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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And he knows his job

So yesterday, the damn goats and I do mean damn goats got into the hay where they are not supposed to be.  Actually, it was only one goat , the billy, that was in there and I was mad.  I sent Dare into the pasture and he saw right away that the Billy was not where he was supposed to be and he chased it out fast.  I was surprised because in the past, he often would go after the other sheep instead.  I guess he " gets" it.

Today, Edgie got to gather the sheep and gate sort them and then we took a group of 3 out to the arena to put in the take pen for a student.  The sheep started run away around the center pen and he calmly went out and put them back to me and didn't allow them to go to the draw.  He was very good and calm about it.  Good dog day.

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