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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bye bye Ram and working the dogs

   I thought this might be an issue today but Dare separated the ram into the 100 by 100 and I then put him up.  I hooked up the trailer and drove it into the pasture.   I figured the ram would not leave his ladies so I just left the gate open.  I dropped the ramp and he came over to investigate. He sniffed the ramp and walked right in so I just closed it.   NO grain no nothing. Bye bye ram ol boy.  Hopefully you did your job and I will have lambs in January. 

I worked Dually first on cows and we worked on the course(bad me).  He got them thru the panels and then we had a really tough time on the center pen. He kept overflanking.  Dare was better and got them much more easily in the center pen.

Dually did well on the sheep but Dare did better. That whistle really makes him stop if only it would hold up under trial conditions.  I need to work Dually a lot more. 

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