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Monday, February 6, 2017

Jaby Baby 2

  I took him back to the vets today for his 10 day follow up. He has been on clavamox,steroid  noise spray,decongestant pills, and opthalmic drops in his nose.  His nose cleared up quite a bit but when you looked at the nostrils they were not as open as the other dogs. I made that comment and the vet looked at him and said it looked like he had extra skin or growths blocking  his nostrils.  So she put him out and cut out the extra tissue.  IF AND THAT IS A BIG IF , that was the problem then he could not clear his own nose out when he breathed so he kept getting infections. 

I have to keep him in a crate and hand walk him for a week so he stays out of the dirt and keeps the wounds clean and they heal right up.  So he is already driving me nuts.  He howled and cried while I was giving a lesson and then when I came  in  after I fed him, He cruised the counter and ate my leftover lunch which was my supper.  Now he is back in the crate because his nose was bleeding a little.

ON a more positive note, I worked him yesterday and I was actully quite pleased with his work.  Maybe that nose thing is the problem. 

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