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Sunday, December 8, 2013

On the road at 9am

I had to go back after the first mile and get my debit card because without it I am dead in the water. Then I had to go to Tractor Supply to get some dog food to bring with us.

Driving went well for the first 3 hrs and then Dare started to really whine and carry on so I stopped and he had diarrhea like last night when he got me up a couple of times.  Not sure why he was sick but he did steal the rest of the banana bread off the counter.  No food for him tonight. He does seem to be a little better tonight.

About 2 it started to snow which was no big deal until it started to stick and then it was not good.  But I finally remembered I had 4 wheel drive.  Yikes what a difference.
 I used my brand new gps to find  a Motel 6 which was off the beaten path and the going was tough.  When I got there , the motel was not there.  So I found another Motel 6 about 6 miles away and pulled in and paid for a room.  Dog were welcome but only 2 dogs and we had to be on the 3 rd floor and the only door in was the front lobby door. I could see no way to sneak in 2 more dogs so I went across the street to the La Quinta and the rate was higher but no dog limit and first floor and also an outdoor access. SCORE!!  The motel is nice . very new and looks clean to me.

I went back to the Motel 6 and told them I was not staying there and they credited my account and back to the La Quinta.    I had a lot of stuff to unload.  I am going to have to pare this stuff down. The dogs are being nice and quiet considering they spent the whole day in crates in the car and are now in crate in the room.

I went to dinner at the restaurant next door because I could walk to it and the desk clerk said it was good.  It was not good. How do you make tapioca and forget the flavor?  The beef stroganoff was huge but I could not taste a hint of sour cream in it and the gravy was just plain not good.  Ah well it will make good dog food and Dually is probably hungry.

It's 8 and it's still snowing out there.

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