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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Museum Day

General Store which was originally someones home and they raised 11 children in this one room!
One room schoolhouse
neat door -no finish on it , just weathered wood

Built in pie safe in main alleyway
Cracker House

open ends for ventilation in cracker house

childs bedroom

Ok it wasn't very big but it was very pleasant and I learned some stuff about Florida.  Cracker for instance is not a derogatory term but it is what they call the cowboys here because of the crack of the bullwhips. So if somebody is a Florida Cracker, it's a good thing.

Master bedroom

Main living room converted to bedroom for elderly aunt
All the walls are made of cypress and there are no 2 by 4s just planks holding up the whole roof. It's all board and batten .

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No sheep training today

BUT , I did work the puppy on some obedience.  I got him to get into heel position for food of course and then we worked sit stand down and back. He has a lousy sit, but his stand is getting much better.

Dually got his first every bath and blow dry.  His collar was beginning to stink so I washed the dog and took the collar off. He was very good. Stood still for everything and now he smells as sweet as a flower.

AFter bath attitude

AFter bath face

I took at nap at 10:30 am .  I am not getting much sleep at night.  It's either the puppy or I have to pee or the damn microwave starts to beep.  That's about it. The bed sucks too and I am constantly researching the next  mattress.  I found a sleep number bed on sale at camperworld.  But I am not sure if I want one. There are some bad reviews but many good ones. The bed platform takes a full queen size mattress but I figure if I buy a full size one and I like it better than my home mattress then I can switch them.  I think that is a really good idea.  So now I am going back to " another " mattress store that has a great return policy and see what they have in full size.  Can't wait to get a decent mattress.

My last art class was tonight and I had to restart the picture of Dare that I started last week because I left it on my table and Dually walked all over it and scratched it all up.  It's ok because the one I started tonight is much better than last weeks. I wish I could keep going to class until I leave for  home, but they wouldn't take payment by the week only by  the session and that is for 8 weeks and I will only be here another 3 weeks.

There is a BC trial this weekend close by and I am considering entering.  How bad could Dare do?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Whelping room

I am in the process of trying to clean out a room in Norma's house to put up a whelping box. She has an aussie bitch whelping next week. Anyway, it's  a room that she had a fire in and put it out with an extinguisher so there is powder everywhere and burn everywhere.  It'S  a manufactured home so there is plastic that has melted to the walls too. Looks like a bunch of work done right. I doubt I will be doing it right.  I started it with her home vac yesterday and that thing must be 70 yrs old. No suction that is useful to me. I understand there is a newer shop vac nearby and that is what I will use today.

I worked Dare last night and I think he is finally understanding not to go to the head when we are driving on a fence line and I think it is the constant talking to him when he is right that is getting thru to him. He did blow  thru twice . The first time he grabbed and the 2nd time, you could just see him and his body language,saying uhoh shouldn't have done that. 

The pup's recall is getting much better.  I worked a little on luring him into heel position with food yesterday and sit , stand, down and back.  I don't think he understands them at all.

Dually is learning a standing stop on our daily walks. In the past when I said stop , he would lie down, so I am trying to fix that.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

St Augustine

Ripley's chrome bumper horse
I drove to St Augustine this morning to meet Jan and go to Ripleys and out to lunch.  I wish I had more time to explore the town.  It was very touristy and busy as hell.  Lunch was good. We tried some fried shrimp flavored with Datil peppers(locally known and grown).  Tasty and the shrimp was fried beautifully.  Nice and moist blackened mahi mahi  and good chowder.

I have decided to go home the day after the next training session at Rogers which will be Mar 23,24 so on the road on March 25 and home by the 26 or 27th.  All the lambies and goaties and duckies can come home and the cat will be happy.

Dare did his dumb diving in thing again. So long line will go back on tomorrow.
I found a couple of bamboo plants on the side of the road that look like they will make good  training sticks.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Henry J house is sold

Oh Well--you snooze you lose.

I walked Dually 2 miles yesterday and a mile this am. It's not hurting my feet yet so I can continue.  It's a bit tricky getting back in the dog yard though. This morning, Edge came to greet him and he nailed him and then Dare thought he should get in on it. I grabbed Dare just in time.

I've been working Dare every day on the corner exercise,making him walk deep into the pressure and then take an inside flank around them. He's doing it very well. Unfortunately, the sheep are too light and bust out of the corner and he had to go too wide to get them back. The object is to get him to do an inside flank all the way around them.  Maybe I need to move back even farther.  Yesterday, he did something I was quite pleased with.  I was trying to sort the lightest sheep off into the pen and he held them there without diving in. Even doing the cutting horse thing AND NOT COMING IN! It seemed like a pretty big deal at the time.

I was going to go to Al today, but it got cancelled because they are expecting lots of rain and thunderstorms. Might be able to go on my way home in 3-4 weeks.  Home is starting to sound really good.

Found out there is a YMCA fairly close by and they have Yoga, but it's too late to join now probably.

