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Monday, September 30, 2013

Yesterday's Fundraiser

  It went beautifully, I had enough good help that I was not stressed or exhausted by the end.   Donna helped me with all the Try it dogs. She was exhausted, but it's stressful working new dogs when you aren't  used to it. She did an outstanding job!  We had a team effort on one Great Dane who had a little evil intent, but most of the dogs were very very good to handle.  We  had a really nice malinois and a Pyr shep who was the star of the day.  The owner of the Pyr shep wasn't even there and they the people who brought it thought it was some kind of terrier..  We worked a bunch of BC's and aussies but no poodles came yesterday. 

The food was totally handled by Ed and Kathy who also cooked for the event. Chili was great and the muffins were outstanding.  Ed kept everybody signed up and paid and waivers signed.  Great job! And then we cleaned up and everything was put away and again I had nothing but a few dishes to do last night.  Yay!!

Bob and Mary kept the arena in line and even set up the F course in the middle of the day for people to try .  I never worried about what was going on back there because they were so good at it.

Thank you all for helping and for donating your time and your money.  I sent Jean and Mumbles $1000 last night on the You Care site.

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