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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why do I have a GPS?

If I am not going to plug in the correct address and follow it then I should not blame it when it takes me 100 miles out of my way.  I took the long way to Cheryl and Davids. Oh well , it's only money. 

Yesterday was a rainy trip for most of the day but when I got into S Carolina it started to clear up and it was sunny in Ga and warmish. 50's.  Glad to see it.

I had time to finally stop at a museum. It was the Booth Museum of Western Art.  They had some amazing bronzes and 2 old stagecoaches that were in fantastic shape, but I wanted to know where they came from and who owned them and where were they kept to preserve them so well and did the museum have to buy them and what did they cost and none of that info is given.  I guess I watch too much history channel " American PIckers".

I got to Cheryl and Davids just before Cheryl got home from work and let the dogs out to run in the field which they LOVED after being in crates for days..  We went in side and had a wonderful dinner of chicken and dumplings. It was so good after the crap I have been getting at restaurants. Then Cheryl made cupcakes for dessert with great icing.  Mmmm I'm happy.

I had a pretty good nights sleep, but I think I might be coming down with a cold.  NOt good.
The dogs slept in the car and it was cold last night. 

On to Dothan today about 5 more hours, but I have to wait until the traffic subsides in Atlanta before I leave here.

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