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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Whistle Stop

Whistle Go, which one shall I take?  Dare is so tuned into the whistle meaning to lie down that to get him to take a go bye or away is tough.   I think he is getting better, but my mouth is killing me from holding the whistle between my teeth and also giving verbal commands. Because of the stupid gnats, I have a gnat hat on all  the time which makes it impossible to put the whistle in and out of my mouth so I tried to just keep it in my mouth.  Might have to revise that method.

Dually , was kind of a bad boy, so  I had  to get on him a little bit.  We worked on wider flanks and the out in the small pen. 

Edgie worked the goats again and we drove and we did flanks and we did little outruns.  I am still working on getting him to understand he needs to go out and around to bring the goats to me.  He is fine if I am close enough, but if I just tell him to go get them , then he tends to go straight up the middle.  Goats don't react much but sheep would be like popcorn.

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