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Monday, August 12, 2013

Edge gets to work sheep today

Why is it , I feel tired all day and then around 7 I get a small burst of energy and got out and fight the bugs and work a dog? 

I put on my new best friend(my whistle) and took Edge out to work the flock.  The last time I did this, he was not very impressive.  I had a very hard time getting him to go in either direction . This time it was not an issue. Well it started out to be an issue because I think I was rushing him.  So I just stood there quietly and said go bye and he laid there and thought about it and I said it again and he thought about it some more and I said it again and he got up and squared off (as if he was leaving) so I said good boy and he came back and did a nice go bye.  Then I tried the come bye side which was so hard for him last time and no big deal this time.  NICE.   We did a lot of flanks and downs and he has to learn the whistle much earlier than the other  boys. So I am teaching down with the voice and whistle and I will add the flank commands in very quickly too so he doesn't get stuck on any whistle means down like Dare is stuck.

We did a little bit of driving and he is fun because he is not always trying to bring them to me.  He is a little reluctant to walk ahead of me but it got better tonight.  Nice pup.  kinda like him

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