I went exploring this aft.  found out where the YMCA is located and it was not easy to find.  Signage is not existent.  I stopped at Tijuana flats for a taco and just like the first time, I thought the food was lousy. Ok off the list. I stopped at a mattress store because the cheap mattress I bought when I got here is no good.  They called the main office of the chain I bought it from to find out for me what the return policy it.  There is no return policy. I am SOL.  But I still need a mattress.  Not sure if I will buy another one down here or wait till I get home. Although there are a lot more places down here to get mattresses.

I took Dually out for another 1miles walk and he looked a little gimpy on the way back.  Might have to cut the walk back a bit.

Worked Dare for a few minutes on all 4 sheep. 2 light ones and 2 who don't want to be light.  I worked driving since that about all I can do with them.  Worked on holding the line and I am talking more to him and telling him when he is right and I think it is making a difference.

Jan called me and she is flying in early tomorrow to Jacksonville so I am going to meet her in ST Augustine and we are going to go to Ripleys and then out to lunch.  It's a mere 100 miles one way. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

House on Hernry J

front of house

living room facing the front room

kitchen-minus stove and fridge

master bedroom bath

strange little room -3steps down from master

full bath on right side of house

shower in studio apt

kitchen in studio


back of barn

rt side of big barn

left side of barn with approx 6 stalls

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dually to the vets today

 Dually got to meet the handsome and personable Dr Matt.  Very knowledgeable, but mostly a large animal vet.  He doesn't treat small animals much but he's good at diagnosing lameness. Anyway, he went over Dually and determined that he had a knee injury ,not the iliopsoas.  Not a bad knee injury but he'son crate  rest and hand walking and anti-inflamatories  for 2 weeks.  He's not going to like that , but tonight I took him for a leash walk up the street.  I think he liked that.  It's good for me too.

Also called and got a hold of a real estate agent and  we are going to look at some properties tomorrow.  They have already told me I can't get a bank mortgage because I have no income on paper. But they suggested private loan companies. Or someone else to sign on the mortgage.

I worked Dare on the corner exercise again.  He was a good boy,but still diving in when we first start out.  I can't get him to flank to the fence yet either. He doesn't see the sense in it and the sheep move no matter where he ends up.

Monday, February 18, 2013

There's frost on the pumpkin this morning

It's  a cold  morning in Fla. THere is a heavy frost and all my water is frozen.  Hopefully it's just the outside hoses and nothing in the trailer but only time will tell. Can't flush or brush.

ok It's 8:30 and I have full water again.It's already up to 47 deg.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kissimmee Valley Fair

Today I went to the local fair. It lasts at least a week and is a big deal around here. Lots of kids involved in 4 H and FFA and other aggie orgs. I can't tell you how many women/girls I saw in camo walking around.  Hunting is really big around here too.

I made a special effort to go and see a steer that was raised by Clayton.  I didn't see him show it, but I saw it in the stall.  There was only one barn with cattle,sheep,goats and that was it. No horses in that barn, but they have a rodeo every night so there must be another barn.

I stayed to watch some juniors show their livestock.  There was one girl I could not take my eyes off of because she was so bizarre .  I know they are supposed to smile but she was off the grid and she had this walk that was bouncy,slinky and just plain odd.  I watched her off the show floor and she didn't do it when she wasn't showing.  Anyway, I first saw her on lambs and then watched when she showed a hog.  The hog was trotting down the arena and she was still smiling with her head cranked at the judge and bouncing along and the hog was like nowhere to be seen. This girl kept ending up 20 ft behind the hog because she spent so much time smiling at the judge.. It was bizarre. I wish I had a video of that, but I only got a video of them showing the goats. I'll try and load it. THen they showed goats and there was one goat that didnt' want to play and the girls had to drag this bleating crying stupid thing around the arena.  It actually laid down once and tried to quit and a man came in to help the girl and keep it moving. funny stuff.



The hogs were extremely entertaining. All the wanted to do was kill each other.  There were 4 girls showing these 4 hogs and there were 7 men with 7 hog boards running interference for them in the middle of the show. It was hugely entertaining. The hogs would occasionally get by their "handlers" and start a big fight and 5 guys with boards would be jumping in to try and get them apart.   I really enjoyed that part of the show.

One little girl(about 9) got dragged off by a steer.  She was fine and  the show went on.  She let go of the line and the steer ran around by himself for a little while.

I also need to mention the amount of children in the show ring with huge fancy buckles that they won at some point for showing their livestock.  Little kids with big expensive buckles.  I know because I have been trying to win a buckle in herding for years and yet to get my first buckle. THere is one out there for me somewhere. 

I liked these 2 quilts especially the penguin but the other one was notable for the amount of work in it. 

Beautiful needlework

Thursday, February 14, 2013


WTF this is Fla andn they aren't supposed to have inclement weather.  It mostly sprinkled this morning and stopped long enough for me to work Dare a bit .  He was wired when he went in on the sheep. Maybe it is the sheep that get him fired up.  I worked the corner until he could quietly go around , take them off and then settle again .  He didn't dive in and bite at all, but did go very fast a few times.

