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Saturday, December 21, 2013

At my sisters in VA

I stopped at the Va welcome center after we got on the road at 8am yesterday to find out the best route to get to my sisters.  I did not want to follow the GPS blindly because it would probably take me the long way. Anyway they gave me a possible 3 different routes. I chose the shortest one on paper and the most scenic.  It took me over the Jamestown ferry which was very cool.  I sat in line for approx 5 min and then they loaded us and off we went.  I did not get out of the car because it was cold on the water and then they let my line of cars unload first so it was a score all the way.

I got to my sisters and let the dogs run a bit.  The yard is large but unfenced and goes right to the canal and 3 of them went in and got all dirty feet and legs. I kept Peaches out because her hair is longer than theirs and harder to get clean.

They all came in the house and slept with me in the guest room and then went out again this morning.
Carol is having a Christmas party tonight to I will try and help her get ready. I polished all the silverware yesterday.

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