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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ok I've decided and made a committment

I'm certifiably nuts and I'm going to Al for a dog trial. A 5 day dog trial.  Whoo whooo.  It's only money.  I  am not taking the trailer because I will only be gone for a little over a week.  I thought about leaving some dogs here but that is probably not going to work.  I may have a house sitter. Not sure yet.

So, I have worked the dogs today.  Dare was phenomenal.  geez why can't he do that stuff in a trial?  Dually was only so so today.  He should not be worked after Dare, I think it affects his mental stability.  Anyway, he was having trouble walking up and pushing the goats.  He was doing a lot of flanking instead of pushing whereas Dare walks up and they just freaking move.  "Powerful dog".

Edge got to work out in the field today and he was very good. He made the little suckers move too, but he did bite them.  I worked a little on driving in a circle around me  and he did better than he had been doing in the small pen. Then I worked on an outrun with Kathy's help and he did about 1/2 the field length.  Not bad for a baby.

Gotta think about packing the car.

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  1. Ah, good decision to head south. I hope things go well for you. Can't wait to read about the trial.