Then I went shopping for nothing although I did pick up a cute card. I bought ingredients to try and make fish tacos.  Not sure if I will be hungry enough. I made a soup for lunch and ate a lot of it. The dogs are all inside breathing up a very humid trailer.  I should have bought propane while I was out , but I forgot so I hope I don't run out tonight. I look forward to my short hot shower. lol

I tried a little physical therapy on Dually and the leg that he was lame on stretches out better than the other leg which doesnt' want to move at all.  Hmmm wonder if he hurt both legs.  Pretty sure I will take him to Dr Matt on Monday afternoon to have him do a physical exam.In the meantime he is on leash walking and staying inside with me.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend at Rogers

373 miles from here in Fla is a long way.  I got there about 4pm on Fri. Roger,Kathy,Chuck and I went to dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Sometimes their food is darn good! I parked the trailer behind the barn and realized I forgot the electric adapter plug so I had to borrow one from Kathy and I was lucky she had one.  Got the dish set up and I thought maybe I could get internet but it didn't work well that far from the house.  I got it to work on MOnday am for a while.

We worked dogs all day on Sat and Edge got a chance too.  No line just on his own (with me).  I started in the take pen and we got him to go around the goats. It took a while. He wanted to dive into the pressure too.  Then right out into the arena and with Roger and I holding him in back he learned to walk nicely and  held pressure pretty good. I was really impressed when he just stood there nose to nose with a buck and waited for the buck to turn away. He did it a number of times and never even thought to jump the goat.All the dogs worked twice a day.  Sunday , Edge was even better.

Dually had some tough lessons.  We worked him a number of times in the corner and asked him to go around the goats.  He just could not do it without diving in 3 or 4 times first. We must have put a lot of pressure on his little body because he came up dead 3legged lame on Monday.  I never saw him do anything so I'm hoping it's soft tissue and not cruciate.  Can't see the vet until monday. The rimadyl has definitely taken the edge off and he is sorta walking on it, today(tues)

Can't remember what I did with Dare, but it must have been fine because othewise i would remember.
I was going to leave Monday am but it started to rain(pour)buckets on Sunday night and there were flood warnings and the tornado siren went off at 1am too.  I stuck my head outside to listen for a tornado and didnt' hear one so I went back to bed.  It rained so hard that the noise was deafening and it was hard to sleep.  over 8inches in less than 12 hrs.  It stopped raining around noon but I stayed an extra night just in case.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

No more Pilates for me

  Pilates kicked my butt today and I had to rest all afternoon.  Sorry no more of that shit for me.  And the teacher wears some kind of obnoxious perfume and I stunk like it all afternoon.  All Done.

I fell up the stairs in Norma's house tonight and bruised my shin.  At least it was not down the stairs.

Dare was lame today.  No idea why.

Made a really good shrimp scampi for dinner.  MMMmmmm

Trying to get the trailer almost packed so I can leave by 8 tomorrow.  Weshall see

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Finals totals(not that it matters)

Dually has
 cattle --3
ducks --4



really thought Dare would be excelling in ducks not cattle and I 'm surprised they are even on sheep.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art Update

This is last weeks work and the next one is more current.

Doesn't look like I did much.  Guess I better get back to work on it.

Sand Hill Cranes

Sunday, February 3, 2013

ASCA trial in FL

We started on Friday with  a sheep and duck and cattle farm trial. I had both dogs entered in sheep and ducks and Dually got excused for really really flossing well and Dare got excused for thinking about it.  Dually got excused for biting or running over a duck --cant remember which and Dare got his 2nd leg and finished his OFTDd title.
  We were camping at Deb Mintzers because the cattle trial was at her place then we had to drive 30 miles to Leida for sheep and ducks. Anyway Deb invited me for dinner on Fri night with some other people and she had a made a kick ass oyster stew and homemade bread.  It was great!  Bed couldn't come soon enough though.
 Sat  am we ran in the cattle arena trail which only had 6 entries total. Dare got HIT cattle and HIT aussie that day.  I think Dually was kind of an ass because I had gotten after him the day before and so he decided to eat poop and be a jerk.

Today Dually had a kick ass cattle run  and I thought we had won it but there was a better run.  Not that Dually's was perfect, but for him it was good.  We did lose most of our points when he buzzed the cows and turned them back for absoulutely no good reason. They were moving forward nicely and he would zip in front and turn them.  Must get that under control.  I'm hoping Roger can help us with that next weekend. Looks like I might be the only one going to work with him.  Whohoo , more work for me!

When I pulled in on Fri, I went under a tree and ripped a hole in a vent cover so now I have to figure out where to get that fixed.   And there was a strong sewer smell that would not dissipate until I took a showere tonight. At least I think it's gone. And I need to get the oil in the car changed too. Busy week ahead.