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Saturday, December 9, 2017

All Moved to Fla

The house is Mass closed yesterday. Buyer pissed me off so I dont' want to talk about it.  Asshole.

So I am gradually getting the stock trailer unloaded of dog kennel fencing and boxes etc.  Some furniture too. I called a guy who worked for me last year and he is going to come over tomorrow am and help me move the dog kennel fence that I cant budge and hopefully the tv cabinet that I also cannot budge.  Once I get it emptied , I can start picking up STUFF.

For instance: I bought 5 cows yesterday and I need to go get them and get hay for them since the fields are pretty sparse. Even when they are growing they aren't very good.  And today I bought 10 call babies although now that they are unloaded, at least 3 do not look like call ducks. Time will tell. I also bought 2 laying hens and one presented me with an egg in the dog crate and the owner said she wasnt laying yet.  I guess she is. I put them in the dog kennel by the barn, and Timer and Kip harrassed the hell out of them so I had to put up my goat panels too so they can't get close enough to them.

Also stopped at a craft fair on the way home and bought myself a Christmas present. A butter dish. It's really pretty.

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