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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lesson Day

Today I got up and called the garage and asked them if they could look at my car because it was making funny noises when I used the brakes.  They said bring it right now and I did and they put it on the lift and removed the tires and it was metal on metal but they had time to fix it right then and there. Problem was that I had to be back for lessons at 10 so I called Ed and asked him to pick me up. He as supposed to work on my bedroom today anyway. 

Back for my 10 am lesson with Kathy and Wish and Chi.  We all worked on ducks.  Chi was exposed for not his first time but is was all about getting him to work and  he did a really nice job at the end.  Wish was too pushy so Kathy has to get on her case about really walking and not trotting to do everything.

Then Barb and Bob came and Bob  worked Del on ducks and by the end he really got how to do it and how to keep Del and the ducks off the fence.  Keep the stick over the ducks and stay closer to the ducks Bob!  Twizzler was really working well and rating very nicely at the end.  Barb has to work really hard to keep him from diving in and doing something stupid. 

Then Bob took me down to get my car and $468 later I have new rear brakes.  Now I can seriously think about going to Alabama for a week which when you really think about it is pretty nuts.

But just in case, I dusted Dually off and took him out to see how much distance work I could get.  I was about 125 ft back and I had him do figure 8's thru the panels and take his downs and his stops . He did really really well. Of course he was carrying a toy in his mouth which always helps,but I will try it tomorrow sans toy.  I was very calm too and that is sooooooo helpful.

Kim is on her way back from Texas. She plans to drive all night so she might be here in the am.  Got to be tired.

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