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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Dare worked the cows and I separated them into 2 groups and then tried to pen each group.  No friggin way.  Dare worked really hard but he could not do it. We go 1 cow in each group in the pen but that is the best we could do .  I was sorta surprised because the other day they just went in.  I didn't lock them in or anything , but i did allow the dogs to go in and take them out, but they were good about it.  So tonight out of frustration , I finally got some grain and we got one whole group  to go in.  Mind you this is only an 8by 8 pen not a big one.  Dare was really out of breath.  I think my dogs need some conditioning.

Dually worked the goats in the small pen because I worked on the whistle  Once I actually though he got the Away to me  whistle but it must have been a fluke because he didn't do it again..

Edgie worked the goats in the duck arena and we worked on outruns .. His away said is his good side which surprised me because it's his bad side when he is in close and going around in a corner. On his go  bye, he consistently does not get around all of them, but he never leaves them behind.. He does go back and get them.  Then I would flank him around and drive them off of me.  Starting to work on his standing stop too.  His Down was good again today. WHew!

It rained hard for part of the day and that prompted cookie making.  Molasses cookies..  They came out a little flat but still plenty tasty .

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