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Monday, August 26, 2013

Kitchen and Dog work

I have decided that since I cannot order my cabinets until they take the wall down and  we can take accurate measurements and the cabinets are going to take a minimum of 5 weeks, that I should have them finish the windows and outside siding and close it in and call it quits until the cabinets are closer or until I get back from Ga if I decide to go.  Mostly because I have a clinic the first weekend of Oct and a houseguest and I feel I should have a working kitchen during that time period.  However, I have not told the contractor yet.  He should be fine.


I  sent Dually out for the cows this am and they were up the hill on the little ledge with their back ends facing out.  Dually got one off and he thought that was enough.  I was using the whistle to re-direct him and it was working sorta.  I kept saying get around but that was not enough to get him to go in behind or as it were in front of them.  I had to give him a flank and he took it and went right in there.  He had no trouble bringing them down after he got them started.

Then I hooked up the horse trailer because I had to bring 3 sheep to Shelley in Ct. Dually had no trouble loading them and if put him and Edge in the truck.  When I got to Shelley's , I knew no one would be there to help and getting in and out of her driveway is tricky so I dropped the tailgate on the street and hoped they would just come out and follow me..  No way.  They were not coming out for nothing,.  I got Dually and sent him in but he went straight in and started to bite them instead of going around and just taking them out nicely . Then one bolted into the driveway and he went after it and got it back to the group(no cars coming). They all decided to follow me after that and it was a short fetch into the pasture.  Yay 3 less sheep to feed.

Edge worked the flock but he was having trouble getting around them and kept chasing so I separated the goats off and worked just them.  He did much better on just the goats and we were able to do some driving and outruns.  He is looking at me less,which is good but his down is going to pot.  I will try  to keep his down, it was cute and fast.

Dare got to work the flock tonight and we worked on driving them to a corner and then taking a good square flank around them to take them off.  He had some nice ones.

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