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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sometimes I think I'm losing it

I decided to be productive today.  Goals:  finish the portrait of Dually and get it framed.  I pulled the picture out of the porch and the new frame I bought for it months ago.  I attempted to put the glass in and it would not fit.  How could that be?  When I bought it , it fit fine as I remember.  So I am determined to get this picture framed and done today so I get a tool to scrape out the frame edge to allow the glass to go in.  I scrape and scrape and scrape.  I scraped out a layer of paint and some wood. Finally I get it to fit and then only then did I turn it over and look at the back and realize I had been trying to fit the glass in on the wrong side.  Geeezz  Okay plan B .  I pulled some paint out and painted the frame where I had chipped it out and then of course the whole frame had to be painted. Now I am waiting for the paint to dry.  But in the meantime I spayed a fixative on the drawing of Dually and  did some more coloring on his eyes and it's ready to be framed.

I was looking for some spinach in the freezer and I found a little chicken pot pie that I had made who knows when.  I popped it in the oven and it smelled great.  It was full of chicken and butter but it just doesn't  taste right. I remember it didn't when I made a few of them at a time.  I guess the dogs will get some good stuff tonight.

I am soon going to the grocery store to make a vegetable lasagne tonight.  Serves 12 so I guess I will be freezing a lot of it.

And I will stop at the paint store and get a tack cloth and a lint free cloth to give the counter another coat of tung oil and see if it darkens even more.  And maybe go talk to Kathy at the decorating store for more ideas of backsplashes.

Talked to Kathy and she gave me a tile sample to bring home and try in the kitchen. It looked really good in the store but in the night light in the kitchen it doesn't look the same.  Keep lookin

I made the lasagna and it is pretty good. I already portioned it out and froze most of it for later dinners.  I'm about to look up another recipe for tomorrow. It's supposed to be cold and what else is there to do?  Clean?  not happening

Dare pooped in the cellar tonight.  I asked him if he wanted to go out but he wouldn't go even though he was whining. Ok he burned me twice, next time I will force him outside. 

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