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Friday, September 27, 2013

Today was tiring with no sleep

 I went shopping for groceries for the Fun Day and I did some set up stuff for the fun day. I have approximately 16 Try it dogs so far and 8 arena dogs that have told me they were coming.There are some other people that may come but have not committed yet.

I took a 4 hr nap at 3pm, because the contractors showed up unexpectedly this morning when I was trying to get back to sleep from being up most of the night. Can't turn contractors away when they want to work. They finished sheetrocking the window and the beam in the kitchen.  My cabinets are going to be very low on the counter because of the beam. I hope I dont' hate them. There will basically be at eye level  which actually will be a welcome change from what I have had so long. Cabinets so high I have to use a ladder to get into them.

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