , but I 'll give it a try.  If I know that is what he has to deal with for his life I can do it, but no one has convinced me of that yet. IF it's abnormal snot maybe chinese meds will help. 

Tried to move kennel panels by myself today and soon stopped. Too much work.

Looked at back of shed to figure out how I am going to make the chicken coop back there. AT first I was going to close it all in with plywood, but it looks like that would be  a mistake down here. Too hot so now I am going to go with primarily hardware cloth although I hate working with it.  Not sure if I am going to put any kind of a floor in. Really don't want to.

Made a tasty pork roast in the slow cooker today.  Most of the time I hate the way stuff tastes in it but this was good.  It's a keeper. I  over cooked it, but that was operator error.

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