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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday's trial

 There was a front coming in all day so the stock and the dogs were a  bit wild today.  My scores reflected that.  I got 12 Q's and  11 of them were over 100.  Thank you judges.  Not a single placement though. Not even any lousy 4th places.  Lol

When I got up this morning it was not raining so I dressed and got in the car and went to McDonalds but the line was too long so I stopped at a gas station to get a danish or something but as I got out of the car, a worker pointed to the ground and said I dropped something.  I had dropped my ATM (my only source of money with )  It would have been very bad to have lost it. But I realized when I put my hand in my pocket that my cash was gone too.  Damn, I figured I had lost it at the motel so  I went back to look for it . In the meantime I called Jan and told her I was coming but would be late. 
I looked all over at the motel but figured somebody found it in the parking lot and pocketed it.  Back to the trial.  A while after I got there I went in to use the porta potti and lifted myshirt and the money fell out.  Yay for me.  No more money or anything in those pants pockets , they are just too shallow.

At first I though I would just trial Dare on ducks and give him a rest on the other stock but he was doing ok so I kept going. He was not stressing out and quitting on me and he did pretty good. Got to make him potty before we go in though, he keeps pooping on the crossdrive which is not helping our scores.

ducks 111,109
sheep 104,102
cattle 104 109

ducks 108,96
sheep 110,105
cattle 117,105

The repens were better but not anywhere near where I want them.  The dogs are circling and heading and not just walking the stock back .  control freaks

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